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  1. Hi all. Will be contributing this "oldie but goodie" As you can see, there are a fair number of extras to add. I will use the "front office" bits of the Eduard F-105G PE sheet. The decals look a bit faded but should be ok. I have spent a while trying to decide which of the two colour schemes to do. The "Ohio Express" version was my initial choice, as I did my surgical residency in The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, and that job was very much "Ohio Express". However, in the end the WW2 era kills eventually swayed me towards "Arkansas Traveler". Mind you, I haven't yet had a chance to start the Helicopter GB Wessex due to clinical commitments. Ever the optimist.... Thank you for looking! Icarus
  2. So here is the colour scheme in a bit more detail... Icarus
  3. Hi. I would like to bring this yellow and blue stalwart to the party... Top right image on box lid (a bit out of focus)... Icarus
  4. Kit: Revell (née Special Hobby) Supermarine Seafire F Mk. XV Aircraft: No. 606 NAS, HMS Glory, British Pacific Fleet, Sept 1946 Build details: OOB apart from aftermarket Sutton Harness Vallejo and Xtracolor paints airbrushed over Alclad II Weathering by combination of artists pastels and thinned oil paints, with Maskol sponge masking and then removal over Alclad where there is significant wear. Icarus
  5. OK - this is now done. As I said yesterday well done Revell/Special Hobby - what a lovely kit. Thank you for looking - will post photo ensemble in the Gallery later. Icarus
  6. OK, much further on with this now. I have to say this is a lovely kit - well done Revell (Special Hobby!). Just a bit more work to do here - unmasking the canopy, mounting it open, opening the access door (and possibly adding the two main wheels!). Will update later when done, then add to the Gallery. Those nice people at Eduard have replaced the missing canopy for the second 1/144 Mk IX in the dual combo, so that may be the next build (although I am also thinking of building something for the truly evocative "Journey's End GB that I see has started). Thanks for looking, Icarus
  7. Subject: Supermarine Spitfire LFMk.IXc – MJ250, No. 601 Sqn, Italy, Summer 1944 Model: Eduard 1/144th Spitfire Mk.IX Dual Combo (second one coming when those lovely people at Eduard send me the missing second canopy) Paint: Tamiya Gloss Aluminium laquer, Tamiya acrylics Extras: none (apart from a somewhat superfluous gloss varnish that my 4-year old daughter insisted on adding!) What a fun kit! Icarus
  8. OK, got the cockpit built up, then forgot to take any piccies before closing up the fuselage. so this is where we are this morning. I have resisted the urge to add new bits (apart from a spare Eduard PE Sutton harness), and have even gone with the kit decal for the instrument panel. This hasn't worked out too bad. I haven't done any weathering yet - I want to make this "nearly new", so just am just planning a bit of scuffing at the wing root, and a moderate oil pin wash including in the cockpit. I hesitate to reignite the great FAA colour scheme debate that I see rumbling on online, but have tried to look up what colours would approximate best to EDSG and Slate Grey. Given there are as many different opinions as there paint manufacturers, and with the vagaries of weathering etc, I have decided to go with what I have - Xtracolor Sky and EDSG, and Vallejo Dark Slate Grey. They are bound to be correct by some reference photo, plus they have the advantage of being easy to spray. I also think that as this is a nearly new a/c, they probably reflect the original colours before sun bleaching, but time will tell! Thank you for looking and commenting, Icarus
  9. Right - thank you for the info Dennis - I am now able to display my Google images. Really helpful. Having finished the little 1/144 601 Sqn Mk IX elsewhere in this Group Build, I can now focus on this lovely kit. Initial cockpit build should be done by tonight. Icarus.
  10. OK, so I am now calling this one complete. I will take some better photos this evening with the flash and post them in the gallery. This is the first Eduard 1/144th model I have made , and I have to say they are impressive. They even include (tiny) pre-cut canopy masks - a real test for the eyesight, but incredibly helpful. I did want to start the second model in this dual combo, but sadly the second canopy is missing from the package. Quick email sent to Eduard - hopefully that should replace this as soon as possible, so I can do another of these fun little gems. Thank you for looking and commenting. Icarus
  11. So, decals now on this. I have only placed the canopy on at the moment, as I still need to spray on the unifying satin varnish. (and yes, I still need to reattach the radio mast!) Icarus
  12. Painting nearly finished on this tiny little Spitfire. Will add decals tomorrow, before varnishing then adding canopy. (Yes, the radio mast is missing - I knocked it off. Will reattach at the end of the build, although realistically10 mins in #1 son's possession should ensure that all extraneous bits are lost anyway so not quite sure why I'm bothering) Icarus
  13. So, unsurprisingly, this is coming along fast. It is really is a tiny little model. After priming, coated with some thin coats of Tamiya Gloss Al. Just a bit more filling and re-sanding around the fin, then final paint coats and decals. As this is then going to #1 son's "Air Force" I don't see any point in having lowered u/c, as they would inevitably be lost in action pretty quickly. Tempted to do the second 1/144 Mk IX in this due combo for #2 son as well. Icarus
  14. Icarus

    Phantom FG1

    I agree with Alan. This does seem to be a disproportionate amount of remedial work for a modern kit. I was also planning on making the zapped FG1 - I am now forewarned. Icarus
  15. I definitely have them, so will dig them up and scan them when I get home. (Slightly distracted by the arrival of newly arrived offspring #4 here in hospital at the moment. Another daughter, so I’m expecting yet more unicorn/princess competition to my funny little hobby amongst the dynasty!) Icarus
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