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  1. Aircraft: Lockheed Tristar KC1, 216 Squadron, RAF Brize Norton, 1994 Manufacturer: Hasegawa Scale: 1/200 Build details: Built out of the box, with oil pin wash Icarus
  2. So now less "moth-eaten", but rather "pie-bald". It won't necessarily be obvious until the details are highlighted with a pin wash later on, but I have had a lot of fun over the last couple of nights adding all sorts of PE bits to the exterior of this... Next steps adding canopy (some temporarily), then masking up before the real fun of painting and decaling this thing starts... Icarus
  3. Good afternoon. Progress now being made with this. A slightly moth-eaten Starfighter at the moment, but helps me check the seams have been sanded down... And a bit more detail on the PE afterburner ring (which took all of an evening to fold and glue) and undercarriage doors (plus the resin seat) Hopefully a bit more progress tonight (if I can get the little terrors to sleep this evening!) Icarus
  4. Hi Ian. The KC1 was a mixed role transport and tanker, so the lumps represent the refuelling hose/drogue mechanism I presume. As I'm sure you are aware, the Tristars didn't have wingtip mechanisms (unlike the VC10.) As a recent returner to airliner models, my previous experience was as a kid filling the windows with a rapidly clouding mix of poorly fitted clear plastic inserts and over copious deposits of cement. If decals are used, what do you fill the windows with nowadays? I presume you then sand this flat before painting? Icarus.
  5. Hi. This is the (presumably quite old) Eduard unpainted PE kit specifically for the Monogram 1/48 Starfighter. I bought this a while ago second hand from an auction site - surprisingly, it is complete. There are multiple options within it, which I presume relate to the relevant sub-types, particularly in the cockpit. Icarus
  6. Thank you everyone. A credit to the Hasegawa kit, and the 2nd hand section of my favourite model shop. I tend to use the latter as a source a models beyond my usual "WW2/post War 1/48 and 1/72 aircraft" comfort zone. This TriStar has really shown me that airliners are fun - relatively simple to make but with striking and colourful end results. Based on how much fun this was, I've just gone out and got the ICM 1/144 Ilyushin Il-62, which looks like it will be magnificent in the Aeroflot "Olympic commemorative" scheme. Anyway, back to my usual scale and model type with the 1/48 Starfighter build for this Lockheed Group Build. Icarus
  7. Good evening. A bit more progress on this. The cockpit is coming along. I have just placed the ejector seat in it to check the fit. I have also spent the evening glueing various PE in with white glue.. A "team photo" of the bits... Still need to bend down the PE that is surrounding the cockpit sills (plus straighten that grill at the rear that I have just noticed is a bit wonky - that's why I use white glue!!) Icarus
  8. Right, well whilst I was working on the Tristar in the GB I used some of the intervening time to start on this. Lovely resin bang seat (Eduard Zoom) painted up and weathered... Have just realised I need to paint the foot restraining pads red as well, so will do this before cutting this off its resin casting block. I intend to finish the kit with the canopy closed (unusual for me, but I just love the "Buck Rogers" shape of the closed up air frame and want to retain this), so beyond the seat I don't plan to add too much detail in the cockpit. Icarus
  9. So, actually it is now complete. As you might be able to make out, I didn't quite get the white glue filling of the windows on the port side correct (added decals THEN had to try and add some further filling) but learnt from my mistake on the starboard side and this turned out much better. The old decals on the port side also broke up a bit, so I had to use n old 1/72 Hawk decal from the spares box. This seems to have turned out fine. I'll get some better photos for the final gallery, but must say I'm pleased with this. Well done Hasegawa! Now on to the Italian Tiger Meet Stafighter for this Group Build... Icarus
  10. Afternoon. Just getting going with this one. Photos from a couple of nights ago - filling in the windows with white glue, etc. And yes, that is more like an artist's pallet than a cutting mat, but that's how I like it! Now that my nephews have stopped running around the garden with this as part of the !Air Force", I should get a bit more progress tonight. It is actually a pretty simple build, and given the plastic is by Hasegawa there are few fit issues. Icarus
  11. Hi Everyone. A second contribution to this Group Build if I may? Icarus
  12. Good morning. Would like to offer up this as specimen #1. Having almost finished a commision build of the Alcock and Brown Phantom with auto-destruct 1980's vintage decals, the 1993 decal fest that this will entail should be a breeze... Icarus
  13. OK - all finished last night, but due to a complete IT meltdown can only upload piccies today. This is work on the base, then some completion pictures plus on with the Cat "in-situ" on its base.. https://photos.app.goo.gl/sDWspxZyKojp3HPV9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/4VHgzqKtoLuDypQW7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/E2zS8erQ56X8BpiE8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/7eohuMuDxfqiLk7J9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/mFbS8wzWq81MXorz6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/ST5K2TCMGUUQoQ948 I've enjoyed this one! Icarus
  14. OK. Slow progress with this one, but getting there now. The Catalina is fully painted and I've added initial oil-based weathering. I will probably add some more around the exhausts with pastels. I am also midway through removing the canopy and window masks. Still need to add the chin turret, the aerials, windscreen wipers and the depth charges, but some of these will be done right at the end to reduce the risk of damage. I am looking to mount this in a water diorama - this is the initial work on this: And yes - next steps are to paint this a good murky English sea colour, then add filer resin and put the completed Catalina in it whilst it dries. Icarus
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