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  1. Great looking model; excellent painting and weathering especially in 1/48 scale - really like the chipping, rust streaks and the mud on the running gear is superb, cheers, Andrew
  2. Very nice clean build and painting - really captures the feeling of a cold winter setting. The figures look good to me - you're right about Tamiya heads though - Hornet Heads (try Historex Agents just down the road in Dover) make excellent heads which makes painting faces almost a pleasure! cheers, Andrew
  3. Really nice build and finishing - I really like the wear on the gun breech, rear tailgate and the corrosion on the toolbox cheers, Andrew
  4. Thanks - still a work in progress I'm afraid! Now thw weather has turned into winter, I'll probably get going again.....
  5. Thanks for the suggestions @PlaStix and @Silenoz One thing I was also considering is to splice in one of the spare styrene track links that are included in the kit. As the ‘magic tracks’ can be glued with styrene cement this should be possible. I’ll weigh up the various options and decide which seems the best to me, Cheers, Andrew
  6. Hi Toby, @Planebuilder62 that sounds like a great solution although in this case the vehicle I’m depicting has lost most of the skirts. I was thinking that I could thread a loop of fine wire or cotton through the track and around the first or second road wheel and use this to pull the track down to give the appearance of sagging. It probably won’t be visible if the loop is pulled tightly enough. Cheers, Andrew
  7. Hi Toby @Planebuilder62 Thanks for your kind comment - ‘magic tracks’ is the name Dragon gives to its one piece ‘rubber band’ tracks. They’re not bad although the only thing that seems to be ‘magic’ about them is that they can be glued together at the joint with normal plastic cement. I was naively hoping that the ‘magic’ part was that once fitted they grew to the correct length for the kit as they are stretched tightly over the wheels and don’t sit correctly at allI’m assuming that they are the correct length for a 1/72 Dragon King Tiger, whereas I believe the Jagdtiger chassis w
  8. Hi All, A bit more progress on the JT this week; I have painted the wheels in dunkelgelb, given them a wash with GW sepia and highlighted them by drybrushing with an very pale dunkelgelb shade. i have painted most of the tools and accessories although a few more parts still need tidying up. I also started adding a pin wash around the details with very thin burnt umber oil paint. I have also begun adding a few more shades and variations to the camo colours using oils. I’ll add the decals before I do any more so that the markings don’t look too fresh. Once all
  9. Hi All, more progress on the camo, which is based on colour profiles of JT X7 and others from sPzJgAbt 512. I brush painted the basic camo pattern and then airbrushed each patch using three shades of brown and green to get shading and modulation. I was initially using Vallejo liquid mask although I felt that this gave too hard an edge. I airbrushed each patch without masking as this gave a softer edge which I preferred. I used Vallejo and AK Paints thinned with 20% Air Thinners + 20% Vallejo Flow Improver with a 0.2mm airbrush set to around 10psi. I will now prime and p
  10. Hi All, I’ve primed and started painting; Mr Surfacer 1500 white followed by airbrushed dunkelgelb in several shades from the AK modulation set. I aimed to get a light overall appearance due to the scale effect and because I expect the weathering will darken it a tone or two. I started to brush paint the camo scheme in olive green and medium brown although my new cunning plan is to block in the camo shapes using a mid-tone of each colour by brush. I am then using Vallejo liquid mask to mask off each area for shading by airbrush to get ‘modulation’ and shading. Qui
  11. I'm planning to airbrush the dunkelgelb and brush paint the camo pattern. I think that masking for airbrush using either tape or 'WhiteTack' on this scale would be a nightmare with all the tools and other parts already attached as they are so easily broken off again, so brush is probably the best option. Cheers, Andrew
  12. Hi All, thanks for all the positive and kind words; this is really appreciated and helps to keep the motivation high Cheers, Andrew
  13. Hi All, I think I’ve now finished the JT build! Quite a bit more PE added, and I’m happy with the end results. The only slight disappointment is that the kit came only with an MG34 rather than an MG42 as in the photos of the 512 X7. This build was a challenge, and I think that my PE soldering and supergluing skills have improved as a result. I’ll wait for a day or so to make sure everything is fully dried before a coat of Mr Surfacer 1500 primer. Thanks for looking, Andrew
  14. This is brilliant - the only problem is that if I saw one of these coming over the bridge at Arnhem I'm not sure whether I'd stand there in amazement or if I'd run away?! Andrew
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