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  1. Rumblestripe

    Trumpeter 1:48 Mig-21 F-13 IAF 007

    Lovely job (I'm in awe of your masking skills) "Ah, Mr. Bond, nice Mig!"
  2. Rumblestripe

    1/48 Italeri Hawker Typhoon 1B

    You have captured the "presence" of the aircraft, your model looks "solid". Wonderful work.
  3. "...broadsword calling danny boy..." Nice job
  4. Rumblestripe

    1/350 Enterprise Diorama

    Love it, great idea, well executed. Top work
  5. Rumblestripe

    Star Trek Discovery (Beware, possible spoilers!)

    Watched S2Ep2 and really enjoyed it. A good story whilst throwing in clues to a greater background narrative arc.
  6. Rumblestripe

    What if WW2 never happened?

    That's in a post-WW2 world. Perhaps a bit fanciful but perhaps the myth of Empire would have persisted in politician's minds without the sharp slap of reality that WW2 delivered? I believe that Ghandi himself initially wanted India to become a "Dominion" like Canada and Australia before full independence? Perhaps he meets a sticky and suspicious end (this is fantasy remember) without his peaceful methods perhaps we see a "War of Independence"? Alternatively, we might have seen huge fleet actions in the Pacific as the UK/USA tried to blockade the Japanese? (I'm just letting my imagination run on this one)
  7. Rumblestripe

    What if WW2 never happened?

    Japan was already at war in China (The Second Sino-Japanese War started in 1937) but would they have attacked Pearl Harbour in '41 if there was no war in Europe to occupy the Royal Navy? Interesting thread and nice Defiant. If we assume that there was no European war in 1939, the Royal Navy would have been able to deploy far more resources to deter Japanese aggression in the Far East (in 1939 the RN was still the largest navy in the world) so perhaps there would have been no Pearl Harbour. As the China/Japan conflict had reached a stalemate by late '40/early '41 perhaps there would have been some kind of peace treaty. Perhaps Japan holding Korea and Formosa with China getting back territories lost to the Japanese in '37? So without WW2, where were the next potential areas of conflict? I suspect the fading British Empire would be riven with conflict through the 50's. A War of Independence in India would be my guess, perhaps this might even go nuclear?
  8. Rumblestripe

    HMS Eskimo

    I can feel the spray!
  9. Rumblestripe

    1/35 E100 super heavy tank

    "Never go to war without a bucket" Pliny the Elder I believe (might have been Sun Tsu?) Seriously, lovely build, love the textures and it looks like it is made from steel.
  10. Rumblestripe

    M10 "Achilles" for D-Day Group Build

    I'm looking to build the Tamiya 1/48 M10 Tank Destroyer for the D-Day Group Build. The box contains decals for "Chelsea" which was destroyed in an encounter with a Pz IV near Escoville. I believe two batteries of M10s of the Royal Artillery went ashore on D-Day+2 on Juno beach. I'd rather avoid the identity of "Chelsea", (too easy) can anyone help me with alternative identities? Or point me in the direction of books or internet sites? This site deals with the fate of "Chelsea" in some detail https://mikesresearch.com/2018/09/30/m10-achilles-chelsea/ Thanks people.
  11. I've been looking for alternative identities for the Tamiya "Achilles". The decals in the kit a well known KO'd vehicle that was destroyed in an encounter with a Pz4 And subsequently photographed by both German and Allied photographers as the battle moved around the destroyed duo. Despite me trying various entries into Google, I'm struggling to find anything. Even just a name and number would do as I suspect that the configuration of these vehicles didn't vary as much as (for example) a Sherman so no great pitfalls? Anyone got any pointers?
  12. Rumblestripe

    Bandai Box Scale Builds

    "Tiger Meet" A wing? Cool!
  13. Rumblestripe

    1/48 Hasegawa P-51D Red Tails

    Lovely finish and your English is excellent (I hadn't noticed that you were not a native, until you apologised for your English) Thanks for posting.
  14. Rumblestripe

    A very British experiment, Marshall MA4.

    Nice project and looking really good. On the subject of cutting thin brass sheet with a piercing saw. Firstly buy an adjustable piercing saw like this one This means that when you snap the blade (and you will) you simply narrow the frame and use a smaller broken piece of the blade. It'll cost you a few bob more but save a fortune in blades! Secondly lubricate whilst cutting, a little spittle will help or my favourite is to run the blade in the side of a candle to pick up some wax. I'll follow your endeavours with interest.
  15. My word that looks a right old dog of a thing! Good luck (I think you're going to need it!)