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  1. I mostly agree with you but I don't see the difference between a "female MI6 agent" and Bond, Jayne Bond? By changing the gender or race of an established character you create a new narrative but if this is not accompanied by good story telling it is exactly as you say, lazy.
  2. I didn't mean to suggest that you did, but seeing as you bring it up. Why not? I see this regularly particularly in discussions of Sci Fi. Dr Who has been cited most frequently. Why does it matter? If the story telling is good why not have a female hero or villain? I have yet to read a logical argument against it.
  3. Is in the original HG Wells: Telling the story from the point of view of a female shouldn't be a problem. The unmarried couple thing, didn't bother me. I don't even mind the fact that it wasn't a straight re-telling of the original Wells' story. You could say that Independence Day was a modernised version of the story with a computer virus taking the place of influenza/cold. The problem wasn't the elements introduced into the story per se, it was everything else, the script, the depiction of the Martians, the direction, the pacing and most of all the story telling.
  4. Dear Lord who signed off on this appaling mess? Just watching the last part and it is just tedious the constant flash forwards kill any suspense before it gets chance to build up. Then we have characters explaining the plot a sure sign of poor writing or perhaps it had to be added in post production as no one had the foggiest what was going on. Three hours of my life for which I should sue the BBC.
  5. OK, progress has slowed. This is VERY fiddly and I have decided to break down the assembly into sub-assemblies to that end I have added chummy's personal equipment to his torso and assembled the twin MG42s on their frame So this is where we are ...and these are the bits still to do! What I am struggling with now is how to assemble the rest of the frame to hold the MG42s. the contact points for the frames are very small and the parts need some re-shaping to get everything to line up. I have used the hot water immersion method to straighten the slightly bendy MG42s. BUT, the compound curves required to marry the back pack to the MG frame look a right pig to do and the contact points are so small that I cannot glue and then bend. B****r. I am thinking of replacing that part of the frame with copper wire or perhaps good old easily bent fuse wire? On an unrelated subject bought some nice and reasonably priced brushes on Ebay. They are "Curtisward Kolinsky Sable" and whilst they are not as good as W&N Series 7 they are at least as good as the best of the rest and very reasonable price (Size 0 - £3.50) Size 4, two size 0 and a 000. As you can see from the 0 without its sleeve it has a decent point. I've used these before and they last pretty well with acrylics and produce nice results. Only posted as a happy customer. Sold by the manufacturer.
  6. The Omega Class Destroyer is probably my all time favourite Sci-Fi Spaceship. A pipe dream is to build one with the rotating centre section. Looks good, any chance of posting some photos on something like Flickr so that more of us can apprectiate the model please?
  7. I stand corrected. Looks odd though! Hard to imagine a coat of silver paint made much difference?
  8. Yes, I'm afraid that jumped out at me too. Beautiful plane and build (tyres notwithstanding!)
  9. The 1/48 Snowspeeder is £17.80 too if anyone needs/wants one http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/Model-Hobbies-Limited/_i.html?_nkw=bandai&submit=Search&_sop=2&_sid=121240575
  10. Quite enjoying it. Last night we had drama aboard HMS Exeter during The Battle of the River Plate. And they had done a reasonable job with the CGI... Upper image is Exeter in 1939 and below we have the CGI representation. So we have two turrets front, one turret rear, two funnels (a little short) the floatplane is missing (presumably correct for post battle) perhaps a little stubby looking but look at the size of the crew! Giants to a man, no wonder the Germans scuttled the Graf Spee! Generally though decent enough Sunday evening fare. They even showed a field of Pz1s in the invasion of Poland rather than the usual any old tanks with a cross on the turret. More plus points for the use of Poles speaking Polish, French speaking French, etc. rather than accented English. Showed the Poles defending the Post Office in Danzig. Some good stuff. Recommended if you haven't tried it yet.
  11. Finally some work started! So, I have assembled the main components and fit is excellent. On the first and second photos you can perhaps see the shoulder and waist joins with very minimal gaps? These should fill easily with milliput or similar. There are a lot of bits left to do... It is here where the lack of any form of instructions is less than helpful. I will have to try to establish a sensible order of assembly once I have identified what all the bits are for! You will note there are two heads, one with straps for wearing the gas mask and one without, there are two seemingly identical helmets, not sure why. The bits moulded on the sprue with the MG42s are a complete mystery to me??? I have managed to find a couple of additional images from the manufacturer. You may notice that this chap is also available in 1/18th scale. This answers a few questions as to where things like the entrenching tool go and the simple fact that the two MG42s are mounted on a frame. What I have found from trialling the fit of components is that the forearms are not as good a fit as the bits I have clagged together so far. I think next task will be to assemble the back pack and a separate sub-assembly for the MG42s.
  12. This is the subject for my attempt to finish a Group Build without real life interfering (see my failure to finish the D Day GB) It is nominally a 1/35th scale model of a "genetically enhanced Nazi super soldier" of the type encountered in computer games like "Castle Wolfenstein". Let's have a look at what's in the box... Resin bits, lots of 'em. Everything looks nicely cast and no obvious air bubbles. Oh, and no instructions... Here I've placed a completed 1/35th figure with the torso parts of this model. He's a big lad if he is supposed to be 1/35th! Perhaps it's those pesky genetic enhancements, though I suppose firing a pair of MG42s from the shoulder would require substantial improvements to the standard human physique.
  13. And it's a fail from me! All going so well until my son arrived home unexpectedly in August to complete his PHD for submission by the 22nd of September, unfortunately this meant surrendering my modelling area to give him a desk to work at. I thought I might manage to finish it in the last few days and got very close. I made the custom decals for JG2 and they worked pretty well I even got some weathering done. I had wanted to add some more clutter to the tank as they seemed to appear in photographs looking more like a removals van than a tank! That didn't happen but I did get the .50 cal finished with the PE improvements. So last night I took some photographs thinking I could at least get something in the gallery. Then I couldn't get into my Flickr account, no idea why, the browser usually handles my passwords for that. To make matters worse when I looked at the photographs to choose which ones to use and spotted I had missed off the .50 cal. That was the point when I just gave in to capricious fortune. Ah nuts. So I will get JG2 finished and post in the Armour RFI.
  14. This is described as "Kylo Ren's Force Rage Mask" which may be a plot spoiler/hint for Ep9 (KR goes postal?) All the new Star Wars product is here https://www.starwars.com/news/triple-force-friday-products On the subject of the lack of Solo merch, I think that Solo was a bit of a turkey. Also some of the design work was decidedly clunky. Han's speeder looked like it was made out of Lego before the Lego version came out and there wasn't much else to grab the imagination other than the Millennium Falcon with the cargo pod.
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