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  1. Was at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, Brackley, a couple of weeks or so back, here's a few detail pics of the car in the foyer to the manufacturing dept.
  2. Thanks again for the kind comments. As I mentioned, I was in two minds what to do with the model for years, I was rather reluctant to touch it I have to admit. However, I came to the conclusion that it seemed such a shame not to finish it, as it was so close to completion, ultimately, and the original intention was to post pics of it here on BM anyway. As it turned out, I had very, very little to do to it actually, my input was absolutely minimal, Steve was the one who did all of the main work to it.
  3. ........and Jaguar XX725 still exists today, at Cosford, although without it's 'Johnny Fartpants' nose art. Link below: https://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/jaguar/survivor.php?id=999 In a way, nice to see that it is still around.
  4. Steve asked me to build one for him shortly after returning back to the UK after the first Gulf War, way back then funnily enough! . I based it on the 1/72 Hasegawa kit, using Modeldecals I think they were, and Steve asked me to put a loadout of 2 x overwing Sidewinders, 4 x 1000lb bombs, a centreline drop tank, ALQ 101 pod and Phimat chaff dispenser on it, which would of been a fairly typical weapon load. I constructed it in the take-off configuration, at the point of rotation on the runway, with flaps and slats deployed, nose leg extended with no weight on it, and nose-high just before leaving the runway. Four metal pins were fixed into each main-wheel tyre which also located in holes drilled in the base, the model was then self supporting without additional aids, as if it were just about to take off. I was very pleased with how it turned out, and Steve seemed quite happy with it too .
  5. Thanks for the kind remarks, Steve was a thoroughly likeable bloke, and it was always a pleasure to see him, he was a well liked person by all who knew him. The world became a poorer place without him. As I mentioned regarding the model, I was unsure what to actually do with it for a long time, and decided that ultimately it seemed a shame just to keep it boxed up and unseen especially as it required so little extra work to finish it. It was intended to put pics of it on here, so I am pleased that it has now finally been finished and shown. Thanks again for the comments and replies.
  6. Straight from the off, this is NOT my model, as such, and in truth I have been very undecided over the years as to whether I should actually finish this or not. This is the 1/48 Hasegawa Bf109 F4 Trop, in the markings of H.J. Marseilles, started and initially built by former Britmodeller member @jagmate in 2006. For those that do not know, @jagmate was in fact Steve Shutt, former 41 Sqn Jaguar pilot based at RAF Coltishall (my local RAF base) and he was also an enthusiastic model maker; I first got to know Steve when he attended our local model club here in Norwich (our friendship stemmed from there) and when he started building this model, back in 2006, the intention was to eventually post pics of it here on Britmodeller. As you do ..... Also as some of you may well know, I owned and ran 'Paragon Designs' for many years (manufacturing aftermarket resin, photo-etch, and vac-form components for model aircraft kits) and to put it mildly, some of the items that I manufactured were a direct result of the help and input provided by Steve, namely the 1/48 aftermarket resin detail sets for the Airfix Jaguar GR1/3 kits. In particular, Paragon Designs set 48095, the RAF Jaguar T2 conversion for the Airfix single seat GR1/3 kit, would NEVER of seen the light of day if it had not been for Steve, he arranged personal visits for me to RAF Coltishall for almost unlimited access to one of the T2 Jaguars in the hangar, for reference pics, measurements etc etc. Steve was also a veteran of the first Gulf War of 1990/91, flying combat missions, his Jaguar aircraft being XX725, 'Johnny Fartpants', and I think I am correct in saying that he also dropped the RAF's first live ordnance in combat over mainland Europe, since WWII, during the Bosnian conflict. He flew commercial aircraft for a major airline after leaving the RAF in the mid 90's, mainly in the Far East and Pacific region, and would make regular visits to me at my workshop here in Norwich, while I still ran Paragon Designs, on the occasions that he was back in the UK, from the mid 2000's onwards. He started this particular 1/48 Bf109 kit while visiting my workshop (he left the started kit with me at my workshop, and would drop in when he had the rare chance, to tinker with it, do a bit to it, here and there, as and when he could ...). Unfortunately during 2008, while taking Ian Davies, from Archant media, for a flight at Seething airfield in Steve's own Christen Eagle aerobatic 'plane, when landing they struck a crop-spraying tractor which was crossing the threshold of the runway, regrettably resulting in the immediate fatality of Ian, and a few weeks later of Steve after being taken to Addenbrookes Hospital. It goes without saying, an understandably huge loss to all family and friends of Ian and Steve. In the whole scheme of things it may seem trivial as such, but Steve's started, and 90% built, model of this Bf109 has remained in my possession since then, and I have been loath to do anything with it for more than 14 years. However, Steve's original intention was to post pics of it, back then, on this forum, once it was completed, so here you go. It seemed pointless to keep it packed away in box for no good reason, after being 90% finished, so I decided to bring the model to a finished state, without making wholesale changes to it, hopefully keeping the completed model within the bounds of Steve's original intentions. The pic below, taken back then, shows the basic model assembled by Steve, with black pre-shading he airbrushed along panel lines etc. Underside view, camo colours applied. After over 14 years, this is the model, below, taken out of it's storage box last week, essentially 90% finished, how Steve left it in my workshop, with various sub assemblies such as wheels, prop, undercarriage legs etc all sprayed up ready for fitting. The canopy sections were still unpainted, so I airbrushed those ready for assembly a few days ago. After fitting all of the sub-assemblies a day or two back, I gave the model an overall covering of Matt Clear varnish, with a touch of White added to it, to try and give a used, faded, look to it,. In the dry, dusty, hot North African climate, the finish may of bleached-out and worn like this? Added a few wear marks to the wing roots and canopy opening too. I wanted to see the model finally completed, but hopefully without detracting from the input Steve had done it previously. Pic below, the man himself, Steve Shutt, former 41 Sqn Jaguar, at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, 1991, just after the first Gulf War, beside XX725 'Johnny Fartpants' the aircraft he flew during that conflict. A finer chap you could NEVER hope to meet. Blue skies.....
  7. Great little museum, our model club secretary is one of the people who help to maintain the aircraft/exhibits there actually! Did you get to sit inside the Vulcan they have there?, Incredibly cramped cockpit on such a large aircraft. The model show at the Forum went well yesterday, hope the links below work, to pics of the models on the model club FB page .......... https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3307175906179271&id=1448855095344704&__cft__[0]=AZUiDnbK6_oKt-fDr9f7nXqOYMVoSohcPWK8htsQQiMefbkeZFHJbXR46-SuZ1BaSB82oSWTkioWyVMMMj-wApeGIpLjiAeWDGNNhPh05yQf0fGXmXlCHWUb6MpNXRZLEO7SbV6T3sHOiSDyLJh6f10L&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3307239892839539&id=1448855095344704&__cft__[0]=AZWbwE3TR_Cpb33uThisI0QmTa3L5cZkh-fWO3T4eh0LY6kEgNm31j_GcIfMVlmFJviLrkIZ-DdJFOONIR4w9N8xATX8911zuVsRDAMH8qajOvncKhslM4uWWhcF-_CJ53lwydUg0GWXyy97gs8MjFNm&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3307309996165862&id=1448855095344704&__cft__[0]=AZUQ_o8Gel39o4rj0XK6xAbtNO2lp1TFlTTo4nPGUGmb3hiExkdoe3F5iGGVe7VAs4DItmrkYhm8J-SU6GEdyjNF0HfjcXcfBk5QVzhl3ORHqpYEqSPlAw6pV1n4GYKfhyVqF90ODUVKKYWM5Ghim9ec&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3307343512829177&id=1448855095344704&__cft__[0]=AZW7pgQ8audricY2DiDZIuW5YGfZRmQyCRkRMjOq_JCzaj8IMixWMfoJTg5hzVJAhI4GPWbkQ4ZyxksRnbwMfl0P5Hy2XAsnMWLrvxn7wk_FgnvErNcCgMO5jIQEaoVTPCjnWiY9Nf2XE1UK3eznhdq4&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3307415336155328&id=1448855095344704&__cft__[0]=AZX5erIziWRtJ6mU0Gjg3QRw9wYNXCNRmLuIbgAUimHHJ2X6RjyjyZ3NSePXFPznzede30JerLqlQ6Mm0odR29odp_95SrHc3pfLiYZlDHm25w3E-rTxfQjglViqX62samAW2DONWSgv8RGS8c1CThV-&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=3307419159488279&id=1448855095344704&__cft__[0]=AZVuQxkw20pwI-DoB7PpPEsxTlzId2zTggu5WrXHJNziMM-yR8dm9BpnXxz8HrQG4jDk2xL3P0FKQmkCQZS6XXUCuLrH5yRkTMkxL4_wLQdBbgjKbaeqMx4dujMn_GA-lOggBWIfsVCEEMa9kCkmwthk&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
  8. Norwich is often described as a 'Fine City' too. Took the opportunity to take a pic earlier today, a view looking out over Mousehold Heath, over the City, with Norwich Cathedral in the background. . The Model Show at the weekend should be a good one.
  9. My local model club, Norfolk Scale Model Group, will be having a model show, open to all members of the public, at The Forum, Norwich, Millennium Plain, on Saturday 30th April, 2022. Various categories of models will be on show including Aircraft, Cars, Armour, Ships, Sci-Fi, Diorama's, Figures, etc etc. Open from 9am until 4pm.
  10. Probably should of added, the final-finish is a coat of Xtracolour enamel Semi-Gloss/Satin airbrushed overall, (although in the pics it kind of looks more of a 'Matt' finish, for some reason) and prior to applying the Paynes Grey oil paint panel line wash to the Alclad Aluminium underside, a coat of Tamiya Acrylic Clear was applied to the Aluminium finish first, to prevent the oil paint wash destroying the Aluminium finish.
  11. For the upper surfaces I used Xtracolour enamel (thinned with cellulose thinners, helps reduce the drying time) and the underside is Alclad Aluminium. The faint panel line wash is Paynes Grey oil-colour, thinned with White Spirit, and the excess removed with a clean cloth and blending in with a perfectly dry flat brush. Gresham is very highly regarded, and Holt is a really nice place, I was over there a couple of weeks ago actually! In fact anywhere in and around that part of North Norfolk is rather nice, lovely part of the County, very popular region. Thanks for all of the comments everybody, they are much appreciated. I have made my fair share of stuff packed full of extra aftermarket 'this-that-and-the-other' over the years, but it made a refreshing change to build something with absolutely no modifications to the basic kit, or aftermarket decals etc, although it does help to have a reasonably good kit to start with. It was a pleasure to build, and being an almost 'local' based aircraft made it all the more of an interest to me. Thanks again everyone!
  12. There is no In-Progress build for this one, and as they say, out-of-the-box. Really nice little kit, no extra details, and using the kit decals. Revell 1/72, Hawker Hunter F.Mk.6, Fighter Combat School, Central Flying Establishment, RAF West Raynham, Norfolk, UK, 1961. (In my neck of the woods, so reasonably local to me).
  13. Thanks again for the past comments. We had our first Club competition for more than two years on Wednesday, (that length of time because of World events etc, Covid and such ....) at the Norfolk Scale Model Group, UK, (16/03/22) for all scale of aircraft, and I am very pleased to say that my 1/72 Airfix DH 114 Heron was voted in First Place in that competition. Thanks to all those attending who voted.
  14. Nope. I had read it, because I had posted the comment in my own thread. In fact I read it several times. It still said "Unread Replies".
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