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  1. So this is my last update for a while, as I’m back on my ship for the next months. I did a little work on a squad of vanguard veterans. They’re the old pewter ones, lovely details but a lot of prep work and one was missing an arm which I replaced with a plastic one from the spares pile. Here they are, in various stages of unfinished: and the one who’s closest to being finished: Still a lot to do but I really enjoy those! well I did. Now I have to play with big Diesel engines and such... bye for now thanks for watching. cheers Konrad
  2. Well beside going shopping I achieved something too! After a rainy sunday and a rainy monday I finished another figure. Like I hinted friday it is the captain in Terminator Armour. As I'm doing Ultramarines it is Captain Severus Agemman, First Captain of the Chapter and the Regent of Ultramar, meaning that he is ruling the Homeworld when the Chapter Master is absent. So here are the pictures: And I also did some closeups to capture certain details better: Seeing this pictures now on the big screen I see some mistakes and things I forgot, so tomorrow I will go over him again. Thanks for watching Cheers Konrad
  3. Because “Weltraum Marineinfanteristen” sounds a little bit weird... you know we Germans love our loooong words.
  4. Are you aware of the consequences such words might have??? Yeah, me and my wallet fully blame you! cheers Konrad
  5. I guess then I‘ll have to do two more terminator squads
  6. I was really surprised how much better the pictures are with such a simple booth! and I too know the problem with expectations vs reality... for me it’s blending colors for smooth transitions. All those YouTube tutorials make it look so easy but I just can’t pull it off... I feel like I want to keep the dreadnoughts as a “reward“ for painting up two ten men squads (tacticals and primaris intercessors)... But the Captain in Terminator Armour out of that Box seems fitting thanks for the input! Konrad
  7. Hello Folks! Now the promised glamor shots... sort of... the Sergeant: next is the guy with the chainsword on his forearm... and the brothers with the heavy weapons... not the brightes but effective and last but not least the Rocket Man So after finishing this squad, what's next you ask? Well... or... or maybe something from this lot... Anyway, thanks for watching. all sort of comments welcome - even sarcasm... Cheers Konrad
  8. Finished the squad only moments ago. glamor shots and some more words tomorrow, here‘s a first glimpse: thanks for watching Konrad
  9. Thanks Will, comming from you that really means a lot to me as I admire your figure painting skills! next update should be out soon, habe been blocking in all the base colors on the other marines and already started on the next squad. An old pewter vanguard veteran squad that a friend of mine gave me together with his whole crimson fist army that I will repair for him. cheers Konrad
  10. A bit more progress. blue and white are finished, gold still has to get shades and highlights. and the sword needs some attention Konrad
  11. Today I made some progress on the squad leader/ sergeant by blocking in the other colors and then I tried to get some smooth highlights on the blue and white. On these close ups it looks really crude but from normal viewing distance it's quite convincing... First time using a wet palette for this. It makes painting a little bit easier but I still lack talent/experience to get the results I was hoping for. Well I guess it can only get better from here. I'm undecided whether to continue with this figure or bring the others to the same level first... Any comments welcome Konrad
  12. That’s why I use the ordinary masking tape from the hardware store for the bigger spaces and only use the tamiya tape for the delicate detail work. but if you really buy shares, can you get me a discount? It‘s the most important step for a good finish. But also the most annoying one...
  13. I made a start on masking the decks. To keep my sanity I only do a few hours a time here's the result of yesterday's two sessions: And what I did today: I think I'll spare you the rest of the masking... next update when I start painting the hull colors... that means I now have to make a decision I postponed until now... full hull or waterline? Until next time Konrad
  14. That’s exactly the one I use but to be honest, the sandability they show in this video does not compare to reality. If you are filling for example ejection pin marks, the putty does not bond well with the surface below and rubs off when being sanded... but it is a hell of a lot better for filling fine gaps than tamiya putty or the Revell plasto stuff. Cheers Konrad
  15. Very interesting subject! I always wondered how the quality of this 1/400 Heller ships might be, so I‘ll be watching closely if you don‘t mind. cheers Konrad
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