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  1. Nothing to criticise here! Looks great mate, beautiful Sabre! erik
  2. Recently completed the Eduard Tempest Mk.V series 2. A great kit however the AMS struck so I completed it with some aftermarket; PE flaps from Eduard, wheels, seat, radiator and exhausts from Barracuda studios. The squadron letters and serial are from Dutch Decal to represent the machine of Jan Linzel. This was a "Mayflyer" who managed to escape to the UK and flew with 33 squadron of the RAF. Approved by "Kitty" A fine cockpit OOB but not much can be seen when the fuselage is closed. Full WIP here; https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=14213&p=albums&album=66781 Thanks for watching Erik
  3. Great progress so far Jos! looking forward to the paint job. erik
  4. Fantastic result! If it was 1/48 I would have said looks like a 1/32 Schwalbe! Respect for your work! Erik
  5. Thanks for your comment Duncan! I have the Anton in the stash too and eager to build it. When choosing the NMF Spanish version there will be a lot of work to get the surface good enough for the metal paints.. Nothing fits like a glove on this kit. Erik Thanks Mike your too kind! Erik HI John, thank mate! No not exactly a shake and bake kit but I think it still is the best early 109 around. Maybe the new Ukranian/Russian kits are better but this one has a lot of very nice resin and low parts count. Don't know about the flaps! It just looks nice Erik
  6. Fantastic Schwalbe!! Looks great in natural metal and the putty! erik
  7. Yes I believe they moved to the training units when war really got off. Thanks for you comment! erik
  8. A colourful beauty! Great paintwork and a neat and tidy build. erik
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