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  1. We’re about to trip just before the finish line again. Send all your mail votes, those who haven’t!
  2. Many thanks guys, that’s a nice selection of options to pursue. BTW, a correction, the cheapest option that was delivering here was not 80€ but 800€ (from amazon.de, books from amazon.com seldom can be delivered here. Here’s another:https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Peter-Grosz/dp/1891268058 ). It does look like a nice tome but that is a bit over my budget The Lohner book is reasonably priced though.
  3. Concur with everything said, but can add that I have the same experience also here in very dry conditions. The difference is quicker drying times I suppose (overnight). Even when I’ve been too lazy to use the polyurethane primer I seldom or never have paint lift. Which makes me consider the other end: how do you apply and remove the tape? I usually never press the tape on, just gently lay it down (only burr the very edges a bit to avoid bleeding) and gently remove by slowly pulling horisontally (never lifting). It might be that the Vallejo paints require a gentler tape approach tha
  4. One more in the Anything but Injection category. The subject, a two-seat military version of the Bleriot XI that was virtually omni-present in the world of aviation in the early 1910s. This particular one was a Serbian Bleriot, used in combat missions for most of 1915. The model is scratch built in 1/72 with its Gnome 80 hp engine from smallstuffmodels and decals from Blue rider.
  5. A Dual combo of Fokker-built D.VII:s is a very natural step before a Royal class edition, and allows you to build a D.VII and a D.VIIF. This box contains some extra goodies too (brassin range engines), that are otherwise usually found in the posher editions, so it’s sort of a middle way.
  6. January, see here for preliminary markings: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2021-01en.pdf
  7. A Dual combo boxing of Fokker-built Fokkers (including a VIIF) is in the pipeline.
  8. Thanks berman. I’ll be on the lookout, seems like a nice book, although the current going price of 80€ is a bit too steep so I’ll have to wait for a thumbed copy.
  9. Oh, what I nice Chrostmas present! I’ve been waoting for that Fokker. Edit: ”Christmas” even
  10. If you think this is something you will keep doing, do invest in a good compressor, preferably with a tank (that can be pumped up and your compressor won’t have to run continously while you work). Speaking as someone who bought a cheap Chinese copy: it worked fine for a couple of years, but I have now twice had to open it up and do repair/cleaning, and it will likely not last much longer. You will save both time and money in the long run by buying something good now.
  11. Induction stoves are standard issue here, you’ll struggle to find a (new) home without it nowadays. And for good reason, can’t recommend it enough. For cooking that is, annealing PE is difficult
  12. A long short, but has anyone come across drawings of a Lohner Type C, aka. Lohner B.II? I should like to build one, but have not found any drawings.
  13. Oh waily waily, the evil injection-moulded axis is voting out my favourite once again :
  14. Found a suitable propellor in the spares box, and the model is now drying in the cabinet after spraying a protective coat. And on armistice day no less. The air war was of course a tiny part of the ugly slaughter happening both on and off the battlefields in this theatre (Serbia had about a tenth of all Entente military casualties, and including civilian deaths they lost up to a quarter of their entire population), and the model may not much of a memorial but can at least serve as a reminder to those who ask. I should manage to get pics in the gallery before the due date.
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