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  1. Thinking ahead, could anyone recommend; 1) the appropriate colour for a BL755 inert or live 2) a good match for the green used on these Canadisn machines, preferably from the Tamiys or AK interactive ranges? Opinion seems mixed on the Internet...was contemplating going for FS34079 forest green but would welcome any thoughts!
  2. Small update. Have been spot priming in Tamiya NATO black to check the joins on the fuselage and intakes and to prime the areas such as landing gear etc that are in natural metal. The idea is to get all of the fiddly stuff out of the way. I have also cleaned up the BL755s and pylons...to be fair there was very little to do here and the wings are all done after a quick rundown of the wing tip tanks with a little wet and dry. I have deviated from the instructions in that I have built up the two halves separately. Placing the forward and rear fuselage on a flat surface and applying Tamiya extra thin does wonders for the overall fit. Equally putting on the splitter plates without glue and then placing the intake outers over them and securing them with extra thin glue allows for a very good fit, hopefully as shown by the close up. I will polish these a little with fine wet and dry, but could probably go as is. Next up; ejection seat and cockpit. Plan to use some wine bottle foil to knock up some belts over the perfectly good kit ejector seat, and an aftermarket ejection handle.
  3. Evening all, Not a GB that I was following but having seen it this kit seemed to leap into my hands! Have got Belcher Bits decals, Air Graphics BL755 bombs and (when Hannants comes through) a Master pitot! I'm going to do the overall green scheme as per the attached pic-this is copyrighted and attributed so I think it's OK? I've made a start. I spent a very pleasant hour or so just cutting parts away and gluing them together in the way I would have done when I was 10. Happy days, when the idea of painting a model was totally alien! Have got all the fiddly bits(the stages which often derail a project) done, so hopefully it'll zip along! Painting sub assemblies next...hope to have this done fairly quickly. A word on the kit. This must be what, 30 years old? Easily the best 1/72 F-104 out there, it shows just how far ahead Hasegawa were...it's difficult to see how it could realistically improved upon. The more I look back at some of the 'older' Hasegawa kits, the better I think they are. I am building their EA-6B, and was amazed that this accurate and very well fitting kit complete with engraved lines was tooled in 1979! Getting back to the F-104...this is the 4th I have built, and have enjoyed each one!
  4. Hallo Mike, Apologies for any confusion...I asked the F-15 GB mods if it were possible to move this build thread from the Japanese GB to the F15GB, as it is below the 25%rule and because I am keen to finish it within that GB. Is it possible to move it back to the F-15 GB please? Many thanks, Ralph
  5. Thanks to the mods for allowing this thread to transfer to this GB! I was born 6 months before the first flight of the F-15, so -apart from the Spitfire- is my all time favourite plane. Am going to crack on to get this done;I have another F-15 to if time permits, but really want get this done. Originally started this for the Japanese GB, but work rather got in the way...thanks to Mike for moving it across and hope that clarifies his understandable confusion!
  6. Brilliant. Very evocative of that now far-off summer.
  7. Hallo there! I may be able to help on this! I have Stapme Stapleton's autobiography, and I am 90% certain from memory there is a picture of the crashed N3196 in it after the encounter with Von Werra. Again from memory it shows the starboard side and -I think- shows XT nearest the tail. I think it also shows the roundel. I don't think it shows the L though because that is just blocked by a bush or something similar.. In any case I am on hols and returning on Saturday night, so can post a pic on Sunday if that's any help. Apologies in advance if my memory proves faulty! Stapme's Spitfire from the Von Werra encounter is next but one on my BoB project list, so something I am v.interested in...and hence the purchase of a v.second hand copy at an airshow a couple of years back. Cheers Ralph
  8. Thanks for thd idea! Actually I managed to find a great vdeo on YouTube thst showed thd launch and recovery of the first storm shadow mission...and ZK344 and ZK353 it is! Will be showing my Hasegawa Typhoon in RFI when I get back from hols!
  9. Hallo all, I am building a Hasegawa Typhoon with Revell Stormshadows (the Hasegawa missiles are hopeless!) but wanted to see if the BM crowd could confirm the serials of the Typhoons used on the first operational launch of stormshadows during Operation Shader. I have Zk353, Zk344 and Zk364 from pictures but I think one of those was an air spare and didn't launch its missiles. Would anyone know which the two that did? Thanks in advance. Ralph
  10. Great hunter- wondered when someone would would tackle this! By the by where dud you get the decals for the Vf45 F-16N? Best, Ralph
  11. I just wish someone would do a series of 2/72 aggressor decals in 1/72 to go with these and the Hobby 2000/Fujimi kits! Ralph
  12. Another great set of pics Sven. Your archives cover just about the most interesting period of types, markings and camo schemes; top stuff!
  13. Thanks for the pics! Interested to learn that a Charlie model will remain on base as a GI airframe due to being out of hours; bearing in mind these are the newest F-15Cs in the inventory they must have been flown hard! You wouldn't happen to know the serial of that airframe by any chance? Ralph
  14. Hallo all, A few pics of my recently completed Hasegawa 1/72 Typhoon in AMI markings of the 37 Stormo. The kit is great; I particularly like the stand supplied in early releases of this kit so that you can do it flying- shades of building models as a child! The kit benefitted from a resin seat and Lifecolour acrylic for the FS36280 that the Italians use for their modern fast jets. The decals were nabbed from the Italeri Typhoon kit, which I bought specifically for the wide ranges of decal options. Was rather taken by the checkerboard rudder marks, so went for that! Ralph
  15. Initial progress. This is not the first Hasegawa F-15 I have built....I can remember this 'new tool' being issued what 1989? That makes it a shocking 33 years old and what strikes me is just how far ahead of the game Hasegawa were with kits like this. It absolutely holds its own with the much, much newer GWH kit, and in some respects (thickness of canopy for example) it's still ahead. I'd say the same thing about their 'new tool' (I.e. 30 years old) Tomcats- while marginally bettered by the new Academy kit for example, the latter certainly doesn't look like a 30 year advance. Anyway, the complex shape of the Eagle makes for some interesting challenges to get a good fit around the transition from forward fuselage to the main fuselage. I glue one half of the forward fuselage to the top half of the main fuselage first, aiming to get a perfect join in the most visible part. Then(as hopefully you see) it's a case of gradually adding other parts to get a good fit, stage by stage.
  16. Afternoon all, saw this GB go live and was compelled to examine the stash! I have this Hasegawa F-15DJ aggressor, which manages to simultaneously combine my three favourite subjects; the F-15 itself, surely the most beautiful jet ever built, aggressor/adversary subjects and my interest in all things Japanese! The kit itself is the standard Hasegawa offering, with a new sprue for MSIP mods, plus an Eduard Alq131 and Finemolds AAM5. All good to go to do the airframe on the box! I might we add some resin EJ seats if I can find some in the stash! Looking forward to this- GBs are definitely an incentive to stay focused on a project!
  17. I'd like to think that they would do a Eurofighter Typhoon which could well do with a new tooling. The Revell kit has a big and difficult to fix issue with its canopy and the general standard of tooling isn't as gijd as their earlier Rafale....
  18. Always stand to be corrected of course, but not seen green Paveway IVs before...1000lb Paveway 2s yes, but not IVs.
  19. Evening all having just scratch built some Paveway IVs for my Hasegawa Operation Shader Typhoon, I am know considering what colour to paint them. I am pretty sure they are built in the UK so I am guessing the normal US fs 37375 light ghost grey probably won't apply...looking at pics they do seem a very light grey, so perhaps Light Aircraft Gray as that is an RAF colour? Any thoughts anyone? Best, Ralph
  20. Hallo all, Having got the new Airfix Tempest, I am going to do it in the post war 3sqn overall aluminium scheme with green letters and green spinner scheme. For the life of me I cannot find an original photograph of the real aircraft, which is a pain because I want to find out which type of spinner to use....the shorter DH unit or the longer Rotol. Any guidance (or better yet picture) would be great Thanks I advance for any help. Best, Ralph
  21. Amen to that. I thought I was the only one who thought that Revell's kits(all of them!) were off in that regard...a bit because their 1/48 kits are the only game in town, and fixing the canopy is really difficult. I'd love Hasegawa to do a 1/48 kit...perhaps them or someone like GWH?
  22. Do I spy a 1/48 challenger 2 there? Very excited if so! Mainly do aircraft, but do have a thing for Tamiya 1/48 armour, and the omission of Challenger 2 has been a bit of a gap in their line up!
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