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  1. Nice! It looks like the extended intake bullets are among the resin parts in the lower middle of the first screen shot. Cheers, Andre
  2. Czech MF's could carry the SPS-41 after an upgrade, not all were upgraded. All pictures I've seen with the ECM fitted are of green / brown camouflaged ones, not the silver / light grey examples. HTH, Andre
  3. Dare we say... "giorgeous"? Yes. Yes, I think we do. Cheers, Andre
  4. In that case, might I suggest this AirDoc volume? Cheers, Andre
  5. This is indeed a lovely edition. One thing to look out for is that the box art depicts an Iraqi EQ with underwing Matra R.530's, which are not in the kit - luckily, the Iraqi AF did not buy the R.530 but used the follow up Super 530 development, which is in the kit. It's always better to have an incorrect box art with correct box contents that the other way around. Cheers, Andre
  6. The Essex class carriers were unable to accomodate Phantoms, employing the last F-8 squadrons during the Vietnam War. USS Lexington was the last one used and served until 1991. Cheers, Andre
  7. You would never know your struggles considering the superb end result! How did you create the crash barrier? Cheers, Andre
  8. Which scale? In Gentlemen's Scale I have Superscale 72-609 in the stash with four "wing kings", while Xtradecal X72072 has a "TJ" coded ex-81st TFW F-4D. Cheers, Andte
  9. Hook

    RAF Sabres

    Excellent pic! Cheers, Andre
  10. I stopped buying them altogether. The last two sheets were almost as badly out of register as 80s Airfix or Heller decals, and I never received the courtesy of so much as a reply on various mails to their quote-unquote customer service.
  11. Holy thread revival, Batman! - here's a II(AC) one: https://www.airfighters.com/photo/235483/M/UK-Air-Force/Panavia-Tornado-GR1A/ZA401/ Cheers, Andre
  12. Very impressive in braille scale!, thanks for posting. Colours look spot on. Cheers, Andre
  13. Looks like another one to add to the stash! Cheers, Andre
  14. Does this help?: https://martin-baker.com/products/mk2-ejection-seat/ Cheers, Andre
  15. There are some nice pics of the Dutch ECM setup in the DACO book, as well as the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter in Nederland volume. Cheers, Andre
  16. Hook

    T55 Lightning

    How about mating the Airfix wings / belly tank to a Sword T.4/5? Cheers, Andre
  17. Indeed. You'd need an RP-22, so the RP-21 equipped MF would not be able to guide it. However, the stock MF can't use the R-60 either, which is included in the basic sprue. As well as in the PF / PFM kits. In addition, I believe the Bis / SMT were the only versions to employ the UB-32 rocket pods. Cheers, Andre
  18. Hook

    F-104 question

    In the new and rather nice Michael Napier book on the RAF Tornado GR.1 the nuclear alert role is designated "QRA(N)". Cheers, Andre
  19. 1959? High Speed Silver. The Gunze color would be more appropiate dan Humbrol 56, which would be a tad on the dark side. Cheers, Andre
  20. Yes, the Eduard 1/72nd weapons sprue is weird in that only one of each of certain items are included (UB-32, MBD-2-67). The only boxings in which the instructions for these are provided, are two-in-one releases like the dual Royal Class edition. Furthermore, I felt slightly disappointed about the lack of the radarguided R-3R in the 1/72nd kit - the 1/48th ones from Eduard have them. Cheers, Andre
  21. Excellent video, very informative! I do agree with your Cartograf praise. Excuse me while I'm off with a cotton bud and some white spirit to a half decalled MiG-21... Cheers, Andre
  22. I did read it - I was just wondering if anyone here without commercial ties to Eduard actually tried it. Cheers, Andre
  23. It might betheoretically possible to have four AIM-7 under the belly, and two each of AIM-9/54 on the wing glove pylons. Cheers, Andre
  24. Has anyone tried the described method of removing the carrier film of Eduard decals..? Cheers, Andre
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