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  1. Congrats Heard any word about selling to overseas customers? As implied in the facebook post.
  2. I’ve ordered directly from Blue rider: reasonable postage and nicely packed. Not sure if they have the specific sheets though.
  3. Sorry, I missed this post! PM incoming. Came back to share the following: I’m monitoring this book, I think this is a new record: At least the postage is cheap.
  4. I have built two of these, Microsol worked fine for me.
  5. Can we be sure it’s flying from left to right? Maybe it’s a canard contraption. Is it possible the picture is pre-war?
  6. Thank you dov for the excellent pictures. I have a WnW kit and I shall save your photos for the rainy day I pick it up.
  7. They have disappered from Big H Any chance of a reprint I wonder? These are fabulous.
  8. Neat, I ordered the Swedish one. If they’d do a Thulin sheet I’d be even happier
  9. Only French, it appears (see the ”realease plans” thread and open the leaflet - the Ni is on page 99 of 100..
  10. Meh, they are either so small that naked ladies are not interesting or they already know or know how to figure it out without asking dad. My little son built a kit with one pinup option, but he told me it was disgusting (”a mama’s bare bum” I think his choice of words was) and went for the other option. I think I built Airfix’s A bit o lace 30 years ago and I had no idea why anyone would paint a naked girl on his plan.
  11. English version is up: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2021/info-eduard-2021-01en-j9z.pdf Would have liked to see a new biplane tooling in 1/72, but I’ll probably fall for the Udet combo, and a Fokker Fokker pack is already in the hands of the Royal Mail.
  12. It is quite evident Armahobby is following the market anf trying to fill gaps. Good thinking.
  13. I concur. Though Vallejo Aged White works fine as CDL, with added hues of yellow if one feels is in that mood.
  14. In 1919 the Swedish army air force purchased, as well as acquired license to build, Phönix fighters and two-seat recon aircraft. The latter, the Phönix C.I, was quickly dubbed ”Dronten” (the Dodo) by the Swedes and although the official name was E 1 (E for escort - later also attack and training versions A 1, Ö 4 and Ö 5 appeared) the Dodo was the name the type got. The name came from its appearance - in fact it was well-liked and known to be easy to fly. A bit more on the history of the type in Swedish service can be found here: https://www.avrosys.nu/aircraft/Flygkomp/019_dront/19Dront
  15. The Thulin Type D, a license-produced MS type L with some modifications, is quoted as 6.54 m and wingspan 11.0 m, so if you happen to see those particular numbers it might be from there.
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