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  1. Good luck with your build! I'm just doing IBG Glowworm, very similar kit sharing the main sprue with the Ilex. These Micromaster Oerlikons are stunning!
  2. Original PZL fighters interiors were painted alluminium paint for sure.
  3. I suppose this particular scheme really comes from 1939 Poland, where StG2 was quite busy, but to be honest, 1./StG2 was indeed transferred to Balkans (Romania, then Bulgaria) already in 1941 January and I don't think the yellow cowlings/rudder marking have been introduced that early. http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Stukageschwader/SG2.htm Still, this scheme is really interesting.
  4. Good news. I only wonder what exactly means that "Balkans 1940/41" - the plane looks very much like the very early marking scheme, with narrow white stripes in the crosses and the swastika in the middle of the tail (see the photo). This could even be correct for 1939 Poland campaign, then for France and Battle of Britain.
  5. Damn, that's a disaster! I hope the second attempt will be problemless.
  6. Matchbox Fury is a kit of my childhood, one of the only three Mathboxes the kid from the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain had (two others were Gladiator and Boeing P.12). Good luck with this project!
  7. Good luck with this project! I'll be watching this topic with great interest!
  8. To be honest, the cargo list included three separate positions: 7 "three bladed V.P. propellers" for Battles, 14 "three bladed V.P. propellers" for Hurricanes and 1 "three bladed V.P. propeller" for Spitfire. This may suggest that the propellers were of different kind, otherwise these could have been just described "15 propellers for fighters" (shipment included 14 Hurricanes, one Spitfire and 7 Battles). The S/s Lassell sailed with this cargo on 22th August 1939 to Polish Gdynia and soon, still before the war, turned back and redirected to Gibraltar (Baltic became considered unsaf
  9. GrzeM

    Colours again

    Jamie! Thanks a lot! I feel obliged to try your excellent products but I think I'm too much newbie in maritime modelling to invest more serious money in naval range of colours. Airplane paints I already have in my drawer in good supply thanks to local dealers (mostly Hataka Orange which are almost perfect and some acrylics which aren't best for airbrushing but don't smell). But there is one thing I can't get from other source than you in that quality - it's the reliable information and friendly advice! Thank you again! BTW. Good that they unblocked shipping from GB to Poland.
  10. GrzeM

    Colours again

    Hi, would this be a major blasphemy if I used RAF Ocean Grey instead of NARN20 Home Fleet Grey (507A/B) to paint my 1/700 IBG Glowworm model hull? I know there are dedicated, excellent paints available but that brexit, covid and other funny things make obtaining them a bit more difficult these days... Thanks in advance for understanding my problem Serious advices deeply appreciated, good jokes welcome either. Yours, G.
  11. The three-blade V.P. propeller is confirmed with shipment documents. Source: Wojciech Mazur, "Samoloty, które nie zdążyły 2" from the Wielki Leksykon Uzbrojenia 1939 series. Wojciech Mazur has researched the Battle, Hurricane and Spitfire shipment to Poland in August/September 1939 very deeply.
  12. Well. Polish Hurricanes (those ordered in 1939 and loaded on the ship sailing to Poland) were most probably ragwings (only one "demonstration" metal wing Hurricane was ever discussed by Polish-British authorities, but I don't know if it was finally sent). Propeller - three-bladed V.P.
  13. Of course sometimes the good sharp razor blade (or Czech razor saw) is the only choice, but in most situations the really top class cutters - eg. Tamiya 123 with fine, thin tips, are enough. Really, the proper cutter makes a difference. Watch this film:
  14. I already have written in the RfI thread that the model is a first class. Now I finally've found tome to read the whole WiP - which is very intersting and informative. I have a question - would 1940 Norway Glowworm have similar deck colours or the corticene only would be correct? This build has inspired me to build a IBG 1/700 kit and I want to make it in Norwegian campaign scheme. On the other hand, the "H" class destroyers from the famous Warburton-Lee Flotilla would be quite similar, won't they?
  15. It's a truly stunning thing, lovely subject and excellent build! While I still have to catch up with reading the WiP thread I already see that it was deeply researched too!
  16. I think this "strange" standard is quite standard for most producers. Revell, Tamiya, Hasegawa, Airfix - and many others. Truly sad and bad that Dora Wings cares for their own profits and not for other producers' happines. Truly strange. Shame on them. They should gone bankrupt but release all the Lysander versions, just for Marco (and "for Airfix").
  17. Very well done and quite uniqe subject! With these extended wingtips it looks a bit pterodactylish!
  18. Very nice build! By the way, pilot of this Nieuport was in fact Donat Makijonek, a Pole (name "Makeenok" is just artificial English transcription of the Russian letters). After the WWI he served in Polish aviation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donat_Makijonek
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