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  1. Good job! Goliaths in Poland are infamous for destruction of many buildings during Warsw Uprising, including Warsaw Cathedral of St. John. Goliaths in action in "Kanał" ("The Sewer") film about the Warsaw Uprising. https://youtu.be/AsH7d5jGTns?t=23
  2. Great job and beautiful airplane! Do you know Porco Rosso anime?
  3. Great job! It looks much better. It is never an easy task. Especially considering the fact that the Techmod set is quite old. Most obvious candidate for "early" lighter brown khaki is the "1" with 112 squadron rooster - it's serial 8.14 shows it came from earliest production and the older version of the squadron marking (in 1939 it was changed into Salamander) justifies this choice. This plane has been photographed in Stockholm during visit in 1936. (please note that "early Polish khaki" is third colour, previously we mentioned "mid-period" and "late" khaki. Early khaki is brown, but a bit lighter than late khaki. You may use RAF Dark Brown for it). "65" I suppose could be "early" or "mid-period" (but without white top of the tail and wingtips!) - 8.25 suggest quite early production too, and in September 1938 it was heavily damaged (destroyed?) in a crash in the trees (there are several photos). Maybe later it was repaired and repainted in late khaki? I'm not sure if the white tail top is correct for this plane at all. Well known photo of Toruń P.11c with white elements shows obviously "59" and "52". One photo of "65" airplane from 19th June 1938 (Commander in Chief Marshall Rydz-Smigły inspection) shows exhaust collector painted in very dark (black?) colour (probably for Marshall's visit). "11" with raven should have white raven with red wings (decal is probably wrong here). Also I don't belive in black-red raven. My article about it (in English) here: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2018/07/26/the-raven-symbol-of-fighters-from-poznan/ "4" with turkey - "early" or "medium" khaki - if you choose September 1939 version, "KOP" letters and white stripes on the wing should be overpainted with darker "late" khaki. An article about this airplane (in English) is here: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2019/05/16/turkey-marked-pzl-over-the-borderlands/
  4. Hopefully this one will be cheaper. All Special Hobby boxings are cheaper than FRROM ones. Please consider it is really big plane. I suppose twice as big as all those Eduard biplanes. Or more. But I agree the FRROM kit is extremely expensive.
  5. Very good model and great choce of the marking scheme!!! Congratulations! Speaking about the colour, you choice is OK considering the fact that we don't know the planes serial, so we can not determine if it was from early or late production, nor if it already underwent the overhaul. PZL P.11c appeared generally in two variants of "dark khaki" colour, one called "mid-period", used between 1935 and ca. 1937 (or 1938) was your shade, more green. I suppose most PZL P.11c left factory in this shade. Mid-period Polish "dark khaki": Many of them underwent overhaul in late '30s which included re-painting in new shade of "dark khaki", more brownish. Late-period Polish "dark khaki": These facts have been determined by examination of the museal airplane (all the paint layers have been checked) and other preserved parts, mostly found by archeologists on the various crash sites. I've written short article about it, in Polish, but you can easily google-translate it. https://www.modelpaint.pl/2017/06/24/tajemnice-polskiego-khaki/ If one doesn't want to go deply into the precise variants, RAF Dark Earth is safe and easily available choice for all these airplanes. This is the bigest and best preserved part of the PZL airplane with original paint finish (late khaki) - PZL P.24 Karaś rudder in WWII Museum in Gdańsk. Speaking about decals, Techmods react very well with Microscale Micro Sol liquid, I use it generously both under and over the decals (but be careful then, as the decal film becomes very soft). Propeller should be glossy - it was wooden, covered with special "chinese" high glossy laquer of blackish brown shade. My article about those "Borderland Defence" PZLs: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2019/05/16/turkey-marked-pzl-over-the-borderlands/ Cheers! Grzegorz
  6. Very good job! I have 1/72 AML plastic short-run kit - I intent to build it in September 1939 scheme - at that time both He 45 and He 46 were quite widely used in Army Rec squadrons. Like this, on Bielsko-Aleksandrowice airfield.
  7. Another great model!!! Congratulations! Could you write a bit about building?
  8. Techmod recently upgraded their technology, both in print quality and in film medium. But I've never had any problems with even old Techmod decals (and I have used big sheets of their Lozenge on sometimes very complex surfaces). Libor, your work is stunning!!!
  9. You are probably right. But I have soooo many kits in my stash that I can live with that...
  10. I still hope that Revell will downscale their 1/48 Tante Ju someday.
  11. GOT IT!!! My mistake! I thought they don't seat on the roof because their feet are not visible! So I thought they seat INSIDE something like the rectangular opening in the roof. But - the original photo is cropped, and what I have taken for the roof, it is just "white" margin of the photo, same as one on the right!!! Thanks for the link to the E-bay - I'll take a look!!! Thank you for all your help, and sorry for making mess... Grzegorz
  12. Hi Rob! But where the seamen on the photo seat? Aren't they somewhere between the mast/turrets and the gun guard rail? And obviously they seat inside some rectangular "pit". Could it be something like this (I know the this boat has bean heavily modified for civil use): The book you mention is very interesting, but it is not easy to get it here in Poland. Thanks for your advices! Grzegorz
  13. Thank you John for the explanation and the drawing! So what can we see on the photo of the seamen taken from the rear of the boat??? For me it is a real riddle. Does the book include top view drawings or pictures of the earlier, two-turret versions?
  14. I have another question about the MGB44/S2 - how long was the "cockpit" opening in the superstructure roof? RAF ASR Launch had no opening at all, modified MGBs with single turret had quite small opening (as the rest of the top was "used" by the central turret), but the unmodified, earlier version with two side turrets might have had this "cockpit" quite long, may be spreading up to the gun turrets! Look at the photo - the black silhouette of the seaman near the turret seem to be INSIDE of the cockpit!: Also on this photo there seem to be man INSIDE close to the turret: And this photo, showing S-3(MGB 45) crew seen from the 20mm cannon emplacement:
  15. Great! Do you know these photos? http://www.wwi-models.org/Photos/AH/DI/index.html
  16. This build is epic!!! Congratulations! Berg is one of my favourite airplanes ever!!!
  17. Congratulations! As a father of three kids i honestly tell you: keep modeling and continue your cool build till O grows up! Now he is to small to interrupt you, but in a year... you will see!
  18. But there was Gyor monitor (or more precise a gunboat) in Hungarian Navy post WWI.
  19. It is said that they will release Szent Istvan too!
  20. And a great photo of Turkish P.24 production:
  21. Another picture of the P.24/IAR 80 fuselage:
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