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  1. Hi Adey, Looks like it's going to be a little busy at St. Magawan....... A nice mix of old and new in the shots, just as airshows are.
  2. Great modelling, looks great. Nicely done.
  3. Hi Heather, Taking shape nicely with your careful and methodical approach. I think you will progress well now you have got the fuselage together. Upwards and onwards. Kevin
  4. Hi Troy, Thanks for the message and the info. Never knew it was considered a Myth, I built mine following the kits colour scheme provided and by some artistic licence after looking at a picture of a Hurricane Mk. 1 of No. 3 squadron SAAF in the Squadron Signal 'Hurricane in Action' I bow to my more knowledgeable colleagues, but at the time of this build I thought it would be different to portray it as I have done. Thanks for the comment on my kit though, it's nice to know that even if it's historically incorrect it looks okay as a model. Cheers Kevin
  5. Hi, Missed off the underside picture. Flaps were simply cut out, then lined with plastic card, some strip added to represent ribbing. Only done to create a bit more interest and not intentionally 100% accurate, left the wheel wells unchanged. Agree, not the best Hurricane out there, but scrubbed up reasonably well Kevin
  6. Hi All, Here is my Hurricane IIc in 1/72 by Smer/Heller. Model built mainly OOB except for drooped flaps, seat belts from tape, aerial wire from stretched sprue. Finished in a desert camouflage scheme of Mid Stone and Dark Earth, Azure Blue undersides. Sand and Spinach paint to front of nose and wings, apparently painted on to fool enemy forces as similar to the Macchi 202's operating in same theatre. Mainly Aeromaster acrylics, with Humbrol Oils and Vallejo acrylics for detail painting. Hope you like it. Kevin
  7. Hi Andy, Please find some low angle shots of my Focke-Wulf 190 as requested. I shall try and include some on my next subject. Thanks for the advice. Kevin
  8. Wow, hard to believe that these are the first Blenhiem 's available to build way back when. They look terrific and very comparable to the modern offerings. Just goes to show with a bit of love and attention and considerable modelling skills what can be done. Thanks for sharing. Kevin
  9. Very nice Pete. The finish is lovely, you have done a great job with this model. Definitely one to be proud of. Kevin
  10. You have been busy! It's nice to see that you're tackling the structure of the wings and making sure that they remain strong enough for the life of the model. Kevin
  11. Looking good, and looking forward to seeing the 'Mig' family growing as indicated. Nice work on a theme. Kevin
  12. Hi, This is superlative, the model and its posing in the diorama setting is one to behold. Can you tell me where you got the hanger from? As a backdrop it is brilliant. I like the running up of the props photo too, ( but there isn't a pilot in the cockpit?) But the portrayal is first class. Thanks for sharing, definitely one to be proud of. Kevin
  13. That is a brutal looking airplane. You have done a great job and a lot of work to get there. Great modelling.
  14. That is a beautiful rendition of a beautiful aircraft. Sublime finish with that paintwork.
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