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Found 55 results

  1. http://www.mpmkits.net/2015/10/siebel-si-204-148-pripravujeme.html
  2. I have just finished this one from MPM, build out of box, a flying tourchlight Cheers Jes
  3. Hi all, here is my new 1/72 MPM Douglas A-20G Havoc "la france libre": Construction: MPM has created a superb kit in 1/72 for the Douglas Havoc / Boston variants. In 2008 i brought the D-Day Havocs kit variants with the solid gun nose. At first, I wanted to build OOB, but after a while, some details were added scratch: Cockpit: Life raft and details Nose: Brass MG barrels (accessory), fuselage reinforcement, MG ejectors Fuselage: Rudimentary fuselage installation, rear exit Turret: Entire tower structure, brass MG barrels (accessory) Engines: Cables, valve lifters, exhaust pipes, slightly opened cooling flaps Charger: Inlet details, open outlet Gear: Brake lines, resin wheels (accessory) With some creative breaks, I worked on the model for almost 6 months. Original aircraft: My model, the "la france libre" was the first Havoc in Europe with 100 successful mission missions and was called "Miss laid" for a long time. The plane was sent to Paris in the autumn of 1944 for the French liberation celebration as a part of an exhibition and renamed for this reason. Most of the Havocs were heavily weathered. Source: worldwarphotos.info Finish: I wanted to transfer the impression of the original photo above to my model. The paintjob was started as standard for me on an Alclad Airframe aluminum primer. After that preshading, three glazing layers per colour, painting scratches with a silver pin, masking and painting of the walk-ways, masking, painting and weathering of the invasion stripes, intermediate finish with future, decals, washing, painted exhaust gas traces, dust oil paints, chalks etc. etc. Walkaround: Bottom: Details: I hope you like my model. Criticism, notes, and comments are gladly welcome. Kai
  4. Here's my recently completed build of MPM's Lockheed PBO-1 Hudson, complete with RAF Dk.Green/Dk.Earth/Sky finish in US Navy markings. I did this for the 'In the Navy' GB. Here's the build thread. It didn't go without it's problems and looking at it now I'm still not happy with the fit of the separate nose section. Also the port tailfin and main oleo leg are a bit scewed (heavy landing!). The decals were commendably thin but broke up just looking at them! Had to use bits of the spare decals for repairs. Used Vallejo ModelAir paints, Johnsons Klear gloss hand brushed on and Vallejo Matt Varnish, thinned and airbrushed. Davey.
  5. Another build finally completed ... I started this as part of the D-Day GB last year ... then work , life etc took over !! , but now its complete, it joins my 1/72nd collection of USAF aircraft based in Essex during WW2 , As with every kit, its a learning curve and a relaxing hobby, constructive comments always welcome One day I will build a photo booth / base to make pictures more interesting !! Aircraft s/n 43-10208 5D-S : ‘ Es for Sugar’. 644th Bomb Squadron part of 410th Bomb Group based at RAF Gosfield (near Braintree) with secondary runway at RAF Birch
  6. When I finally get my JU-87 finished over on that STGB I'll be starting a couple of builds on here. I just recently obtained this kit and really fancy building it right now, not that I haven't got dozens of other projects I want to do as well! It seems a nice kit, but obviously having had experience of Special Hobby/AZ Models/Sword kits, it will need some care. I'm going to do the most colourful of the two Navy machines covered by the nice looking decal sheet, all of the subjects are in RAF standard day scheme of Dark Green over Dark Earth over Sky, but around 200 bound for the UK were quickly 'commandeered' as the US needed to build up their forces in the Pacific and elsewhere, so US markings were applied and away they went! There is an error in the kit which baffled me a bit after looking at photos of this machine in question on the internet, that being the choice of exhaust and air intake/scoops. The box art is even correct! But the instructions would have you fit the small vents on the side of the nascelles, and very short air intakes above and below the cowl, but this is incorrect. Fortunately the long type tube exhausts and the longer air scoops are included in the kit, so all's good! See you soon, Davey.
  7. Finishing two models in two days is something of a record, but that's what has happened so here's my MPM 1/48 Fulmar Mk I. Apart from wanting to build it, one reason it got to the top of the pile was the enormous box and the amount of space it was taking up in the stash! It's from the first release without any etch fret or other add-ons. It is one of the best limited run kits I've built with generally good fit, apart from slightly vague locations for some of the cockpit detail. The exceptions were the leading edge inserts for the gun ports, which needed shimming and filling; the landing light transparency, which I could have done much better; and the pilot's canopy. Short of blowing a new one, the solution was to separate the windscreen and canopy with a razor saw and much trepidation. It worked OK and although the sliding section sits a bit high I'm happy with the result. It's from the box apart from boxing in the landing light aperture, harnesses and a stretched sprue antenna, and is brushed with Humbrol enamels. The Fulmar was one of those endearingly inadequate aircraft which nevertheless played a vital role in the war and I'm pleased to have this one as a companion to my Grand Phoenix Firefly. Thanks for looking!
  8. Having discarded the Airfix Sea Hawk I thought the MPM kit might be marginally better. It took a bit of prepping to get it reasonable, including blocking up the inside of the fuselage so you don't see through across the intakes. It's also very thick plastic with chunky joins between sprues and parts, but they file down ok. It needed quite a bit of nose weight, I just about squeezed in three small lead balls. Colours are EDSG upper and Humbrol 80 lower, both from spray cans. The tail bullet fairing is gloss black. Despite the photos there is an ejector seat, it just seems to sit really low in the cockpit! The decals included in the kit are pretty good, nice colours and well printed.
  9. Special Hobby is to re-release the MPM 1/72nd Douglas Boston Mk.III Intruder kit - ref. 72398 Source: http://www.specialhobby.info/2018/11/sh72398-boston-mkiii-intruder-boxart.html Box art V.P.
  10. Having read a couple of brief 'reviews' about the Airfix Sea Hawk on this forum I decided to sell both of mine and buy an MPM one instead! No doubt it's probably no better but there are limited options, and at least the decals look decent. I'll probably have to change the serial though as apparently WV863 was lost in a crash and I never build models of any aircraft lost. It just doesn't feel right to me somehow. I'll make this one with the playing card similar to the gate guard at Culdrose and FAA museum example, but representing an operational Sea Hawk. First question, anyone know of any visible differences between an FGA4 and FGA6 which with limited skill would be insurmountable?
  11. My next build is going to be this nice kit from MPM. I didn't photograph the decals and PE, will fix that. I won't be building the kit with the decals supplied in the kit I will be doing a 77 Sqn RAAF Meteor "Darky Jones" flown by Sgt Ted Jones, which sadly crashed, ran out of petrol on landing. I have Red Roo decals and some rockets and bombs to go with the kit. They will also be photographed and added to the WIP. Some pics of the parts in the box. Resin parts. Thanks for stopping by for a look. Stephen
  12. My 1st build for this GB will be MPM's 1/72 A-20G 'D-Day Havocs' boxing, this fit nicely with my Primary Theme for 1/72 Aircraft , WW2 US aircraft based in Essex, all 4 options in the kit , 2 from 410th BG , 2 from 416th BG were based in Essex between original deployment March 1944 and August/Sept 1944 when they moved to forward bases in Normandy. And for the Sprue shot complete with PE included in the kit (this will be fun !)
  13. Started this just after Christmas as a relaxing, no-stress build. I bought 3 different MPM boxing's of Hasegawa's Beaufighter when a seller on E-bay had them at a fairly cheap price, each one has several different marking options, Montex masks and PUR exhausts. The kit instructions cover ALL the decal options and are the same in each box, with colour Markings instructions with the variants in each boxing. This is from the RAAF box and covers Mk I, Mk VI and Mk21 in RAAF service. Each kit includes all parts to do early and late tail-planes, long and short intakes, tailwheels, AI aerials, etc. Also the Sperry Auto-Pilot housing. I chose to do an overall Aluminium finished Mk.21 and on doing a bit of research (unusual for me!) I discovered several Beaufighter's were stripped of their Overall Foliage Green finish. An interesting article here; http://www.adf-serials.com.au/newsletter/ADF Telegraph 2018 Autumn.pdf A8-196 is pictured if you scroll down the page. Of note was the fact that the instructions tell you to fit the long filter intakes and long (PUR) 'Hedgehog' type exhaust's, but the photo shows short intakes and the Mk I type short exhausts. I removed the framing from the later type rear canopy to try to represent the Australian style frameless type (not in the kit), it's not perfect but it'll do me. I left off the rear gun. Modified the starboard wing to the two gun type. Basically filling and re-scribe. Modified the wing tips to show the rearward 'Stem' type navigation light. Vallejo ModelAir Aluminium was used overall with a bit of AK Extreme to a couple of panels to add variation. A light wash into the panels while varnishing, doesn't show up much in the photo's but I'm still learning. The call out for the small Roundel's in the instruction's for the upper and lower wing I think is wrong, but I didn't spot this till this evening while putting this together! I think the photo shows the Larger style. I may change them later, but I might just leave them for another RAAF build (Overall Foliage Green) The kit went together well, hardly any filler used. I think the pilot's canopy looks a bit too tall and the whole fuselage is a bit 'pinched in', especially towards the rear. But, it looks the part I think. Last photo's show comparison with a High Planes kit I did last year. Criticism's and comment's welcome. Davey.
  14. Hi guys, Here is my build of the 1/48 P-63C King Cobra from MPM. This is already a started build, but not beyond the 25% mark. I started to build this I think 8 years ago, so it was a shelf queen. After the opening I saw why, the vac canopie is yellowed. But I will still build it as it is a great opportunity to do now. Here are the pictures. There is no box art, as I have lost the box long time ago and the kit is in another easier box to use. the started cockpit. the yellowed canopies The decals and the instructions As you can see there is also a decal sheet and instructions for a F version in the box. This also has a resin tail for it. Cheers,
  15. It is my last finished model. This MPM model has bad fitting. It is not easy model. I used Mr Hobby colors. Cheers.
  16. This is my 1/72 MPM X-15A-2. This kit was a pleasure to build with very good fit and excellent decals. The only minus was the instructions which were kind of vague about colors and had a few of the decals mis-numbered. Construction only took 9 days from start to finish. I knew you would not be able to see much of the interior with those tiny window, so I took a couple of pictures before I buttoned it up Next up will be the Hasegawa S2F-1 Tracker kit. Enjoy
  17. MPM SH32049 boxart: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=71717&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a translation: Main parts from short run and small details from metal mould.
  18. I've got a bit stalled on my Fairey Long Range Monoplane and I've got an Airfix F-111 on the go in group builds, so I'm building this for some actual fun! It has been semi-started for a while now, and I painted up the cockpit when I was doing the old Airfix Blenheim. I was impressed by the etch instrument panels with celluloid backing. I tried an etch seatbelt for the pilot but the observer got a wine bottle foil and fuse wire harness instead. Not sure I will be able to tell the difference through the canopy... I kitted out the cockpit an extra seat and panel for the observer: The two transparent halves of the canopy worked well: ... as long as you check the width beforehand and add a wedge to the bottom of the fuselage: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  19. Hullo all. I was thinking about building a Merlin-engined Wellington II at some nebulous point in the future. I understand that the MPM kit has some shape issues (it certainly looks less like a Wellington to me in the photos I've seen of it) and I was wondering if anyone had tried to cross kit the MPM and Trumpeter kits to produce a Wellington II that was greater than the sum of its parts. Idle speculation is not only welcome, but encouraged.
  20. Hello all, Have just been puttering away on various old projects; not certain whether many would make a good WIP. However, there is one (actually of many) items that have been worrying my feeble mind for a number of years, trying to decide how to go about modeling them, the Ryan FR-4 Fireball, which is essentially an up-engined and modified FR-1 Fireball. These modifications were enough to make this version 100 mph faster than the original. I read somewhere on line that this aircraft held the world's speed record for a brief time. The visible modifications (or at least those of most concern to the modeler) consist of 1) removing the jet intakes from the leading edge of the wing 1) replacing said wing intakes with NACA intake ducts, and 3) lengthening the aircraft by some 4 inches. Judging from drawings and photos, the latter seems to consist of a longer tailpipe, so not too bad to manage. The best photo I could find of the FR-4 is this one, which shows the hardest areas of the needed mods: Not very exciting in terms of markings, is it? Note especially the raised lip around the NACA intakes; they are NOT flush with the outside of the aircraft! We shall attempt to duplicate them a little later on. For now, we begin with the basic MPM FR-1 Fireball kit in 1/72 scale (The ONE TRUE SCALE for all you slackers out there!) It looks like this: Note the nice brass PE -- probably the hardest part of the stock kit, other than a little flash here and there. BTW, don't even think of trying this mod with the Pegasus kit! It has so many problems that most wise men would probably bin it instead. I didn't, whence cometh the ire! I began by marking a straight line across the wings, showing where the protruding intakes need to be removed, by my trusty razor saw: I then sawed off the offending bits, as well as the front part of the wing that was molded onto the fuselage: Next the wheel wells were painted, and the leading edge of the wing was stuffed full of Milliput's finest, and the the wings were squeezed together, glued and clamped. The Milliput was then roughly shaped to a rough airfoil, pending more accurate sanding later. Those of you familiar with Milliput ill understand the need to get it shaped as well as possible before it hardens. It's not impossible to sand, but tough: And sanded: Also, be sure to clean any excess squeeze-out from the wheel wells! Well, that's all for now. Just a bit to peak your interest, assuming you are crazy enough to follow along. By the way, if a "grognard" (a soldier of the "Old Guard of Napoleon) is a very avid wargamer, what are we as modelers? Ed
  21. Hello everyone! I just saw this notice from Special Hobby that they're discontinuing all their Azur and MPM kit lines. They're now running a 50% off sale to close out their inventories of them. Anyone else here catch wind of this and what's behind it all? Are the moulds going to be taken into the Special Hobby line? Eliminated entirely and redone, eventually, with new tooling? Special Hobby Website Announcement - Plastic & Steel Online - Azur and MPM product lines are being discontinued now!
  22. Hi, I've had this on the go for a while and finally got it finished today, it's the MPM kit of the PR10. Nothing wrong with the kit to cause a slow build just work getting in the way of good modelling time. The PR10 was a hybrid Meteor as it had an F8 fuselage but an F4 tail, with a long span wing and of course the camera nose. VS975 served only with 541 Squadron based in Germany from 1951 until it was scrapped in 1958. It was originally camouflaged and had the earlier part metal canopy. That makes 23 Meteors completed now. Thanks for looking. Steve
  23. Hi folks! Last year I built the wonderful Airfix Defiant as the famous N1801 "Coimbatore II", a nightfighter of 264 Squadron RAF, complete with lots of extras including Eduard photoetch, Barracuda wheels, Xtradecals, etc. You can see that build here. This left me with the quandary of what to do with my old MPM Defiant, built something like 9 years previously while I was still doing A-levels! I did take a photo of the model last year but it's gone astray so you'll have to make do with this one from 2008: As you can see, same scheme. I'll hope you'll agree it's not as good as the one from 2016! Anyway, having thrown all that AM at the Airfix kit left me with a lot of bits left over, including most of a decal sheet, a complete set of undercarriage doors, and two spare canopies. So I elected to strip down and repaint the MPM kit, and finish it as a Dunkirk/Battle of Britain machine - attempting to fix some of the worst inaccuracies of the MPM along the way. These chiefly involve the turret and canopy (both 2mm or so too high, the turret is also too large in diameter), and the undercarriage legs, which I'd already shortened by about 2mm back in 2008 shortly after the above photo was taken - but still looked too long. A quick test fit confirmed the Airfix closed canopy made the model look vastly better, and I combined this with sanding the turret down from the bottom. The undercarriage legs were quite badly damaged from being cobbled back together before, so I attached the Airfix door parts directly to the wing undersurface as a height guide and a solid anchor point, then having reattached the cleaned-up wheels I pieced back together and cut down the legs until the right amount of tyre showed underneath the bottom of the doors. This was another 2mm at least removed so the MPM legs are a grand total of 4-5mm too long. That's about a scale foot. I also had to scratchbuild some replacements for parts lost or too far gone to save, such as the rear undercarriage struts, radio masts etc. As usual it's brush-painted, although the Sky and the flat varnish come from a rattlecan. Decals were from Xtradecal stock, stencils I'd saved from the kit first time around (MPM helpfully provided two complete stencil sets, one in red and one in black!), and the fin flashes from the Airfix sheet. Scheme represents L7006 of 264 just after the Defiant's brief period of glory over Dunkirk. Hope you like it! I think this proves the the MPM kit can be made to look pretty like a Defiant without major surgery, although with the Airfix available it's almost certainly not worth the bother! Lastly a brief comparison shot. I think the MPM may still be touch plump around the centre fuselage, and it lacks some of the subtle shapes Airfix capture well, but the modifications make it look a lot better in my humble opinion
  24. I've recently purchased an MPM Sea Vixen for a good price. However, I've started to wonder if the Cyber Hobby kit might have been a better buy as it seems to have a lot more aftermarket accessories. Does anyone know if either the Pavla or Quickboost nose-cones are a good fit for the MPM kit? Both were designed for the Cyber Hobby kit. Links below. Pavla nose. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PAVU72133 Quickboost nose. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/QB72379 Has anyone used the Alley Cat resin parts before? The general upgrade kit looks good, but I'm not sure what I'm looking at in the the Radar Set; it looks like this set was designed to be displayed with the nose swung open? General upgrade https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AC72022C Radar set https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AC72023C Thanks for any help.
  25. MPM is to rebox the Academy's 1/72nd Bell P-39/P-400 Airacobra kit with new decals. - ref. MPM72005 - Bell P39Q/N Airacobra "Russian Cobras" Source: http://www.aviationmegastore.com/bell-p39qn-airacobra-russian-cobras-mpm72005-mpm-8592016mpm72005-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=140524 - ref. MPM72006 - Bell P-400/P-39D Airacobra "Cobras over the Pacific' Source: http://www.aviationmegastore.com/bell-p-400p-39d-airacobra-cobras-over-the-pacific-mpm72006-mpm-8592016mpm72006-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=140525 - ref. MPM72007 - Bell P-400/P-39D Airacobra "Cobras over the New Guinea" Source: http://www.aviationmegastore.com/bell-p-400p-39d-airacobra-cobras-over-the-new-guinea--mpm72007-mpm-8592016mpm72007-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=140526 V.P.
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