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  1. I was a bit speechless in my comment in the WIP, but I must say this is some of your best work Roger. You dealt with the ill fitting nose without fuss - I’m nervous about mine - there’s no hint of those troubles on the finished model. The paint absolutely nailed it and you’ve achieved a very convincing weathered look without crossing the line into abstract. The exhaust staining is the icing on the weathering cake, the cirrus clouds, so to speak. A very high bar in the GB indeed.
  2. Great detail work on the engine Erwin, you did a fine job there. The Hellcat is coming together nicely.
  3. That looks really good Alistair! The stripes look great, your patience in masking has really paid off (notwithstanding the ailerons) and the overall effect is very striking.
  4. Looking more and more swordfishy every time you post Alistair. Looking good with the PE popping details and moving inexorably towards paint. I had a look at my swordfish’s cowl and mine appears to have been a prototype new-model segmented version fresh from the factory…
  5. As a matter of fact… …yes. I mixed up some GSB, but with out the G for now, and made my yellow Corsair a blue one. The blue is a tad light at the moment but I tested with some clear gloss on a spare part and it comes good under the final finish. As there’s a fair chance I’ll need to touch up, and I also need to add a little texture later, I mixed up a large batch so that I always have a baseline colour. I don’t usually do this, but I thought it prudent in this case. While I’m on the topic of texturing I should add that I’m not going to do much on this one. Of all the major camouflage colours the allies used I see the least variation and texture on GSB so I’m not going to add much to the model. I experimented with the scratches on one of the flaps (don’t pay any attention to the blue on the flap in the pic, it got contaminated with some silver pencil dust from my fingers). I found something I wasn’t expecting. I need to leave the paint to dry off properly before attempting any work on it. I found that if I wet it once it was dry, it will scratch very easily without damaging the underlying YZC. When I tried it without the wetting, even when newly applied, I needed more pressure with the toothpick which almost always broke through the under layer to plastic. Interestingly, when I did go through the yellow the light grey plastic in those tiny scratches bore more than a passing resemblance to dull aluminium… So far, so good, but I’m a bit nervous about the scratching so we’ll see how it goes from here on in! Oh, and a question; what colour the auxiliary fuel tank? Grey, Sky? White? Other? Cheers.
  6. One might indeed. From the same manufacturer as the artist’s acrylic paints I use, it’s their matt varnish. Thinned with a little, you guessed it, windex.
  7. Looks absolutely fabulous. I used to use the Vallejo flat as well, it’s good stuff and is relatively trouble free in application. Looking forward to seeing all fine Roger, you’ve stormed through this one!
  8. I really do admire your stick-to-it-ness on this project. I did a USN air group project once which was only four models, and each different and it took some focus for me to complete. This project of yours is several orders of magnitude greater. What’s also notable is the consistent quality. Good stuff.
  9. While a flat finish does hide things, I don’t see too many things to hide…. My vote goes for a gloss finish; this bird was polished up to chase down its prey.
  10. Me too! That’s a very nice pair of models Grey, I’ll be happy if mine turns out as well. That’s a good observation on the mucky hand prints too, though on a GSB airframe I don’t think it would show as much.
  11. Absolutely beautiful, Chris (another important comma, not to say you’re not beautiful too…)
  12. Looks good Alistair. I remember similarly obsessing about how to paint the collector ring on mine
  13. Only for the oddball South Australians who have the 30 minute thing going…. The rest of us are on whole hours
  14. Dayum! That’s a fantastic paint job Roger, you’ve surpassed yourself there - that’s some of he best work I’ve yet seen of yours. You’re setting the bar very high indeed.
  15. Definitely. But it’s moot now, you’ve got a lovely paint job there.
  16. Things will go slower from here on in as I start to obsess over minute details of markings and weathering… I’m looking forward to trying the technique too, it’s a new one for me. I’ll have to go slowly as the top coat will chip only for an hour or so after applying, then it will harden up too much. I plan to work on the flaps first, that way there’s not much to fix if I bugger it up, or I’m just wrong in thinking this will work. For areas where the wear has gone through to metal I’m going to use a silver pencil. My main concern is getting carried away and overdoing it. I want to come somewhat less weathered than this… …about half as much in fact. My logic for this is based on an admittedly tenuous supposition that KD341 (pictured above) was more weathered than KD456 (Anderson’s airframe) which would have been more weathered than KD658 (“Hammy” Gray’s Corsair lost the same day as Anderson) which was only issued to operations on 20 July, just under four weeks prior to the date I’m modelling KD456.
  17. Thanks for that, interesting read. I've chosen to use US bombs on mine as to me, it just seemed more likely that the RN would tap into the USN supply chain, especially as the bombs were, apparently, produced with mount lugs for US and British pylons. I had a Saturday at the bench - the weather wasn't good for riding today so I cracked on with the airframe. So far no info to suggest KD456 wasn't a bit weathered so once all was prepared for point I painted thus... The plan is to use another property of these artist acrylic paints I use which is its fragility when newly applied (and without a clear gloss mixed in) to chip/rub through the GSB to an under coat of YZC as seen in the walk around linked above of KD431. In preparation I sealed the YZC with a polyurethane clear gloss that is a bit tougher than Future so it withstands the coming abuse. The small light square on the fuselage side is the base for the fuselage vent. I was able to find some PE that did the job for the vent itself, but as the vent sits in the roundels and I'm painting those, I'll attach the vents later the there's less chance of knocking them off and into the never never. Another advantage of a glossy coat this early is that it's a great seam check and it appears all is good on this one. This polyurethane clear gloss takes about 24hrs to cure properly so this is it for today on the airframe. I might potter around on the bombs, wheels and the prop, or I might not. Cheers.
  18. This is going to look very striking indeed, nice job on the base yellow Alistair.
  19. The results are are going to justify this level of effort, of that I have no doubt. And the journey is very interesting indeed..
  20. Thanks gents, I like how the 3D decals look and they make short work of the cockpit. I started this one in the GB section Chris, but I came in so late that there’s not much traffic there so I asked the thread to be moved here. I’ve been steadily making my way through construction and reached this point. The flaps and engine cowling are dry fitted only. I’m hedging on whether to have the wings folded or not, decision on that soon. It’s coming up to decision point now on how to approach some other elements of this airframe. I don’t know when KD456 was delivered to the squadron, so I don’t know how weathered it would be. I would like to weather it like we see this one; …and if I get no information to the contrary that’s how I’ll do it. I also need some help please… Interestingly, I know about the fuselage vents and will add them later but there as there is no ventral vent on KD431 I wonder if there would have been one on KD456? I’m not sure if it would have had a whip antenna or a post behind the canopy as per KD431? I don’t know if it would have mounted an auxiliary fuel tank on the centre line as well as a bomb either side? If so, what that arrangement actually looked like. I did find this in a video… …which I am sure I can mash up if this is how Anderson’s load out would have looked 9 August 1945. Would this be right? That’ll do for now, any help on those questions will be much appreciated. Cheers.
  21. This has the makings of epic. Good start, Ian.
  22. What’s not to be pleased about? She’s gorgeous
  23. For what it’s worth, the air filter was my pick for the hi light in the engine - that was the 12, the rest was 11.99. That’s too bad, but we can stare at the squirrel so we’ll get by, thanks for that.
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