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    Hello @2996 Victor. No I finished up mixing it. I was quite pleased with the results.
  2. You've made a lovely job of this old kit. Well done.
  3. Nice work, Ratch. Well done.
  4. Very nice, Mick. Not seen one of these before.
  5. Well done for commemorating your Dad with this fine model.
  6. Same here. I might see it a couple of times a week, some weeks not at all
  7. Nicely done, Colin. You've really done the old kit justice.
  8. Hi, Heather. I've only just seen your post. I have a Valom Harrow under the bench. Be happy to send you a copy of the instructions if you still need them.
  9. Very nice work, Nenad. If you hadn't mentioned the aerials I wouldn't have noticed.
  10. Nice work, Dave. Love the nose/fuselage art. Was the dragons tail in one piece?
  11. Not opening for me either.
  12. Lovely work, Troffa. Looks great cosidering the age of the kit.
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