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  1. Sorry Andy, nothing to show atm... I bought the super 3D drawings from Kagero for detail work and am in the planning stage for creating a diorama around the Tirpitz. She‘ll be at anchorage in the Fjords with maybe one or two small boats around. I have a couple of the trumpeter S-100 but I‘m not sure yet. Main focus is on the 1/72 Pirate ship as my lovely girlfriend wants something „more decorative“ for the living room...(her words not mine) cheers Konrad
  2. Huge Update today! (no it's not the canons... I'm a student. I am really good at procrastinating) BUT I did a couple of other things! I found another little error that had to be fixed... hmm... the trustworthy soldier (measured from head to toe 1,69m) found the door to be way to small! so I extended it with sheet way better! Next thing on the list is the stern... looks better... And I started painting the hull this is still only base colors... I think there might be some spots where I'll have to fill and sand some gaps when joining the hull And here comes be best thing! I found a figurehead! well at least I found a nice figure that I can use with some small modifications. The figure is from Games Workshop and is called a myrmourn banshee... First I mocked up the whole stem and cutwater then I had to swallow some brave pills... but it was well worth it! May I present to you: The Black Widow!!! There is still some detailwork to be done so everything fits perfectly but I really like the way this looks! thats it for today! Thanks for stopping by, Cheers Konrad
  3. Hallo Stuart, under a coat of paint it‘s not too obvious but I have to see how it looks after washing and dry brushing... But the area is pretty small compared to the capstan area... You‘re welcome! But I have to say my color choice was more a matter of what I have in stock, not so much whether or not it’s the best color for the job... cheers Konrad
  4. Today I want to show you a little something that bothered me too much to accept it... the hawsepipes (is it called pipes on sailing ships too??) are in an impossible to operate spot. the anchor cable needs to run longitudinal through the ship to the capstan sowith the hawsepipes on the sides of the ship the cable would be locked almost 90° under the weight of the anchor and you could never haul them inboard! so I had to fix that... I copied the form as good as I could and placed it in the desired position then the old one had to go and the holes to be filled rescribing the planks was a real challenge as i could not use the metal ruler on the curved surface... But I was pleased with the result. Now I had to copy that on the starboard side... Not a complete mirror image but good enough considered that when displayed you will not see both sides at the same time... Thats it for now... Now there is only the huge capstan left that is part of the main mast... that is really impractical as you need the space around the mast for the rigging... I'd love to change that too but I'm not sure I can fix the planking that is now covered with the capstan's stand ... Maybe I will have to live with that... The german builder I mentioned earlier solved this by taking a mold from the planking and casting a resin copy that he inserted into the hole where the capstan was but I honestly am not brave enough to try casting. If anyone of you has a better solution to this please let me now! Thanks for watching Cheers Konrad PS.: @ArnoldAmbrose thats a german G36
  5. @Martian Hale I always imagined my first contact with extra terrestrial life would be on an interstellar mission that I volunteered for to safe our solar system... guess I have to live with the disappointment... sincerely, a human
  6. Hello Jeff, I don‘t now if you folks down under still use the size of the queens feet for measurements or if you are already using the metric system so I made two pictures just for you! Cheers Konrad
  7. Hey Folks! Not much progress to report... I am still busy cleaning up all the parts for the canons. each consist of seven parts... so with 32 canons there are well over 200 parts to be cleaned up... But I could not resist to already build at least one Here it is: I chose a redbrown color to match the inside hull wich has yet to be painted... Here it is where it belongs... I thing the color works well with the deck color. If anyone is interested, the metal color is black base, light drybrushed with bronze and then washed with nihilakh oxide from citadel. this stuff is awesome for all brass/copper/bronze parts! Thats it for now! Cheers Konrad
  8. As I said, I‘m after a well used but maintened look which IMHO is more likely for a pirate ship... as it might look rather cool torn to shreds sails will not give you the maneuverability that is necessary to overcome and enter another ship... so sorry for that. Sunbleached decks it‘ll be! Well, you‘re welcome as to where this will go... I couple of years ago a member from a German forum build this to an absolutely incredible standard... I have revisited his build log very often in the last few weeks. Here is the link to it: https://www.wettringer-modellbauforum.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=50055&pageNo=1&highlight=Reaper&s=20f4c0b5d3811f7b2a6b74c2ef5eefaab5551d87 And the finished ship: https://www.wettringer-modellbauforum.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&postID=781808#post781808 If I end up with something not even half as good as this then I’m all pleased. but we will see! now back to the canon assembly line... cheers Konrad
  9. Hello everyone! Today I want to start a project that started about five years ago when I bought the revell pirate ship "Black Swan" wich is originally from Zvezda and is basically the black pearl with a different figurehead... a swan... yeah really pirate like... So I bought this five years ago, opened the box and decided I'm not yet ready for this... So now I am... at least I'll try anyway! So my plans are to get this to look really realistic, so no deep black ship that looks like it survided a wildfire. I want to change the figurehead and then find a suitable name. so here's the box: Its massive... but a big portion of the parts will not be used... the shrouds will be done with real ropes and wooden bull's-eyes and the yards (and masts) will be replicated in wood I might use the blocks provided in the kit they do look well done First thing I have done was deciding on colors for the wooden decks and the hull I used the life boat for testing I quite like the result... here is one for scale... not at all the right figure but the only 1/72 I had and a mock up to show the size of this beauty... I am so stoked about finally doing this! So then I started with the decks First a basecoat of a skin toned beige, than multiple tonal variations by mixing it with different colors and washes in brown and sephia ...followed by a heavy wash of black and last but not least a dry brushing with an off-white cream color and again a quick mock up to see if it works for the scale... I like the result very much! The lower battery deck got the same treatment minus the tonal variation as almost none of it will be visible through the gun ports or the stairways... Next up: Building 32 Canons, painting them and painting of the inner walls... Sounds like fun! Thanks for watching! Any Input or recommendations regarding figureheads are more than welcome! Cheers Konrad
  10. To be honest, I doubt it... even with the jig I could not get the holes perfectly aligned and it’s even more difficult to bend the wire correctly so it is somewhat rectangular... It is in fact the same thickness as the plastic ones but I agree that it looks too chunky. Maybe I‘ll do another test with thinner wire. Thanks for the input! Cheers Konrad
  11. Oh and I forgot: I also did some real work on her installed the bridge wings. I decided to solder them to make them a little bit more handable... Also did this little “houses“ on the aft superstructure. Anyone who knows what they are, feel free to enlighten me also drilled the missing portholes fwd and aft of the main turrets So the ready-for-paint board gets bigger and bigger that‘s it for now cheers Konrad
  12. Hello Folks, Well I‘m back at her! and to start off this revival I have a question... I was wondering whether or not to replace the molded on blobs of plastic that resemble the ladders from the weather deck to the waterline... so I built a little drilling jig from leftover pe-fret after measuring the kit ladders. here‘s how the new steps would look like on a piece of scrap plasticard... and compared to the kit version: So my question is is it really worth the drilling of more than 100 0.3mm holes? Does it look significantly better than the plastic steps??? Any comments on that matter would be highly appreciated!!! cheers Konrad
  13. Will be watching with interest as I am tempted to try a sea base too. hopefully you‘ll give a good step by step explanation cheers Konrad
  14. Looking good! What scale is that Monster of a Bismarck in the background???
  15. you did a good job of fitting the nose, hopefully the rescribing of the panel lines will cause no problems! Cheers
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