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  1. It's an AN/MVR-501 That's a laser detecting set that informs and assists crews with verification of impending threats from laser target acquisition weapons systems. Shane
  2. Shane

    F-35 Surface Sheen

    This is a challenge which is rapidly going away. For about a year now new F-35s have RAM lines which are finished in the same colour as the rest of the airfrane. There are aircraft produced during the change which still have some visible RAM lines, often on components made elsewhere before the change over while the rest are gone. Apparently as aircraft require surface maintenance they'll all get homogenised. Shane
  3. Don't work there any more unfortunately but currently Brisbane south side. A lot more south side than before. And there might not be enough shelf space to display boxes face on now Shane
  4. Yep. That's the way we shelve new arrivals in the shop. Anyone taller than Frodo Baggins will see both box top and the side panel with decal options right side up Shane
  5. Having almost completed an Italeri kit purely to use the garish green and black scheme provided, I couldn't agree more strongly. You can get a result, but only with an enormous amount of work. Shane
  6. That's pretty arrogant. It may be so for you but don't presume that everyone does, or should, agree. Shane
  7. Ken This is what I call modelling. Keep at it, it's inspring me, and God help us, I need some inspiration at the moment! Shane
  8. It caused me to have a run of sagging undercarriage legs until I knew better. Mind you, as an old fart, I learned better almost 50 years ago but have since seen my son and others make that mistake and learn that lesson Shane
  9. Did you remove all the paint from the undercarriage leg pin and mounting hole, pitot and mounting hole before gluing? Contacta and other thick solvent glues aren't really hot enough to thoroughly melt through layers of paint and without that you're left with a little bit of dried out flexible filler holding the part Shane
  10. There is no way any of those can be injection moulded without a transverse split which will add a lot more problems than the inner wheel profile. If you want raised ridges, look at resin Shane
  11. Yeah, found it after I posted, then couldn't recall WHERE I posted. Stuck indeed. Thanks be to the cross benchers who demanded it, and the major parties who "caved against their wishes" because they'd be able to blame someone else for any pain while taking the money to waste on the stupid idea of the day Shane
  12. I'd look VERY carefully at the source of that email if I were you. While Mr Harvey and others have been moaning and whinging up a storm, this hasn't been widely publicised here and I'm unconvinced that it's been legislated at all Shane
  13. The model shop in the city is probably paying five times as much rent as the one in the wild west of Sydney. That has to be paid somehow Shane
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