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  1. Oh yes indeed, spent many a happy hour doing that. As you say, sadly missed! Standing in the farmers field, Jags lined up at the end of the runway, full power on, before releasing the brakes ............ the noise!! So close that you could almost reach out and touch them, it seemed. Never to be repeated, mores the pity ......
  2. That really is very nice indeed, lovely. It's been a little while now since I ran Paragon Designs, manufacturing all of the stuff that I did, but it is always a pleasure to see a finished model that has incorporated some of the items that I issued back then, particularly when it has been finished to such a high standard as this one. Especially, I must say, all of the items relating to the Jaguar (particularly the two-seat version) as I have a bit of a fondness and soft spot for that aircraft, as I am from, and still live, in Norwich, with the former RAF Coltishall on my doo
  3. Unquestionably, McRae was an immensely talented driver, and I have huge respect for the talent, and sheer bravery, of anybody prepared to drive in that aspect of motorsport. I never saw him drive or compete in the UK, unfortunately, but I lived in Cyprus for a few years and whenever the WRC came to the island, I would spend that particular weekend, that it visited, following as many of the various stages as possible around the island. The weather, generally, was superb of course (with some exceptions !) and obviously managed to watch McRae several times at various years the WRC wa
  4. Regarding reference pics, there are some here, below (although the initial thread is about front and rear wings) which show some reasonably clear pics of the weave used: https://www.f1m.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=30498 To the best of my knowledge, many of the MP4/5 components laid up in carbon for the tub, floor, diffuser etc, used alot of UD carbon fibre panels, so no twill-weave pattern would of been visible on them. If you scroll through the pics in the above link, the UD weave is largely visible on the tub, for example, and the way the light bounces off it, i
  5. I know the ones you mean, they do look rather good with those engines fitted, actually. Would make a neat conversion in model form!
  6. No problem. Believe me, Mike, there is absolutely no apology needed! I have been 'out of the loop' as it were, as a manufacturer, since 2011 (blimey, that long ago??) so there is bound to be a certain degree of misinformation here and there .... . Understandable to a large degree.
  7. Aha! Yes .... I mis-interpreted 'single pilot' for 'single-crew' .... maybe I should not be so hasty!
  8. Nope, afraid not, I sold none of the Paragon Designs range to anybody. I still have, and own, all of the patterns/masters, photo-etch artwork, moulds for the resin components, vac-form moulds etc etc. I retained all of those elements, and they are still in storage. Admittedly, some of the sets have now been superseded by injection kits, or other aftermarket sources. Although, it must be said, I have mentioned more than once, that it has crossed my mind, several times, to 'get back into it' in some form or other!
  9. Neil

    Revell spares?

    Ah, but it's not a big box, it only looks big because the clear part is very, very small ....
  10. Neil

    Revell spares?

    Well, replacement canopy sprue arrived in the mail today, free of charge because of the original faulty moulding. Excellent service from Revell, could not fault them, credit where credit is due. Very happy, well done Revell.
  11. My current workshop, brick-walled, with polystyrene-backed plasterboard for insulation and covered-in ceiling with roof insulation above it. Don't actually have much of a stash these days, generally just buy more or less only stuff that I have some intention of building (with a few exceptions of course! ). Full-width worktop down the far end where the chair is, kit building is carried out on there, and the window is South facing so always plenty of light, although there are side windows and fluorescent light tubes for dark days and night working. Workshop is almost 10m in length, nice to have
  12. Neil

    Revell spares?

    Slight hiccup ordering the replacement canopy ..... Filled in the form correctly on Revell's website, quoting correct kit number, part number etc etc. All fine and dandy. Got a very polite email back very quickly telling me that the kit is no longer available, so I cannot have a replacement canopy. I did not check beforehand if the F6 Hunter kit was still available, it is currently not in Revell's catalogue, so strictly speaking that kit 'technically' is not current. I should of checked .......... However, the FGA9 Hunter is currently available, which uses the same spr
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