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  1. Maybe this; Description of former aircraft hangar Introduction Former 'farm hangar', concrete skeleton from the period 1942-1945, placed in the open field, near the entrance of Volkel airbase, and remnant of a former AIRCRAFT HANGAR. Description The skeleton was constructed of reinforced concrete by the German occupying forces as an aircraft hangar at the currently existing Volkel airbase. Such hangars were camouflaged as farm buildings, but this covering has been removed entirely. The two heavy horizontal beams rest on four upward and downwardly rejuvenating posts, to which they are connected by a chamfer at the bottom. Material savings were achieved by locally thinning these transitions. The whole shows traces of formwork and is covered by slightly overhanging slabs. Appreciation The former aircraft hangar is of general importance. The structure has cultural-historical value because of the memory of the German occupation during the Second World War, it is a reminder of the development of the military airfield of Volkel and is also important for the typological development of the aircraft hangar. It has architectural-historical value as an example of camouflage architecture and as a benchmark in the technical development of the application of reinforced concrete for military purposes. In its state of disrepair, it is nevertheless a sound example of the gradual destruction, partly by human hand, of such a relic. The structure is rare as an example of German military concrete technology. Tags: public buildings,aircraft hangar,military depot,... Source: Cultural Heritage Agency - Licence CC-0 (1.0) https://rijksmonumenten.nl/monument/512985/voormalige-vliegtuighangar/uden/ Erik
  2. It's a great kit, only it's littered with rivets which is something a lot of people don't like since the 104 had smooth wings etc. There is a DACO set to correct this, which I'll do at 1 of my 104s, but I thinks it looks nice anyway. Erik
  3. A very fine study of a Intruder, excellent work there mate! Erik
  4. Nice! Looks like a Tamiya! Erik
  5. Looks great mate! Nice and tight, as we are used from you! Eirk
  6. A while ago I started 4 F-104 kits at the same time, this sounded like a good idea back then. Unfortunately I couldn't keep the mojo for this foursome and they were destined for the shelf of doom. They are all Hasegawa F-104 kits with one being the Eduard boxing. They are all machines of the Royal Netherlands air force, in two different camouflage schemes and three different roles. Two will be grey, the early 60's scheme and two in the final camouflage scheme. Two trainers, one reconnaissance and one air defence QRA machine. They are all supplemented with a mix of Eduard and True Details C2 seats, Master pitot tubes, Eduard wheels and wing rocket pylons on the grey dual, and for the grey QRA machine also Eduard rocket launcher and sidewinders. Also, the reconnaissance RF-104 is upgraded with the DACO F-104 set with the smooth wings and Orpheus pod. Also on all there is canopy tubing from DACO and CMK as well a opened para brake housing on two of them. The decals are a mix of Dutch Decal sheets and stencils sheets of the Dutch Starfighter foundation(DSF decals). The latter becoming a mojo killer for me as they are printed on one big decal sheet you have to cut out yourself and there are a lot of them! Also, they are designed for the camouflaged fighter bomber version so when building one for another role, in grey or a dual its quite a puzzle to place them right. Also for the dual there a lot of differences in the forward fuselage part of course so they have to be sourced elsewhere. Luckily someone from the DSF printed some for me. So this is were it ended a year ago; Luckily the mojo came back and I finally finished the first of the foursome! It's the grey dual from 322/323 squadron in the early 60's. This machine was the QRA trainer for the pilots of 322 and 323 squadron based at Leeuwarden AB. Hope you like it! Full build off the foursome can be seen HERE Erik
  7. A very fine Meteor! Well done Erik
  8. Looking great!! Made 2 of this beasties myself too so I know your pain! Erik
  9. Fantastic Jug, the weathering is perfect and it looks so good in Brazilian colours. Erik
  10. What a unique aircraft and very well build too! Looks like a flying crate. I also like the upside-down photo's, its just like he is in the air! Erik
  11. Hi Hans Robben, Thanks for your comment mate! You are absolutely right, when building this kit I learned it was painted in aluminium paint. See my topic on a Dutch forum; https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=125&t=54042&sid=344ed316a94cbb2472394f1e816cb505 But hey it’s just a model and it was a good practice in NMF. I know you are the man of accuracy. What’s your latest finished build? Erik
  12. And to add even more interest; This particular F-5 still can be found at Mitiga airport, well at least in 2006 when it was photographed; https://www.airliners.net/photo/Libya-Air-Force/Northrop-F-5A-Freedom-Fighter/1298750/L Also, when looking on Google Maps and zooming in on Mitiga airport this pops up; https://www.google.nl/maps/place/Tripoli,+Libië/@32.8988478,13.2960945,174m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x13a892c4c11c43d9:0x8d99d8947b5cec86!8m2!3d32.8872094!4d13.1913383 Looks like a F-5 to me! Erik
  13. Fantastic work! And nice to see a Herc in civil colours, suits it well I must say! Erik
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