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  1. Hi all Print Scale do attractive decals for Mig-17 without mentioning the exact variant they are destined for. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PSL72008 Please any recommendations for a Mig-17 kit in 1/72 scale? In particular the Egyptian version? Are there any pics on the internet that will assist? Thanks in anticipation. M.M.
  2. I put a Tamiya gloss coat over my model before decals and all was fine. I then airbrushed Tamiya XF-86 over the model to give a matt finish but my decals in particular have faded significantly and the black decals for example appear more grey than black. I have overlayed the rest of the decal sheet to show how bad the fading is. This hasn't happened to me before and I'm not too happy with the finish and would even be happier with it back in gloss than its current state so I'm wondering would giving it a new clear coat undo this? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. I have the old Airfix Canberra B.2 and their newer B(I)6 in the stash in 1/48, I would like to build one from Wyton circa 1987. Ideally the TT18 with black and yellow stripes would look good in such a large scale, but I can't find the target pods in aftermarket, nor, perhaps surprisingly any 100 sqn tailfin markings. Are there any available, or is it relatively easy to scratch build the Rushton pods? Which of the Airfix Canberra kits would be best to convert to a TT18? If the pods/conversion prove difficult perhaps I could just do a 100 Sqn B2 instead, I believe they operated some in the 80s, albeit grey underneath not yellow & black. Perhaps a question for @canberra kid?
  4. I’m hoping to build a Normandy Demag Panther A early based on the “Biouze” vehicle of 2.PzD being restored by the Wheatcroft Collection (Fgst.Nr.158134). For reference, I’ve got the Research Squad books detailing the restoration, but I’m looking for some advice on decals. I need to depict the original turret number I02 (which I think is in black numbers and a white outline) overpainted with 231 (in tall white numbers). Does anyone know of any decal sets that might be suitable? I’ve looked at Archer and Star but can’t seem to find a match. I’ve resigned myself to having to hand paint the ink-pot and quill turret emblem. Thanks in advance Rog
  5. Afternoon folks Had a curiosity. Having watched the new Top Gun I went ahead and put in an order for a 1/48 F/A-18F from Meng. Now this two-seater variant comes with Maverick's well known instructor markings (black spine and fins with the blue stripes) much like the single seat kit, though it would be inaccurate to paint up this variant in those markings. My curiosity is, is anybody aware of any upcoming aftermarket decals for the F models used by the other pilots in the main action? I had a look around and most searches refer you to the instructor markings (which the kit already has). The in movie unit (based on a screenshot) seems to be VF-51, which appears to have been disbanded. I believe it was the unit from the original movie as well. Ultimately no real biggie, but if they were in the pipe, I'd like to get my hands on them. Tiny name decals for the pilot helmets would be a great addition as well, hah. Thanks for your time, guys Gaz
  6. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I should be posting this topic here or in the Cold War section, so please indulge me a little if you feel I have posted it im the wrong place. I am looking for decals in 1/72, 1/32 and 1/24 for early Indian Air Force roundels, notably, the 'chakra' symbol of a blue spinning wheel on a white circle as seen in the centre of the Indian tricolour. Does anyone know of any decals out there that fit th bill? Cheers, and thank you all very much for any help and for taking the time to read this thread, Viv
  7. I hope this is in the right forum, sorry if not. I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm building the Novo 1/72 Gloster Javelin. All has gone well with the building, rescribing and painting of the kit. But then came the decals. They have perished, break up into tiny pieces and are unfortunately unusable. I've looked on eBay and the only ones on there are around £15 with P&P, the kit only cost me £8! Can anyone point me in the right direction for some replacements? The main items I need are the roundels and the tri coloured tail marking. The rest I can cobble together with leftover decals box.
  8. Hi all. I am looking for a solution for cutting my own shape decals for a custom 144 airliner livery. Essentially, ideal would be a decal sheet like you'd get with a kit, but containing just one flat colour (I'm specifically after red, white and silver). It seems like this should be available out there, but i'm struggling to find anything apart from plain inkjet decal paper for printing. Not sure if it's not something you can get or if im just using the right search terms. Help appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi I wanted to ask if anybody knows how long I should hold my airfix decals under water and what temperature everyone classes as ‘warm’ water because I’m worrying I’m using too hot of water. thanks lummy 06
  10. Calcas del Sur has released two new sets for the Airfix 1:72 and Hasegawa/Hobbycraft 1:48 A-Bs. The company has decided to release individual sheets for the A-4B/Qs 3-A-302/5/6/7/14. The sheets don't need to be trimmed next to the decal, so they should work like the regular decals. You can contact Juan on the Calcas del Sur's Facebook page via Messenger. Here's the decal sheet's artwork. Set in 1:72 Set in 1:48.
  11. Hmmm - "I know , i'll print my own decals! Not impressed with what's available on the aftermarket. How hard can it be?" I really don't know if it's the same with aircraft or military or any other 'subject', but automotive, especially sporting, where the vehicle is little more than a "moving billboard" and the true depiction of company logos is essential (isn't it?), I find it alarming that so many aftermarket producers seem to go for the "it's near enough". Perhaps it's my background in graphic design and specialism in typography for 50 years or more, or maybe the almost OCD attention to detail that I personally think my 'hobby' deserves. I know, I know; it's each to their own. I gain my own personal satisfaction from absolute truth to the subject and a determination to strive for perfection in depicting a subject as it was at a certain place and time, and nothing less will do. It's disappointing then to find on most aftermarket decal sheets the incorrect use of a typeface or the wrong colour for a company logo. I appreciate that comprehensive research is difficult and time consuming, identifying a typeface is sometimes impossible and colour is also problematic with historic photographs (manipulated for viewing on differently calibrated screens, etc) can send the researcher in completely the wrong direction, but it's not that hard to get nearer than some of the producers achieve. Take this for example: A period photograph showing the 'ESSO' company logo/aftermarket company attempt/my attempt - downloaded vector file from brandsoftheworld.com or seeklogo.com. NOTE the 's' and the 'o', just not correct on the aftermarket depiction. Anyway, that isn't the point of this article, merely some background and the spur which lead me to my 'adventure in decal land' and hopefully a guide to anyone who might consider following me down the same hole. Like every good story I'll deliver it in chapters so prepare yourself for a lengthy campaign. ChapterOne You can print your own decals at home or the office. I have an old Epson PHOTOSTYLUS PHOTO R1900, always used Epson genuine inks, prints up to A3 and can handle good thick card as well as the usual paper weights. I'm producing my artwork on a 16" MacBook Pro using Affinity Designer (a vector based programme - VERY similar to photoshop in it's tools if not it's layout, but not too difficult to master and costs £47.99 for ever - free trial, as opposed to Photoshop subscribe for £19.97/month, Try for Free), this programme will be more relevant a bit later on in this saga. I've found this mr decal paper (on ebay - £14.99 for 10 sheets Inkjet/clear, free delivery) to be excellent quality although the above pieces were actually printed on - As you can see - £3 per sheet (I've had it for a while) a quick internet search has it at Amazon £10.99 for 3 sheets A4(ish) (or !!£19.99 at 1001 Hobbies!!). I find, with my printer etc, that the mr decal paper is just a little sharper. In either case you do have to give the paper a couple of coats of varnish/decalcote (I use TESTORS decal bonder because i have some old stock of it) Mr decal paper recommend 'Keen Crystal Clear Spray' but I can't comment on that as yet. The inkjet prints main drawback is how 'thin' they are, the colour isn't strong, anything other than over white... You can get the same paper for both inkjet and Laser printers and also with white background which is great if the background of your decal item is a regular shape, square, rectangle etc but anything curved and especially circular becomes almost an impossibility for trimming, well it does for me, and I'm fairly adept with a scalpel. The prints also seem good at careful application of various setting solutions although I have found overworking with brush or sponge in to awkward overhangs or excessive rivets will rub away the inkjet print. I have also found with laser printing that there seems to be a very slight adjustment of sizing during printing and I have never got to the bottom of that - it may be MY software, both design and print. NOW, it's fairly obvious but I do need to point out that MY printer will not print WHITE which is of course a major obstacle. No domestic printers will print white, it just isn't possible as I'm sure most, if not all of you, are fully aware, and of course why we rely on the aftermarket producers printing in volume with the silkscreen process or specialist one offs with ALPS/OKI printers which are like colour photocopiers, but much more complex, and use specialist inks - including white. There is a very good article by Rob DeBie which can be found at https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/decals.htm I hope this is useful to some of you, I'll be back with more, later with more about designing the artwork and my experiences with print providers. Tony
  12. Hurricane Mk.I Stencils (D72036) 1:72 Eduard This is a small set of decals from Eduard designed for any of the 1/72 Hurricane kits out there and brings you all the stencils you typically see on the aircraft. The decals are printed by Eduard and have good register, sharpness and colour density, with a glossy carrier film printed close to the edges of the printed areas. Conclusion A nice set of decals to bring something additional to your kit. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  13. Hi mates, I would ask if there is any after market decals set who included the St Michael Icon showed on various Russian Flankers in 1/72 or 1/48 scale. To my knowledge, obly the GWH SU-35 in 1/72 scale presents it would ask if there is any after market decals set who includes the St Michael Icon showed on various Russian Flankers in 1/72 or 1/48 scale. To my knowledge, only the GWH SU-35 in 1/72 scale presents it. St Michael icon on Russian SU-35
  14. Greetings friends, I've just bought a lovely little 1/72 Revell Red Arrows Hawk, the modern tooling from 2015, and I wonder if anyone has experience with the transfers/decals, specifically whether they are opaque enough not to turn pink over the red paintwork. I've learned from bitter experience never to trust light transfers over powerful, or dark surfaces. I used some 'museum quality' transfers once and they were basically transparent. If I know in advance I might consider painting as much of the white as I can. Any thoughts, or indeed if you know how they'll fare over the red I'd be very grateful, thank you.
  15. The Saudi Hawks are a display team that I've been fascinated with for the longest time. With their vibrant green aircraft decorated with swooping white curves, and trained by former RAF Red Arrow Pilots, I was lucky enough to see them in 2017 (the video below has some of that and links to the footage I had from then). When I saw them it was at Malta's International Airshow 2017 (their 25th in their series of airshows). The show was performed at 'Smart City' which is a business centre on the coast outside of the main cities. Performed entirely over the water against the beautiful blues of the sky and the sea their Green aircraft looked perfectly at home. The air show was on the first holiday I'd had with my parents 'as myself' and so has always held a particularly special place in my heart (for every team involved). I had previously obtained a kit on the subject by Fujimi, who made a 1/72 BAe Hawk with Saudi Hawk (now Saudi Falcon) markings. However, many of you know that I unfortunately had to leave my home in rather a hurry due to having a less than lovely housemate. I lost most of my models, equipment, and supplies. I promised myself I wouldn't be upset, but every now and again I find myself sad that someone forced me to lose so much. So, when the trusted DEKL'S showed they had Saudi Hawk decals....well, I instantly ordered them. I could finally build a display team that meant so much to me. I used the BAE Hawk NHS kit as the basis; I really enjoyed the construction. It was far simpler, and I assume this is the same 'simpler' version from the Best of British? Either way, it seems perfect for newcomers, or those who want a quick and easy build. On that subject, I still managed to mess it up slightly with the cockpit section as my cockpit no longer is flush to the fuselage. For the sake of me being sort of lazy, I have accepted that this is the way my model was destined to be and left it as is, as in it's current state it still brings me joy on my shelf. As usual DEKL's provide a singular sheet filled with all the pieces for you to cut out. They are not pre-cut like most kit decals would be, so you do need to trim them down a lot once on the model. the plus side is lots of pieces to help fix mistakes They are a lot more malleable than normal style decals in my opinion. Much resilient to the mistakes of an average model maker like myself. You have 2 sets of decals (standard with Dekl's) to allow you to layer the duplicates to get vibrancy. On coloured sections this really makes colours pop. For white sections it creates a rich solid white - something that can be harder to achieve for stick acrylic painters. I genuinely found myself enjoying these decals...compared to certain other manufacturers who will remain nameless. which cause rage and upset. l For a full review visit my review: here For a build video see the video below:
  16. Croatian Military Number Plates (PVDS-001-35) 1:35 & 1:72 PaulusVictor Decalssories We’ve only recently been introduced to PaulusVictor, with our first set of samples making their way through the review queue and onto your screens as I type this. They set themselves apart from standard decal sheets by including a raft of additional information on the type, variants, paint and even the load-outs carried by the subjects that they produce decals for, as well as a high-quality feel to the whole package. This accessory set was included in the delivery and shows another string to their bow. It arrives in a small high quality Ziploc bag, with a cover sheet that has instructions printed on the rear, a sheet of decals and a printed sheet of PVC foil, which we’ll get to later. Number plates. Most countries and their militaries have a particular set of regulations about their depiction in real-scale, encompassing the font, the lettering size and even the plate size, as well as the alpha-numeric code that is laid out on the plates. Most people can tell if plates from their own country are off from 20 paces, but when it comes to someone else’s country, we’re not so good. This set is intended to correct some under-sized or otherwise incorrect plates that have been included in 1:35 models of Croatian military subjects in the past, as well as give you the opportunity to depict models as Croatian vehicles if they weren’t out of the box. Whether that’s in the real world or the land of what-if is entirely up to you. Even if they don’t have Mini Metros in the Croatian army, and I’m fairly sure they don’t, at least the number plate for your Fast Attack Metro (FAM) would be wholly accurate. Most of us are aware of how to apply decals to our models, but a recap is provided on the top of the page, with more task specific instructions on the bottom half. The short version is that you can use decals or PVC foil to act as the plate itself, making a backing plate of your own from styrene sheet if the kit part is undersized, then apply the individual alphanumeric code to the plate, which has the HV country code and a national crest already printed on both types. The PVC sheet tells you to use white glue or CA to attach that material to the model, as PVC isn’t modelling glue soluble, which is good to know. The PVC sheet is satin finished, so you may want to consider adding a gloss coat to it before applying the registration letters, sealing them in with more varnish once they are dry. Conclusion Great attention to detail again, and it’s a range that I’d like to see grow and possibly expand into civilian plates in 1:24 scale. British & US number plates would be very handy for a lot of folks, I’m sure. At the moment, these Croatian plates are available in 1:35 and 1:72 from the link below. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  17. I’m offering a service to BM members who want to recreate a specific model, but who can’t source the decals. If there’s a decal or a specific decal set that you want, and you can’t get them commercially, I’ll draw them for you. I’m thinking of images such as aircraft nose art, pilot’s personal insignia or regimental markings on military vehicles and so on. I can also redraw ones you might have with an old kit but which have yellowed or cracked or are otherwise unusable. I’ve been using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop for many years so I know my way around the programs reasonably well but I’ll be doing these in my ‘spare’ time (ha ha) so I won’t be able to offer an express 24-hour kind of service. I will get them done however! I’d like to keep this dead straightforward, so there are a few things to consider: I don’t intend charging for them. They’ll be free. Gratis. My purpose for offering this is to help fellow Britmodellers out. I might have to revisit that if I get swamped with requests but that’s likely to be a way down the line yet, if it ever happens. I can only draw something based on the reference I get. The better the reference, the better the end result will be. If all you can provide me with is a grainy 10mm square black and white photo, and you want a full colour image made of it I may not be able to do very much! After I’ve received the reference, and I think the job is doable, I’ll draw the decal(s) up and send you draft copies for approval. I’ll correct any errors I may have made, and will resubmit a corrected file. I suggest you print it out initially in black and white on a standard printer just to check the fit then, once you’ve approved it, I’ll finish it off and send you a final file in colour. You will have to arrange to print them. I will reserve the right to decline to do some things, especially if they’re particularly complicated, overly intricate or are likely to be otherwise extremely time-consuming. If someone wants me to recreate a miniature Michelangelo or something similar…forget it If I do a drawing, it will be done solely for the model in question. I’m not doing these so they can be sold on, used by anyone else or converted into commercial decal sets. I can recognise my own work and I’m not expecting to see them offered online or anywhere else, free or otherwise. If that happens we’re going to run into a problem with intellectual property rights which could get messy and unfriendly. No-one wants that. On the other hand, if I’m simply redrawing some from, say, an old Matchbox kit that are unusable due to age, that’s different. What I would ask is that when the model is finished I would like to see a photo of it please. If it’s entered into a competition I would ask to be credited with creating the decals. I think that’s about it. I can’t think of anything else at the moment. so let’s see how it goes. As stated above, I’ll be doing them in my spare time so I’ll fit them in and around other work. If I’m busy with something else, your job will have to join the queue but I’ll let you know what my workload is so you can decide whether you want to go ahead or not. The best thing is to give me plenty of notice! I’ve been in touch with Mike about this, and he’s fully aware of the offer. Any questions?
  18. Hi! Is there any decals made for the aircraft flewn by Jackie Cochran? Sabre, Starfighter etc... http://www.chuckyeager.org/news/today-in-history-the-sound-barrier-was-broken-by-a-woman-for-the-first-time/ Cheers / André
  19. Lavochkin La-9/La-11 “Fritz/Fang” (48-055) 1:48 Begemot Decals The Lavochkin La-9 and La-11 were externally very similar aircraft that reached service just after the end of WWII, and were soon elbowed out by new jet engined fighters and escorts. The improved La-11 left Soviet service in the 50s, and lingered on with other Soviet-aligned operators until late in the mid-60s. It saw proxy service in the hands of the North Koreans in the 50s, where it was found to be a capable fighter, being well-suited to long-distance missions thanks to its additional fuel capacity, radio navigation gear and pilot comforts such as a more comfortable seat and a pee tube for the pilot. When loaded with similar fuel quantities as its precursor, it was more capable than its sibling, so a definite step forward. This decal set allows the modeller to make up to 29 different marking variations of La-9 and La-11 family aircraft, covering all types, including those in service with USSR, China, North Korea, Romania and Indonesia. It also holds four full sets of stencils suitable for the airframes that are depicted therein. The set arrives in a Ziploc bag and contains two A5(ish) sized sheets of decals, plus 5-pages instruction on folded A3 glossy paper, printed on both sides. Our early sample didn’t include the instructions, so rather than squint at the screen and copy out all the aircraft that you can depict, please follow the link to the decal instructions directly from Begemot’s website from the link below: http://www.begemotdecals.ru/doc/48-055 La-9(11) ins.pdf Decals are up to Begemot’s usual high standards, which guarantees good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas. Conclusion As usual, there’s a host of different subjects for you to choose from, and it’s a real incitement to buy more kits to depict more of these exciting schemes. Review sample courtesy of
  20. Boeing B-17F/G SPACE 3D Printed Sets (3DL48020/21 for HKM) 1:48 Eduard The Eduard SPACE sets use new 3D printing techniques that lay down successive layers of different colour resin, creating highly realistic almost fully completed panels that are supplied on a decal sheet. They can depict metallic shades, plus glossy, satin and matt colours too, which really ups the detail on everything they print. In addition, a small sheet of nickel-plated and pre-painted Photo-Etch (PE) is included for the aspects of the set that lend themselves better to this medium, such as seatbelts and rudder pedals. These two sets are similar on first look, but when you examine them closely the differences in the instrument panels become evident, while the PE is common between both sets. You will need to remove some of the moulded-in detail on the instrument panel, the control column and other areas such as side consoles and overhead panels before you begin, with a similar process for both sets. The main panel is completely replaced with 3D decals; the two control columns have printed bosses added to their centres; the pilot and co-pilot are given PE four-point seatbelts; both side consoles/walls are detailed with 3D panels, with an electronic panel on the rear bulkhead; the centre console has a 3D decal wrapped around the throttle quadrant, with PE throttles that require some 0.5mm rod from your stash and other instruments laid over the top and to the rear; the overhead panel is scrubbed of all detail and replaced by a PE base with 3D decals for the instrument panels on it and the other sections. B-17F (3DL48020) B-17G (3DL48021) Conclusion The detail present in these combined 3D/PE sets is at the pinnacle of aftermarket design today, and gives any model a lift in a relatively simple manner. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  21. Italian Smoke Ring Camouflage (D48084) 1:48 Eduard It’s the end of the hobby as we know it! …Again. A while before I came back to the hobby, a hapless entrepaneur released a set of Italian smoke ring decals, and was angrily accused of killing our hobby by some. All the poor chap was trying to do was make it possible for modellers that aren’t airbrush gods to make realistic-looking camouflage for their Italian models. Hopefully this set won’t be greeted by shrieks of derision, and those that did the shrieking last time now feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves for it. They won’t. This set arrives in a clear foil re-sealable envelope with a card stiffener, a cover page with instructions, plus the decal sheet with wax paper protecting the delicate printed surface. The instructions are simply the two drawings on the cover, and a short length of text states that they have been drawn exclusively for the M.202/205, although I have a feeling that they’ll be useful for all sorts of other Italian aircraft subjects too. At the risk of being told that there are duplicates by someone with a far better set of eyes and grasp of tessellation, I think that all of the various rings are individually designed, which will make applying them less arduous of a task. There are 111 rings of various shapes and sizes, all of which are in-scale with each other, and printed in a green shade with fuzzy edges as they were sprayed by the groundcrew on the real thing. The decals are printed by Eduard and have good register, sharpness and colour density, with a glossy carrier film printed close to the edges of the printed areas. Conclusion If you’re a wizard with an airbrush, you probably don’t need these, unless you’re a lazy wizard. If you’re one of the rest of us, it’s a choice of get these decals and do a good job of the smoke ring scheme, or don’t. It’s that simple, and I’m more than happy to have one tricky job taken away when I inevitably build an Italian fighter. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  22. Hi all, this is my first post here and was hoping for some help. I'm nearing completion of my 1/35 Tamiya Type 82 Afrika Korps Kubelwagen and have had an absolute mare with the decals and ruined a couple of them. I was wondering if anyone knew where I might I get replacements (I've emailed the Tamiya UK supplier with no reply) or if someone has completed this kit and still has the decals they didn't use they'd be willing to donate them? I'd be willing to pay postage. I am building the AA scheme in the instructions (the one with the palm trees). Apologies if this is the wrong forum! Thank you all!
  23. As the title says Im Looking for generic codes to do a Hurricane IIc from 336 squadron of the D.A.F. They look like this. As an alternative does anyone make decals for this IIc from a South African AF squadron ? Trying to find options for current Hurricane build. Thanks in advance ? Dennis
  24. Modern Royal Navy Ship Decals Atlantic Models 1:600 (ATDec13) Modern / Cold War RN ships dont carry that many markings but they are there in form of Pennant numbers and other markings. Upgrade Set This small sheets provides markings for Royal Navy Pennant Numbers and Deck Markings in 1/600 scale. These are Modern style Pennant Numbers, Flight Deck Markings and Warning circles in Red and Yellow for the Airfix 1/600 scale range of ship kits, including HMS Amazon, HMS Leander, HMS Daring, HMS Devonshire, HMS Tiger and HMS Fearless etc. Conclusion Its good to see set being produced for replacement, or additional decal needs for the older 1:600 scale kits. Review sample courtesy of Peter Hall of
  25. Having just finished my Zvezda Bf109F-2 as an F-4/Trop at long last (see Ready For Inspection) I'm now finally starting on my Airfix 72nd scale Zero armed with information from Nicholas Millman and the wonderful feedback from my earlier post on the Zero's engine. However I have a quick question regarding decals as the kit ones do not contain any of the stencil details, including the red bands for the prop blades. I've looked on Hannants and there are a number of options/manufacturers who cover the earlier overall Grey schemes but wondered if anyone can suggest those that are really good quality as my own experience of Print Scale decals with my Bf109F was not great (over scale too and fiddly to apply). The Techmod ones seem to be good value and comprehensive but I've never used this company before hence my question. Regards Colin.
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