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  1. Wow! Impressive detailing! Waiting for more updates!! Regards, Tato
  2. Lookin good! Really like what you are doing! All the effort has definitively paid off! Regards, Tato
  3. Hello guys! Welcome to my first in-progress topic! I will be building the old, but nice Revell (Monogram) F-4D Phantom in 1/48 scale. My kit is so worn out that I will be using some aftermarket goodies to replace some pieces and to add a little more detail. I will be using the following: - Aires F-4D Cockpit (for the Hasegawa kit) - True Details resin wheels - Steel Beach FOD Covers - Eduard resin exhausts - Master Model Pitot Tube, RAM Air Inlet and AOA Probe. - Hypersonic Stabilators First, the kit box:
  4. Hi Todders, Thank you very much for your words! I found that Acrylics are easy to work with, much more easy than Enamels (for me at least). The Skyraider was painted with Gunze Acrylics, but lately I've been experimenting more with Lacquers (MRP and Mr. Color). I've gotten even better results. Those are my main paints richt now. Those Monogram kits are lovely. Old by today standards, but they still look good when finished. I love them! Hi Nikola, Thank you for your feedback! And I 100% agree with you. Looks to uniform. I missed the opportunity
  5. Hello again everyone! This time I bring you the mighty Skyraider! This is a kit I finished in 2018, and was built with the idea of trying new techniques, tools and paints, to see how far my skills would go. It's the venerable, but still good Monogram kit. This are the things I did during the built: 1.- First time using Acrylics and Lacquer paints (long time enamel painter). 2.- I completely rescribed the kit. 3.- I modified the nose to be able to fit the cowling, engine, and lower chin from a dead Tamiya kit. (Monogram is undersized). 4.- Modify a little
  6. Thank you hurricane39 for your kind words! Hi Orion, Thank you very much! Glad you like it! Regards, Tato
  7. Hello Gary, Here are more photos of the build. Hope you like it! And with a younger friend
  8. Thank you Harry. Glad you like it! Thank you opus999. I struggle a little bit, but it turn out ok in the end.
  9. Thank you very much SAT69! Glad you like it! Hi Gary, Thank you for your very kind words. I remember perfectly the day you published your F-84! Your build is beautiful! In fact, it gave me some motivation to start another F-84, a Korean War version this time! Unfortunately, I don't have more photos of my F-84. My display case is in my parents house. I got married last year and now I live with my wife in a small apartment with only a small table for modeling. I do have some photos taken during the build, if you are interested. Thank
  10. Hello guys! First, a little introduction. I joined britmodeller a couple of years ago but I haven't been a very active member. I hope to change that as soon as possible! Second, this is the first time I show some of my work anywhere! I'm kind of a lone wolf as far as models are concerned, so, I'm a little nervous! There's lots of very talented people here! Well, the model is the very nice and beautiful Revell F-84E Thunderjet in 1/48 scale. Construction was very straightforward with minimal use of putty. The only problems I found were bad fit around the nos
  11. Thank you all for the help! Standar USAF color it is then! Regards, Tato
  12. Thank you Martin! That solves it for me! PM inbound! Thank you!
  13. Thank you all for the help! That's exactly the same reason why I'm confused. I was looking the Italeri kit (Kinetic) instructions and the color they call out is 34064. So now, it seems that it may have existed a different version of the TAC scheme? Also, anyone knows how is the customers service from italeri? I need a pair of fuel tanks. Regards, Tato
  14. Hello guys! I have some questions regarding the Hellenic Air Force F-84F. The TAC camo scheme applied on this aircraft have the same basic colors of the SEA camo? Or there were some variations? It would be correct to use FS 34102, FS 34079, FS 30219 and FS 36622? If not, what are the correct FS colors? Also, did the ejection seat of the F-84G differ to much compare to the one used in the F-84F? I want to use a resin ejection seat, but for the F there are only full resin cockpits available and I'm just looking for a simple fast build. Thank you for the help!
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