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  1. I use Uschi van der Rosten. Very stretchy and sticks almost immediately to a small dab of CA
  2. Back in the last century, '84 it was, I was fighting a forest fire on the B.C. coast. The Mars came in and dropped its load. The sight was awesome to say the least
  3. This also has something to do with imaging software....http://vector-conversions.com/vectorizing/raster_vs_vector.html
  4. Kinzey did say "....approximately F.S. 34258." which is lighter than interior green
  5. Very nice. I have the old (shudder) Hobbycraft kit at the very bottom of the todo pile. For small dots I use a push tack, dot...reload....another dot....reload
  6. Also here... http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/howard_mason/f-101b_59-0400/index.php?Page=1
  7. In "The F-101 Voodoo in Detail & Scale" by Bert Kinzey, it says, "....Note: On all F-101B aircraft that we have seen, the interiors of the wheel wells were painted green ( approximately F.S. 34258)". I'll go through some other books just to be sure
  8. Thank you. Very hard to come by in Canada and when I do find a source it costs a fortune for shipping
  9. Very, very nice. Might I ask what paint you used....please don't say enamels.....please don't say enamels......
  10. Beauty. The CAF/RCAF have some of the best commemorative schemes ever
  11. I have all the kits you mention plus 1:48 twin engines and now wish that I had gone to 1:72 for multi-engine aircraft; they are just so gosh darned huge. I'm currently building the B-29 its fighting me every step of the way. Most of the fit issues are mentioned elsewhere but I found a few more. After two months I am at the almost ready to paint stage, OD/NG. Just need to mask the clear parts. It will be a ceiling dangler
  12. I run stuck Tamiya lids under a as hot as humanly possible stream of water for about 20 seconds and that usually loosens them. If not, another stream of water and use channel lock pliers. I have yet to be defeated. I know others who stir the paint instead of shaking the bottle and never have a problem. I love Vallejo Metal Colors. They are a bit more fragile and will never replace Aclad. I spray paint for about 5 seconds and then send a blast of air through the AB to remove and paint build up on the tip.
  13. Just went through the book again and there are definitely airfoils on the -3R as well
  14. From "PBM Mariner in action", "Vortex airfoils were added to the PBM-3's horizontal stabilizer to further 'fix' the tail problems that had plagued the Mariner. This fix consisted of four airfoils mounted over and under the horizontal stabilizer at the vertical fin, and was designed by Ellis (Sam) Shannon, a Martin test pilot. Shannon was enrolled in the 'Order of the Purple Martin' for this device, which was the highest honor bestowed by the Glenn L Martin Company in the field of scientific accomplishment." This includes the -3D and -3S
  15. Beauty. Get yourself some 2'x3' poster board and a few cheap LED lamps. Powder blue is said to be the best background and I have a few others. I let the camera do its own thing here
  16. Well done. I've never got the hang of aerial insulators
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