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  1. Looking absolutely fantastic, great work. Erik
  2. Amazing job!! And I too was wondering how you did that camouflage, thanks for the tip!! Great work! Erik
  3. Looks great Bjorn, made two of them myself so I know what you went through. But besides the crudeness this is in fact a really nice kit to build. Yours looks great, camouflage is spot on. The extra detailing was worth the effort! Erik
  4. Very nice build of my favourite ww2 aircraft! And of course the RNEIAF. It's also nice that you chose a Dutch "E". The N is more common. The E's never, or very few, saw combat and were captured by the Japanese when they overrun Java island. Also only but 1 picture of a supposed ex-dutch RNEIAF P-40E is known to me, one without the engine too. Great work. Erik
  5. Amazing work Jos, and exquisite photography too. As we say in Dutch; "you have it in the fingers" Erik
  6. Very beautiful work! The Thunderjet is a sweet aircraft and your work sure looks the part Erik
  7. Amazing work overall! The natural metal finish is spot on. Really like this one Erik
  8. Everywhere I see it it looks amazing Jos! Really great work Erik
  9. Hi Gary, thanks for your nice comment I've used AK extreme metals paint, very easy to use stuff! Have used 3 tones, aluminium, dark aluminium and duralumin for the tail area. Thanks for the comments all!! Erik
  10. Hi guys, A while ago I bought a second-hand kit online an was surprised to see this kit in the box too, the guy wanted to get rid of it I think. I too was not really interested in it, I thought it was best to throw it in the bin. But after a while I thought maybe it's nice to use it a weekend project(which became weeks off course..). Except for the decals it is straight OOB, the kit decal were the worst I've ever seen, I used a set from Expert choice. Which were also given for free from a fellow modeller from the US. Hope you like it, not a masterpiece but j
  11. Nice and crisp build. Well done. Looks like a lovely kit. Erik
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