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  1. I am fond of the Crusader for some reason, possibly something to do with the funny shape of the turret and the big mantlet on the mark 1 and 2. Your rendition looks very nice!
  2. I figure there's a chance that Torvolts is "quick release" at the waist, so they can switch to a smaller locomotive unit when they want to move around in smaller surroundings. Also, I recently painted up a companion for Torvolts, a "classic" late '80s Citadel Imperial Castellan robot. While other tech priests may use such robots as bodyguards, I'm not sure that this is really the case for Torvolts!
  3. Thank you! I feel that I should have put more effort into painting the fiddly details than I did. While kit bashing the model together I didn't pay as much attention to how accessible various bits would be for painting than I should have. This, combined with it having a lot of details and fiddly bits meant that towards the end of painting it I was relying a bit too much on the initial metallic base coats and letting liberal applications of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade do their jobs. Thankfully they are very good at their jobs and the overall business of the model means there's plenty to look
  4. This is an Adeptus Mechanic tech priest conversion I recently completed. It is derived primarily from the Necron Canoptek Reanimator an Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest Dominus Warhammer 40,000 kits, with a few other 40k bits and bobs and some green stuff mechadendrites (robo-tentacles). This is Magos Logus Torvolts, Dominus Ultima of the Nyarlax Cluster Forge Worlds. The Nyarlax Cluster is a group of solar systems that contain several minor Adeptus Mechanicus forge worlds. The cluster was thrown into chaos following the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum (a great tear in reality tha
  5. Thank you! The 40k Imperial Guard aesthetic is pretty low tech but like the 40k aesthetic in general there's a "too much is not enough" sort of vibe going on so it felt very appropriate to try and cram as many weapons and pieces of equipment onto Gerti as I could.
  6. I like that combination of blue and yellow over the grey.
  7. Those are some lovely models, I'm really impressed with how "clean" they look, plus the bases are great too! I definitely do not have enough confidence with my miniatures to show them so close up.
  8. This is Gerti, an Imperial Guard armoured recovery vehicle that I converted out of Chimera APC and Galvanic Servouhauler kits, with parts from a couple of Imperial Guard tank accessories sprues, some plasticard and some styrene strips thrown in for good measure. As I don't actually play Imperial Guard (except for a Kill Team) I think I have just spent more than 3 weeks building and painting what is effectively a terrain piece, but I'm pretty happy with the end result! The crane is covered with a decent amount of fiddly detail but I figured that once it was
  9. There's something about that sort of modern tank that has a huge blocky turret with a massive overhanging bustle that I really like the look of too.
  10. I don't currently have any sandy pigments, but that's a good idea and I'll definitely bear it in mind if/when I build some more tank kits.
  11. Sadly this isn't as nice as the other one that's recently been displayed here, but it is the first kit I've completed in ages so I'm happy with it for that if nothing else. Link to Flickr album. As you'd expect from a Tamiya kit it all went together very nicely. In retrospect I should have done assembly in a slightly different order to what I did - mainly I should have fitted the wheels and tracks to the lower hull before attaching the upper hull - but that's down to me, not the kit itself. Also I need to work out a good wa
  12. This plane is an inspiration to us all. Does it let all the people calling it ugly get it down? No it does not, it just smiles a big smile and lets it all wash over it. Nice build, too!
  13. Awesome, I hope mine looks as good when I finally get around to building it.
  14. I like that a lot and I too would like a Tempest II kit!
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