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  1. Well, the NH90 is pretty new too.... Cheers, Andre
  2. I'm chickening out: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/special-hobby-k72031-german-ace-helmut-wicks-bf-109e-4-stipple-camouflage-scheme--1323294 Cheers, Andre
  3. The B nose is noticably shorter and rounder than on the G and the intakes are very different - the Wright J65 equipped versions, like the B, lack the splitter plates associated with the J52-powered ones like the G. Edit: to give you specific data, length of the B is 39 feet 4 inches, while the F (of which the G is a subvariant) is 41 feet 4 inches. Cheers, Andre
  4. The coffee grinds from my reply perform the same function. Cheers, Andre
  5. Fujimi's A-4E/F kit comes with a A-4G decal option, with the added advantage of representing a G instead of Airfix's B. HTH, Andre
  6. What? There was a Tomcat in Evil Dead II? Cheers, Andre
  7. Trumpeter and Zvezda MiG-29's come with two decent seats each. Zvezda's kits have a plethora of spare weapons, while the updated Italeri comes with two sets of burners. Cheers, Andre
  8. The single seater MiG-35S and twoseat D have the same canopy, the aft seat is replaced by electronics in the single seat version. The best reference I have is the Gordon / Komossarov book. Cheers, Andre
  9. The so-so Academy 1/72nd A-6/8 has them. Cheers, Andre
  10. That's the good ol' German Gründlichkeit for ya, as well as their preference for combined words a mile long. PVC = Pulverelektrische Vertikalaufhängung für cylindrische Außenlasten (or, "powder-electric vertical suspension for cylindrical external loads)". There was also the ETC, or Elektrischer Träger für cylindrische Außenlasten ("electrical trigger for cylindrical external loads". Cheers, Andre
  11. Also: MPM. Just avoid the ancient Airfix. Cheers, Andre
  12. Sometimes I don't trow out the coffee grinds after breakfast, and when done airbrushing first apply soap, and then a generous spoon of coffee grinds to my wet and soapy hands. Rub vigorously, this works like a scrub. Cheers, Andre
  13. Ah, I misunderstood you. In that case, I have looked up the instructions of your kit on Scalemates - don't use spine antenna #24 and decal#63 on the upper nose, and that's it. SH does not include any of the Stör-Viggen specific pods, it seems. Edit: contrary to my first post, #38811 was painted in the grey air defence scheme before being converted to an SK37E. Cheers, Andre
  14. A few - the StörViggen carries some pods not used by the basic trainer (U95, U22, KB chaff / flare dispenser), and the upper radome has a yellow demarcation line for a dielectric panel for the nosemounted G24 jammer. In addition, one SK37E (#37811) was painted in the grey air defence scheme. HTH, Andre
  15. Hook


    You made her look good!
  16. Hook


    I have my hopes set on Sword. In addition, I have the Ventura set somewhere stashed away. Cheers, Andre
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