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  1. Dear Bob, as others have said fantastic metal finish and the paint finish is excellent. Getting the masking right must have been an 'interesting challenge' .
  2. Hi Luke, Great job on this model. I have this on my shelf un-built, in your experience how does go together? Cheers Simon
  3. Now that is very different. Interesting to see and always better displayed in a diorama in my humble opinion.
  4. It just looks so right and to get the decals to sit so well means you are a decal sensei. Amazing.
  5. Juan, this looks stunning. How did you get such good weathering?
  6. Alistair great looking build very tidy. What white paint did you use?
  7. Sir that is a stunning level of detail. Really impressive. Finish of both aircraft and diorama exceptional.
  8. Really lovely build. Great subject but I am biased!
  9. Great to see a helicopter and especially one so well finished as this.
  10. That is stunning, great scheme and excellent weathering.
  11. Hi Joachim, yes I had planned to place the aircraft moored to a buoy but in the end went with a more dynamic setting. I normally build tanks and AFV's so blurred tracks and wheels are never used and have never tried creating a blurred prop but been very impressed by others who do. You have not spotted my real mistake - can you spot any crew
  12. Hi, thanks for your comment. The base is a block of Polystyrene cut to accept the keel of the plane. The surface was then covered in DAS Modelling clay to create the waves. Once dry covered with Deep Ocean A.MIG-2200 Acrylic gel. Wave tops high lighted with light grey and white paint. Main bow wake cotton-wool glued in place. The idea came from an article by Jorge Porto in a magazine style book The Weathering Aircraft - Seaplanes by MIG. I found building the base easier than building the aircraft.
  13. That is one stunningly good miniature airliner. Good to see the use of Tamiya LP4, I am hesitant with the Halfords spray cans but think airbrushing with Tamiya more controlled and achievable. Simon.
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