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  1. Hello, start new project with and for my son. Base color khaki and mixed with red primer. Highlight with base+cremeweiss Ammo and shadow base+matt black. Tracks paint with Dark Track Ammo. cheers
  2. I saw this being painted on GW's run-up to the release of Leviathan, and although I'm absolutely disinterested in the gaming system, I do find these figures quite enticing. The Screamer Killer is one of the big-boys of the Tyranid Hives, screaming their heads off while they tear you to shreds while disabling you with some psychic mumbo-jumbo. They're about four times the height of a Space Marine, and bear in mind those guys are supposed to tower over mere mortals thanks to their genetic engineering... apparently Anyway, I've been dabbling with it for a while now, spending half an hour on it when I have a moment, first putting it together as a modeller, which involved scraping and sanding seams, filling gaps and doing a bit of sculpture where the moulds had been simplified for injection moulding. Things like the two rows of three cooling "things" on its carapace, which were shallow on one side, with no depth to them. I hit those areas with my Galaxy Models mini-motor-tool, deepening the holes, and then tidying them up with micro-chisels, which are my new best friends. A bit of liquid glue and some sanding with custom tools after the glue had dried left them in decent shape, that will give a better sense of depth when I've finished painting them. I also reamed out the pipe under the slab of masonry he's standing on, as that too was shallow on one side. The base is pretty big, so I thought I'd better shove some stuff on there, finding a few pebbles in the garden and using some sand I have in a pot from previous weirdness. I glued it down with the AMMO Dio Glue, then when it was dry I fixed it with a liberal coating of AK Sand & Gravel Fixer, adding a few tiny pebbles to the mix. A heavy coat of primer helped keep everything on the base. That got painted with various colours and a bit of dry-brushing, but I'm not happy with the stones, so will probably change their tone later. Citadel now have additional ranges of paints called Shade and Contrast, which you apply to a light base, and it adds a load of shadows and highlights as it gravitates to the folds and creases. It's quite effective, and they even have a Contrast Medium, which you can use to turn any of their other colours into a a Contrast colour. Handy I slapped a load onto the model in sections, leaving it to dry before dry-brushing it with Wraithbone, the base colour. I also added a more purple shade to those little cut-outs on the limbs, another Contrast colour that just wicks away from the highlight areas nicely. I gave the ends of the arms an extra coat to start the fading to darkness, and base painted the stone and pipe. I've been putting off painting the carapace and limb armour for a while, as it's a large portion of the model, and I've seen a few variations on how to do it, but wasn't that keen on any of them, so I made up my own mix and started applying it to his butt armour. I gave it a couple of coats, then two more Shade coats to vary the tone a bit. Then I highlighted it a bit, and did a couple of sweeps over the individual plates, making swipes down the scales to imply a rough chitinous effect, which I hope I've achieved. Here's a shot of the butt plate now. I'm reasonably happy with it, and just hope I can replicate it on the rest of the areas, as you know my memory I'd also given the hooves and claws a coat of dark grey and highlighted it a few times, as I wasn't happy with the way the Contrast paint was working, possibly because it was hot in here at the time. Let me know what you think. I'm open to suggestions and any help you can provide, as this is my first GW figure in about 30 years?
  3. On a whim, I picked up one of these MASSIVE WH40K figures the other day, as I think I might have a case of the nostalgias at the moment, thanks to @shortCummins and his pesky Star Wars Legion figures. These things are about 7" or 18cm tall and articulated, so they're clearly action figures, and they're available painted for those that just want to own one without going through the painting phase. They're made from a slightly flexible , tough plastic, and there is evidence of of mould seams on some parts, as you might be able to pick out from the pic above. It sands with one of Ultimate's coarser sanding sticks, but some of the seams are a bit deep, so will need filling. I'm after some advice on what to use as a filler, so I don't end up with it cracking and falling out during handling and painting. If anyone's got a suggestion for a primer too, I'd be grateful. I always liked the Space Marine figures, and the design has been ever-so-slightly updated and crisped up for the new millellium, but it's still pretty close to the original apart from the jet-pack, which they changed with the later generation. The old ones were a bit more Flash Gordon than these. Overall I'm quite impressed with the moulding, and it's a surprisingly poseable figure too, with more articulation to the limbs than you'd think, although sometimes you have to be a bit rough with it to get it to move or rotate into position. I'd also have liked to put my own scratches on his knee pads, but I can always fill them in once I've got a suitable filler. I've chucked a Star Wars Legion figure and a pot of Citadel paint in for scale, as I couldn't find any bananas
  4. Warglaive Warhammer 40K, I seem to have lost the base and for some strange reason I made it cleaner and fresher than usual Fun anyways Cheers!
  5. Recently finished Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Land Speeder armed with Multi-Melta and Assault Cannon.
  6. Finished this one last month Warhammer 40k Nauseous Rotbone, the Plague Surgeon.
  7. Just finished this last night Warhammer 40k Mortarion Daemon Prince of Nurgle
  8. Here's another one painted last year. A Space Marines Primaris Impulsor tank, one of the more recent vehicle releases over the last couple of years by Games Workshop. This was done as a mixture of figure painting techniques (edge highlighting, OSL glow) and AFV modelling techniques, particularly in the weathering. The scheme itself is a homebrew chapter scheme that I've named 'Sunstorm Knights'. With many of the models I've painted in this scheme I've tried to add a nod to 80's action heroes. See if you can spot the reference to a certain TV show here!
  9. Another model from the Warhammer Indomitus Set this time a Bladeguard Ancient.
  10. Finished this set a few days ago, Lord Felthius (Lord of Contagion) and the Tainted Cohort (Blightlord Terminators)
  11. This is an Adeptus Mechanic tech priest conversion I recently completed. It is derived primarily from the Necron Canoptek Reanimator an Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest Dominus Warhammer 40,000 kits, with a few other 40k bits and bobs and some green stuff mechadendrites (robo-tentacles). This is Magos Logus Torvolts, Dominus Ultima of the Nyarlax Cluster Forge Worlds. The Nyarlax Cluster is a group of solar systems that contain several minor Adeptus Mechanicus forge worlds. The cluster was thrown into chaos following the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum (a great tear in reality that split the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy in two). A group of hereteks, the self-styled Rad Lords of the Nyarlax Cluster, rose up in rebellion against the ruling synod of its Forge Worlds and plunged the whole cluster into war. Magos Logus Torvolts appointed themself the title of Dominus Ultima and took command over the resistance to the Rad Lords following a surprise attack that destroyed the ruling council that had previous ruled over the cluster's Forge Worlds. Under Torvolt's leadership the cluster's loyalist forces successfully held out against the Rad Lords until relieved by forces from the Indomitus Crusade. The pollution on many Forge Worlds has effectively destroyed their biospheres. However for some reason the pollution on the Forge Worlds of the Nyarlax Cluster has mutated their flora and fauna enough to make their remaining wild areas as dangerous as death worlds. The tech priests of the Nyarlax Cluster hunt down the mutated beasts that infest their Forge Worlds as a rite of passage. Many wear the skulls they collect as badges of honour. Symbolically this represent their dominance over the weakness of the flesh. When it comes to the Adeptus Mechanicus I have long been inspired by the aesthetics of the early artwork of them by Wil Rees and John Blanche. In particular the use of animal skull masks has stuck with me, so giving one to Torvolts was as fundamental to this little project as using a de-Necroned Canoptek Reanimator body was. Everything else evolved as I did my best to stick as many baroque techno-gubbins onto the model as I could find and fit onto it. I have a Flickr album for this model, which contains a few more photos and full res versions of the photos above.
  12. Finished this one today. 40mm Judiciar from the Warhammer Indomitus Set the most difficult part to paint was the hourglass not 100% happy with it but fairly happy with how it looks. Judiciar 1 by stuart burn, on Flickr Judicar 2 by stuart burn, on Flickr Judiciar 3 by stuart burn, on Flickr
  13. Primaris Chaplin from the new Indomitus Set Primaris Chaplin 6 by stuart burn, on Flickr Primaris Chaplin 10 by stuart burn, on Flickr Primaris Chaplin 7 by stuart burn, on Flickr Primaris Chaplin 8 by stuart burn, on Flickr
  14. Hi guys. These teeny little beauties are playing pieces for the Aeronautica Imperialis board game. It used to be an insanely expensive Forge World title, complete with crazy expensive resin minis. The plastic Games Workshop set is a much more reasonable prospect, with everything needed to play included in either of two starter boxes. These 'planes are from the first release, 'Wings of Vengeance', there are completely different minis in the second 'Taros Air War' box. Ok, over to Voiceover Man's best Mr. Cholmondley-Warner impression: "988 M41, South of New Rynn City, two plucky Navy pilots are engaged in hunting down foul Xenos aerial defences. Lt Ewe Gallant leads, providing an aerial defence for the fighting pair with his Fury pattern Thunderbolt, armed with rotary cannons and Skystrike air to air missiles. S Lt Jerry Meyer brings the flight's heavy punch with a conventional bomb load and quadruple autocannons. Both aircraft have Hellstrike air to surface missiles, allowing an instant response to any Greenskin foolish enough to try and illuminate them on it's primitive auspex!" The models are a delight to build and paint, with an incredible amount of detail for something so small. They're 6mm scale, or 1/285 if you prefer. The fit was perfect, no noticeable flash and the injection points are in sensible places, easy to flatten down with little need for files and all that malarkey. It's a long way from the Airfix and Matchbox kits I used to build as a kid! Thanks for reading, all comments and suggestions are welcome... 😃
  15. With time on my hands now I thought I'd get on and reduce the stash a bit. Many, many, many, years ago, I was introduced to a strange table top battle game called Space Marine by a mate and his brother. It was set in something called the Warhammer 40K Universe during the Horus Heresy. All very strange, but the companies of troops and tanks looked impressive and we had great full blowing the wotsits out of each other's forces. Many years of fun playing GW games stemmed from that first introduction, but the Hours Heresy setting still fascinated me. Forward 30 plus years and GW are a monster of a company, worldwide domination no less than their objective. But I have a big soft spot for the stories set in the Heresy era, and with 50+ books and models galore I'm obviously not alone. These are the GW MkIII Space Marine figure, there's 10 in a box so there will be a few more posted going forward. First up Space Wolf Marine painted with Vallejo and Tamiya acrylic. Weathered with AK interactive and oil washes plus some Tamiya weathering powders. Second, The modern poster boys, the Ultramarines. Same process, and paints. Not sure what I'll paint the others as, will see what I've got in the paint locker and go from there. Stay safe all, and happy modelling! Geoff
  16. Here's what I've been up while being confined indoors. First up is the Venerable Space Wolves Dreadnought! I've mounted a head from the Terminator box and altered the stance and the arms. There were so many parts left over, that I decided to use some of them on the Primaris Dreadnought: And here they are together: As you can see the Primaris is almost double in size as the Venerable. What's next? Cheers and keep well Hans J
  17. My newest finished Miniature: Some close ups: All Comments and criticism welcome Cheers Konrad
  18. This is the biggest model in my ultramarines army (so far). the wip can be found here. All sorts of comments welcome! Cheers Konrad
  19. Hi all, I found some Warhammer scenery the other day while I was looking for something else - it's the set of Eldritch Ruins from one of the Kill Team boxes, and I put it aside originally because it looked like a lot of work to clean up. It's from the scenery range so made in China and not *quite* as nice as the stuff from Nottingham. It turned out to be better than expected with nice detail in hard (almost vinyl-like) styrene,although there were a lot of edges to scrape down and I ended up covered in a thick layer of pale green styrene shavings. Interestingly it has the look of being hand-sculpted which is unusual as most of the recent scenery is digital & complete with tooling contour lines. It's painted mostly with the contrast paints plus some normal stuff for details. I wanted it to look desertey rather than jungle, and also wanted to avoid using any green at all for the plants - they're all shades of red instead. I think the Saim-Hann rune (above) is my fave of the two pieces. I tried to get the runes to look Eldar - they're presumably made from wraithbone which is a sort of organic material potentially full of souls. It started as a pale tan and I highlighted with white ink, but then worked a lot of yellow-green into the corners and finally added some pale blue in the damaged sections. The big flower I left til last and blended through yellow/orange/warm red/cool red/dark brown. It looks quite aggressive but I don't see how it's going to catch anything other than very slow and stupid birds. Last thing was to add some moss from red flock and matt medium. It looked a bit so-so but shading around with Agrax and drybrushing with scarlet and pink has lifted it a bit and I think it works. It's been a pleasant digression - painting scenery is messy fun and it only took a couple of days. I will get back to the Titanicus buildings soon Cheers, Will
  20. WIP Thread here I'm calling this "done", though I have a hankering to maybe weather it. But I rather like to be able to see the cartoonish quality of the imagery involved in this model. It's fun, does it need to be "real"? Dunno. Anyhow, here are some pictures, as I mentioned in the WIP I struggled with depth of field problem photographing the completed model. I got out the DSLR and put a macro lens on and stopped it down to F16 and I was still getting some issues. Next step would have been the tripod and stop it right down but I decided enough was enough. Without further ado some piccies and then some thoughts on the kit The vehicle isn't actually stuck on the base (the weathering dilemma you see) but I'm pretty pleased with it. Thoughts on the Kit I confess when I opened the box I was a trifle disappointed, only one sprue of plastic. But don't be fooled, there is a lot of work in this kit. The instructions are adequate and beautifully presented but they do not stress how important it is to paint as you go along otherwise it will be almost impossible to paint some of the detail particularly inside the vehicle. That said, a lot of the detail will never be seen again once assembled. For example there are discarded empty bottles and cans on the floor, In know they are there, and I know I have painted them, but I'm not sure I could show you them! The fit of components is absolutely exemplary, have a look at the driver in the last photo, his right arm is added after he was stuck into the vehicle he is tight against the frame of the vehicle but the fit is absolutely perfect, I don't think I even had to touch in the paint. Criticism. It's been a long while since I built or painted anything by Games Workshop and I miss the metal. Whilst the plastic figures give good detail, I think that you get finer detail on White metal. But you would struggle to build the vehicle out of anything but plastic so I suppose there is a trade to be made. Do GW still do metal figures? I hope so, they used to be very good indeed. In summary, a fun build and I am very tempted to add a companion vehicle such as the "Megatrakk Scrapjet". I don't think I can give a finer endorsement.
  21. Hi All, here's a WH40K Ultramarines Chapter Master that I finished a while back. He was part of a set of metal figures - I still haven't got around to any of the others as this one was my favourite. I painted him using GW/Citadel acrylics. Thanks for looking, Andrew
  22. Picked these 2 figures up a while ago and forgot they were in the drawer of things to do. They are both the Citadel resin finecast models which replaced the pewter style ones GW used to make. If I am honest those resin models were a terrible experience, the amount of flash and warping was insane. Sgt Telion had microbubbles all over the place that needed filling. Librarian Tigurius staff was has bent as a rainbow and still looks decidedly kinked even after trying the resin in hot water trick to try and unbend it. For around a tenner each I would have expected much better quality. None the less I persevered and got them painted. First up is Chief Librarian Tigurius - he is a HQ model that can be used as the leader of your army. Tigurius 1 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Tigurius 4 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Tigurius 2 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Next is Sgt Telion - he is basically a pimped out scout and can only be assigned to a scout group or used solo Telion 1 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Telion 2 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr Telion 3 by OCUK Wildman, on Flickr
  23. Hey guys, i would like to show you my first at 2016 and the very first figure I have always loved Warhammer (does not matter if "classic" or 40k) and these 28mm figures are quite cute little gems (the cast is amazingly well done by Citadel). And because i love wolves, my favourite unit are the Space Wolves Well, here is the first of them - i have not used any Warhammer rules for painting, just painted it as i like (speaking about colour scheme and weapon chose) So here is the grey hunter, armed with plasma pistol and bolt pistol. I have tried some new techniques to me and obviously have a lot to learn yet But i had A LOT of fun! And one for the size comparing Thanks for watching guys and hopefuly i ll add more figures in better quality over times
  24. This is my first WH40K figure in my modelling history I like Ork's nature and how they work with their rusty equipment. Honestly, I feel my work is still leak of some pattern decorations compare with others. I may give myself this challenge next time. The figure is completed on few months ago and painted by Vallejo acrylic, plus little MIG AMMO dusty weathering on feet.
  25. Hi folk, I finished my Imperial Knight kit and enjoyed every minute. A quick step-by-step is here should anyone wish to view it: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234993227-warhammer-40k-imperial-knight-carapace-and-other-bits-done/ I opted for the Knight Galant boxing which adds more versions over the original kit. It costs a tenner more but you get the choice of carapace mounted weaponry and new main weapons over and above the first edition. I'm not a gamer so, on this occasion I chose a colour scheme that I liked and it evolved into something resembling "House Terryn" in the GW Codex. GW cleverly give the modeller or gamer a lot of freedom when they write their Codexes. If you prefer to make something up entirely then they call those Knights "Freeblades" and allow the modeller to work them in with their own backstory. Great lateral thinking. I bought the Codex as a kind of inspirational tool and marvelled at the painting skills that the 'Eavy Metal workshop have lavished on their miniatures. Beautiful painting in a typical GW style. Great to look at. I also watched some Youtube tutorials to get a feel for the kit before I started. Most modellers choose a very artistic finish to their creations. Some employ wild airbrush techniques, others use amazing hand painted murals to add that wow factor. Some are pristine, others are heavily weathered. Each finished model is unique to the builder and most of them look superb. I decided that I'd like to try some of the techniques that the armour community use on a regular basis. This model would give me a chance to flex my artistic side in way that aircraft modelling rarely permits. Chipped and worn paint, rust and weathering, basing, all techniques that I only use occasionally. For this model I used the GW Chaos black spray can to prime the bare plastic and give a good key for the next layers. I then sprayed some Alclad II lacquer over this on the chassis components like the legs and body of the knight. Many modellers will finish the main components in metal colours then apply the colourful house schemes to the armour panels but I've gone a slightly different route. Instead of bare metal I chose to paint everything in the way armour gets painted. It's not cammo of course but it is universally covered in the same way a tank or APC might be.. With the Alclad II stainless steel down I added salt in places and sprayed on a coat of hairspray in readiness for the initial weathering stages. I used a combination of acrylic blues through the airbrush starting with the darkest shade and working my way through three layers getting gradually lighter. This is not the actual House Terryn base colour, just something I had on my paint shelf.
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