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  1. Hi, Jean thanks. So is it Revell enamel varnish you use over acrylic paint?
  2. Another cracking build, Russ. That is certainly a menacing looking machine.
  3. All I can see is a grey box with 'masked. jpg' inside it.
  4. No it didn't crack the paint, but left blotches. I usually use Army Painter varnish but my local shop was out of stock and only had Humbrol. Never again.
  5. I'm sorry. I did word that badly. Yes I meant the invasion of Poland.
  6. The PZL23 was a 1930s Polish built light bomber which saw service into WW2 and in fact was the first aircraft to attack a target within German territory during the Polish invasion. Suffice to say, it's elderly design was no match for the Luftwaffe and it suffered heavy losses early in the conflict. The Romanian airforce also used them against Russia. It was a nice little kit to build and Heller provided both Polish and Romanian decals. What started out to be a simple paint job using Revell Aqua was almost ruined by a bad reaction to Humbrol matt varnish. I had to sand it ba
  7. Very nice 190. You've also got a a good little dio going on there.
  8. That's a good looking model, Jerzy. I hope you're feeling better.
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