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1/72 Heller Sherman M4A2 'Division Leclerc'

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Dear fellow Britmodellers,

this is my 1/72 Heller Sherman M4A2 built from the box with addition of CMK tarpaulin.

A very nicely detailled kit, almost as good as Dragons' offerings.

The kit decals did not work so well and still show their carrier film despite gloss background.

They did not respond to setting solutions either.

Model painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics (H304), dusted with pigments and weathered with artists' olis.

Photograph by Wolfgang Rabel.

Thank you very much for your interest in this topic.

Best greetings from Vienna.















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Very nice model. Must have made you sick when the decals didn't behave on such a finely finished model. Try this next time. Get some what use to be called Future Clear floor wax. It's  clear acrylic wax the consistency of almost water. There are probably others like it on the market around the world. Put a little puddle of it on your work surface. Soak the decals as usual in water and then with tweezers lift them off the backing. Touch it lightly to a paper towel to remove excess water, then float the decal on the puddle of wax. Again remove it with the tweezers and touch it to the paper towel to remove excess wax, but not all of it. Now position the decal where you want it. Try to keep the surface as horizontal as you can by propping up the model however you can. This will allow the decal to set with the remaining wax behind it and the wax will fill in the rough surface of the paint and you will avoid a lot of the silvering that you can get with smaller or older decals. You need very little wax. so go lightly. If after drying there is still silvering say on the edges, dip a small paint brush in the wax and just touch it to the edge and let capillary action draw wax into any voids and eliminate the silvering. Then overcoat as usual with gloss or dull varnish.  

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