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Tamiya 1/48 P-47D built as a -15-RE

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Hello all;


Here's my finished Jug for your perusal.  I made about as many mistakes and miscalculations as it's possible to make in painting and marking this one.  The full story and many more pictures of the debacle(!) can be found within the build article on my website


It's build as a workhorse of the 365th Fighter Bomber Group and was intended to be weathered as such.  Overall I think it turned out ok as a reasonable representation of my subject and my ability.  Some of it I'm really happy with and some of it I just decided I would have live with because I couldn't face the third, fourth, fifth [seventh!] touch-up or re-paint.  Among a lot of things, the eagle-eye among you will spot the missing pitot tube - it has been installed, just not before I took the pics!  Anyway, I did start (but failed to keep up with) a WIP thread, so here's the result.












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1 hour ago, Nachtwulf said:

I've always liked the look of a P-47 on the ground with the flat drop tank. You did a great job!



Thanks Dale!

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2 hours ago, Kitchen Modeller said:

Did you use salt weathering? 

I did, among other techniques.  Actually, the other techniques were to fix the screw up with the bad salt weathering!  🙂

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