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  1. Thank you a) I bought it from Wayland Games for £21.87 (£27.50 in GW stores) https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/fast-attack/57992-orks-boomdakka-snazzwagon b) Not decided yet, will certainly be picked out as some sort of metallic
  2. Something a bit different. I don't do much Warhammer or 40K these days but I saw this Ork "Boomdakka Snazzwagon" in one of the Games Workshops shop windows and took a liking to it. It's actually pretty well engineered everything seems to stick together very nicely with only minimal tidying up with scalpel and abrasives. Quite a posh set of instructions and a single sprue of plastic bits. Minor criticism here the numbering of the components is based on the instructions not on the position on the sprue. So part 45 might be at one corner of the sprue and part 46 in the middle on the opposite side. Irritating, but nothing more. So, decided to prime the bits of the vehicle black whilst still on the sprue. I wouldn't normally but it seemed a logical step and it has largely worked as I intended that most of the vehicle would be "bare metal" with metal edges to the armour plate. It is quite an intricate model and I have tried to make sure that the bits that will ultimately be hidden are given as much attention as the bits on the outside. Progress has been slow as painting pretty much has to be done as things progress. You could stick it all together and paint it later but I don't think it would be successful. Colour scheme will be largely red and white with the different metallic colours. The driver is going to be challenging as he is leaning out of the vehicle with a "Molotov Cocktail" in his right hand and he is moulded to his seat. I'm debating whether to stick his arms on before or after painting and before or after installing him in the vehicle (his left hand grips the steering wheel, obviously Orks drive on the same side of the carriageway as us Brits!) Wheels just popped on to the axles and by no means finished. That is an undercoat for the red areas and still some washes required on the metallics. More, eventually!
  3. Pon my soul, Migs with Measles! Nice work and love the prototype photos (especially the Migs with Hunters)
  4. Yup, I'm beginning to think you're right. Not the hardest thing to correct but I'll give it a bit more "research" because knowing my luck I'll repaint them and find that they were red after all!
  5. So, done. Here is the link to the RFI thread. One last photo of WIP, epoxy-ed onto individual 30mm circular bases
  6. So, just about done (I may give them another coat of varnish as there is a bit of an unwanted sheen here) and I may tinker with the bases (change the colour of the rim) but that's about it. WIP Thread So... ...and last, but by no means least... the "money shot"! Reasonably happy. My first attempt at the strictures of Napoleonic Era uniforms and I may have the facings on the Bugler wrong. Nice figures, certainly challenging to paint. Pleased.
  7. Get yourself an Optivisor. Brilliant piece of kit it simply flips down over your glasses to give you extra magnification when needed. Beloved of watchmakers and many other modellers and crafters. Optivisor on Amazon You can choose various power lenses and add an LED light and even a magnifying loupe. Comfortable to wear and (if you get the US brand "Donegan") nicely made. Watch out there are lots of cheap rip offs which may, or may not, be a bit bobbins. And you need to make sure you have good illumination of your work bench. Ikea do some nice cheap LED spots and work area lights. Welcome back, prepare to have your wallet lightened.
  8. Oh ye gods I hope so! My "research" (if I may dignify it with that name) consisted of referencing multiple photographs and images on the internet. I have to confess this is one of the complexities of Napoleonic uniforms that has me in a cold sweat! I found a French site which had helpful drawings of the uniforms and showed the bugler alone with red facings. I don't like making models of models so disregarded such sources but I confess that many models of a Bugler show the black-grey facings as worn by most other ranks. Logically it seems unlikely that a Bugler would be so adorned but as you say it did happen in other regiments!
  9. Nearly there. Just need to base and perhaps the odd touch here and there? This guy is the company "cobbler" hence the boots and pot on his back, maybe a little fanciful for advancing into action? But fun to paint! Quite pleased, nice figures to paint, intricate uniform details were challenging. Next stop should be "Ready For Inspection"...
  10. A quick rudimentary calculations makes the model at about 4'6" long (1.37m) that's a big old lump of model. Any chance of some photographs against a less cluttered background? It would be most appreciated but she indeed looks "Mighty" (as she should).
  11. Nice work, and I'm going to congratulate you on the thagomizer so you can look the word up and be amused
  12. A little update. The figures are coming together nicely. I must admit the intricacies of Napoleonic uniforms was something I had never considered until these figures. Riflemen, dark green and pick out the details... ...not so fast Rumbly! The Sergeant figure The Bugler. What I found was that there was considerable variation in the uniforms according to rank and function. So note the Bugler wears grey trousers compared to the green of the Sergeant. This, from my internet searching appears to be a function of on-campaign availability? Note also the red trimmings on the sash/cummerbund worn by the Sergeant and the red cuffs and epaulettes of the Bugler. These are rank designators as I understand them. So complex is the word! I have the other figures at similar stages. I call this the look and check stage. It's easy to miss bits so it is important to examine the figures carefully and look for bits that aren't complete also areas like the Sergeant's stripes that need a little tidy up. Here the metallics have not been properly applied. I like to apply a matt varnish and this kills the sheen of the metallic paints, so I add these last or touch them in afterwards. There is so much detail on these figures they are an interesting challenge. So hopefully some more careful checking then varnish, then metallics, and base to complete. More soon... ...probably!
  13. I really enjoyed the final episode and it made me want to revisit the series to pick up on all the clues that I must have missed. Minor criticism, during moments of "extreme peril" there was a little too much exposition. Just a pacing issue really. Any news on the models?
  14. The "Teaser Trailer" in Full HD.. There are already ten minute "analysis" videos on You Tube going through frame by frame if you want that sort of thing!
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