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  1. I like that combination of blue and yellow over the grey.
  2. Those are some lovely models, I'm really impressed with how "clean" they look, plus the bases are great too! I definitely do not have enough confidence with my miniatures to show them so close up.
  3. This is Gerti, an Imperial Guard armoured recovery vehicle that I converted out of Chimera APC and Galvanic Servouhauler kits, with parts from a couple of Imperial Guard tank accessories sprues, some plasticard and some styrene strips thrown in for good measure. As I don't actually play Imperial Guard (except for a Kill Team) I think I have just spent more than 3 weeks building and painting what is effectively a terrain piece, but I'm pretty happy with the end result! The crane is covered with a decent amount of fiddly detail but I figured that once it was
  4. There's something about that sort of modern tank that has a huge blocky turret with a massive overhanging bustle that I really like the look of too.
  5. I don't currently have any sandy pigments, but that's a good idea and I'll definitely bear it in mind if/when I build some more tank kits.
  6. Sadly this isn't as nice as the other one that's recently been displayed here, but it is the first kit I've completed in ages so I'm happy with it for that if nothing else. Link to Flickr album. As you'd expect from a Tamiya kit it all went together very nicely. In retrospect I should have done assembly in a slightly different order to what I did - mainly I should have fitted the wheels and tracks to the lower hull before attaching the upper hull - but that's down to me, not the kit itself. Also I need to work out a good wa
  7. This plane is an inspiration to us all. Does it let all the people calling it ugly get it down? No it does not, it just smiles a big smile and lets it all wash over it. Nice build, too!
  8. Awesome, I hope mine looks as good when I finally get around to building it.
  9. I like that a lot and I too would like a Tempest II kit!
  10. When I started getting back into modelling one early attempt was an Airfix Typhoon that I'd bought but not built as a child. Lots of raised detail, as you'd expect. Weirdly, despite not having learnt to apply decals to a gloss surface its markings adhered and conformed amazingly well, probably just as well or better than those on any kit I've built since.
  11. Is that the Meteor that's on display at East Fortune? I think I saw it the on Saturday.
  12. The Swedes seem to build the fighters that they want, then see if anyone else wants to buy them, as have France from time to time. Elsewhere in Europe more commonly a group of countries decide to collaborate then spend years arguing in an attempt to get everyone to agree what they want. This may be part of why Saab and the French firms seem to have managed quicker developments than groups like Panavia and the Eurofighter consortium. Maybe the UK plans to nail down the basic requirements and then see if they are suitable for any potential partner nations. That may result in a reason
  13. ChrisL

    BBC news

    I've found a couple of articles that have renderings of the proposed Tempest. The wing's definitely got a different shape to the YF-23's and I reckon that the air intakes/engine layout probably shares more in common with the F-35 and F-22: https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/uk-unveils-new-next-generation-fighter-jet-called-tempest/ https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/farnborough-tempest-concept-underscores-uk-fighter-450327/
  14. Is there a decent 1/72 Fullback? I like the aircraft but it is very large! I have a vague idea that there's a fairly recent 1/72 tooling but at what almost seems to be 1/48 pricing, is it any good?
  15. Could you sand off the framing from the MS canopy then use micro mesh to polish it back up to clarity?
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