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  1. Neil

    Revell spares?

    Ah, but it's not a big box, it only looks big because the clear part is very, very small ....
  2. Neil

    Revell spares?

    Well, replacement canopy sprue arrived in the mail today, free of charge because of the original faulty moulding. Excellent service from Revell, could not fault them, credit where credit is due. Very happy, well done Revell.
  3. My current workshop, brick-walled, with polystyrene-backed plasterboard for insulation and covered-in ceiling with roof insulation above it. Don't actually have much of a stash these days, generally just buy more or less only stuff that I have some intention of building (with a few exceptions of course! ). Full-width worktop down the far end where the chair is, kit building is carried out on there, and the window is South facing so always plenty of light, although there are side windows and fluorescent light tubes for dark days and night working. Workshop is almost 10m in length, nice to have plenty of space (not just for model making) and all my modelling equipment is in there such as airbrush, small and large compressors (with air tanks), Dremel, vacuum pump/vacuum chamber for void-free silicone mould making and resin casting, paints, adhesives, tools, fire extinguisher etc etc. As you can see, I also share the workshop with my bicycle and motorbike (GSXR, in Blue and White, the best scheme of course .... ). Note the knee-friendly piece of carpet, for when I am working on the GSXR......
  4. Neil

    Revell spares?

    Slight hiccup ordering the replacement canopy ..... Filled in the form correctly on Revell's website, quoting correct kit number, part number etc etc. All fine and dandy. Got a very polite email back very quickly telling me that the kit is no longer available, so I cannot have a replacement canopy. I did not check beforehand if the F6 Hunter kit was still available, it is currently not in Revell's catalogue, so strictly speaking that kit 'technically' is not current. I should of checked .......... However, the FGA9 Hunter is currently available, which uses the same sprue, and therefore same part, as the F6 kit canopy. So I have re-submitted another form quoting that kit instead, and explaining the situation, so hopefully I will hear back from Revell at some point. Just a quick heads-up as it were, check before ordering anything, as I should have !
  5. Neil

    Revell spares?

    Aha, excellent, thanks! I will give them a try in the near future.
  6. Neil

    Revell spares?

    Quick question, anybody had the need to contact Revell for any spares? Currently building a Revell 1/72 Hawker Hunter Mk 6 (lovely little kit) but unfortunately there is a fault with the canopy, there are two tiny 'bubbles' or blemishes within the clear plastic, kind of spoils it somewhat! (See pic .... ) Not at the finishing stage yet, so it is certainly not urgent at the moment, and obviously with all of the lockdown situation it does seem rather trivial (to put it mildly) as things stand, so am a little reluctant to try and contact anybody about the issue at the moment. Just curious to see if any of you have have obtained Revell spares in the past? Removed by admin
  7. All of that resin stuff looks rather familiar .... (VERY familiar ) and, not surprisingly, I have used it to make a 2-seat Jaguar, although it was a T4 that I made, not a T2. I have plenty of In-Progress pics if you need any pointers/guidance.
  8. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. I've tried to find a clip of it online to post here but no luck unfortunately. There are various shots of the C-74 in the film between approx the 52 minute mark and 62 minute mark, with a very clear shot of the Gold being lowered out of the cargo bay too. Got to try and think of something else to build now though, decisions desicions ......
  9. A consequence of the Furlough Scheme ...... it least that does have an upside!
  10. Just about finished, a few pics of the 1/144 C-74 Globemaster, as painted in fictitious Chinese markings for the film 'The Italian Job'. In progress build in link below:
  11. Well that is very close to being done, just a few little odds and ends, and blade aerials and such to finish it off. A couple of overall views for now, I will put some more pics in the Ready For Inspection forum when I get a spare moment or two. I'm getting to quite like all of this civilian/non-military stuff, makes a nice change from camo schemes ......
  12. All fine here Mike, thanks. Hope you are keeping well too! Does look a bit underscale doesn't it! Had a really good ride out on the GSXR the other afternoon, best ride out yet. Very nearly popped over to your neck of the woods as somewhere to go too, not been out to that part of the world for a while, but was getting late so thought better of it. You wouldn't believe the number of times I re-ran the section where they take the Gold bullion off the 'plane at the airport, while I was building this .... !
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