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  1. I have been abroad on business these two weeks (lockdown seems like a weird delusion now) so I will only get a chance to start this tomorrow. this will need to be a pretty efficient build - OOB apart from the seatbelts. That reference material is from my own stash of magazine articles. Incredibly helpful for some of the colour scheme details - let me know if you wanted me to scan and and share. Icarus
  2. Evening all. I would like to add the second 1/48 Kinetic FRS.1 to this GB, this time XZ457. The only extras I will be adding (thus far) are the spare seatbelts from the Kits World 3D printed "Tornado" MB Mk10 seatbelt set.. And some reference material.... I can see the fun and games the @DaveJL is having with this build - sometimes it is better to go second... Thanks for looking, Icarus
  3. So, just in time this was finished this evening.. Phew! The kit-supplied ejector seat is a real disappointment. I suspect I will replace this in time with a resin version. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  4. Model: Revell (née Eduard) 1/48 MiG-21 SMT Colours: "05 White", Soviet Air Force, 1973 Paints: Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics, AK Interactive Metals Weathering: Oils, sanded pastels Build details: Built OOB. Paint pattern airbrushed directly on I would have preferred to use a resin ejector seat, but my aim was to use the kit parts throughout - this is the weakest part of the kit Link to build: Thanks for looking, Icarus
  5. So, Down in the depths of the vault I have found this ancient 1/32 Hasegawa Spitfire VI, missing most of the cockpit contents and without a canopy... Apart from the canopy, the circled items are missing... Also in in the vault, is this modern but flawed Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk.IIa I was wondering whether I could use the Revell kit as an ~(imperfect but acceptable) donor of spare parts/sources for scratch building/vac-forming? My plan: 1. Build the Revell cockpit. 2. See if it fits with manageable fettling into the Hasegawa fuselage. It won't be 100% accurate, but as the Mk VI canopy is fixed close this probably won't matter. I will also add the Hasegawa pilot 3. If the cockpit does not fit, I will proceed with the Revell kit, having to accept the incorrect spinner and underwing air intake 4. If the cockpit fits, I will continue with the Hasegawa kit 5. I will then use the Revell canopy as the master to make some vac-form replicas 6. The replica will be needed as I try and work out how to modify the canopy to correspond to the Mk VI version. What could possibly go wrong? Either way, there be some sort of 1/32 Spitfire at the end of this Odyssey! Icarus
  6. Sadly, there will not be time to build this. I am planning to sell the kit unbuilt online, and donate the proceeds to the Ukraine DEC fund. Icarus
  7. Thank you @exdraken - not so much a long range missile strike, rather a change of job location to Switzerland, has rather scuppered my model making. I am getting organised again, but I doubt I will get this completed in time. Need to finish the MiG-21 SMT first! Icarus
  8. Good evening. I see @exdraken also has a 1/48 Su-25 in this GB, but I would like to add this version to the GB. Given the world we are in at the moment, I will make it in Ukrainian AF colours, out of respect for the friends and work colleagues I have in Kyiv. When built I plan to sell it, with any proceeds going to the DEC Ukraine Fund. Anyway, initial photos: Nice looking kit, including PE and canopy masks. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  9. Thank you James. The "Yellow Ochre" and "German Red/Brown" are Vallejo acrylics (70.913 and 71.271 respectively). The Olive Green is Humbrol enamel #86, whilst the Black green is Tamiya XF-27. The Vallejo and Tamiya paints are diluted for 50% with water, the enamel diluted 50% with standard thinners. These paints are the closest matches I could find to the reference photos. With weathering the colour contrasts will be toned down. I spray at 15 PSI with a 0.5mm needle - I was going to use a smaller needle, but in the end didn't need to. Icarus
  10. So, I have been having a bit of fun with the airbrush this morning... I have tried to mirror the reference photos on this, but to be honest they vary as well! Need to add the steel exhaust surround, and green details on the main fin and ventral "finlet", before varnishing, then the extremely extensive decal sheet (including many stencils!) Thanks for looking, Icarus
  11. Good morning. Having finished the Revell 1/48 F/A-18F, I now have a bit of time to progress this build. As you can see, I have just masked the canopies using the rather excellent Canopy Survival Kit from Maketar Paint masks - very impressive, and I will be using this set up again. Still going with the camouflaged option on this SMT, so will start that after painting the inner layer of the canopies that "lovely" Russian cockpit turquoise. Thanks for looking, Icarus
  12. Kit: Revell 1/48 F/A-18F Super Hornet Subject: VFA-102 Diamondbacks 2005 50th Anniversary Scheme, NAF Atsugi, Japan Decals: Semi-autodestruct ones from the kit - unusual for Revell decals. Paints: Mostly of Humbrol enamels (remember them?), with Alclad lacquers for the metals. Mr Hobby for tyres + cockpit NATO grey Extras: Built OOB - excellent detail already there. Original build thread here: Thanks for looking! Icarus
  13. OK - all done now. Will post more piccies in the gallery, but very impressed with this model from Revell. I also have the Revell "Top Gun 2" 1/48 F/A-18D lurking in the shed, that I was trying to get rid of due to the rubbish colour scheme, but based on how much I enjoyed this build I'm now tempted just to get some better decals for it! Anyway... Thank you for looking everyone! Icarus
  14. Thank you for the kind words everyone. Just about getting into a regular sleep pattern now! In the final straight with this now. Just need to add the weapons (when I've decided the load out I want), mount the canopy open and build and add the crew ladder: Lovely kit this - well done Revell! Thanks for looking, Icarus
  15. So, things have been a bit delayed by the arrival of the latest addition to the Icarus family, but now we're getting some sort of sleep pattern going, I've had time to decal this, and work on the undercarriage. Those tricky decals are still giving me problems, but multiple applications of Micro Sol later, we're slowly getting there... I am aiming to add the u/c doors and weapons pylons next, then start the weathering whilst working on the ordinance. Hoping for a finish in approx. 1 week, then I can focus on the the MiG-21 SMT in the relevant GB. Thanks for looking, Icarus
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