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  1. In fact this is my first 54mm figure (I mostly make 70mm+), and actually this scale given me some hard time Thanks for the comment I'm glad you like it.
  2. Ha ha, you're right. Let's pretend everything alright Thanks to the sculptor who make the figure so lively
  3. oops, seem I have posted into wrong section again ....
  4. Hello, I have been away from the workbench for months because I spent lot of time in PC gaming as mentioned in previous post ... Now I'm back and I have completed a 54mm figure after this long break. This figure from Nocturna is sculpt petty well with a lot of details, I can quickly assembly it and paint it straight away https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-t7m8RDHwsH8/V9UAA_xYPvI/AAAAAAAAIGQ/J6P03AdbifoCzS1-2Zd-S-Ky-PGXzhDIgCLcB/s640/1606-N54-GKP89.jpg/img]
  5. Lovely build, the color tones really eyes catching and authentic
  6. Your VF-11 is stunning Love the weathering on wings, really inspire me I can say Hasegawa's kit is improved a lot since their first VF-1 kit (actually Super VF-1 kit has some minor assembly issues) Now, the recent VF-25 is just WOW, this is what Macross VF should be. very details and hold firmly. I love Macross kits and I'm planning to build the SDF-1 very soon btw I have pre-ordered the attack mode on HLJ
  7. Hello Turned to quiet for a while because I have spared most of my time grinding The Division on PC RPG game is always a biggest enemy of my modelling life The Bastole is completed few days ago and so I'm going to complete this thread I applied some washes for the final effects however It doesn't quite obvious in the photos ... And here are the images with the backdrops Thanks for the watching
  8. More progresses, painting drive by the feeling Just trying to add more details and color variations.
  9. I remember this Iria figure I was shocked when I saw this figure first appears in the Japanese modelling magazine when I was a teenager. It was so real and the sculpt is so excellent.
  10. First, thanks to the admin helped to move this post to right location. Sorry for distributing. i didn't feel that when i building it until i put the colors on... I'll try to working on the color in order to avoid it look too horrid. Thanks Thanks
  11. OOPS, I posted on the wrong sub-forum ... can Admin help to move this post to "work in progress"?
  12. I hit the [backspace] key accidentally when I almost complete the post so I lost all my input in a second So I'll link the images first and then I'll add the description next day Description below: This is an old resin kit has been in my collection over 20 years. The kit is sculpted by famous sculptor Takeya Takayui. Who is a talent of monster and character design. This kit actually was a conversion of a mecha from 80s animation "Aura Battler". The kit is around 80mm high and casted in grey color resin. The sculptor actually turned this mecha into more organic from and lifeful instead of a battle mecha. You can compare the look between the animation and the kit itself. I sprayed Vallejo black primer, and then white primer for highlighting. Before painting the details i used Vallejo wash to define the recess area and shading. To be continued ...
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