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  1. It's a tank. Apply extra mud! It looks like the old varnish either was dirty or has "bloomed" usually water in the varnish. The gloss varnish on top may work but if it doesn't, add muck.
  2. I agree this is a bug bear of mine. There are some lovely 28mm figurines available yet vehicles are often expensive and flawed. Then you have compatibility with railway modelling scales, "O Gauge" is 1/43 (in the UK, in the US it is 1/48, "S Gauge" is 1/64) it's enough to drive a man to drink! Hic!
  3. Interesting thread everyone. I agree with several posters. We need to concentrate our defence spending on defending our islands. Power projection is just bullying when diplomacy fails. I don't want to see our young men and women put in harms way to some end that is basically monetary in origin. We are not a global police force. So if we are to retreat behind our sea walls we need an effective Navy and Air Force with the Army very much in a defensive role. I disagree that the best way to stop a tank is with another tank, it is more cost effective to use a MANPAT or better still sink
  4. Nice work Igor, I've built one of the Zvezda 1/72 T34s and was impressed with the way it went together (I did have to glue it despite the claim on the box that it would clip together!)
  5. Well this kit is definitely NOT for beginners. There's nothing wrong with it but it fights you every step of the way. Not sure I'll get this finished for 31st (pretty sure I won't) in which case I will plug on on WIP. So this is where I am. As has been noted in other build threads there is nothing in the components to aid alignment so here you can hopefully see I have added some tabs of plasticard to help as even holding the two halves together is awkward. So more progress on the cockpit... Beautiful etched and printed instrument pa
  6. Nice job. 1/87 is a "Railway Scale" in this case HO and I remember as a kid having some models in that scale of prototypes that weren't available from Airfix in 1/76 (which is oddly another railway scale OO)
  7. Lovely build. One detail I spotted was the shiny metal on the gun barrel caused (I assume) by recoil? I don't think I ever seen that on a model (it might be that it is the photography showing it clearly?)
  8. Lucky girl! I read and enjoyed the books in the 70s though I don't think I made it through all the sequels? It got a bit like Mr. Herbert was flogging a long dead cash cow (sorry for the mixed metaphors!) I never liked the David Lynch film, though to be fair I never saw it at the cinema and my subsequent attempts to watch it also ended in the arms of Morpheus! I like the look of the new film the sand worm in particular looks awesome. The use of Pink Floyd's "Eclipse" from Dark Side of the Moon in the trailer is apparently a nod to a never made version of the film by Ale
  9. Never heard of the prototype. Lovely neat work and that seat looks like it came out of someone's front room!
  10. As luck would have it, I have just bought the Tamiya "Jerry Can Set" (above left, grey plastic) and the Redog "1/48 Military Scale Modelling Resin Stowage Kit Diorama Accessories Kit 2" (above right, cream resin parts) As you can hopefully see there are some useful tarps and other items besides Jerry Cans in the Tamiya set but greater variety in the Redog kit. Hope this helps.
  11. I wouldn't call myself a die hard Trekkie by any stretch. Watched TOS back in the day, TNG and most of DS9, some of Voyager and finally bailed completely on Enterprise. Now I enjoyed Discovery especially Series 2 and the spin off with Anson Mount as Captain Pike looks promising. On a related note (SciFi on the telly), BBC iPlayer has Battlestar Galactica (all 4 series) available to watch.
  12. Interesting model. These platforms are becoming history as we speak! On a (I hope) related topic, I was walking my dog on the beach near the mouth of the River Tees and happened to see this offshore platform being towed into the Able facility to be cut up. Amazing site to see, just out of shot to the right is the Nuclear Power Station and it was roughly the same size!
  13. I have two Flickr accounts (I lost my password for the first one then found it again!), just register an email account with gmail, live or any of the other providers and sign up again. If all you are using it for is linking photos to sites like this you could probably manage for quite a while even on just one.
  14. Slow progress, but behold the augmented engine assembly (and some pennies) ...added (what I believe to be) the oil sump in white plastic and the three braces in stretched sprue. Quite happy with that, once painted and installed I think that will be sufficient detail. And work has started on "the office" ... I have reshaped the seat to more closely resemble that found in Gladiators, the hole in the back for the seat belts is a bit too big but better than absent (as it was off the sprue) and rounded the top of the seat and reduced the over-large
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