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  1. Fantastic piece of work looks splendid thankyou for sharing it with us .Well done.
  2. What a beautiful piece of work, it looks astounding well done
  3. Congratulations on some fine modelling well done
  4. Congratulations on a beautiful set piece, looks very realistic well done
  5. Congratulations on a fine piece of modelling well done
  6. I have to congratulate on some fine work ,you certainly have a talent for figure painting. Hope to see more of your work ,well done.
  7. Excellent work, the time you spent on it certainly paid off,well done.
  8. Congratulations on turning out a beautiful piece of modelling, well done
  9. Congratulations on a beautiful model well done
  10. As usual Ratch, beautiful work well done
  11. Congratulations on a fantastic piece of modelling well done
  12. Congratulations on a fine piece of work, looks great considering its age .
  13. Love this kit built it a few times over the years for relatives, might get another one for myself hope i make as good a job as you have looks fantastic well done
  14. Excellent piece of work well done
  15. Congratulations on a beautiful model, the metal finish is awesome well done
  16. Nice piece of work ,the railway that one of the members refers to was on tv last week and it showed the armed train ,i think i have also seen it on utube aswell .
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