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  1. Yes, and the fin antennas if memory serves...rather excited by the possibility of F-35 para housing...that would be a new line for Vingtor would it not?
  2. Big fan of Vingtor decals Nils! V.handy in feeding my considerable interest in the RNoAF! Just need someone to a F-35 parachute housing and a late F-5A Norwegian conversion set...
  3. Absolutely up for this...have a couple of BoB ideas for this!
  4. OK...after a very busy Xmas day, I've spent a hour or so in the den putting this together. The only way this is going to happen is if I keep things dead simple, so I had great fun returning to my modelling roots with glue and a kit, and the basic airframe together in short order. Like being 10 again! I've primed everything in Tamiya xf53, which will also double as the cockpit colour, but not before running some white milliput into the odd gap, and scrubbing away the excess with a wet toothbrush. It's going to dry overnight, and tomorrow's schedule is to finish the cockpit, sand down the remaining milliput and the to give it a coat of Xf80, which is a good match for light aircraft grey. Oh, and I've given the canopy a dip in Klear, and I'll mask and spray that tomorrow as well. Merry Christmas all!
  5. This all sounds like fun! Have no idea if I will actually complete this but worth a go! Airfix Gnat with Master pitot, Eduard masks and an Airfix stand as this will be wheels up for speed and fun!
  6. As ever, superb photos with fascinating subjects. Cuts across multiple interests of mine...ANG F-4s, F-15s, early 90s...top stuff and thanks for sharing!
  7. A Holger Dansk for the 21st century...a protector for Denmark! This was built as part of the Nordic GB, with some great models being built over there. This was the Academy kit, with Hataka Blue line Have Glass paint (Tamiya Xf77 for the counter shade of grey) and Lima November decals to make L-001, the first Danish F-35 currently based at Luke AFB in the US. A very good kit; perhaps just pipped by the Hasegawa kit (although you do get weapons bay in the academy kit and weapons) it is also much much cheaper, so will probably stick with this kit for future projects. Getting a good feeling of hygge with this...it just went right, if you know what I mean!
  8. Experiencing a certain amount of hygge here...v.pleased with how this came out! A stealth Holger Dansk for the 21st Century! More pics in the gallery...
  9. Stealth Viking...Academy F-35, Royal Danish Airforce 2021...completed with Hataka Have Glass paint and Lima November decals, all if which performed flawlessly.
  10. Evening all, Having heard the Mike McEvoy of Scale Aircraft Modelling and Grumpy Old Midelker fame has just passed away, I am moved to propose a 2nd TAF group build in his memory, given his RAF service in Germany in the 50s. Many of his many What-ifs very often had 2nd TAF heraldry, and there's any number of interesting subjects from this time. I am sure he will be a familiar name to many Britmodellers of a certain age; I still buy old SAMs to read his stuff, and was so pleased to see him resume his Tail Pieces in the last year or so. I am sure Hunters would figure prominently, perhaps one in particular! Perhaps it could be a mix of real 2nd TAF Aircraft models and What-ifs (or as he referred to it, 'counterfactual' modelling!) in 2nd TAF markings?
  11. Ralph

    Mike McEvoy

    That's exactly what I do!
  12. Ralph

    Mike McEvoy

    Evening all, Am not normally motivated to write this kind of post but have seen on another site that Mike McCoy of Tail Piece Scale Aircraft Modelling fame, and the Grumpy Old Mideller website has passed away aged 85. His tail pieces have always been my favourite part of SAM, and I was so pleased to see him return for the last year or so. Saddened to hear this; an important part of British modelling over the last forty years. ☹
  13. Having finished the masking, a quick spray of Tamiya xf77.... ...and then a very satisfying 5 mins peeling off tape for the reveal. Am pleased with how this has come out- now for a quick shot of Windsor and Newton gloss varnish, and hopefully decalling tomorrow. Oh, and added the pylons.
  14. Quick update! Really busy with work, but finally managed to get half an hour on the important things in life. Masked off the canopy and undernose EOTS, and gave that a coat of Tamiya NATO black. Then on to the fun stuff...the Have Glass paint! By far the best paint for this IMHO is Hataka's Blue Line Have Glass, which has just the right metallic sheen on a dark gray with a brownish hue. Dead easy to spray and a great look. I am going to let that dry hard before I mask off the nose, canopy rim , intakes parts of the fin and other bits for the non metallic grey used on these areas. Lots of kits would recommend light ghost grey, which is way too light; it needs to be a dark grey. I've found Tamiya XF77 works pretty well for this. Luckily, this is a new airframe which doesn't have the complicated grey tape all over various panel lines...life's far too short for that!
  15. Great kit of one if my favourite f-16 schemes! Love the Bitburg Eagle and A-10...mirrors my own love of late 80s USAFE! A mini-Mildenhall static line-up!
  16. Quick update...work's rather been in the way so no updates for a while...I've fitted the intakes and buttoned up the fuselage...just need to add the EOTS under the nose, the pitot tubes and canopy before I start cracking open the paints. Might need to sand and polish some of the joins...overall a good fitting kit, but the F-35's shape means that edges etc need to be particularly well defined. The engineering of the intakes was excellent...I was able to paint the external lips grey, the internal intakes white and then butt fit them into place for incredibly sharp demarcation. I didn't use any glue in case it flooded the gaps...just wedged them into place with some blutack!
  17. Right, a quick update before I have to go on a week's camp with my school. I am very close to buttoning up the fuselage. Cockpit and pilot all done. I am pleased with the pilot' helmet; I used Mig Ammo gun metal to replicate the metallic appearance of the real thing, and the decal for the panoramic cockpit screen worked very well. The lack of HUD in the real thing was also appreciated- I always struggle with those! I've also finished the afterburner assembly, with Tamiya flat white for the internal ceramic, and a 50:50 mix of Tamiya Titan Gold and Metallic Grey to get that characteristic F-35 afterburner pale gold colour. Finally (and after filling some rather prominent ejector marks) I've sprayed the intakes white. Conveniently, the design of this and other F35 kits allows you to paint the intake lips grey and the intakes white to get a very crisp demarcation with minimal effort! I hope to get this all glued together by the end of the week and then onto painting!
  18. Just fantastic shots as normal Sven. Your photos are an absolute treasure trove. I have to admit, I hadn't realised the three colour TPS scheme had come in that early...I had thought it was the '86/'87 timeframe. Cheers for the pics!
  19. With the possible exception of the Borg? Then again, even they got beaten...eventually! Thanks for the kind comment!
  20. The thought had crossed...but if I had to go for another spacecraft, it would probably be the Excelsior!
  21. Yes, the afterburner section on the sprue is the correct one for the GE110. Happy gluing!
  22. 'He's intelligent, but inexperienced. His pattern indicates two dimensional thinking.' 'Full stop. Z minus 10,000 metres....' Best Star Trek movie IMHO, and a really good film full stop. Mainly an aircraft modeller, I have long wanted a model of the refit Enterprise after my abortive attempt with an AMT model 30 years ago, and the Polar Lights 1/1000 kit was great fun. Finished OOB, I tried a few paints before I got to the look in my minds eye...specifically Xtracrylix light grey FS 36495. I couldn't resist the battle damage decals...I think I've got them right for the ship at this point in the film! Highly recommended. Pics taken against an off monitor for an attempt at 'space!
  23. Donut ring sprue now in the tender hands of the Royal Mail...should be with you tomorrow. There's some other blk 30 specific intakes on there as well, plus the afterburner face of the engine. Don't know if you have those...
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