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  1. Well it took a while to get it over the line but it is finally finished Finished model including some more photographs using the LED panel as a background Thanks for the kind comments and to those who followed me.
  2. I must say that this is a lovely kit to build, perfect fit on every part, delightful detail and even in 1/72 makes an impressive model. I love these old Soviet "monster" tanks, completely ineffective in the war they found themselves in but a fitting to salute to the brave men who went to war in them. A quick word about the photographs. Inspired by a "making of" documentary about Disney's "The Mandalorian" I found that they were using large LED panels to put the scenery behind the actors rather than Green Screen so I used an LED computer monitor and searched for Russian scenery in Google. The first shot is a traditional village and the second two are of the rolling steppes. I placed the model on a scenic base and using Photoshop I adjusted the colour balance to better match the background in each case and then blurred the edge of the base to make it blend better. It's my first serious attempt at this and I'm pretty pleased with the way the photos have turned out. The scenic base could do with more texture in terms of perhaps some bushes and perhaps some tall grass. My next idea is to create some "set dressing" for the base with removable walls, fences, tree trunks, etc. There was a WIP thread for those of you who might want to see a semi-naked T-35 and some bits of plastic! WIP Thread
  3. Love the patination you have achieved on this model. Have you considered faking antiques as a career?
  4. As you say all part of learning. I'm not being hard on myself just amused at even bothering to try! It was fun seeing the F15s and a lovely day out, what more could you want?
  5. I was in Wensleydale a few weeks ago and was treated to a fly past of four USAF F15s very nice of them. I've never seen any fast jets up there before and it was a beautiful day. Unfortunately all I had with me was my Fuji XE3 with an 18-55 lens. Not ideal for aviation photography but I had a go... Not only is the aircraft out of focus (the camera has grabbed the old gas light on the side of the station building) even with the zoom fully extended to 55mm it is little better than a vaguely F15 shaped smudge. I can't be bothered to correct the vertical in PP even! I tried, I failed...
  6. Can't take my eyes off the seascape. Stunning. I'm going to have to go back and look at the warship now! Bravo sir! Bravo!
  7. Very nice, it must be quite tiny in 1/56!
  8. I think that decal should be repairable, first fill in the missing bit with white to complete the circle (this is important because yellow pigments are quite translucent and painting direct onto the dark blue will look green) then you are going to have to try to get a close match with a yellow which won't be easy but worth trying. Being critical of the end result is the way to improve and there is a lot to be pleased with on your model
  9. I'd like to echo the praise for the model but also congratulate you on the photography, lovely job all round.
  10. OK, some progress! (This is why I invariably fail to complete Group Builds I suppose) Anyhow, the major assembly is now done and I have to say the engineering and precision of this kit is second to none. The precise fit of every part is exemplary. I have got basic colour on the tank The secondary turrets have just been painted and haven't dried fully so look a slightly darker/richer colour the colour used is Vallejo Air 71017 "Russian Green" straight from the bottle to the airbrush. I need to pick out the cables and tools on the hull as well as the MG barrels. Then it's on with the weathering. Oh and obviously I need to attach the skirts/side panels. Another shot showing I also have to install the front lights! Nuts, forget about them! Oh and that's a 1/72 BT-7 behind it (UM Model) more on that if anyone is interested. Anyhow, I was watching a "making of" on YouTube showing how Disney made The Mandalorian, basically they used large LED panels showing CGI scenery rather than using "Green Screen" and adding it in later so I thought I'd try it with a model... I just sat the tank on a blank piece of paper and put it in front of the laptop screen showing a woodland screen. I'm seriously impressed with the potential of this. Obviously I need something a bit better than a sheet of paper but I reckon a bit of grass mat and some "stuff" to hid the join between screen and base. Anyone else tried this?
  11. Walkaround of M3 Stuart I don't think I've noticed bolts or studs on any of the M3 wheels? I think they are cast steel.
  12. Lovely textures, this is something I find hard to do. A very realistic representation.
  13. In which some progress is made, a mistake is perpetrated and a puzzle remains unresolved... So the hull is largely done I paint the tracks in a base coat of Vallejo German Camouflage Black Brown (70 822), washes of black and umber have been applied, will need some rust and dust then drybrushing with steel. All very good, happy with that. Oh and I found some flash! Shocking, this is the ONLY bit of flash I have found. Exemplary. And here we have the puzzle and the mistake... First the puzzle. Does the hatch fold flat? I cannot find conclusive proof but in some images it isn't folded flat This is one of several photos of a knocked out /broken down T-35 taken by advancing German forces in 1941. You can see that the circular hatch is not folded flat. But in other photographs I have seen (principally what looks like May Day parade photographs) the hatch cannot be seen so looks to be folded flat as in you can't see it but the angles are inconclusive. Any how, I thought that a half opened hatch is never going to survive long in my paws, so I have folded it flat. Also in that shot, no cast star on the turret roof. Ho hum. So that's the puzzle. You can perhaps just see that I have put a piece of black painted plasticard below the hatch with a hole drilled to accept and locate the Commander's torso. The mistake I hear you cry! Well you can't actually see it but the turret mounts to a separate piece of the superstructure and you force a ring over the base of the turret to lock it in place. You should do this before mounting that distinctive aerial (also missing from that historical photo but then so is the Commander's MG). Once the aerial is mounted there is no way to get the ring forced over the lip. Nuts. I will cut the ring into small sections and glue them in place individually. One more tip, if you attempt this model, paint the long lengths of track before attaching, painting them with everything assembled... not easy, bad words were uttered. Thanks for reading, take care.
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