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  1. Printed fabric lozenge was obviously used on the fabric-covered parts of the airplane, but some of the AEG bombers were painted in regular hexagonal lozenge-like pattern, which covered not only fabric, but metal and plywood areas. In the WnW kit there is also scheme with printed lozenge on the fabric areas and regular hex painted lozenge on the nose. Plane with the sharkmouth has clearly non-lozenge nose, but - maybe the original lozenge has been overpainted during application of the individual marking - the shark's head? Photo from WnW website:
  2. Hi! I think I have Keimel's drawings of various Lohners, the "C" was one of the most popular so I'm sure it was included in that book. Do you still need them? Also I should have some photos of this beautiful fragile airplane. Be aware that there were several variants of the cockpit cutout.
  3. It is listed in Zvezda catalogue as "no glue necessary" easy to build snap-kit - like their previous Bf 109F, FW 190, Yak-3 and Stuka. Good quality, but obviously somewhat simplified.
  4. You really won that battle, doesnt't matter how imperfect kit it was. Congratulations!
  5. Very good model! It's hard to belive that the sharkmouth has been hand-painted, excellent job!
  6. Lovely sailplane and lovely kit. I made my whole basic flying course on Bocian (slightly newer version, "E" I think) and my first solo flight. SP-3042. BTW, Bocian is the best of the kit series - with good accuracy and recessed realistic fabric effect. Gil, Zefir and Sęp are very good too, Mucha is accurate but has raised fabric areas, and Jantar is not very accurate (shapes are mostly wrong).
  7. Great! BTW, the hull looks like ancient Greek trireme!
  8. It's quite unbelievable that's 1/700!
  9. In my opinion F is the coolest of all Bf 109! And you did great model!
  10. No offense Again, congratulations for a very good model - and for choosing Polish subject!
  11. You mean German invasion, aren't you? Very well done model! To be honest, PZL 23 Karas wasn't THAT bad airplane, Karas squadrons really suffered heavy losses but against such overhelming Luftwaffe superiority even the most advanced designs would have hard time. In fact these were similar to many other light bombers of that time, Stukas in BoB or Blenheims and Battles in 1940 in France didn't manage to do any better, even if they had some modern fighter escort, unavailable for Karas in 1939. Still some PZLs survived and managed to be evacuated to Romania and served well in the Roman
  12. Don't frustrate. Just look at the youtube link I gave above.
  13. In fact the Polish Navy initially have tried to burn the explosives without explosion, but something went wrong ("deflagration became detonation" at some moment, they said) and so they finally blew up it. Possibly the blast was smaller than full-scale then. Still everything was safe.
  14. Great build and true - A1 looks much better than "long winged" A4!
  15. It was filmed - quite epic view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iSRkvAupT8
  16. Very impressive. Looks like one of those period photos on the IWM website!
  17. I've researched this topic and in my opinion the differences between the "B" and "C" are not that deep. Mostly the engine radiators (under the engines not under the wings) and rounded wingtips. It can be done from scratch, using the excellent Eduard Bf 110C kit.
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