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  1. Thanks Z - fully aware that this was a Gavia kit - their name was all over the sprues - might be wrong but think this was the first kit eduard released although it’s a rebox - the decals are by eduard - and they were pretty thick though they seemed ok until I started putting down washes . If I had cut the carrier film from the edges like I should have, they probably would have been fine. You live and learn. Thanks guys
  2. Thanks Opus - that's just thinned down oil paint applied with a brush - then used a dry brush and cotton buds to blend it and create the patterns - I used a gray colour which worked quite well.
  3. Hi guys - finished this off a couple of days ago - Bandai X-wing in the Blue Squadron scheme - painted with Mr Color and alclad lacquers.
  4. Thanks mate - yes I’m enjoying 1/48 but still have a few 1/72 in the stash which will get cracked open at some stage. The x-wing will be blue squadron in honor of the best Star Wars movie since empire. Looking forward to it even though i suspect there will be a lot of masking
  5. Nice work - I also ended up doing the landing lights with clear sprue but only after failing to get the kit lights to insert correctly. This is a nice kit but it's tricky in places and wouldn't recommend it to a beginner - your resulting model came out great. Well done
  6. Thanks guys Thanks Sam - I've been quite busy with work so haven't done any WIP's in a while - still doing lots of sanity modelling though Thanks guys Thanks Nikola - I thought so too - a bit different to usual yellow nose. Thanks Dunny Thanks Jack - I was worried about weathering that white nose and some of the effects I tried here didn't really come out but I was pleased overall.
  7. Thanks Sam - I've started a Bandai X-wing - going for some simple easy construction after 2 Eduard kits - I love how Eduard models come out but getting there can be a challenge Thanks mate Thanks Woody Thanks Andrés - I've done alot of modelling over those 2 years - I'd say my average is 2 hours a day so I'd say that's the main reason I've improved. It took me quite a few attempts before I started to get nice results using oils - for me it was about finding the correct method that worked for me. There are hundreds of ways of working with oils so i
  8. Thanks Wulfman Thanks Andrés - weathering with oils has become my favorite part of the build - it's very relaxing and great fun.
  9. Thank you Gary / I will keep them coming Thanks - I loved this scheme when I saw it - had to do the kit. Thanks guys
  10. Hi all - This is the old Eduard La-7 in 1/48 - I struggled a fair bit with this one - I think it's been my longest build to date, not helped by my attempted modifications - adding extended landing flaps and few others additions. I had a few fitting problems which required many hours of filling and sanding, especially around the wing roots. I attempted to create a fabric wing effect with paint and weathering which I'm more or less happy with. I also needed to grind down the sides of the canopy to allow an open cockpit which I'd never attempted before - this came out quite nicely I think. I als
  11. Hi all - this is the Eduard E-3 - a very nice kit if a little tricky in places - I did make a few little little mistakes during the construction but nothing I wasn't able to sand and fill my way out of. I replaced the gun barrels with some turned brass aftermarket but otherwise it was all out of the box - though being a profipack, it came with masks and some PE. Painted with Mr Color Lacquers and weathered with Mig Washes and Oil paint - it was an enjoyable build. Battle of Britain scheme. This build kind of
  12. I not usually a fan of these - 109's in RAF colours etc and vice versa - they always just look wrong even if they are based on historical fact. This however looks excellent. Weathering is done very nicely and beautiful paint work. I'm very happy you decided to finish this one off
  13. Beautiful work so far Andrés - that cockpit looks superb. Very nice work on the figure too - hard to believe you did that with such a small figure. The engines are coming along nicely - it's hard to judge without knowing how much of them will be visible. But certainly the interiors look really good... Looking forward to seeing how this progresses
  14. Lovely stuff Roger - you did a great job on this - love the paint and weathering. Just caught the end of the wip so will go back over that for help doing this kit. Well done
  15. Nice work Roger - that scheme is pretty hard to pull off but yours came out very nicely - nice variation thoughout - looks mean as hell
  16. Nice work - I really like the details you added and the paint came out very nicely. I have the D-13 in the stash and am a little apprehensive about starting it - reading about the problems other have had building these - so it's nice to see that it is possible to get everything to fit!
  17. Thanks Parabat - you're correct of course. I actually tried to recreate the effect that you see there - where the paint becomes slightly discolored over the putty but it's quite subtle and not really visible in the photos. As I said, I was knit picking re. rivet detail - the kit details are crisp and very nice in every sense. Tamiya really upped their game on this one Thanks for all the kind comments guys
  18. Thanks guys It really is - I was surprised as it's quite old at this stage (released 2002) and I thought it was better than their Spitfire from last year - The fit is bang on everywhere and I had zero issues which is strange as I nearly always have issues :)
  19. Hi All - finally got round to finishing this up - this has probably been my longest build yet, done during the lockdown here in NZ. It's a lovely kit and really enjoyed putting it together. It's very well engineered - even for Tamiya and surpassed every kit I've done since returning to the hobby. Can't recommend it enough - if I had to knit pick, some rivet detail on the upperside would have been nice. And I'd recommend some aftermarket decals if tamiya decals have given you trouble in the past. I added an Aires resin engine which was excellent and provides a huge amount of detail
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