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  1. I'd bet on their own production F-22A. Cheers, Andre
  2. Just a thought - perhaps it's a conscious case of forced perspective, designed in the kit, to make it look like the engine faces are further back than the fuselage breakdown permits..? Cheers, Andre
  3. You could always rob one out of their F-104G kit, or get a DACO one. Cheers, Andre
  4. Looking great! I can totally understand your walkway procrastination... Cheers, Andre
  5. Well, I don't think there's no purpose behind the civilianlike look. Cheers, Andre
  6. Great stuff, thanks for posting! We have one preserved in the Netherlands as well, being the host of the 32nd TFS/FS at Soesterberg for years: https://www.aviationmuseum.eu/World/Europe/Netherlands/Soest/NMM_2/F-15A_77-0132.htm Cheers, Andre
  7. Well, we are a pretty awesome bunch. These do look rather discrete for Navy birds. Cheers, Andre
  8. Nice pics. For those who are looking for more great detail shots, I can highly recommend the DACO book. Cheers, Andre
  9. Well, you could get this Academy boxing just for the decals: https://www.scalemates.com/nl/kits/academy-2205-f-51d-mustang--107447 Cheers, Andre
  10. This boxing of Airfix's previous Bucc tool has three full sets of pylons, AFAIK - worth a try in the Wanted section! Cheers, Andre
  11. Well, I had not seen that one either. https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2022-03en.pdf appears to be a preview-like March link. Cheers, Andre
  12. Oh nice!, another 1/72nd MiG-15 profipack release with some nice schemes. Hopefully this boxing (I quite fancy the early East german markings) and the UTI will be next, Eduards MiG-15's have been hard to get the last few years. Cheers, Andre
  13. The Genie had no guidance whatsoever - just lob it in the general direction of the incoming Soviet bomber waves, make a hard 180 and get the hell out of Dodge! Cheers, Andre
  14. AFAIK all MiG-25's in Braille Scale are reboxes / repops / copies of the 70s Crown kit. Cheers, Andre
  15. Indeed. Let's hope for a few surprises. Cheers, Andre
  16. Holy thread revival, Batman! Looking good from here, gotta love an Adversary. One small thing to look out for - I believe the N lacked the small intake on the fin as per F-16C/D. Cheers, Andre
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