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  1. Thanks for posting these great photos - I hadn’t seen the colour images before. I think dunkelgelb would look good, although I also like the look of a camo scheme on a JT too. Maybe I should build two?! Cheers, Andrew
  2. Yes - there a lots of very tiny PE parts which are not visible without the aid of an electron microscope. I like the look of the PE schurzen although the rest of the parts are minuscule. I think this will be ‘challenging’
  3. Hi All, after much deliberation I decided to build a jagdtiger for my first GB project and out of curiosity ordered the 1/72 Dragon Henschel JT from Kingkit. I laughed when I opened the box as it is so tiny, although I fell in love with it immediately and decided that this was the one to build. For such a small kit the detail is impressive; a long way from the 1/72 kits I remember from my childhood. I’ve bought some PE for it and a metal barrel simply because I like working with PE. Some of the PE parts are almost certainly going to get lost, but I guess that just adds to the fun!? The kit and the PE Dragon 1/72 vs Dragon 1/35 Jagdtiger - an interesting comparison, at least for me. I’ll be basing the JT on sPzJgAbt 512 numbered X7. I found a good set of images of this vehicle online, although not yet sure of the camouflage scheme on this particular example. thanks for looking, Andrew
  4. Hi Ozzy, Thanks - I’ll aim for just the one I think, and it will probably be a 1/48 Sturmtiger which I’ve had in the stash for a while. Cheers, Andrew
  5. Hi @Redcoat2966 that's a very nice build with superb colour modulation, camo and chipping - I'm looking forward to seeing the weathering progress, Cheers, Andrew
  6. Hi @Ozzy, am I still able to join the Tiger GB? I have an ambush of tigers currently in my stash just waiting to be released (yes, an 'ambush' really is the collective noun for tigers - how cool is that?!) Many thanks, Andrew
  7. Hi All, another update on the Jagdpanther; it’s been primed, shaded and given a coat of dark yellow. I decided to attempt one of the ‘interesting’ bold striped Camo schemes and after some experimentation I found that thin ribbons of ‘white-tak’ make an effective mask. I’m happy with the result although the stripes are a little wider than the vehicle illustration that I was using as reference. As I believe the stripes would have been hand-sprayed rather than stencilled I think some variation is acceptable. I only painted one side of the casemate in case it didn’t work out too well; I’ll now continue with the rest of the vehicle, thanks for looking, Andrew
  8. Thanks for your kind comments I used a Dremel tool to grind the cover down to the level of the surrounding armour and then replaced it with the PE cover parts. I could have sanded it just the same, although I was being impatient. I’ll probably have a bit of cleaning up and filling which become more visible after priming. Cheers, Andrew
  9. Hi All, the jagdpanther build has finally been completed and it is now ready for painting. The build took longer than intended although it was fun; I had a few other distractions over the last few weeks. I will prime the model and then decide on a Camo scheme; I have a couple of Alpine crew figures in winter Camo gear so I may do a whitewash finish over the Camo as I was aiming for a winter 1944-5 vehicle. I was very happy with this Alliance bucket, and I have soldered another one ready to attach to the rear after painting. Thanks for looking, Andrew
  10. Absolutely stunning - an amazing piece of work. I really like the whitewash and weathering, the winter tracks, and the attention to detail such as the worn areas where the crew access the vehicle. I did wonder if you had intended to leave the periscope lenses whitewashed though? Cheers, Andrew
  11. Hi @Redcoat2966 thanks for for your comments; lots of really helpful advice there Your example looks fantastic and the shading is still clearly visible through the yellow. I will go back to the panther and play around with the B&W technique again using your suggestions Cheers, Andrew
  12. I think the B&W definitely gets a bit 'lost' during the camo painting on this turret and I agree that it is best to go for extreme shadows and highlights i.e. true B&W rather than '50 shades of grey'. I don't think that I had enough contrast for it to be visible after the basecoat and camo. I think that the B&W approach probably works best on a single-colour scheme; most of the examples I have seen are grey, yellow or green vehicles. I think that shading/modulating the camo colours is probably a better approach for complicated schemes, and this is what I did for the Hetzer 'ambush' camo, even though I used B&W pre-shading there too. If I was to do the same camo scheme again I'd probably just prime in white. Cheers, Andrew
  13. Hi All, here's a couple of pics that I found of a Tamiya panther G that I was working on quite a while ago - it's currently on the shelf as I have moved on to other more interesting projects. I was experimenting with the B&W pre-shading method and also with oil paint colour modulation on the turret. The kit is built OOB apart from tow cables made from brass picture-wire and Aber PE engine grilles. I will pick this one back up again at some point - so many projects, so little time........ Thanks for looking, Andrew
  14. This is stunning - you’ve done a beautiful job of subtly shading and weathering the tank. It reminds me very much of Francois Verlinden’s work and he was a true master of his craft. I love it! cheers, Andrew
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