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  1. From time to time you come across a build that reminds you why you started scale model building. This is certainly one of those. Stunning.
  2. Great to see a helicopter on the forum and the type and scheme adds interest. Great build.
  3. Neil both builds look great. For a novice builder like myself which kit was the easier build?
  4. Building the A321 but have old Revel decals for Austrian airlines millennium famous faces.
  5. Guys thanks for the guidance. I am trying to get all the necessary parts in place for the A321 build. Holts Grey on order, Halfords white already to decant and Authentic Airliner decals for the corragard and windows. Thanks to Dave's advice on the engines. I have tacked both sets together and worked out the correct set so hope to start building soon. I normally build 1/35 Armour or 1/48 Modern Aircraft so have Milliput.
  6. As a novice airliner builder I understand most builders fill in the window s with putty and then use window decals which I plan to do on my build of an A321. Has any had success using the moulded window inserts and then fixed decals over the top or should I stick with puttying in the window holes?
  7. Hi Ian, For a novice builder about to start on a Zvezda 1/144 kit did you use the kit window inserts or fill the window holes in using filler? Fantastic build by the way.
  8. Very different and the photo in an odd way brings it alive. Looks really good.
  9. That looks an impressive and neat build. The colour scheme is well done.
  10. Mark many thanks for the information, greatly appreciated. Cheers Simon.
  11. Dave thank you. That's good news. I will make a second attempt at building an A321.
  12. My first airliner kit I attempted to build was the A321 Austrian Airlines 2000 millennium. The kit after being built was scrapped due to my poor construction skills, prior to decals being added which I saved. I now have the zvezda kit of the A321. Does this kit have the correct engines for the Austrian 2000 decals? Thanks for the help.
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