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  1. Thanks Paul. The WNW instructions are in fact my only source right now. I did not know they applied the cloth on different directions on different machines. The sheet I had in mind is meant to save time with chord-wise application (with alternating dorection of the pattern), but will not do for length-wise then. Guess I should first decide which planes to build and proceed from there.
  2. Hello, I wanted to build a few Albatroses, some of which sport lozenge on the wings. If I have understood it correctly the relevant pattern would be 5-colour with pink or blue tapes. The only decals I’ve found are Aviattic’s, and I believe this is what I need: ”ATT72007 5 colour “lozenge” joined for upper and lower flying surfaces inc. interior reversed ” from https://www.aviattic.co.uk/172-lozenge-decals.html Am I doing the correct choice here? Also, does anyone know of a good resource? I’m thinking of buying the Windsock DV/DVa booklet.
  3. How fitting with an extension to May 17. Now please let’s have the second extension to June 6th.
  4. Ah, yes. I have built four types now. The Albatroses went together without complaints (but decals were atrocious), while the Pfalz was on par with the Camel, including the atrocious decals. Let’s not mention the D.VII. Didn’t know sea ducks were inedible, when their fresh water cousins are considered so wonderful and tender. I wouldn’t know though. I’m sentimental about ducks and don’t eat them. That would be a WNW kit for me - I have several but have left them in their pristine state, with a bit of sprue fondling now and then
  5. I find ducks too likeable to eat, so that recipe suits me fine - I’ll let the duck run and go straight for the brick though! Not sure how that metaphor translates to the Camel, but I have at least replaced the cabanes. I managed to loose half of them during painting, including the one with the little propellerdriven pump. I made a new, but I think thr propeller should sit further down, that will be fixed, and then painted in place. Unusually for Roden the cabane struts were way too thick anyhow - about double diameter than my replacement. That’s the current status. Wings on, guns on, wires attached. The landing gear *was* attached but we had a crash landing that tore it clean off. The list of necessary touch-ups is getting longer, but constant fiddling only creates more so all that will have to wait until everything is assembled. Those control horns on the wings will be cut off and replaced with beer can scrap after decals are on - I’ll never get them to conform around the horns. Not much else to do until the roundel decals arrive.
  6. I have one several occasions browsed and bought decals first only to find suitable kits afterwards. And apologies for mispelling your name in the other post, my fingers cover three keys on the phone keyboard!
  7. Yes, the Jasta 30 sheet for 1/32, that’s the one. I wish I built in that size, so I could motivate buying some of his fantastic sheets. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=2036
  8. Thanks, but still, I’d recommend any Great war plane in Roden’s 1/72 range - except this one, even though they put double sets of decals in my box (Though I’d buy more if Eduard hadn’t come out with an alternative)
  9. No, it is not. They suggest a yellow nose and dark earth body (and no ”shadow” under the tailplane - Roden has the same colour as the rest of the fuselage). I saw the coonflicting reports of orange and brown and choose a colour in between. Iirc I got the blue sections from a Pheon decal sheet supported by writing, but I have forgotten now.
  10. Yes, one reason I choose this paint-job was that I liked the brown-green combinations shown by WnW. I too treated myself to a WnW Camel recently, I’m sure it will feel huge compared to this thing - it’s indeed tiny. Due to corona they couldn’t deliver to Norway though, so it’s not here yet. Still, I can’t get myself into beginning to build the WnW kits I do have home - so far I’ve only been using their instructions to build 1/72 models. — Ted, though I appreciate the scale-flattery, it should better be directed to Barracuda with their chairs Edit: I forgot why I came here to post! I have hopefully solved the decal problem by ordering the Balloon-busting sheet of printscale, containing cockades for not only a camel but also an SE5, in addition to decals for USAS Spads, which I have wanted to build for a while. Of course, I have no SPADs so I had to add one of those too. It has its bright sides, getting into decal issues.
  11. That combo kit went for around 220 GBP on Hannants a few weeks ago IIRC. Eduard is having a sale, so I’m picking up some D.VII - hannants sold out already
  12. I mixed Vallejo metallic silver or aluminum with a light grey. Not sure how the real thing would have looked - I based it how replicas appear. Here’s a clean example, and the silver-grey can be compared with the shiny cowl (pure Vallejo metallic silver/aluminium). I don’t remember if it was silver or alu, but they’re almost identical anyway.
  13. I just had a look at the other Roden kits I purchased along with this. Two more Camels, an SE5 and a Brisfit - all have decals widely out of register and badly printed too It’s really a shame, their selections of different markings are great, I wish they could send it to a good printer firm rather than printing themselves. I’d gladly pay a bit extra, like this it gets quite expensive to replace them all.
  14. Decals on. In a fashion. They are unfortunately the worst I’ve tried, out of register, brittle, do not stuck. I did manage to get the lattice and code in place. For anyone doing the same: note that the instructions have swapped the port and starboard decal numbers and that although the top lattice (comes in 3 - port starboard and decking, no lattice on the underside) has one X too much, it fits good after the front X is cut away. Don’t even try the rudder tricolour - paint it! Still some cleaning and infills to do. The cockades can’t be used, so I’m now searching for aftermarket decals. I have two more Roden Camels which also will need decals. A shame for otherwise wonderful kits.
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