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  1. Thank you. I appreciate your comments.
  2. Vinnie

    Transparent PVA Craft Glue, The Works

    Didn't hear from John so I bought a bottle. Might be good for paper and cardboard but no good for canopy glue.
  3. Vinnie

    What have you purchased / been given

    Wow, a MK5 Cortina. I had two, a GL and Ghia both 2 litre. Wish I had the Ghia now. Artie, if yours has the spots and fogs, get rid.
  4. Vinnie

    Can anyone identify this uniform

    Hello @Beardie and @Vicarage Vee. I thought you may be interested to know that you were correct. I've done a little research and found out that he was born in 1890 and worked in the diplomatic service in India after WW1. He then went on to be the Counsellor to the Governor of Burma until the Japanese invasion of 1942.
  5. Lovely job, Ed. I think I'll just bin my Revell Wellington. This looks so much better.
  6. Vinnie

    Sea Knight

    That's stunning Ian. I am in awe of your paintwork.
  7. Thank you for your comments.
  8. Vinnie

    TU-95 Bear-D Intercept

    Missed this first time round. Super job, Charles.
  9. Thanks, Steve. I always appreciate your comments.
  10. I didn't know that Mosquitos were deployed in SEAC until I came across a reference to them in another subject I was reading up on. I had my Tamiya 1/72 as next up on the bench so I decided that would be the scheme, but some references called for dark earth/green over azure and others medium sea grey below. Rightly or wrongly I settled on msg. I really enjoyed this build. It went together very well. My one disappointment was the 40mm Tamiya masking tape. It left so much residue behind even after detacking on the cutting mat. I spent ages trying to clean the paintwork but, a lesson learn't The 40mm tape is nothing like the narrower ones.
  11. Superb build and finish. Well done, Ratch.
  12. I agree with Greg. It's looking good but we could do with larger photos. I built a 'Black Cat' in 1/72 and I thought that was big. Goodness know's where I'd find room for a 48.
  13. Vinnie

    Eduard canopy masks.

    Thank you, @azureglo. I find I have to peel the backing sheet away to identify the shapes and do as you do with my SM. I always finish up finding mask shapes attached to the back of my hand, forearm, elbow etc. Just wondered if others had a different way of doing it.