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  1. Oh, and the stiffener plates are suitable for a Dutch bird as well. Cheers, Andre
  2. Yes, the standard three grays as per the first USAF standard scheme. Your friend has great taste as well. Cheers, Andte
  3. Mostly - a unique Dutch addition is the black block with a red edge and white text under the "Rescue" arrows. See: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hetebrij/31413841044 Excellent subject, and work so far, BTW! Pulling up the proverbial chair. Cheers, Andre
  4. Nothing to apologize for - great shots, very evocative! Thanks for posting. Cheers, Andrr
  5. Nice progress! Incidentally, the Airfix decals are on the way since this morning. Cheers, Andre
  6. It would seem that these were not part of the general fit: https://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/san-carlos-fob/ Cheers, Andre
  7. One explanation I've heard going around is that fitting AAM's to recce jets were considered by the top brass to be liable to tempt the average red blooded jet pilot to go for the air to air kill, forsaking bringing the photos back. YMMV. Cheers, Andre
  8. That's probably the best route. Mind you, even in my " Commie Killer" boxings the severity differs from box to box. Earlier incarnations like the F.1CR and F.1CE/CH are much less afflicted. Cheers, Andre
  9. Hasegawa's 1/72nd F-16 kits contain much better ones. Cheers, Andre
  10. There is a four part series in AirDOCs ADP - Post WW II Combat Aircraft range, which were also available combined in a quite spiffy hardshell casette, and a seperate pictorual volume dealing with German Phantoms in the classic Norn 72 splinter: https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Books&q=airdoc+luftwaffe+phantom All are lovely and come higly recommended. I live in hope for more parts of their excellent Ultimate F-4 Phantom II Collection series. Cheers, Andre
  11. Ooh, nice decals! Those do look tasty. Any luck dealing with the raised flash on the fuselages? It's a good thing your BM handle is Ridgerunner. Cheers, Andre
  12. Nice job! Fujimi kit, I gather? Cheers, Andre
  13. And justifiedly so! - looking great from here. Cheers, Andre
  14. The Italeri kit is deeply a child of its time - 1978 in its first MRCA incarnation. It won't be mistaken for a Bf 109, but the detailing is rather crude by todays standards, the cockpit is rudimentary and the parts breakdown leaves a ghastly seam between the upper and lower forward fuselage. Go with the Revell (or even better, try to find the Eduard rebox). Edit: the Cartograf printed decal sheet of the current Gulf War Italeri kit is pretty darn nice, though. Cheers, Andre
  15. FS34102 (the lighter shade of green in the classic USAF SEA scheme) is a decent starting point, especially with some weathering applied. Available in many ranges. Cheers, Andre
  16. That looks rather fetching indeed!
  17. Headsup - those are live now. Get 'em while they're hot! Cheers, Andre
  18. Nice progress! I may have some spare Airfix decals, let me know if these could be helpful. Cheers, Andre
  19. Just stumbled on this thread - great stuff! It makes me want to build something Japanese all of a sudden... Cheers, Andre
  20. Just wait until they're thirteen. Ask me how I know. Cheers, Andre
  21. Agreed!, plus, you'll know it's there. Cheers, Andre
  22. Go for it! - you know you want to... Cheers, Andre
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