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  1. Rumblestripe

    A very British experiment, Marshall MA4.

    Nice project and looking really good. On the subject of cutting thin brass sheet with a piercing saw. Firstly buy an adjustable piercing saw like this one This means that when you snap the blade (and you will) you simply narrow the frame and use a smaller broken piece of the blade. It'll cost you a few bob more but save a fortune in blades! Secondly lubricate whilst cutting, a little spittle will help or my favourite is to run the blade in the side of a candle to pick up some wax. I'll follow your endeavours with interest.
  2. My word that looks a right old dog of a thing! Good luck (I think you're going to need it!)
  3. Rumblestripe

    `Repeat Please`

    Finally, and God alone knows why, I've received the following signal: [looks down] "Congratulations! As of today tc2324, you are now operational"
  4. Rumblestripe

    Sculpting/scraping tools for styrene?

    Do you have a glass fibre brush/pencil? Great for getting a smooth finish on complex shapes where most abrasives wont go. If you want smoother than that Brasso or T-cut on a cloth. Even toothpaste will work
  5. Rumblestripe

    Tips for wiring/cabling?

    Ethernet cable, lovely thin copper wire. Ask your chums in the IT department for some with broken ends we rarely bother to repair them and chuck them for WEEE recycling.
  6. I'll pop my head above the parapet for this one. Put me in with the clanky tanky mob. Big fan of the Tamiya 1\48 armour, I already have a Churchill and an Achilles in the stash. Is the Achilles admissable? If I go Churchill it won't be the Crocodile as I don't like flamethrowers always struck me as rather "unsporting"! Might look for a DD conversion for a Sherman. Or even a Universal Carrier. Dunno. But I'm in Edit: Achilles went ashore on D-day with Royal Artillery and the Canadian Royal Artillery. So it's a possible.
  7. Rumblestripe

    Trumpeter 1/700 USS NImitz

    There are some seriously good modellers posting on here, but if there is one section that regularly blows my mind it is this one. Genius level work.
  8. My word that lighter is enormous! I must get me some of them trained rigging spiders.
  9. Rumblestripe

    Ikea Coffee Table!

    There's some interesting stuff in the "Sammanhang" range. That coffee table looks like it is begging for a roundy roundy N gauge layout. Link: Sammanhang Range Model railway or figure display?
  10. OK, so I can now tidy up this thread! Firstly, how I resolved those nasty lumps of plastic supposed to look like Hotchkiss Machine Guns. Scratch built from plasticard, copper wire and brass rod. The main body of the gun is 20thou plasticard with 10 thou side to create a channel for the gas cylinder, the barrel is 1mm brass rod with copper wire (stripped out of cat5 ethernet cable) wound around the barrel in a tight spiral and then super glued in place A cruel enlargement and some jiggery pokery still required to produce the final item. This gun was to be "being maintained" and placed on the tank the guns mounted in the tank would only be modelled with the bits that are visible. Ta-da! The "Officer" here representing Lt Clement Arnold came out rather nicely, I followed the instructions for painting that came with the figures but I'm not sure that Lt. Arnold would have been dressed like this "in the field"? Not having found a really good photograph of "The Musical Box" I was forced to do what I do not like doing and model a model with regard to the lettering on the nose of the tank. The musical notes come (in a self indulgent moment) from The Genesis song "The Musical Box" as an old prog rocker it seemed appropriate if rather out of any context! The tracks look like the rubber bands that they are. Photos of the finished model are now in the gallery. Ideally, I would have liked to have taken more time and put it on a permanent base and weather it more, the tracks in particular need some attention. But it is at least presentable. Anyone with further questions please ask away! Toodle pip old chums and down with The Kaiser.
  11. Nowt like last minute! Probably the most famous tank action of The Great War was when Whippet Tank, A344 "The Musical Box", under the command of Lt.C.B Arnold took part in the Amiens Offensive. During this battle, Musical Box advanced so far it was cut off behind German lines. For nine hours it roamed at will, destroying an artillery battery, an observation balloon, the camp of an infantry battalion, and a transport column of the German 225th Division, inflicting heavy casualties. At one point, cans of petrol being carried on Musical Box's roof were ruptured by small-arms fire and fuel leaked into the cabin. The crew had to wear gas masks to survive the fumes. Eventually, a German shell disabled it and as the crew abandoned the tank, one of them was shot and killed, and the other two were taken prisoner. If you are not familiar with the story it is worth taking the time to read the full account in one of the online resources. Story on Landships.info I will update build details in my build thread which I have sorely neglected in the mad push to meet the deadline.
  12. Rumblestripe

    Round 2....

    Images (and model) look good to me. I do like the display stand, a couple of questions 1. Bought or made? 2. How far does the metal rod extend into the body of the spaceship? Thanks
  13. Rumblestripe

    El Alamein Sherman.

    Brilliant modelling, this chap does bear an eerie resemblance to the late, great David Bowie!
  14. Rumblestripe

    60-tonne Porsche

    Nice model. The "design" is an odd looking thing, the main body looks like someone drew an engine and crew compartment and then dropped a cuboid over the lot, stuck, some tracks on each side and a turret on the top... "yeah, that'll do, schnapps anyone?"
  15. Rumblestripe

    Star Wars Millennium Falcon 1/72 Bandai

    Looks every bit as sharp as I imagined it would be. Lovely. Has anyone got a comparison shot with the Bandai 1/72 X-wing to give me an idea of size?