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  1. Ah well try again Saturday, no risk taking with lives.
  2. Live stream on YouTube. Saw the ISS pass overhead last night very clearly. Will try and see both again tonight, lovely clear weather at the moment. Godspeed gentlemen. From an aesthetic view, the capsule looks pretty cool. Compare to Soyuz, which is an amazing piece of engineering, it looks like a quantum leap forward, let's hope it proves as reliable as Soyuz has been (or better).
  3. i do like to see a themed display cabinet. Nice work, cap doffed.
  4. Thanks to everyone that's chipped in. I've bought the Roden kit in the boxing suggested by @Work In Progress and the improved instrument panel by Yahu. Both coming from Poland for no particular reason other than they were cheapest and I'm in particular hurry as the GB doesn't start until July 20th. I can't justify the super whizzo engine and cowl in resin as it is not beyond the realm of possibility that I will muck up the rigging! I couldn't find a reasonably priced Eduard model though by the time I'm done spending on bits and pieces it might have been better to buy the Eduard. Ho hum. A last request. As I am expecting the Roden transfers to be, err, challenging, what are the alternatives to allow me to mark up as an aircraft from 247 squadron in Aug 1940? Thanks again for all the help.
  5. Yes, I've seen these in t'Bay (as no-one in Yorkshire would say) and they do look incredible it set me to wondering how much I could replicate in styrene... People keep mentioning the "problems with the cowl" on the Roden kit, is it simply the fiddly nature of the assembly or is it a fundamental problem like the wrong profile? (I know from reading @Crimea River's build that the notches for the machine gun "output" are absent but easily fixed) and I will look to use some of his build if I go ahead (which is looking likely) Another question, if you'll indulge me, the Roden kits appear to come in different boxings. Obviously, I want to build the example I quoted for 247 Squadron in 1940 are any of the boxings more or less suitable for my endeavour? I don't want to end up with a box with no RAF markings (for example) when one of the alternate boxings for a few quids more has exactly what I need. Thanks again to everyone helping on this enquiry, stay safe, model on.
  6. Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold. Err, carry on, as you were...
  7. Enjoyed it thoroughly, yes you have to switch off the pedant mode. And quite a few clips turned up several times (a lot of them you can find on the Imperial War Museum website). And they failed mention some of the more effective British tanks but I guess that was due to following the "Filthy Fifth" (5th RTR). The good stuff was showing what it was like getting in and out of a tank, demonstrating some design flaws the presenter had served in Chieftains during the Cold War and was able to use his experience to shed light on the experiences of the tankers in 5th RTR. Well worth a couple of hours of your time I'd say with the previous cautionary notices!
  8. I have signed up for the BoB Group build intending to "do" a Spitfire, but now I'm toying with the idea of a Gladiator as I believe that two squadrons operated them with some very minor involvement including taking potshots at an errant Heinkel 111 near South West England (247 Squadron flying Mk2 Gladiators IIRC). I like building in 1/48 and I've had a look at what's available Lindberg - an antique in itself! Roden - the latest but not easy to build and with poor engine and cowling Merit - lacking detail but good basic shape Life-like, Impact, Pyro... there seems to be a baffling number of kits that may or may not be a good choice. My "philosophy" (if I can glorify it with such an epithet) is to build a decent representation of the subject accurate to the modeller's eye. Also I should stress that this would be a first biplane for me and a venture into the black arts of rigging. I've read and enjoyed @Crimea River's build of the Roden kit and noted his photographic sources. so, please any help guiding me to choose the best kit and any aftermarket stuff that is worth considering (I know there is a rather nice looking cowling and engine in resin for the Roden kit - which costs nearly as much as the kit). Thanks
  9. Doorbell or phone rings and I get up from the bench and try to take it with me, scattering build, tools, paints and coffee cups to a grateful carpet monster!
  10. Looks great in camo. Love the stand though there is a nagging voice in the back of my head saying "Stay out of the black and into the red, Nothing in this game for two in a bed." (With apologies to non UK non old-git readers!)
  11. Love Tom Lehrer, I recently bought his "songs and more songs" collection. Interestingly, he wrote a lot of his more "political" songs whilst working for the NSA.
  12. I thought MY workbench was cluttered! Anjoying the build so far, I want to build a 1/48 Tomcat at some point so I'm interested to see how this version stacks up. Hope you get the paint problems sorted.
  13. Superb build! Love it, those intake covers are just superb and your weathering is just right.
  14. Nice looking Pz4. If I might offer a constructive criticism, don't paint the rubber tyres black, if you look at photos in period the tyres look very much the same tone as the rest of the tank Use a light to mid grey. It's one of those "everything you know is wrong" things, like the colour of a tree trunk (not brown but mostly grey green)
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