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  1. I still have not got my August/September issue of SAMI either, even though a 'replacement' copy was supposed to have been posted on 11th October. So yesterday, I penned a suitably worded email, expressing my dismay of broken promises and assurances repeatedly, to MW of MA Publications Ltd. I did get a reply this morning, see below:- "Hi Kevin, Thank you for your email. I will have a copy sent by tracked post to you tomorrow. I am unsure what is happening currently but we are trying to find out behind the scenes. We want these problems resolved and magazines to arrive with out issue. Best regards Mark" So, hopefully a copy will arrive sometime next week. I have emailed MW in reply and have asked him to supply the tracking number once he has sent it by tracked post so I can check its progress, or not....
  2. Like others, I have been misled by MA Publications over a period of four months now, with various reasons, excuses for delay, printing problems, posting issues, Now to announce that they do not have any stock of June and July at all, and now offer me two further months subscription too, after challenging about missing issues again. Is the truth is probably that they never did have any? The offer of two months extra subscription, is that what I want considering the fiasco with this Publisher? I'll never support this publisher again.
  3. Hi All, I find the response from MA Publications very disappointing both in its tone and manner. Perhaps the best route for the subscribers is to vote with your feet. Remove yourself as a customer or contributor, and share your experiences with your fellow modellers and friends. Although MA Publications say that social media does not affect their business, if those who were customers/contributors no longer support them, together with their friends, acquaintances as well, then I think they will notice that very soon.
  4. Hi, Had an email from MW this morning after I had contacted him about non-delivery. No apology only a reply. He states that they have been starting being posted out as of Friday last week and that 'they should be with you anyday now' Hmmmmm.......
  5. Thanks for the update. It is now a waiting game...... Just for a change.
  6. Hi All, Like everyone, I am totally perplexed by the fact that they say that they are awaiting more stock. From my time in retail management, once you know what your market is ( by that I mean number of subscribers) you plan to meet that demand as a base level. To say that they are awaiting more stock means that they have not got a grip with their own records as to how many they must print to meet the subscribers. A subscriber pays in advance for his /her monthly magazine, so there is no doubt as to the numbers needed to fulfil the requirements. There is no excuse for the lack of copies, unless we are not being correctly informed, and as we are now close to three months late for the June issue, surely any problems should have been resolved before now.
  7. Hi All, Still not had any copies (June and July) of SAMI. Did contact, MW of MA Publications who asked me to wait until the end of the week, that being 23/08/21. As that date has been and gone, and still no copies, contacted MW, who has said he will get the said copies to me. I wait and hope that they will be forthcoming. A vain hope maybe. I'll post if they arrive. No post, means no copies.
  8. Hi All, I have sent a further email enquiring about June/July and now August issues, which I have paid for as a subscriber. As you might expect, nothing either by delivery, or response has occurred. Sorry, to the Britmodeller Admin. I do not wish to put the forum into any disrespect, but this is a respected forum as I see it, for 'US, ' the modeller, to explain, offer advice, and raise issues within the modelling environment. There is an ongoing issue with MA Publications, and I feel I have the responsibility to offer my experiences with this publisher. I have not posted anything that is not true, or fact based. I await a response from MA Publications. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Not had mine yet. Contacted MW and still have not received any reply. Another case of not meeting their own stated delivery dates and not replying to enquiries.
  10. Hi All, I have just had a reply from MW of MA Publication, following a second email to him regarding non-delivery of SAMI . He states that "June and July issues will be with you early next week shortly followed by August" He also states, " We apologise for the delays which have been caused by issues beyond our control." So,, watch this space, if mine do turn up as stated, I'll post to let you know.
  11. Hi, Probably like many other people, I am still awaiting a response to my email to MA Publications sent over a week ago. They seem to be avoiding any form of communication to it's customers and subscribers. A simple explanation on the website would be useful, but to ignore all the questions is well........ You get my drift. Glad those who asked for refunds got them, though with a bit of legwork from the individual.
  12. Hi All, I have sent MW of MA Publications an email tonight highlighting his own, and MA Publications information sent to subscribers. To which thus far none has been actioned, or received by myself and other subscriber's, within my own modelling community. I think the chance of a meaningful reply is very limited/likely. I too, dislike being misled, or being given totally incorrect/unreliable information. I think the the integrity level of MA Publications is below zero, based upon recent communications and assurances. I think we can all thank David, and his team for the efforts they have put in to produce this magazine. Pity the management, did not act in the same manner or with the same integrity.
  13. Hi, I would like to commend David for his gallant efforts in leading his team of contributors in very difficult times. He did his best to maintain contact with readers/subscribers and help wherever possible. Sadly, MA publications has again failed to meet its own time frames and assurances to its subscribers and readers, and I don't think the June/July issues are ever likely to appear. Thankyou David, for your efforts. I wish you well, and that you can get back to modelling, and leave the stresses you have endured far behind you.
  14. Hi WarthogMKL, Thankyou for your response. I appreciate you can only give the facts as you have/see them. The reality is that there have been many problems that have not been redressed, some incorrect or changed information from MA Publications over the last months, as to when subscribers will get their issues, in relation to retail sales. I note your comments, sums it up nicely. Thankyou. Samuraiwarrior
  15. Hi Warthog, Sorry, but I have had too many excuses from MA Publications in the last eight month's to warrant some understandable reasoning. Come on MA publications, get it sorted now! It seems it takes a regular monthly email to complain about my non-delivery to MA, to get my issue delivered. Poor delivery service, and poor customer service throughout the last eight month's , and no improvement seen. Will I be subscribing again..... what do you think? Samuraiwarrior
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