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  1. F-4E 69-0305 of the F-4 Fighter Weapons School, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing, Tactical Fighter Weapons Center, Nellis AFB. On the Edwards transient ramp, August 1984. Thanks for looking, Sven
  2. It is the actual USAF s/n and corresponding Bureau Number for this airframe being transferred from USAAF production as a AT-6D to the Navy for operations as an SNJ-5. According to the owner, the markings are accurate for an SNJ assigned to VMT-2, the green band indicating a navigation trainer airframe - though he had no idea if this airframe actually served in that unit. The only artistic license, again according to the owner, was the name "War Dog".
  3. Some of the participants at the Naval Air Station Point Mugu air show, October 1988. Unfortunately, placement of many of the static displays made framing an entire airframe next to impossible. F-4J, Bureau Number 153074, of the Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC) Mk. 20 Rockeye and Mk. 83 Paveway laser-guided bomb on A-6E 155596 EA-6A 149475, VMAQ-4 QF-4N 153034, PMTC QF-86E 53-0882 (this is a Japan Air Self-Defense Force serial number?), PMTC ERA-3B 144846, VAQ-34 A-7E 160001, VA-94, on the flight line with ERA-3B #11 of VAQ-34 EA-6B 158802, VAQ-129 F-14B 162911, VX-4 HH-46D 151939, Point Mugu rescue flight T-34C 162248, VT-27 S-3A 160132, VS-38 RQ-2B BQM-34 N2S-2 38176/N68324 SNJ-5 90917/N1038A (USAAF s/n 44-80911) UC-78B 43-32578/N44795 P-51D 44-72739/N44727, in the markings of "Man o' War", 44-14292. L-2B N48923 Thanks for looking, Sven
  4. Hi Iain, '284 and YF-4E 65-0713 were probably the only non-Thunderbird Phantoms at Edwards while I was there. All of the ALCM chase flight F-4Es were ex-Thunderbirds - i.e. white wing Phantoms before they went albino (66-0286, '289, '291, '294, '315, '319, '329, and '377).
  5. F-4E s/n 66-0284 served as a test support aircraft at Edwards AFB from 1984 through 1992. She was operated by the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center.. She was NOT part of the Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) chase flight, hence she did not have white upper wings when she wore the wrap-around SEA camouflage. Over the Mojave Desert, January 1985. On our wing for a straight-in approach to landing at Edwards, January 1985. Like all Edwards-based Phantoms, she got the "Albino Rhino" treatment in the 1987-88 time frame. Shown on the Edwards ramp in January 1989. Before her time at Edwards, '284 was a test support aircraft with the 3246th Test Wing at Eglin AFB. Thanks for looking' Sven
  6. In preparation for sending F-14 squadrons VF-21 and VF-154, Tomcat airframes were being selected that wouldn't need depot maintenance in the short term. The candidates were collected at Naval Air Station Miramar in August 1991 for inspection. This procedure took place next to the flight line spaces for the resident F-14 squadrons so it made for a pretty good sized gaggle of Cats... F-14A, Bureau Number 159844, VF-51 F-14A 159850, VF-1 F-14A 160667, VF-154 F-14A 160680, VF-21 F-14A 160892, VF-51 F-14A 160930 wearing the markings of the previous owner, VF-154. Ten days prior she was officially transferred to VF-111. F-14A 161603, VF-2 F-14A 161606, VF-21 F-14A 161617, VF-111 F-14A 162594, VF-111 F-14A 162602, VF-51 F-14D 163418, VF-124 F-14D 163893, VF-124 F-14D 163896, VF-124 F-14D 163897, VF-124 F-14D 164340 - previously of VF-124, awaiting VF-111 markings F-14D 164341, VF-124 Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  7. Maybe this belongs under the Real Space Forum, but they don't have a photo section. Space Shuttle Enterprise (Orbiter Vehicle - 101) being trucked from NAA-Rockwell in Palmdale to the Dryden Flight Research Center on Edwards AFB, April 1981. Images taken as the parade turns from the access road onto the Eddie main ramp at the transient aircraft parking area in front of Base Ops. Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper tester
  8. Helos from off-base units were fairly rare at Red Flag, but Red Flag 81-1 in November-December 1980 had quite a few. Must have been an emphasis on survival and evasion as part of the exercise. HH-3E 67-14725, 129th Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron, 129th Air Resue and Recovery Group, California Air National Guard out of NAS Moffett Field. HH-3E 67-14703, 302nd Special Operations Squadron, Air Force Reserve out of Luke AFB. HH-3E 67-14707, 302nd Special Operations Squadron. Thanks flor looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  9. By the 1980s, these birds were all doing test support duties with the 6512th Test Squadron (Test Ops) at Edwards. A few of them were instrumented for use by the USAF Test Pilot School as systems evaluation curriculum aircraft. TPS also used them as departure and spin jets as part of the flying qualities/stability and control curriculum for test pilot students (initial spin training for pilots and engineers used A-37Bs). For generic test support, they primarily flew as safety chase or radar targets. September 1992, just before they were all retired. Sven Old Viper Tester
  10. A few AH-1T Sea Cobras of HMA-169 from USMC Base Camp Pendleton. Working out of Nellis AFB for a training exercise on the Nellis ranges, May 1981. Bureau Number 160818, Modex SN17 160819/SN20 160826/SN22 161015/SN23 Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  11. TG-7A, USAF s/n 81-0886, belonging to the 94th Airmanship Training Squadron at the USAF Academy. She was on loan to the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB in October 1984. The Academy had experienced some troubling approach-to-stall characteristics with the TG-7A, so this example was sent to the USAF Flight Test Center for evaluation. The 6512th was tasked with evaluating the aircraft flight characteristics and identifying any required mitigations in flight procedures. Note that the left wing has been "tufted" for airflow visualization. Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  12. A Huey masquerading as a Hind? Wouldn't have thought these were very effective, but apparently, they were used for quite some time. This is JUH-1H, 66-60928, from the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California. On static display at the George AFB open house, October 1988. And an unidentified sister ship at the MCAS El Toro air show, April 1990. Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  13. OA-37Bs of the 172nd Tactical Air Support Squadron, 110th Tactical Air Support Group, Michigan Air National Guard out of Kellogg ANGB, participating in the Red Flag 84-4 large force exercise at Nellis AFB, June 1984. 70-1312 71-0859 71-0860 71-0863 Thanks for looking, Sven
  14. I didn't see the effects that much at Edwards, but at Nellis F-4Es of the 414FWS and 422FWS were parked in the same spots in the same orientation day after day. Many of those jets had the star 'n' bars on one side with the red bar very faded. Looked like a late WWII insignia.
  15. September 1991: The 110th Tac Fighter Squadron, 131st Tac Fighter Wing, Missouri Air National Guard, bids farewell to the Phantom after twelve years operating F-4Cs and F-4Es. A few friends came in to help commemorate the event at Lambert Field, St. Louis, Missouri. Arrival of the 131TFW flagship and static display, 68-0338 RF-4C 65-0854, 106th Tac Reconnaissance Squadron, 117th Tac Reconnaissance Wing, Alabama Air National Guard RF-4C 65-0874, 190th Tac Reconnaissance Squadron, 124th Tac Reconnaissance Group, Idaho Air National Guard out of Gowen Field, Boise Idaho F-4E 68-0411, 163rd Tac Fighter Squadron, 122nd Tac Fighter Wing, Indiana Air National Guard out of Baer Field, Fort Wayne Indiana F-4Es 67-0384 and 67-0348, 113th Tac Fighter Squadron, 181st Tac Fighter Group, Indiana Air National Guard out of Hulman Field, Terre Haute, Indiana The new birds Thanks for looking, Sven
  16. A couple of T-44s (Beech King Air) of VT-31 on the transient line at Nellis AFB. 160973, October 1980 161076, November 1980 Thanks for looking, Sven
  17. Some of the participants at the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro Air Show, May 1983. A-6E 155689 VMA-121 A-6E 155706 VMA-242 F-4S 155754 VMFAT-101 RF-4B 157346 VMFP-3 UH-1N 158286 MCAS El Toro Rescue Flight AV-8A 158699 VMA-513 A-7E 159270 VA-94 F-5E 159880/73-0895, Navy Fighter Weapons School F-14A 161444, VX-4 L-5 41-7938 PT-26A 42-66188/FV703/N46836 N3N-3 2792/N72792 P-51D 44-72739/N44727 in the markings of 44-14292 "Man o' War" P-51D 45-11628/NL151X "Ho Hun" F-105D 62-4228 466th Tac Fighter Squadron, Air Force Reserve out of Hill AFB T-38A 67-14929 86th Flying Training Squadron out of Williams AFB F-15B 76-0138 426th Tac Fighter Squadron out of Luke AFB Too much excitement for my son. I was pulling him about in his wagon all day. Using my helmet bag as a pillow... Thanks for looking, Sven
  18. FB-111As of the 509th Bomb Wing out of Pease AFB, at Red Flag 84-5, Nellis AFB, August 1984. 67-7193 “Chappie’s Cruiser” 67-7195 “Kendra’s Choice” 67-0196 “SNAFU” 68-0256 Thanks for looking, Sven
  19. Another test support fleet phantom with the 6512th Test Squadron at Edwards AFB. June 1983 in Air Defense Command Gray October 1983 with the ED tail code added, leading F-4C 64-0727 March 1985 in the test support albino scheme with patchwork external tanks May 1985 January 1989 with an unusual white radome May 1989 during a formation proficiency mission July 1990 September 1990 Thanks for looking, Sven
  20. Some of the participants in the 1990 Naval Air Station Point Mugu air show. The locals.... ERA-3B 144841 of VAQ-34 HH-46A 152501 of the NAS Point Mugu rescue flight HH-46A 152522 of the NAS Point Mugu rescue flight TA-7C 154507 of the Pacific Missile Test Center. A-6E 155698 of the Pacific Missile Test Center with a “buddy” refueling store on the centerline station. F-4S 155740 of the Pacific Missile Test Center carrying an ALQ-167 electronic threat simulator pod. She would be converted to a QF-4S drone the following year. NF-14A 161865 of the Pacific Missile Test Center. Loaded with AIM-9H (shape), AIM-7M (inert) and AIM-54C (inert) AIM-54C (inert) loaded on F-14A 159853 (Vandy One) of VX-4 Visitors... EA-6B 161349 of VAQ-134 AV-8B 162969 of VMA-513 RC-12M 163847 F-111D 68-0179 of th 524th Tac Fighter Squadron, 27th Tac Fighter Wing out of Cannon AFB. Scaled Composites ARES (Agile Responsive Effective Support) N151SC out of Mojave Airport Thanks for looking, Sven
  21. F-111Ds of the 522nd Tac Fighter Squadron, 27th Tac Fighter Wing out of Cannon AFB at Red Flag 90-1, Nellis AFB, November 1989. 68-0095 68-0099 68-0131 68-0151 68-0159 Thanks for looking, Sven
  22. F-14B 162914 of VF-74, the Bedevilers, on the transient ramp at Wright-Patterson AFB, August 1993. Thanks for looking, Sven
  23. Shots of visiting aircraft participating in the Edwards AFB Open House in October 1983. P-51D 44-74446 "Unruly Julie" (N1451D) QF-86F 55-3846 from the Naval Weapons Center at NAS China Lake T-38B 58-1926, from the 82nd Flying Training Wing at Williams AFB F-106A 59-0062, from the 49th Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Griffiss AFB F-105D 62-4328, from the 466th Tac Fighter Squadron, Air Force Reserve at Hill AFB RF-4C 65-0902, from the 190th Tac Reconnaissance Squadron, Idaho Air Nation Guard at Gowen Field HH-1H 69-6628 of the 40th Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron, Detachment 5, a tenant unit at Edwards AFB. A-7D 70-1044, 124th Tac Fighter Squadron, Iowa Air National Guard at the Des Moines Air National Guard Base CF-101B 101010 of 409 Squadron based at CFB Comox A-4M 160245 from the Naval Weapons Center at NAS China Lake Thanks for looking, Sven
  24. Some Tweets stopping in at Nellis AFB transient ramp. 58-1964 of the 82nd Flying Training Wing out of Williams AFB. Nellis AFB transient ramp, August 1980. 60-0086 also from the 82FTW. Nellis AFB transient ramp, September 1980. Good thing this was a solo navigation mission. The student flew through upper level hail, damaging all the forward surfaces and shattering the right side windscreen. 68-8040. I think she was also from the 82FTW. Static display at the Nellis Air Show, April 1983. Thanks for looking, Sven
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