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  1. Walkaround of M3 Stuart I don't think I've noticed bolts or studs on any of the M3 wheels? I think they are cast steel.
  2. Lovely textures, this is something I find hard to do. A very realistic representation.
  3. In which some progress is made, a mistake is perpetrated and a puzzle remains unresolved... So the hull is largely done I paint the tracks in a base coat of Vallejo German Camouflage Black Brown (70 822), washes of black and umber have been applied, will need some rust and dust then drybrushing with steel. All very good, happy with that. Oh and I found some flash! Shocking, this is the ONLY bit of flash I have found. Exemplary. And here we have the puzzle and the mistake... First the puzzle. Does the hatch fold
  4. Well, the tracks are indeed fiddly but came together quite nicely. I have only done one side but I'm quite pleased with how it has come out Individual links (and a scalpel) First sub assembly is to make two curved bits for the sprocket and return roller, the instructions say to prepare two for each side. One of eight pieces and the other of seven. They don't clip together you must glue them. Tamiya Extra Thin is the boy for this job, push the links together one bit at a time and a quick dab of ultra thin. DO NOT WAIT FOR THEM TO SET keep adding the links. Once as
  5. A lovely model of an LOTR Elf Lord, one of the GW LOTR range that coincided with Peter Jackson's films. A lovely sculpt, this is my effort at doing it justice after I rediscovered the miniature, half done, when tidying my models out of the Utility Room in advance of this years BIG project - the modeller's den... a shed!
  6. I saw the trailer some months ago and that was enough for me. It's nothing to do with "Political Correctness" as Sir Terry had some terrific "empowered" female characters. I could even have lived with the gender swap of Vetinari. There is no compelling reason why "The Patrician" could not be female. But the transformation of Lady Sybil from a formidable battleaxe to a slip of a thing and giving it a trendy steam punk vibe. Just no! Vimes "flipping the bird" at Vetinari was the final straw. It is important to note that the Pratchett estate and his daughter Rhianna in particular have
  7. OK, so progress is slow. It is a lovely kit and deserves a careful and considered build. But I managed to find a collection of suitable Tank Commanders These are 20mm Russian WW2 Tank Commanders from the Wargames Company Foundry. I was quite surprised to find these figures as 20mm (which is very close to 1/72) is rather a "forgotten" scale in wargaming, 28mm 1/56th is much more ala vogue, I guess driven by the success of Games Workshop and wargamers moving into Historical Gaming like to have the detail and "heft" of the 28mm figure or go smaller into the 10/12/15mm scale
  8. I have to say that the fit and engineering on this kit is absolutely flawless. Take the suspension bogies Each unit is assembled from four wheels and three parts to represent the suspension of the bogie, there a four of these on each side, a total of 56 parts there, there a six return rollers per side made up of two parts each One of there made a bid for freedom and was snatched from the jaws of the carpet monster after I was just about ready to start to make a replacement from plasticard. So this is what you get (sans tracks) despite the tiny piec
  9. A few months ago I built the Zvezda T34/85 and although fiddly it was a rather nice kit. I've always fancied a T-35 and as it is unlikely to appear in my favourite scale of 1/48 and I find 1/35 too big for collection and display then... I mean a T35 is obviously one better than a T34, right? So, this rather large box was delivered. Sturdy packaging and lots of bits! Nice crisp mouldings Behind the hull is my 1:72 Zvezda T34/85, this thing was BIG! Displayed on an A3 cutting mat,
  10. Should someone who can't tell the difference between the red and blue roundel and the Japanese red circle be flying an airplane!
  11. Everyone loves "the Queen of the Desert"! Figures looks great, I love a relaxed pose, top work.
  12. Very nice build, the figure are absolutely fine. The tank is superb and the base very good indeed. If I would make one slight suggestion it would be that the pointing infantryman would be looking up at the guy stood on the rear deck of the tank that he is talking to and perhaps the commander in the turret might be looking that way to?
  13. God bless the NHS and all who sail in her! Swift recovery sir.
  14. I aint flying in THAT! Seen better in the bone yard! Awesome job on the "paint" finish.
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