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Found 34 results

  1. Hi guys, A while ago I bought a second-hand kit online an was surprised to see this kit in the box too, the guy wanted to get rid of it I think. I too was not really interested in it, I thought it was best to throw it in the bin. But after a while I thought maybe it's nice to use it a weekend project(which became weeks off course..). Except for the decals it is straight OOB, the kit decal were the worst I've ever seen, I used a set from Expert choice. Which were also given for free from a fellow modeller from the US. Hope you like it, not a masterpiece but just a fuss-free build of this important Cold war jet. Erik
  2. Let's make this into an RNAS airplane. There are some differences between the Hobbycraft "Aces" kits and the old Hobbycraft camel kits. The Le Rhone and Clerget Aces boxings are different molds with better detail. I have a few other things to add as well, a Copper State Clerget engine, a Barracuda wicker seat, and some extra bits from a Wingnut Wings kit. I'll use some kit decals as well as extras from the WNW kit to do one of these: or maybe this: I do love the stripes but am leaning towards the one with the poster glazed on the tail, how cool is it that they pasted a big goofy picture of their favourite comedian to the airplane. Would it be too much to make it a what-if scheme with stripes and the poster? Here's a closer look at the parts I'll be replacing with Wingnut extras. Hobbycraft parts at the top.
  3. I am hope someone here can answer this for me. Regarding the canopy in the 1/72 F-86 Sabre kit by Academy. It looks like when they took over the molds from Hobbycraft, Academy changed the canopy, adding detail that Hobbycraft had not. Is the Academy canopy correct for an RCAF Sabre? or would one stick with the Hobbycraft version? Is Academy's canopy type specific to an USAF F-86? or would other Nations have the same layout?
  4. Vertol Hkp 4B 1 Helicopter Division, Swedish Navy, 1986 If anyone reading this was at the 1986 Middle Wallop air show, as I was, I’m sure you will remember these Swedish helicopters as stars of the show and rare beasts indeed in the UK. It sometimes takes a while for all the elements to come together to built a model and for me it was the recent availability of the Swedish camo colours from Hataka that completed the set. I have had the ‘Flying Colours / Aerodecals’ sheet for a long long time, kept in the equally old Hobbycraft Vertol 107 kit box waiting to go. If you like masking, then this is the model for you. If you don’t, sheer perseverance will get you there in the end – or at least that’s how it was for me. I thought the rotor blade camo might be the easy bit, but having to do it all 6 times extended the timescale beyond what I wanted – you can only do so much masking at a time. The Hataka paints airbrushed beautifully and I would recommend them. Next time though I think I would spray the two greens and hand brush the brown and black to keep masking to a reasonable level.
  5. Hello everyone... This is fresh from the Lockheed Group Build. It is a 1/48 F-94B representing an plane operated by NACA the predecessor to NASA. It is based on a photo of an F-94B based at the Lewis Research center in Cleveland Ohio 1958. It is F-94B 51-5329 used by NACA to record and study sonic booms and jet noise over populated areas. Please feel free to ask questions, comment, or pass on your thoughts ? Dennis
  6. This is the old 1/48 Hobbycraft kit. A model that's at least 10 years old now. It’s pretty much an OOB build, although I did detail the cockpit a little, and I added some doo-dads to detail the landing gear and bays. I used a vac-canopy from Squadron, the dark gray is Humbrol, the Sky type -S is ModelMaster enamel. The stripes were done in MM acrylic flat-white and a custom-mixed dark gray with Humbrol. Cannons are hypo tubing inside brass tube. Decals are the AeroMaster “Sea Fury Pt. 1” 48-702 set. I had a lot of trouble with the canopy; I had a hard time fitting it, and after it was finally attached I saw a lot of crap inside the canopy and a nice big glue smear-inside too of course. Oh well, I was really tired of fighting this one at that point and let it go as it was. All in all, it turned out as another pretty fair “four footer”. At least I hope it looks good from 4 feet away. The model represents Lt. Peter "Hoagy" Carmichael's Sea Fury, of 802 Naval Air Squadron, flying from HMS Ocean. For years, he was credited with downing a MiG-15 on August 9, 1952. However, now it seems that the MiG was actually downed by his wingman, Sub Lt. Brian "Schmoo" Ellis. From the attached article: "In the four minutes of air combat, it was a MiG ‘kill’ and two or three damaged, probably beyond repair. It became a cause célèbre in the Fleet Air Arm. Many Sea Fury pilots were disappointed for Schmoo Ellis, who kept his own counsel on the matter even when flight leader Carmichael was awarded the victory." So, with that said, here’s Lt. Peter Carmichael’s MiG Killer Sea Fury, at an unlikely stop in central Texas. Hey, thanks for taking time to look her over and please leave a comment! https://www.aerosociety.com/news/sea-fury-vs-mig-15-the-true-story/
  7. Hello this is my entry for this build. The Hobbycraft F-94A Starfire. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hobbycraft-hc1597-f-94a-jet-night-fighter--205576# I haven't decide which markings yet but am liking a few options. I will post sprue shots later, however i included a link to the Scale-mates listing for the kit. A few of the front runners are the 4th FIS. The 56th FIG, 61st FIS With these shark-mouthed aircraft. And last up is a Civilian aircraft operated by NACA the forerunner of NASA. Questions, comments, or jokes please ? Dennis
  8. To accompany the Mexican P-47, my dad also builds a shiny Mexican Vampire, using the old Hobbycraft kit, decals partly will come from the kit (if they still work) and from Aztec. DSC_0010 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0011 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  9. Hi, The other day I was wondering why in the recent past I have had so much trouble obtaining a 1/72 kit of the venerable Caribou (which also, coincidentally, happens to be my favourite transport aircraft). As far as I'm aware only Hobbycraft from Canada has ever brought one out to relatively modern standards, but it seemingly disappeared years ago. Any thoughts among fellow Caribou enthusiasts on what the chances are of this kit returning to shop's shelves? Also, does anyone know what happened to the molds for this model kit? Jay Pic by Bidgee
  10. As a sort of practise for future kits, I've had a go at couple of long-term loft residents. Firstly a Fujimi Bf109G-6. Quite a nice little kit. I have no idea on its acuracy but it looks OK to me. Finished in Vallejo RLM 74, 75 and 76. I'm not sure that the contrast between the two upper surface colours is strong enough. My attempt at mottling is still a bit heavy handed. 1. 2. 3. 4. Next is a Hobbycraft Bf109G-14 finished in Vallejo RLM 76, 81 and 82 (or is it 83?). Another decent little kit that goes together quickly and easily. Again my mottling didn't turn out quite as I wanted but like Father Ted's car, the more I messed with it , the worse it got. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  11. Hi folks. Here I present my last aircraft model of 2018, an F-86E Sabre 'RUTH I' No. 2 "Flying Cheetah" Squadron of the SAAF, Korea. The donor kit is from Hobbycraft and the wings back-dated to pre- 6-3 wing with the customary filling and sanding. Tank pylons moved inboard to the correct position. Humbrol Metalcote Enamel paints were used for the NMF, albeit something like Alclad might have been better but I had started with the Humbrol and for consistency, I stuck with Humbrol. The model was 'Kleared' before a mixture of the generic kit decals were applied followed by RUTH I decals from Micro Scale and recoated with Klear. The 'Trio from Korea' 5 of ??? Thanks for looking. Merry Christmas to you all. Stuart
  12. One I finished a while back but never bothered posting, the Hobbycraft Bearcat in 1/48. I modified the cowling profile a little, added some detail to the wheel bay and used Microscale decals. Fun kit, so good I went and bought two more afterwards! Thanks for looking! Chris
  13. Hi all. I've been given this old kit wich, needless to say, it's not up to today's standards. Anyway, there's something around those old Hobbycraft kits that make me like them, surely fond memories from long ago, when I used o get them at a local hobby shop, long gone now. I'd like to build it using the kit decals, but don't know nothing about their accuracy. Seen some colour profiles online, but as a matter of fact, I don't use to trust them, unless a picture confirms me they're OK.... According to my info, this was a Hurricane MkIIb, deployed with USSR 609IAP, and piloted by Lt Ivan Babanin. It was exRAF BM959, and sported these colours during April, 1942. So now the question... was it a standard Mk.IIb, with eight guns wing, or was it one of the russian modified subjects..???? TIA and best regards....
  14. Despite being a very old (and not so accurate kit), I decided to give it a chance, after years collecting dust in my stash.....Just corrected some issues, but otherwise, mostly OOB, even down to the decals, wich, to my surprise, worked fine. Painted with Humbrol enamels, and slightly weathered with pastel chalks. Hope you'll like it. Please, fell free to leave any comment, advice, criticism, whatever..... IMGP0019 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0018 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0016 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0015 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr
  15. Here are some photos of what I consider the joy of my current collection, Hobbycraft´s A-4B Skyhawk. This is my only post-WW2 jet. It was an easy build, I almost ruin it because I trimmed the nose landing gear, not thinking about the nose up stand the aircraft should have. I also managed to lose the pitot tube while handling it, so I replaced it with a bent staple glued with CA. The model was brushpainted with Revell colours 46, 40 and 65.
  16. Besides the Austrian S-65 my dad will start another rare sight in the modelling world, an Austrian Beaver. Six aircraft were in service from 1960 to 1976. Gonna use the one and only 1/48 Beaver kit there is from Hobbycraft together with once again decals from fellow Austrian modeller Daniel Brenter https://www.brent-air-decals.at/ DSC_0001 by Reinhard Spreitzhofer, auf Flickr
  17. Hi All! Given the excitement generated by the new Airfix Sea Fury I decided to drag my old Hobbycraft kit off the shelf and give it a bit of TLC. The original model used white metal gear and prop plus a vac canopy so these were reused for the rebuild. The fun part was reattaching the previously folded wings and rescribing the hinge lines... I used xtradecals and vallejo paints finished off with Winsor and Newton Satin varnish. I have attached a pic of the model as it was originally as a comparison. This should satisfy my Sea Fury cravings until I can build my Airfix and AMG kits. Hope you like it! Chris
  18. My first new-build model of the year is the Hobbycraft P-40F kit built as a P-40L the crashed during the Anzio invasion due to sabotage and is now displayed in the museum at Piana del Orme in Latina, Italy. These markings interested me due to the non-standard insignia, old code repaints and errors (see the right-side fin-flash). I used Eduard seatbelts, resin wheels, Squadron canopy, Vallejo paints and Sky Models decals to finish this model. Thanks for looking, Chris
  19. The latest - and last addition to my collection of 1/72 scale F-89 Scorpions - the Hobbycraft kit of the F-89H..... I wanted to show the GAR-1 Falcon missiles both retracted and extended - so I did the port pod with them deployed ready for firing, and the starboard side all closed up. I know they wouldn't be like that in real life - they are deployed symetrically on each side - but I am claiming 'artistic licence' - it is on display at an airshow and the extending mechanism has be overridden by the display crew. The 'clean' starboard pod for comparison - note the apertures for the FFAR rockets in the nose of the pod. Closer view of the port pod - the Flacon missiles are dummies - hence the light blue colour. I could not get the US Star-and-bar to sit centrally inside the silver outline decal - either the star lined up - or the bars did - but not both! I had to cut the kit decals to go round the missile bays. Each pod could carry 3 X GAR-1 Falcon missiles - plus 21 X FFAR rockets. F-89H Scorpion of the 437th FIS, Presque Isle AFB circa 1958. Scorpion - ready to strike! My complete Scorpion collection. Ken
  20. The old Hobbycraft Avia makes into a decent model, even if it's starting to get a bit old. I added the SC 50 bomb rack with bombs out of another model as the kit gives you a drop tank, which is inaccurate. I also replaced the 20mm barrels with those from a Hasegawa Bf 109, as the kit supplied ones were far too thick. Decals came from Aeromaster, as I've had previous negative experiences with Hobbycraft decals, however, the fuselage band and the fin flash decals were not even close to fitting, so these were masked and painted. It really is time for a new mold 1/48 Avia.
  21. Want to show some of my Vampire refurbishing project: This is an old Hobbycraft Vampire kit with all its know errors I never finished. Found it in the attic some time ago and decided not to throw it away (yet) so I tried to correct the dihedral/ anhedral issue, and hope to improve the front canopy- fuselage transition. some pics: the canopy itself will be a big challenge though...... Thanks for looking and any kind of comment!!
  22. This is my first build thread on Britmodeller and I will apologise in advance if the images don't show. This is not the first Do 17E from Hobbycraft I have built. The first was a failure, sloping engines, no undercarriage and paint that peeled. The second never got finished. I tried using vacuum canopies from Squadron. The resulting mess ended up being dumped in the bin. This is the third attempt and was started before I joined Britmodeller. The photos show progress to date. The fuselage has been straightened to cure the banana shape of the kit. There is an 8 swg steel spine fitted into my model making absolutely sure the fuselage is straight and in the photos you can see the 10 swg spar I fitted to make sure the wings are straight. (It's also a good way to straighten the droop on the Revell Ta 154) The later version of the kit had instructions stating the nacelles should be mounted 1" in from the root to the inner face of the nacelle. The early versions of the kit had no such instruction and left it to the builder. The nacelles are moulded to suit the 1" measurement. Unfortunately it's wrong. The instruction's figure should be 0.81", or 29.5mm to the nacelle centre line. The problem is that when nacelles are moved, they no longer fit and when the do fit on the wing the engines have a down thrust of 10°. The pictures therefore show the cutting and filling needed to get the nacelles to look something like. I have also cut out the lower wing to make a wheel well. The interior of the wells are fictitious.When they were done I did not have any images or drawings to show what it should be like. They were a pain to do so I am leaving them alone. The front fuselage was cut off so the I could get to the interior. I originally cut the front away, planning to use the Squadron vacuum ones. Again I found them ill fitting and too difficult. It is easier to cut and sand the kit ones to shape. Image showing upper fuselage with 6 swg wing straightener. Image showing nacelles fitted before the wing was cut out. At top is the front of the upper fuselage after being cut from the kit part. After the cut outs and the fictitious nacelle interior Image showing correct tail The kit nose glazing fitted ready for interior. Bottom was sanded down and new windows polished in. The show the kit canopy with the side window cut out and new clear parts glued in. These are needed because the kit canopy doesn't have enough depth. Once its dried I will put the framing back. That's it so far. Other kit on build is a Revell 1/32 Me 262B. This is another previous failure. This time the fuselage has had a 5mm insert fitted in the bottom of the fuselage and wing centre section which seems manages to put everything back in line.
  23. Hi all, I finally gathered the courage and decided I'd join the group build. Common sense prevailed and I stuck with a project that would not take up too much space. Namely, I'm going to clean my stash of all remaining Hobbycraft I-16s. I made a few of these in my youth, unfortunately they were dumped in the bin by Mother dear after I left home . Only one survives and that's because it was being refurbished. Unnecessary bits from the Eduard and Ark kits ought to simplify things and improve accuracy. Unfortunately it seems I'm already off to a rocky start and today's work will be mostly undoing the damage I've done yesterday. The first specimen is meant to be a Type 5 and has had some work done on it, well below the 25% threshold I'd say: (In the background you can see the lone survivor, but it will not enter this GB). Reinforcements from the rear: the Eduard type 29 does not need these. I still need to raid the Ark kit for any piece it can shed. Now for my own embarrassment:undersurfaces from the other kit which I mean to build as a rocket-armed Type 24. I must have been modelling DUI because I thought at first that I could move the entire exhaust area to its correct location and only later I saw the folly of my actions. So I blanked the existing exhaustes and drilled holes in the new wrong position! I have plugged the holes with stretched sprue, now I'm left with the reinforcement and rescribing of the port side. In short I made a dog's meal of the piece. I'd like to say things can only improve from here, but I know myself...
  24. Academy has just re-boxed as limited edition the Hobbycraft 1/48th Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 kit - ref. 12314 Source: http://www.academy.co.kr/6q/board_news_main.asp?pMenuId=BOARD00012&pCode=9486 V.P.
  25. I just ran out of time to complete this one within the Hurricane GB, so here's my take on the famous 242 Squadron Hurricane Mk.IIc that was based on Malta from late 1941 to early 1942. Usually this aircraft is modelled in Desert colours but I think that's a red herring. One or two early Hurricane Mk.I arrivals were in DE/MS and the aircraft flown out from Egypt by 229 Squadron in March 1942 were in full Desert trim. Apart from that, almost every Hurricane on the Island was in Temperate Land Scheme, including BE402. Here is the original aircraft after its famous nose-over moment in November 1941: And here's mine: The kit is the Hobbycraft 1/48 Mk.II, which is a mildly reworked Airfix (old tool) Mk.I. The reworking is so mild that the tail wheel provided is the same simple Mk.I affair, but CanadaMoe, who sold me the kit, added in a Hasegawa Mk.II tail wheel assembly that fits like a glove. Paint is all Tamiya acrylics applied with a brush, as I was feeling nostalgic when I started. From my youth I always remembered Tamiya paints being the best in the business but actually these were like trying to paint using the sort of white glue favoured by primary schools the length of the country. That doesn't excuse the handiwork, however. The spent case and link chutes were drawn on with a marker pen. The weathering is rather heavy but then it looks pretty grim under the wings of the real aircraft. My weathering was looking quite nice until I tried to add the light 100-octane smudges. They're a bit rough. The decals are Rafdecals. The code letters are slightly over-scale. Also they tended to shatter on contact with water, requiring a pair of very thick Airfix upper wing roundels, an Airfix central red dot on the starboard lower wing (slightly different size/shade) and some hand-painted repairs to the starboard 'S'. Anyway, after all that she's done: my fourth and (for now at least) final 1/48 Malta-based Hurricane. Here she is on my home-made patch of Takali scrub alongside the Airfix PR Mk.I conversion that I built for the 2012 Malta GB. Many, many thanks to CanadaMoe for all the help in getting the bits together some four years ago. Hope it was worth waiting for!
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