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  1. Careful with these - Brandenburg had "S" shaped swirls, these at Hannant's are "6" shaped (or just round) fit for Albatros Oeffag D.III. The build is great, congratulations! I love this aeroplane! Best! G.
  2. Hi, the story and achievements of this aeroplane piloted by Horbaczewski are well described here by renowned Wojtek Matusiak: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2022/02/24/the-legendary-mustang-pk-g-of-s-ldr-dziubek-horbaczewski/ We featured it as this plane is a boxart plane (with fuel tanks, not bombs!) of our 1/72 Mustang Mk.III kit: It flew more than a few purely fighter missions and shot down both German planes and V1 missiles. So the no-bomb configuration is fully justified. Best! G.
  3. Will! Welcome to the gang! Your model is very cool! Tempest is a great plane and Clostermann was a great pilot! The photos are so-so - these modern cameras and phones have wide lenses, causing some distortion - maybe try to make them from greater distance and then crop. The gun barrels in the wings - could have been drilled or made of injection needles. Best!!! Grzegorz
  4. Excellent model! Congratulations from the Arma Hobby Headquarters!
  5. Thanks! No, I never had it photographed, and the model did not survive, I think it was built in late '80s...
  6. Another cool Swallow - good! I love this airplane! I already wrote in someone's other Swallow thread that in '80s, during communist time in Poland, when model kits were hardly available, I've unintentionally built of a model of something very similar to the Swallow - even if I tried to build a Messerschmitt 163. I took the fuselage from Frog/Novo soviet kit of Vampire (these were available) and added the wings made of... tailplane of the East German-made kit of Il-62 soviet passenger jet. The result looked cool! Good luck with this project!
  7. Thank you and congratulations for the excellent work with our Mustang. Seeing our kit built and reading words of satisfied modeller is the greatest prize for us! Thank you for that! PS. I also appreciate your choice of the markings - maybe it is not the most colourful Mustang I've seen, but its pilot! He was a Person! I really like models built for particular story or person behind them!
  8. Really cool result! Congratulations!
  9. No, the delay of F-6C is a few days only and the kit will be available very soon. It's the "secret one" in 1/72 moved to September. The P-51D in 1/72 was announced in New Year newsletter.
  10. Cheshire's Mustang!!! Great!!! We are watching! Unfortunately things like this happen sometimes, even if we carefuly examine all parts before packing into box. Sorry for that. We replace any and every damaged part free of charge, just fill the form here: https://www.armahobby.com/webpage/support-faq.html#claims Best regards! Grzegorz from Arma Hobby
  11. In the end of the Battle of Britain, November 1940, again one of the wing's undersurfaces of RAF fighters were painted in black. What about stencils on these black surfaces? Have been repainted? Tamiya gives white stencil decals in their Spitfire 1/72 kit. Is that correct?
  12. Good job! The whole Arma Hobby team is watching this thread with interest!
  13. Fine work! Congratulations! Speaking about CA glue - there is a method to manage it. Just do not apply the glue from the tube, but put a big drop on some surface (I use microscope piece of glass, some use old CDs), let it dry a bit, then put smaller drop in the middle of the first one - and then forget about the tube and use this pool as a supply depot for CA. Applicate glue from this drop to the model parts using really thin needle. It works. Certain Polish master-modeller wrote an article about it: Article about CA glueing PE parts on 1/700 ships It is in Polish, but there are lots of useful photos there. And the text you can translate with the google translator. Best!
  14. It is so interesting! The Norway campaign fascinates me a lot. Poles (Navy and ground forces) were deeply involved. I hope to build "Norwegian" Ark Royal some day. Pity there is no Glorious or Furious plastic model available. BTW, is it possibile to estimate that Warspite Swordfish marking and camouflage (one which in the 2nd Battle of Narvik sunk a U-Boot and spotted artillery)? Good luck with this project!
  15. I must make a confession here (though Edward I hope already knows it) - as a father of three (a bit older than Edward's) I have not much time to write long comments here, but... I follow this thread carefully, enjoy it, and support Procopius both in challenges of parenting and modelling. Amen.
  16. Very cool find, that photo with bombs. I think both photo show the same plane, at the same time. Light is similar and the bombs too. Is the second Gamma in Spain confirmed?
  17. Well, even in 1/350 this model would be outstanding!
  18. So cool! Some armoured trains in Britain were manned by Polish crews. Here are some photos: https://historia.interia.pl/polska-walczaca/news-polskie-pociagi-pancerne-w-wielkiej-brytanii,nId,1359352#embed
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