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  1. So my awesome Girlfriend surprised me with this: We are both huge Marvel fans and given my liking for the warhammer 40k tabletop she thought I might like this. Damn she was right!!! So I immediately had to start on it. Her favorite Hero of all is Captain America, so I started with him. The figures are nicely detailed but the mold could be a little more crisp. anyway here he is built: there were some gaps which I filled with vallejo plastic putty and after a coat of black followed by a white zenithal highlight he looks like this: I decided to try something new with this so I had a go with citadels contrast paints: well after all the good reviews I am quite disappointed... so everything else was done with normal acrylics not done yet, but quite a good start! I keep you updated! Cheers Konrad
  2. My newest finished Miniature: Some close ups: All Comments and criticism welcome Cheers Konrad
  3. So, as promised an Update on my Ultramarines... Last time I finished the Vanguard Squad and had two sternguard squads basecoated in blue... I did manage to finish one of the veteran sergeants: some close ups: But after this one I felt the need to build something rather than doing more painting... soooo like @Adam Poultney stated some time last year I had built a Terminator Squad with 3 heavy weapons, with is not allowed If I ever come to the point where I want to play an actual game of 40k... So I decided to fix that... I had one more box of termies and one of the build&paint series boxes with the old termies and a dreadnought. That gave me 3 squads. I did some mix&match and added some Forge World resin Shoulder Pauldrons here and there. So I got from this... to this: And while I was at it I also assambled a squad of terminator assaults... got some pretty aggresive poses: with this squad I got a total of 40 Marines in my 1st Company - 10 Vanguard Veterans, 10 Sternguard Veterans, 15 Terminators and 5 assault terminators. I think that's enough. But when I say 1st Company... then there's more! I caption this next picture "Oh Captains, my Captains!" I have no Intention whatsoever to build a complete chapter (nor do I have the $$$ for that!) but I do like charakter models! They will all be based on 40mm Bases wich I already ordered... But having 10 Captains means I also need a Chapter Master! And here he is: (more pictures in the RFI). Well, that's it at the moment! Cheers Konrad
  4. Just a little sneak peek for the next update: soon, Konrad
  5. Kislev Flesh followed by Reikland Fleshshade as a base. Highlights with Kislev and the brightest bits with ushabti bone. Carroburg Crimson for the lips and agrax earthshade for the deepest shadows and the hair line. HTH Konrad
  6. Hey Folks, this weeks progress: Group Shot: And together with the older Vanguard Veterans: That's it for now! Cheers Konrad
  7. Nice progress just one question: How does it compare to other 1/1000 models sizewise? As the base models are 1/2500 I guess it‘s pretty small?! cheers Konrad
  8. I‘m not quite sure what you want to know... If you mean the other primarchs, I have no plans at the moment... maybe some time in the future the whole character series from Forge World but at the moment I only do one army and that’s ultramarines. If you mean Primaris, I try to avoid them as much as possible... but so far my Chapter Master and Chief Librarian are Primaris models... not yet painted tho. My army WIP can be found here. cheers Konrad
  9. Thanks! the trim came out nicely but was a PITA to paint... had to have the right amount of caffeine to be concentrated without my hands shaking... Thank you, I'm still trying to improve to get some better blends... Predator sounds nice but I had to google Marines Malevolent as I never heard of them before... Now that the leader of this army is done he needs some more army he can lead so I assambled and primed another squad of vanguard veterans but this time the newer plastic ones but after priming I found some mold lines I forgot and also wasn't happy with the coat of blue color I gave the first one... so a reprime it is... and than I thought that I can save some time by doing a few more minis at a time so I assambled two squads of sternguard veterans... one old metal one and one new plastic one: And this is how the 3 squads looked like in my usual prime coat of black followed by white from above Gotta love those fine metal sculpts! It's a shame the newer models have lost all those sharp and delicate details like the chains and such... Anyway here is the whole lot in blue: It's not showing so good in this picture but the blue still has a fine tonal variation between light and shadow... But what this picture clearly shows is the limit of my light box... Thats it for now, cheers Konrad
  10. This is the biggest model in my ultramarines army (so far). the wip can be found here. All sorts of comments welcome! Cheers Konrad
  11. I finally finished this model! here are the last in progress pictures: And here it is, in all it's glory: In my humble opinion this is the best I ever achieved... Any comments highly welcome! Cheers Konrad
  12. Well, before 2019 is over I wanted to give you one last update. I treated the model like every over, black base paint and a white highlight from above to give some light and shadow followed by a thin blue basecoat. on the sword you can still see the effect of the white highlight. after that I blocked in all black than the very tedious job of painting all the gold trim started... It was a job of several afternoons/late evenings... and here is where I am at the end of the year: but fear not! 2020 will be a very busy year regarding my Ultramarines Chapter. Here is a little sneak peek: I wish y'all a very happy new year and all the best! Cheers Konrad
  13. Hey Folks, I completed the the bases with some gras and detail painting and now I'm calling this squad done! here are some pictures: I'm especially proud of the chaos marines piece of armor! with this squad off the bench I had some choices as to what to do next... the following picture is a little teaser: Thanks for watching Cheers Konrad
  14. After being away from home for several months it’s so good to be back at the bench! in the last two weeks I got the vanguards to a point where I can almost call them done. Only few issues left but here are some pictures: Thanks for looking and I‘ll keep you updated! cheers Konrad
  15. So this is my last update for a while, as I’m back on my ship for the next months. I did a little work on a squad of vanguard veterans. They’re the old pewter ones, lovely details but a lot of prep work and one was missing an arm which I replaced with a plastic one from the spares pile. Here they are, in various stages of unfinished: and the one who’s closest to being finished: Still a lot to do but I really enjoy those! well I did. Now I have to play with big Diesel engines and such... bye for now thanks for watching. cheers Konrad
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