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  1. Thank you all for the help! Standar USAF color it is then! Regards, Tato
  2. Thank you Martin! That solves it for me! PM inbound! Thank you!
  3. Thank you all for the help! That's exactly the same reason why I'm confused. I was looking the Italeri kit (Kinetic) instructions and the color they call out is 34064. So now, it seems that it may have existed a different version of the TAC scheme? Also, anyone knows how is the customers service from italeri? I need a pair of fuel tanks. Regards, Tato
  4. Hello guys! I have some questions regarding the Hellenic Air Force F-84F. The TAC camo scheme applied on this aircraft have the same basic colors of the SEA camo? Or there were some variations? It would be correct to use FS 34102, FS 34079, FS 30219 and FS 36622? If not, what are the correct FS colors? Also, did the ejection seat of the F-84G differ to much compare to the one used in the F-84F? I want to use a resin ejection seat, but for the F there are only full resin cockpits available and I'm just looking for a simple fast build. Thank you for the help! Regards, Tato
  5. Hello guys! Thanks a lot for your answers and help! That's the kit I have. In fact I looked for the Black Box resin cockpit with no luck, so I finally end buying the Aires pit. We'll see how it goes. Thanks again for the help! Regards, Tato
  6. Thank you Whiskey for your help! But I'm pretty sure this is the original Monogram mould. Maybe you got confused with the British version of the Phantom? This one, I'm 100% sure that is a rebox of the Hasegawa kit. Regards, Tato
  7. Hello guys! Has anyone tried putting the Aires cockpit in a Monogram F-4 Phantom (1/48)? I have the Revell of Germany boxing of the F-4C/D and was wondering if this can be possible. The molds are worn out so I need to replace them. Thanks for the help! Regards, Tato
  8. Hi Paul, Does this helps? https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10036916/70/2 Regards, Tato
  9. Hi Michael, I built a few years ago the Italeri kit of the F-84 and I still have those instructions. Are you looking for the Bentwater's option that comes in the kit? Drop me a PM and I will look out for the instructions when I get home. Regards, Tato
  10. Tato

    Help with Flat Coat

    Hi James, I did try Gunze Aqueos, but I got far better results with Tamiya's XF-86. Maybe is a matter of giving more coats than the only one I was used to. Thank you for your help! Regards, Tato
  11. Tato

    Help with Flat Coat

    Thank you guys for the big help! Clarify things a lot! See you! Regards, Tato
  12. Tato

    Help with Flat Coat

    Hi Dennis, Thank you very much for your help! In fact I gave the model one more coat and I got a very nice flat coat, not dead flat, but similar. I even like it more this way! But you are right, it seems that the norm here is more than just one coat. Hi dnl42, Dullcoat was also my go to flat coat during my enamel times. Never failed and was a very nice dead flat coat. Never knew Model Master had a Lacquer Thinner for their flat coat as I was using their enamel thinner and it did wonders. I'm definitely going to buy some and try it. Thank you! Hi Duncan, Thank you for your help! What's the difference between the Mr Color you are using and the one mentioned above? Tato
  13. Tato

    Help with Flat Coat

    Hi Colin, Thank you very much for your help. I'm going to give it a look and see if it works! Regards, Tato
  14. Tato

    Help with Flat Coat

    Hello guys! I need your help. I recently start using acrylic paints (mainly Tamiya and Gunze) but I'm having problems with flat coats. I'm using Tamiya's XF-86 with their acrylic thinner, but I just can't get a dead flat coat. When I was using enamels, I used Model Masters Dullcoat Lacquer (with their enamel thinner) and it worked excellent, but I know that I can't use it over acrylics. Does anyone knows if they have a lacquer thinner and which one is it? I was looking in the internet but I'm a little confuse. Also, what do you guys use for flat coats? Thank you! Best regards, Tato
  15. Testing.... It works! Nice!
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