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  1. Thanks Sven! I really look forward to seeing your fantastic collection of pictures...my favourite jets from my favourite time frame! The F-15 is my all time favourite jet and posts like these are just nectar!
  2. Evening update; relaxing after dealing with covid related staffing issues all day...anyway, am now ensconced in my study (well....modelling den really!) and having old school fun just gluing bits together. I've installed the under carriage and weapons bay doors...not quite Hasegawa fit but pretty damn close. The merest smear of filler rubbed away with a wet sponge sorted out the odd gap, and I also installed the radar reflectors that they fly with most of the time. Oh, and I also tinted the canopy with a dip in a mix of Tamiya smoke and Future thinned with screen wash. Always anxious moments when dealing with canopies, but am v.pleased with the outcome. A quick fly around to finish off!
  3. Have cut a slot for the stand....that went surprisingly well! There are relatively few parts for the overall airframe, so this should in theory come together quite quickly.
  4. Deffo better than Italeri but having built Hasegawa's B I think I prefer the Academy rendition. Still, yer pays yer money and all that! I was going to do a Norwegian jet too but I need someone to do a brake chute housing first!
  5. OK...this is going to be a old school wheels up build, because the F-35 looks far better airborne, Academy supplies a great pilot figure and because I want to keep this project motoring along! I've half a mind to join the F-14 GB as well, so don't want to over commit! This is (I think) an ICM stand, which will require me to cut a small slot in the bottom of the model...
  6. Evening all, having had this drop through the letter box today I thought I'd join in with this GB! Alone among the operating nations (aside from a test Isreali F-35 I think), the Danes are applying full colour (very almost- the white of the roundel is actually a very light grey) roundels, which look very smart! My first Danish model (I'd love decals for their Have Glass painted F-16s), I am marrying the Vingtor designed decals with the Academy kit and Eduard masks. My reading is that on balance, the Academy kit is probably the favoured option. Having built the Hasegawa, Italeri and Orange Hobby kits I'll have a chance to compare and contrast. In the meantime on with the modern day Holger Dansk, protector of Denmark!
  7. Entirely take your reasoning. They do give a fantastic finish!
  8. They are indeed, but Tamiya spray cans are not the best representations of these greys. The lighter two are very blue compared to the actual shades. Probably your only no brush choice however if you are not into airbrushes. Best, Ralph
  9. Not sure that's correct about the GWH kit. I don't think you can build it as anything other than an MSIP II jet without modifications. Hth, Ralph
  10. Great choice. I have the same decals, and having run out of Hasegawa kits will be using the Taimya. You are absolutely correct- this was a small inlet GE110 engined jet, so you are good with the parts you have. I have happy memories of seeing these jets at the oft lamented Mildenhall airshow - 1989 I think. Ralph
  11. Another recent completion of a fairly well modelled subject-Blue 12. An interesting challenge to paint, given the multiplicity of colours, primers and component production. The engine exhaust is as per colour photos...it seems they got pretty dirty. Eaglecals provided excellent decals and paint notes, and from what I can divine, the Hasegawa kit is on balance the best in 1/72. German subjects aren't really my bag (excepting Battle of Britain subjects) but I really enjoyed this project. Paints mainly Tamiya.
  12. Evening, I have been developing something of a thing for Hasegawa's F-104 series in 1/72. I am gradually working my way through my favourite schemes; a Marineflieger 'G', a Norwegian Cf-104D, and now a late model Italian jet in the form of a F-104asa-m of 9 stormo, around 2004. It's OOB, with the addition of Wolfpack decals and etched ejection seat handles.This is the only decal set I have found that does the low vis scheme with the correct and unique stencils. Wolfpack do a great range of very high quality decals-I've already built a Vermont ANG F-35a using them, and have a Orange Hobby F-35C in VMFA 314 marks in the final stages using their products. They are some of the best decals I have used; sadly the the guy behind them died last year, so get them while you can. I used Lifecolour for the hazy grey Fs36280 favoured by the AMI for its recent jets, and this went very easily for a very smooth, quick drying and hardy finish. I have been trying out brands like Mig Ammo and AK but just find them really temperantal and fussy to use in comparison with Lifecolour and Tamiya. I have a Hasegawa Typhoon to do next in the marks of 37 Stormo out of Trapani. Like this F-104, this has attractive checker marks on the rudder; they should make a good pair. Anyhow, pics!
  13. Very convincing Raptor finish! Will be pinching your ideas!
  14. I really look forward to your post's Sven...the subjects are amazing!
  15. By all accounts a superb fighter the Type 5 was a Ki61 modified with a radial engine after the factory producing the Ki-61's engine was destroyed. To quote one of my references, 'despite the sudden lash-up, the result was a staggeringly fine fighter, easily the best produced in Japan.' Picked this up cheap on a certain auction site to feed my increasing appetite for all things Japanese. OOB withe exception of Tamiya tape seatbelts and Lifelike Decals in combination with some kit decals. Finished with Tamiya paints. A great kit, and a fine looking 'plane.
  16. 81 Years ago to the day, on the 15th September 1940 P/O Cooper-Slipper of 605 sqn heard the scramble at the dispersal at RAF Croydon. It was the height if one of the most emblematic battles in the UK's history. Racing to his regular plane, he found it unserviceable, so he made for one of the reserve 'planes, Hurricane L2012 UP*V. Climbing into position, he came through clouds and almost instantly collided with a Dornier of Kg3, ripping the wing off his fabric winged Hurricane and sending both planes down. He luckily managed to get out to fight another day, even if the same could not be said for the Hurricane. Nevertheless, it accounted for an enemy aircraft; the score was even. The inspiration for this project was both my abiding interest in the BoB, and a rather more niche interest in early fabric winged Hurricanes that survived to fight in the Battle. The inspiration came from a photo from Dilip Sarkar's BoB Kaleidoscope books and help from Andy of Britmodeller provided the elusive code letter-thanks to him! Bae kit is the Airfix 1/72 Hurricane, with Yahu instrument panel and seat belts, resin five spoke wheels, an Arma open Hurricane canopy, and scratch built details such as the bespoke mirror fitted to the windshield. Paints were a mix of Tamiya and Xtracrylix, with decals a mixture of kit and Xtradecal generic letters and numbers. I rounded it off with a trolley acc from Flightpath. Thoroughly enjoyed this project, and my way of marking those now far off events that nevertheless continue to shape our lives. Work in progress link below, along with pics.
  17. And... done! Am not the world's greatest photographer, but it's come up well enough for me. First, the inspiration photo, and one posed from a similar angle. Will post the full RFI tomorrow. Thanks for the interest by the by.
  18. Many thanks Troy. Have waited for the Galleria to dry ( as you say not dead dead matt but just a sheen that works well for airframes) and gone for a very light weathering-I tend to over do it then regret it!
  19. Just around the corner in Canadian terms. ..I grumble about going 40 mins to get to RAF Lakenheath! Puts things in perpsective!
  20. And it's never late to mess up...the eagle eyed will note that I have decalled the model as L2021 rather than the correct L2012...a quick bit of judicious sellotape removal of the last two digits and I'll have to sort this out tonight after work!
  21. Just about there...decals and some light pastel weathering, plus masking and painting the canopy. The plan is to let all this dry tonight, varnish tomorrow and then post the finished model on Wednesday evening. Progress this evening... The decals were a combination of kit decals, and Xtradecal codes and serials. Close study of the photo gave a fairly clear indication of the style of the 'U'. Light pastel weathering underneath to mimic the charateristic weathering from leaking oil... Exhaust staining...all a bit glossy at the moment but the Galleria matt varnish will sort that out...great stuff. Canopy masked and painted... And lastly, nothing to with this project but a very exciting visit from the postman with another addition to my collection of Osprey Superbase books, such that I lusted after-but couldn't afford- while I was at college back in 1990. Have got 15 now, and all the ones I want apart from the book on Edwards, and the last one -which I haven't seen in the flesh - about Hickam. I can see an Esci Canadian F-5a in my future... Final installment Wednesday...81 years to the day when L2021 took off for its final sortie.
  22. Hallo all, I'm currently building a late L series fabric winged zhurticane (L2021) as she appeared in September 1940 I am wondering I'd she would have had dull red/blue roundels or pre-war standar bright red/blue? I am aware that Gloster built hurricanes had bright red/blue used on the production line into the Battle of Britain, but what would have likely been the case with an late L series a/c still in service by Sept 1940? I am guessing that the full fin tail flash would probably have been dull red/blue because that would probably have been applied after manufacture but am curious as to what others think. Not critical, and in truth it can't be confirmed one way or the other! Thanks in advance for any thoughts, Ralph
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