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  1. So, last night I had lots of fun trying to get the transparencies to fit (and stay in place!). In the end it worked out ok - now the minor task of masking all of this before an initial coat of interior green... Irritatingly, due to the build's logic, I have had to attached the undercarriage early. Unsurprisingly, they are already getting some collateral damage, with one of the oleos shearing off. Not good. Thank you for looking, Icarus
  2. All starting to come together now. I am just about to add the transparencies - I see some have had issues here, although based on the rest of the build I am hopeful. Given this is the Bristol GB, I thought I should get my two out for show (!) Thanks for looking, Icarus
  3. Despite the earlier (self-induced) complications, eventually the fuselage came together fine. Just working on the undercarriage mechanisms here - wonderful engineering from Airfix. This is a joy to make. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  4. Noted. I will use the kit seat as the basis, then add the Eduard PE belts.
  5. Thank you exdraken - that's really helpful. I wanted to do this one out of the box to keep it simple, but I'm tempted to get the seatbelt set from Eduard, as the seat will be so visible and this will disguise the somewhat basic one in the kit. Will have a think. Icarus
  6. Afternoon. My second entry for this GB will be the later Pierre Clostermann Eduard 1/48 Tempest - with suitably prominent Lorraine Cross on it for the Forum prefect... Interestingly, I seem to have been a bit over zealous in the past, and have purchased an additional canopy mask set for this model. If anyone needs it please DM me and let me know. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  7. Morning. My first entry for this GB is the somewhat basic, but still beautiful, Heller 1/48 Rafale A demonstrator: The decals look ok. The cockpit detail is somewhat basic, so this will have the canopy closed. I probably would have opted for this anyway to try and preserve the sleek beauty of this aircraft, in its striking scheme, so no issue there. The ordinance that comes with the kit looks very suspect - will need to find some photo references to see what this carried when on public display. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  8. Right, so finally I managed to carve out a bit of time to get this started. As you can see, the cockpit is largely done, but you will also see from the abrasion/sanding marks on this, and the extensive clamping, that something seems to have gone a bit awry. I can only think that this is a mistake I made earlier on with the building up of that flooring construction. ### Test fitting of the other fuselage side looks ok now. Shame, because the amount of detail in this kit is outstanding, and perhaps the sheer joy of making this kit meant I didn't concentrate enough. Hopefully there will be no more issues. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  9. Kit: Kitty Hawk 1/48 SEPECAT Jaguar T2 Old ESCI moulds! Markings: Empire Test Pilots School, MOD Boscombe Down Extras: Built out of the box. Paint: Vallejo acrylics Tamiya lacquers, Alclad metals and Semi-matt varnish. Halford Car Primer for whit surfaces. Weathering: Dilute Windsor and Newton Oils, artists' pastels Original build thread here: Thank you for looking, Icarus
  10. So, after knuckling down this is finally finished. Thankfully the cracked canopy is not too distracting. I will upload some better photos into the gallery later. but this is the state of play this morning. Thank you for all of the helpful suggestions during this somewhat challenging build. Now off to the Bristol GB! Icarus
  11. A bit further in this - at least it now has wheels to sit on. This has been a bit of a struggle to be honest, mainly because I keep getting distracted. Anyway, here we are this evening: Will try and get this finished this week - not much left now! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  12. So, slow progress with this to be honest. Work is manic. However, I have finally had time to put the decals on, and last night I added some very minimal weathering with oils. From photo references these a/c were kept pretty pristine. I have also added some of the dangly bits. Next steps are to add the wheels and the rest of the delicate bits (and the somewhat inaccurate pylons, that seem to be on the reference photos), then a final coat of satin before finally removing the canopy masks. As previously discussed, I will need to fashion some sort of cover to go over the cracked middle canopy, then we should be done. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  13. Afraid not - with increased clinical duties at the moment no real time for model making. The ETPS Jaguar over in the Unarmed GB is static at the moment as well, although I was hoping to put some decals on that tonight.
  14. Evening all. Now a bit clearer (day time) and with initial stages of touch up. Clearly covering red with white paint will be a slow process... Once this is done, I need to remove the masking over the metal exhaust heat shields, then start actually permanently glueing some of the bits together! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  15. So this is this evening, with the Oxford Blue down, and masking off. Clearly a few touch ups to be done along some of the panel lines, but nothing too drastic, which is a relief given how much of a b*gger this was to mask! Thanks for looking, Icarus
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