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  1. Some progress The fuselage was put together and it looked like the seams needed some Mr Surfacer 500 on both top and bottom (don't we all hate ghost seams....?) These turned out alright, and the kit was given a primer coat, showing that all was well. Yesterday evening, the wings were put on, and it begins to look like an aircraft... A little bit more Mr Surfacer will be needed with the tailplanes/elevators, but that's all. Main wings have gone on fine. For a 1974 kit, I am well happy with the fit.
  2. Many thanks for that tip about the props, Pat! Out with some more styrene, so. Philip
  3. Thanks Dennis for the welcome, and the permission to proceed. Pat - I understand that the Airfix kit has raised panel lines and raised rivets. At least one that I did a number of years ago had - which I sanded off and rescribed, and then modelled in its US colours. This was the result:- However, yours here is more interesting, as it isn't a US Navy one.... Like your Airfix kit, though, the Matchbox kit had only the cuffed prop blades. So the first job was to get rid of the cuffs. Just like you, this I did, with a new no. 11 blade
  4. Great Dennis - will start tomorrow. Many thanks. Philip
  5. I noticed that Pat (Jockney) has already done an Airfix 1/72nd Buffalo, with RAF markings. Is there room for another one? I have a Matchbox kit that I bought a couple of years back from a certain Auction site. This was the original 1974 Matchbox kit PK-24, moulded in two colours. Here is the image of the box top - the actual kit came in a plastic bag (with no decals)! The original owner had done some work, removing items from the sprue, and done a little priming and painting of the interior, and had only done one piece of constructio
  6. Great to see the line up of "foreign" pilots in the selection of marking options - a Czech, pilot, a Polish pilot, a Free French aircraft and - for me most importantly - the Irishman Brendan Finucane (born in Dublin). Well done Eduard! Philip
  7. Hi Dan - another person from Ireland!! Great to have you here - there is a huge amount of expertise and learning, modelling-wise, here on Britmodeller, and everyone is so welcoming. Philip
  8. Sorry guys - life got in the way. will do it in due course. Philip
  9. Thanks Pat - I hope to get back to it this coming weekend. Thanks, Philip
  10. Hi Heather I haven't been at the bench since just before Christmas, as my bench is, in fact, the dining room table...... All of the models had to go up to the attic to clear it for Christmas. I did get the part, after almost 2 months wait, but it is probably unlikely that I will finish the Bloch, as I hope to concentrate on the Me 262. There are others in the group build who have finished a Bloch 152, but no-one, AFAIK, has done the two seater 262. I hope to regain the table this coming weekend. and will concentrate on that. Thanks, Philip
  11. Yes indeed - add me in too, please. (I will probably do one of the Zirkus Rosarius captured allied aircraft) Philip
  12. A man or two, - just of course to give scale - working away behind/beside the apparatus, would indeed be most interesting.... But only if you really, really, really want to... It's going to be GREAT either way... Philip
  13. No worries - the 262 has the undersides fully painted, and I am about to embark on the (gulp!) vacform canopy, before painting the topside.... I also have received the Yahu instrument panel for the Bloch (finally - it took well over a month from Poland...I won't be using that retailer again!). I have every intention of having both kits finished in time for the end of the group build. Probably I will work more on the 262 first. (Unfortunately, my modelling area is also the dining room which, for some reason (!), has to be cleared for the period 19th December till Janua
  14. Really great stuff. Love those civils. I appreciate that you have to wait until the mag is out, and perhaps a bit more. Any chance of a build article, or even series of build photos (for those of us who can't get Airfix mag...or want more) here on Britmodeller, maybe in January? Philip
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