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  1. Lovely model! Seems to be the same scheme as included in the old 1/72 Matchbox kit which I've built as a kid. Brings back memories...
  2. That's an impressive model, not just because of it's size!
  3. Helllo JB, your model came out really well! I have built both the Airfix and the Revell kit. I remember having issues with decal silvering on the Revell release, and agree with you on the undercarriage being pretty complicated to assemble. Both the Revell and Airfix kits have their little glitches, but in retrospect I prefer the Revell Lancaster over Airfix because of finer surface structure and lower retail price (in my area). I would replace the decals for aftermarket options on my next build though.
  4. Thank you very much Libor! I took a lot of Inspiration from your fabulous build in the Vaillant Wings Airfame Album No.9 "The Arado 234". I would recommend this book to everyone attempting to build an Arado 234 in any scale (unfortunately it's out of print at the moment). Thanks Martin, much appreciated! Hope to meet you at our local hobby shop (Mehran's) in the not too distant future for a chat!
  5. I agree on the issue of weathering, clean models can look like toys. You've done a good job on the wear & tear!
  6. Eric, these are decal strips provided on the Aeromaster decal sheet. The kit's decal sheet doesn't feature them. (You don't want to use the kit's decals anyway as they are wrong shape, size, and the sheet was warped and yellow-ish.)
  7. I like early jet aircraft, and you did a great job on the Sea Vixen!
  8. Thank you Duncan! Given its age, I found the kit easy to build. Tricky areas are the cockpit-to-fuselage joint and the fit of engines, with some filling and sanding required. The assembly of the RATO pack struts is a bit fiddly (I broke them while removing from the sprues). Moderately experienced modelers (and you're way beyond that, Duncan!) should have no problem at all.
  9. Thank you for feedback Volker. Studying original photographs my conclusion is that the lighter color matches the undersides, so I used RLM76 Grey-Blue, instead of White. The lighter color does not extend onto the upper surfaces according to my research. Mind you this is my personal Interpretation based on available infos, so please consider it a 'best guess'!
  10. Thank you Reini. Interestingly, the code letters on the original photos appear to have different colors on picture #1 (on the port side), whereas they look the same color on picture #2 (starbord side)? B/W wartime shots are difficult to interpret!
  11. These are the so-called RATO packs - additional boost for take off! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_HWK_109-500
  12. Dear fellow Britmodellers, this is my 1/72 Dragon Arado Ar-234 B in markings of 9./KG76, flown by Hptm,. Josef Riegler. I built with addition of Reheat photo etch, True Details wheels and Master pitot tube. Decals from Aeromaster "Arado Blitz Bombers Pt.1", painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics. Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. Thank you for your interest! Best greetings from Vienna Roman
  13. Hello Reini, another stunning model from your factory ... The paint scheme is super-attractive and perfectly executed. (I have the same marking option in 72 but on my Xtradecal sheet the code letters are red?!) Very clean job on the canopy masking, and extra points for the etch gunsight! Respect & greetings from Vienna Roman
  14. Very nice FB-111, good work Mike!
  15. This is stunning, exquisite modeling work!
  16. Hello Jacek, this kit is not for beginners and can be recommended to seasoned modelers only. The high part count, poor fit and sketchy instruction sheet make for a very complicated build.
  17. Top class model! Very nice paint & weathering. The colors seem a bit unusual, didn't the VVS P-39s all come in US Olive Drab?
  18. Thank you Patrick, hope to see you on another occasion (Maybe E-Day in September?). Greetings, Roman
  19. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Dora Wings Lysander Mk.III (SD), with decals from DK Decals sheet "No.161 (SD) Squadron". Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics, photographs by Wolfgang Rabel. A full build review will appear in an upcoming edition of Scale Aviation Modeller International.
  20. Hobby Shops in Vienna have re-opened in May. Time to support my local dealer and get some new-ish kits!
  21. Maybe the BEST Airfix Marauder I have ever seen. You really put in a lot of work!
  22. White is a difficult color to work with, pity about your mishap with the Revell paint. Your Sunderland is still an impressive model!
  23. Thanks for the update on the Mosquito project, Jan! Given your notorious habit to release multiple boxings with attractive markings, this is something to save my money for.
  24. Magnificent! I've got the same kit (Hasegawa) but haven't decided between the Russian and French Version yet.
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