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  1. Thanks! I used aluminium, dark aluminium, polished aluminium and for the exhaust area duraluminium. Erik
  2. Leading Edge Flaps Masked with Tamiya tape
  3. Well, a gloss black base and just spray away! AK extreme metal is fantastic stuff, it dries so fast that I masked other panels for different shades directly after spraying the first shade! It is really easy and forgiving stuff. Thanks for all the nice comments guys!!
  4. Me too Greg Law! Love those 50s aircraft! Thanks guys for the warm words! Erik
  5. Hello guys, here is my F-84G Thunderjet in Dutch colours. Except for the decals(from Dutch Decal), it was a completely OOB build. Sprayed with 4 shades of AK Extreme metal. And with it's successor; Erik
  6. Hi Guys, Here is my Kinetic NF-5A, a nice kit but it requires some tlc! And some extra work is required to make it more like a real NF-5A, since the NF differed a bit from the the standard F-5. The LEF's needed an extra "edge" at the widest part, the ECM knobs on the tail differed in height on each side(and are of a different shape), and the cockpit IP needed a so called "Roller map", a system attached to a Doppler radar which consisted of a paper map, and a couple of other small details were added. I chose to give it the so called "zebra" scheme which some of the NF-5's received in the middle eighties. Always liked this scheme so I needed a model of it! The tanks under the wings are in the initial camouflages colors and the centerline tank is in the definitive grey scheme. Decals are from Dutch Decal, seat is from Wolfpack and the wheels are from RESkit. Erik
  7. That is just great. Looks really good! Never knew Italian F-104s used the same chaff dispensers as some of the F-5As. Great work! Erik
  8. Nice!! As a Dutchman I like this very much off course. Excellent model, very well build! Erik
  9. Hi Terry, Yes the panel lines are a bit deep, especially on the fuselage halves. But to be honest I did not see the problem. Better a bit too deep rather than too shallow. Adding a panel line wash is much easier this way! What I find far more problematic of the Kinetic kit is the inlet. The kit part has an oval shape which is not correct. Luckily Quickboost offers a replacement inlet which I also have used. Colors used are; Humbrol 123 for the Extra dark sea grey. Xtracolor X1 for the Dark green. Xtracolor X9 for the PRU blue. Erik
  10. Well it looks quite impressive to me! Amazing job mate
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