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  1. Very interesting. Is it possible to repair broken links in this post?
  2. Precisely: 80 "Cyclones" were donated by French govt to Finland during Finnish-Soviet Winter War, but due to the cease-fire action was cancelled and only 6 reached Finland, where the first one was test-flown on 20th May 1940 - so before fall of France (CA-551, by Esko Halme). One of them survived (in original camouflage!!!) and is now showed in Cracow Museum of Polish Aviation (borrowed from Finland for a longer period). Germans did not consider the type as useful war material not only for Luftwaffe, but not even for their allies and satellites. Some captured Caudrons have been painted in Luftwaffe colours, but only to be used as a dummies on the fake airfields in France intended to mislead RAF rec during BoB. Polish unit which used Caudrons in combat, GC 1/145 "Varsovie" Squadron, had "Finnish connection" too - as initially it was formed as a volunteer unit intended for Allied expeditionary contingent organized to help Finland to repell Soviet agression. Similarly, after the Soviet-Finnish cease fire, Poles stayed in France and flew Caudrons against Germans. Most of these pilots have been later evacuated to Britain and served effectively during the BoB and later (302 Polish Squadron badge had Polish pre-war raven, French colours and both 1/145 and 302 numbers). Model looks great!!! Good work Eugene and the Dora Wings Team!
  3. Understand, thanks. Looks like the Hannants e-shop knew I'm outside of UK and gave me VAT-less price.
  4. I think it is true, Italian and maybe even Japanese too.
  5. Definitely political. Even Spitfires and Hurricanes, while legally available, had to be in Soviet version (really!). We had only one "good legal Messerschmitt" available - post war Czech Avia S-99. Oh, and this one (Avia CS-92), but it was late '80s: (Heller kit packed in Czechoslovakia) BTW, good joke with the Messerschmitt output
  6. What a cool looking airplane! During communist times in '80s in Poland selling models of German (Nazi) planes was forbidden, but I was fascinated with the Me 163. What I did? Made "a Komet" of Frog/NOVO DH Vampire fuselage and wings from Il-62 tailplane. The result was very similar to the actuall Swallow. Funny fact - I didn't know about Swallow at that time!
  7. Wonderful! I love these Aviatik fighters (biplane, triplane and monoplane) and I love your model!
  8. I've checked the books and in fact FOUR Polish squadrons in Britain have used Battles as bombers: 300 (code BH), 301 (code GR), 304 (code NZ) and 305 (code SM), also some fighter squadrons used them as trainers. Good we will have a new kit this airplane.
  9. To be honest, the hint: "Already done in injection in 1/72 nd more than 30 years ago" may have been somewhat misleading, but logically was true. Airfix Battle kit really has been done more than 30 years ago. Of course MPM kit was younger, but technically that sentence doesn't exclude existence of the other kits. In fact it was PAF (Polish Air Force) squadron. Polish airmen in Britain, initially enlisted in RAF Volunteer Reserve, since 5th August 1940 were really and formally in Polish Air Force (international military agreement, confirmed 22th August by British Govt in "Allied Forces Act") , Also the PAF Sqn 300 used Battles in Battle of Britain (both squadrons bombed German invasion landing crafts in French, Belgian and Duch harbours). Battle from Sqn 300 (BH code),
  10. Great build and extremely interesting topic! True! I've read Shiff's book when it was published, and again, just these summer holidays. Strongly recommend. With one reservation - reading it one feels more and more deeper desire to buy and build all these Breguet XIV, Latecoere, Caudron, Bloch, photo-recce Lightnings and other planes Saint-Ex piloted...
  11. Though the new "N" version of the canopy spoils the whole cool look of the Kittyhawk/Warhawk, your model is great!
  12. It is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/billchilton/4508924436/in/album-72157623826178790/ What an interesting thread!!! I have ex-Hasegawa 1/72 Buffalo and intend to build it in one of the Crete schemes, but I'm not still fully convinced what camouflage colours should I use.
  13. Cool! The Hardy's rear deckhouse was indeed wider and longer as in many other flotilla leaders. Also the bridge had some forward extension, balcony-like one. Good drawing of Hardy is here: https://www.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/rmgc-object-57285
  14. The Onslow is cool and goes very well but... the Hardy!!!! Hardy is my dream, I think about making Hardy of the 1/700 IBG Hotspur or Glowworm. Can you show your Hardy? What plans do you use? I'm excited!
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