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  1. Hi Andrés, Thank you very much for your very detail answer! My method is pretty much the same as yours, but your tools are totally different (and way better) than mine. Your reescribing is exceptional! I wish I had your skills. Anyway, looking forward to your next update! Saludos Andrés! Tato
  2. Hi torqueofthedevil, What about some Fuerza Aerea de Chile (FACH) Invaders and C-47's? If you dont want single color paint schemes, you could do this: https://www.facebook.com/ALAS-de-CHILE-1421169751456833/photos/a.2043925132514622/2122465644660570 Or this one: https://www.pinterest.cl/pin/328410997804909179/ For the C-47, you can do one like this: https://www.facebook.com/489655044495157/photos/c-47d-charlota-chile-uno-de-los-conocidos-como-pantera-rosa/1554104618050189/ Or another one like this: https://aviationarthistory.com/douglas-c-47dc-3 I know that this one has silver/white roof, but at least has a lot of blue and international orange! Hope this helps! Best, Tato
  3. Impressive work Andrés! Really like what your are doing. What are your tools and methods for rescribing? Panel lines look perfect. Regards, Tato
  4. Hi RiotRolo, Thanks for your coment! Glad you like it! Hi Pete, Thank you! Indeed, in spite of it's age, it still a very nice kit and looks the part once built.
  5. Thanks dnl42! Glad you like it! Hi Harry, Thanks for your coment! Glad you also like it! Thanks Tony! Indeed, is a fantastic scheme for a Texan! Hands down my favourite! Thanks SAT69 for your coment! Glad you like it! Thanks all! Cheers, Tato
  6. Hi Guys! Let me present you my 1/48 Monogram T-6 Texan in Korean War livery. This is an old, old build. I build it with the purpose of trying some new techniques. First, I completely rescribed the kit and added some scrachtbuilt items inside the cockpit and engine. I also lowered the elevators for a more dynamic pose and end using some True Details resin wheels for a better look. It was painted with different Alclad metal colors and enamels for the rest. I also use some Eagle Strike decals to represent a bird during the Korean War. Nice decals, but the only problem I encountered with them is that the checkerboard was to short to fit the engine cowling, not been perfectly centered with the anti glare panel. I only noticed it when the model was already finished. O well, live and learn! It was my first try at weathering and I think I went a little heavy, but I can live with that, and despite all these years and new models, it still holds and important place in my display gabinet and is one of my favourites in my collection. Hope you like it! Cheers! Tato
  7. Hi Mike, thanks for your comment! Indeed a truly classic bird! So fifty-ish! Thank you Harry. Glad you like it!
  8. Wow! Superb Starfighter! Those blue sidewinders sure bring a nice contrast to the green! Tato
  9. Nice work! On my wanting list for a long time! Tato
  10. Nice build! By far my favourite Luftwaffe bomber from WWII. So elegant in desing! Great photos also! Cheers Tato
  11. Beautiful! Great work! Never built anything older than WWII, but I just don't know why in the last few months I have been having more and more interest in this era. Must be those beautiful WNW and Copper State Models. Must give them a try! Anyway, awesome work again! Cheers, Tato
  12. Thank you Jackson for your very kind comment. One justo got to love those Fifties jets! Thanks Russ, glad you like it! Cheers! Tato
  13. Hi Dric. Thanks for your kind words! Glad you like it! Hi SAT69, thanks for your comment. Indeed, it's a lovely plane. Hi Scott, thanks for commenting. For me, Greek early jets are among the most colorful and eyecatching! So many schemes to choose! Thanks Cariado! Glad you like it. Hi F-32, thanks! Hi Gary, thanks for your kind words! Thank you ForestFan! See you later! Regards, Tato
  14. I agree, the Hasegawa kit is way better! I just can't understand why Hasegawa doesn't keep those variants available all the time like de E/F or M models. The Skyhawk is a very popular subjet in all it's variants. Anyway, hope you find one! Cheers. Tato
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