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  1. Also comes in aluminium... Apparently... After multiple rounds of filling, and sanding, and filling, and sanding, finally ready for priming! Icarus
  2. OK - well my browser on my work computer doesn't support Flickr, so we're stuck with temporary ooogle links I'm afraid... Unless someone has a better idea? Icarus
  3. So, there is no logic to this. I will keep on generating a shared album with URLs, and also a separate link, and have a think... Thank you Kushan - these were the original kit parts. In a previous career I was a surgeon, so have some loupes that helped me see what I'm painting. Icarus
  4. Thank you Al - clearly there has been some sort of update with our friends from ooooogle, as this has never been an issue before. I have moved the images above to a shared album, then updated the URLs. Hopefully this will now work - it does so on my phone... Icarus
  5. So the image issues continue. No idea why - have done nothing different in this thread compared to the others. Anyway, have now attached the cockpit into the base of the cockpit. A trial fit with the rest of the fuselage has proved...interesting. I have therefore nor glued the ejection capsule in - I anticipate some "fettling" going on later, so wanted to incorporate maximum "wiggle room". Note the wonderful detail in the wheel well - truly an "oldie but goody" kit.... https://photos.app.goo.gl/Xj1scx1LNTZqPGxS8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/gcKrRJU2wUaVbU4u9 Icarus
  6. Just been adding a Payne's Grey pin wash: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SWw1rmNoVCeE9TUo7 Icarus
  7. Ok - let's try this one: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNqQgmxO8wMcKZe-0499xNpzfWmz0RCx5IJrYhuk6ydJlk6UcYk9yOR7ibS-Lj_lA/photo/AF1QipMX3i3eewiwl2XMc9PLKylimE8U-gd9F2kIKSF_?key=cjF4b05fRWFVM18xWFdwYU5wTlFmMXE0cEwtT2h3
  8. This image issue is irking me. I can see the images on a (non-logged in iPad), but not on my phone. It seems others on the thread are seeing the cockpit images. Al - could you let me know if you can see the image via the link below?
  9. Thank you everyone - hopefully the previous image links above now work. Needed to "share" the images in oogle photos (which is something I've never had to do before on this forum..) Anyway, this kit truly is an "oldie but goodie" kit! See images of the painting, and eventual weathering, of the cockpit and escape capsule - wonderful moulded on detail for me to paint. I know most of this won't be particularly visible when complete, but at least I (and the commissioner!) will know it's there! And yes Gareth, I did use my old surgical loupes for this work! Icarus
  10. One of my favourite parts of making jet models is working with Alclads. This shows the detail associated with the exquisite resin nozzles. The flash has removed much of the colour, but this is a steel base, with a misting of burnt iron and pale burnt metal at the distal tips of the nozzle petals: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN6NT1tB_Ha6lEqDJIWnWFoOItjXk_Y92kl7fD4ffaUvgSPvu43N2SSbwp6SbYG5w?key=T3ZKREJ5aVMwS0FleDRrb2ZSNE9aaW52Z0xUdXJ3 With a light oil pin wash, this will come look great! Icarus
  11. Very odd - not sure what is happening with *oogle photos. Anyway, I will include a link below each picture. So, This is last night's engine nozzle prime: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOx_TTeY7YHfLwp-j7pxkJy1wx71tzb3lSxx-gl7AwduIA_45sHqMT0Cwvjr9gdlg/photo/AF1QipOAd35hYcuG6J8HEgy3jWivlHTOgM3HSBuiSqxC?key=czZQcmRVV0Z1RHBHWE5seFZIR29IT2JTc2djcFhn Icarus
  12. And one final one from me, that I forgot to post last night. That is a lot of engine! Just priming with Alclad primer, ready for some fun later on with various Alclad shades. Not obvious in this picture perhaps due to the primer colour, but the nozzle detail on the resin is exquisite! That is the exhaust nozzle from a 1/144 F-16A on the bottom right BTW, which is also on the production line. Icarus
  13. I think I will need a bigger workspace for this... Icarus
  14. Odd - I still see the image on my computer. Let's see if this works... https://photos.app.goo.gl/7mFfBovMjfZFtNkd6 Icarus
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