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  1. Never mind the wingy things, I note that the latest 1/48 Armour is the T34/85 and they've done a proper job on it (not just sticking a big turret on the T34/76 chassis) https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/32599/index.htm This is model number 99 in the range. Shirley the next up has to be the Centurion?
  2. Thanks Jochen for taking the time to do this, much appreciated. I will now watch the film with your commentary to hand,
  3. If you have a link left you can use "Blue Stuff" to make a mould to cast a copy. You can get it off Amazon or Ebay (and other places I'm sure) you put a stick of "Blue Stuff" in hot water and it becomes mouldable you simply press it around the original and leave it to go hard, it is flexible when set so you can overlap the original slightly create your copy with your favourite putty. It seems immune to styrene solvent so you could even use "Sprue-goo"
  4. So, I have reached a point where I cannot keep assembling without getting some painting done. So I have the main chassis, complete with twin V6 engines and drivers seat (and boots) and various sub-assemblies that I am going to prime before going any further (and also the crew figures) As there is a lot of unpainted metal on the vehicle I have primed using Vallejo "Gloss Black Primer - Metal Color" chucked on with muh airbrush. Not terribly clear I know but it isn't very interesting, just bits of plastic that used to be a dull grey colour that are now
  5. More progress on Clive. He has a basic skin tone established Vallejo Flat Green over Military Green with some highlighting with Flat Green + Buff, then the metal bits picked out in flat Black Now pick out the metallic bits with Gunmetal Steel and some Brass colours (again all Vallejo Model Colour) Clive is modelling from the latest Levi's range for the discerning psychopathic greenskin And here we have the Vehicle assistants, Sid and Stu Forgive the poor photography, all shots taken freehand under an LED desk lamp. But hopefully it gives you a
  6. Good evening, I'm Clive, your driver for today... The first job is put a stick up Clive's b*m and then undercoat with Artist's Gesso This stuff is wonderful, it shrinks as it dries and sticks to plastic really well, it gives a fine surface texture which takes acrylic paint superbly without obscuring any surface detail (and it isn't smelly!) And a quick application of dark green as a base for Ork skin There is so much interesting detail on these figures (we also have Derek, the gunner and ride-on associates Sid and Stu) it is a shame that this guy wil
  7. Some time ago I built another model from this range the "Boomdakka Scrapjet" One I made earlier So I have started another... This is the "Kustom Boosta Blasta", as you can perhaps see, I am trying to assemble the vehicle in sub assemblies. You can perhaps see the only smear of filler used so far on the scuttle behind the engine? Everything fits together so well you can push fit the sub assemblies Notice the unusual way this kit is designed, the driver's boots are moulded in the footwell ...but wh
  8. I now don't know where he got the original link from...
  9. Looks interesting @Jasonsamuel direct links to Flickr don't work. Click on the download symbol (A down pointing arrow in the bottom left of the window) choose "View all sizes", choose the size you wish to share and then right-click on the photo as displayed and choose "copy image location" from the menu that appears, then paste that link into the "insert image from URL" box on here.
  10. Masterclass in the use of textures, from the caked mud on the track guards to the flaking rust on welds and the fabric on the bags slung on the rear of the tank. Perfect.
  11. Finished. Not the best it could be but a smashing little kit
  12. Completed. Straight out-of-the-box build. Don't like the transfers. The Divisional Insignia look too big and were a pig to work with even given a decent application of Micro Sol. One has a crease in it and I lost the black 2 to go on the yellow disk when the transfer disintegrated when trying to get it off the backing paper. All paint has been applied with traditional hairy stick techniques including dry brushing, damp brushing, wet blending and washes. A final coat of Windsor and Newton Acrylic Matt Varnish to seal. As ever, when
  13. A little appetiser to get the "modelling juices" running again. Nearly finished so I feel confident enough to post some build piccies Rather than follow the instructions to the letter I built the model as three sub assemblies to help painting. I'm not sure how much you will be able to see on the finished model but I know it's there! The driver is not a particularly good figure he looks like he has dozed off behind the wheel. The "clutter" added to the load area are from the Tamiya 1/48 "Jerry Can Set", yes it includes bedding rolls and packs.
  14. You see faults, I see a pretty damn fine model. Well done sir!
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