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    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Amazing attention to detail! Those funnels look awesome.

    Russian Destroyer Udaloy

    Todays Topic: Main Mast This one was a bit tricky to bend and to glue: Then I made a big mistake... I put on the upper radar platform too early! The solution was somewhat frightening... but it went well! as you can see above I had to cut all the sensors and stuff from the original kit parts to be fitted to the etch... If anyone of you is interested in building this ship, don't get yourself the trumpeter upgrade set... the parts are too soft but of great quality detail wise. Also a big minus is there's no vertical ladders in the set and the inclined ladders have no real steps just bars... I replaced them with some spare ones. And the instructions are more or less useless. when I come to attaching rails I will have to find some good photos because from the one picture I posted yesterday I can see that ALL( and I mean literally ALL!) railing positions and forms on the bridge roof are wrong depicted... So as this build is supposed to be a stress releaver and not a stress sorce those parts will not be attached as I can simply see no way of getting it done without losing my mind multiple times. not a big deal, the mast looks busy enough without them. and finished: (on the last pic you can see I also forgot to attach the sensors to the mast top on the fwd mast, corrected it) Thats it for now Konrad

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Have you seen the work of @Nick Charnock ? That is really impressive and inspired me to get better

    Russian Destroyer Udaloy

    It‘s astonishing what can be done when you ought to be learning thermodynamics
  5. Looking good! aligning those rails on the funnels must have been a real pain...
  6. Nice start! I really like the style of 21st Century Warships. Looking forward to seeing more progress! Konrad
  7. Hello Everybody, here's my little side project while the Tirpitz is on hold And what you get in the box is typical Trumpeter, many small parts and what surprised me the bridge is molded in clear plastic Next, a little size comparison: Arleigh-Burke-Class Udaloy-Class (and just for you Brits: Type 23 Frigatte) I gotta say this WIP will not be step by step like my Tirpitz build... But anyway, here are some pictures: fitment of the bulbous bow is far from good... needed a lot of putty and sanding... Also some problems on the bridge parts... the upgrade set includes nice doors a lot of sinkmarks had to be removed... now fast forward! this is my color reverence: decks painted and construction of the forward mast: And here's where I am at the moment: colors are: Main deck - Mix of Tamiya Linoleum deck brown (XF79), Hull red (XF9) and black (XF1) Upper decks - Citadel Skag brown (thinned with tamiya thinner and paint retarder) Lower hull - Tamiya Hull Red Upper hull and superstructure - Tamiya Light gray (XF66) over black Water pass - Tamiya flat white (XF2) Thanks for looking any comments welcome Konrad

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Thanks for all the kind words and all the luck you wish me ( I will definitely need all of it) Here you can see every tool I use for my P/E work: CA glue (liquid and gel depending on the aplication) A sharp No 11 on a wooden surface to cut the parts from the fret some fine tweezers (the one that clamps is very important if you need a 3rd hand) A bending tool a 30W soldering iron with the tip from a 15W soldering iron (smaller tip is better) and some low temperature solder I have to admit that I only solder bigger parts where its harder to f*** it up and I am not very good with the P/E (in my opinion at least). I often loose parts to the carpet monster even though I don't have a carpet... Hope this helps As you wish I'll post some pictures of the russian ship soon. There are a few compromises you have to do regarding scale... but the overall look will be okay I guess

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Well, thanks for saying my PE work is excellent (not so sure if I‘d agree). Tirpitz has a quite interresting story even though she never had a real battle. Like Nukes nowadays she was just a constant threat. And the story how she was attacked by mini subs is truely amazing. Thanks. In my opinion that is making it harder rather than easier. It is a real pain to handle and I already knocked off two of them... or maybe it‘s just me being too clumsy Thanks for your suggestion but I have to say casting is way beyond my skills and posibilities. I might give up on the moveable guns ideal and was looking around the net for solid blastbags. The only ones I managed to find where on shapeways but it was a complete set of 3d printed turrets including the barrels and way too expensive just for the blastbags... and using the printed turrets would cause a lot of work getting the aluminium barrels of the kit turrets and onto the printed ones... maybe I just have to make my own with tissue and PVA glue. I have a sad anouncement to make: this build is currently on hold! reason is: I am in my last year of college (I’m soon to be a ship’s engineer) and the finals are coming closer. There‘s not much time for modelling and what time I can spare I really want to enjoy. Therefore I started a new project that is a lot simpler and doesn‘t require that much head scratching. It‘s a cold war era russian missile destroyer so if anyone is interrested in seeing it I might start a wip but not so much in detail as this one here. a soon as my head is free again (mid february) the Tirpitz will continue! oh and belated happy new year to everyone

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Last Update before Christmas I started the 105mm Guns... the replacement barrels look awesome but are tiny... had to photograph them through a magnifiying glass the P/E was a little tricky but - as the comparison with the pure kit part shows - well worth the effort and like always I couldn't resist seeing it in place with its big brothers... Now I only have to make 7 more of them... Merry Christmas to all of you!

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Time for another small update! the last week was really busy but I could spare a couple hours here and there to continue this build. After the main armament comes the secondary... It was... tedious. I used masking tape as a guide for correct length and as usual: some shots with the turrets in place cable reels next... not finished there are 4 diffent sizes of cable reels, this is the biggest one the spacers where turned from evergreen rod with my last ship builds I made the experience that doing all this tedious small pieces in the end, when the ship itself is already done, is a real mojo killer so I tried to do some of it in between. I also prepaired the hull and decks for primer quite a few layers of putty where necessary to get the shaft funnels flush. the A-brackets did not align properly so I had to adjust the height with sheet plastic... and then I managed to break them while sanding... twice but now its ok. also drilled the portholes. Thanks for watching, any comments welcome Oh and before I forget HAPPY HOLIDAYS Konrad
  12. They look amazing, great work!

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Asking the real questions here... honestly I have no idea. I guess I could sculpt them using Green stuff or something similar but that would take me the option of displaying the ship in different situations... Does anyone know a way to produce moveable blastbags in 1:350? Konrad

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Thank you! I might give it another try on a test piece but every wooden finish I tried so far looked somehow scrappy... The trimming and filling in thing looks like the route I might try although the offcuts do not have the decking cut into it. Maybe reproduce the pattern with a hard pencil? Next steps: I built the cranes and had the chance to use my dremel as an improvised lathe. The eduard set included a pulley with a 2D Stand (or wathever it is). that just didn't look wright so I turned a toothpick into a 3D version of that thing. and all in place: not sure wether to use all the PE parts for the crane jibs so I postpone this part. Moving on to armament! first the torpedo tubes before and after the brass treatment and a scenic view also showing the masts in place the Postman brought me something! YEAY!!! I might have bitten up more than I can chew with the 20mm AA... but time will tell. For now I started with the big guns. You can clearly see the age of the kit with all undersides just open... had to fix that just for comparison and the complete turret and all four done: Thats it for now... Only so many things to still complete before I can finally get to priming and painting... Thanks for watching, all kind of comments welcome Konrad

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Thanks Stuart! Well I still have no good solution for the wooden deck problem but I carried on regardless. The next installment was the masts. main mast assembly was a little tricky with that amount of PE... the kit parts used: ...and modified there was an issue with one of the ladders eduard provided... way too short! luckily I had some spares and the finished main mast And how it looks in its place Next, the forward mast. Take this... ...add that... ...aand you get a finished mast! Thats it for the moment. Next in line will be cranes and small deck fittings and as soon as the brass barrels arrive, the armament. thanks for watching, any comments welcome Konrad