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  1. That's pretty arrogant. It may be so for you but don't presume that everyone does, or should, agree. Shane
  2. Ken This is what I call modelling. Keep at it, it's inspring me, and God help us, I need some inspiration at the moment! Shane
  3. It caused me to have a run of sagging undercarriage legs until I knew better. Mind you, as an old fart, I learned better almost 50 years ago but have since seen my son and others make that mistake and learn that lesson Shane
  4. Did you remove all the paint from the undercarriage leg pin and mounting hole, pitot and mounting hole before gluing? Contacta and other thick solvent glues aren't really hot enough to thoroughly melt through layers of paint and without that you're left with a little bit of dried out flexible filler holding the part Shane
  5. There is no way any of those can be injection moulded without a transverse split which will add a lot more problems than the inner wheel profile. If you want raised ridges, look at resin Shane
  6. Yeah, found it after I posted, then couldn't recall WHERE I posted. Stuck indeed. Thanks be to the cross benchers who demanded it, and the major parties who "caved against their wishes" because they'd be able to blame someone else for any pain while taking the money to waste on the stupid idea of the day Shane
  7. I'd look VERY carefully at the source of that email if I were you. While Mr Harvey and others have been moaning and whinging up a storm, this hasn't been widely publicised here and I'm unconvinced that it's been legislated at all Shane
  8. The model shop in the city is probably paying five times as much rent as the one in the wild west of Sydney. That has to be paid somehow Shane
  9. NOT the same aircraft though. It's entirely possible that the photos of 7249 and whatever was used to design decals for 7260 are from different periods and the extra antenna are on a replacement "206" Shane
  10. I'm getting old, and my eyesight is getting worse - after starting out bad - so 1:72 is more of a challenge. I'm stubborn like that; not planning to let anything stop me from enjoying the part of modelling that most appeals - trying to miniaturise a subject convincingly Shane
  11. And as the tape is now the same colour as the rest of the airframe, you will no longer need the decals to fill in the "panel" lines. Or you won't when older airframes have been brought up to the latest finishing standards Shane
  12. Paul at The Last Stand (Corinda) had them on the shelves still as late as yesterday.... And they're still in stock going by his web page on Saturday afternoon at 4:45 Brisbane time Shane
  13. That seems remarkably unlikely. Two scale inches (a couple) is almost 51mm. In 1/48 that means the rivets on the kit protrude by over 1mm. I'd buy 0.5mm at a pinch, but looking at the photos even that is an exaggeration. Perhaps they protrude a half of a scale inch? Which is still oversized but... shane
  14. Shane

    Airfix 2019

    Well, we MIGHT get a new mould 1/72 Buccaneer, but I've pretty much given up hope 55 years after building my first Airfix Buccaneer. And we might get a new 1/72 Hampden or Halifax, but I can't see where they fit into the Airfix marketing world in these straightened times, so they'd be almost as unlikely. If I was to guess what they *will* release, perhaps a 1/72 Sea Fury or the tin wing Hurricane will finally see the light. Shane
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