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  1. Just noticed this dio! Being a ex Gunner...... Looks fantastic, how a gun position would have looked. Caught the atmosphere of a fire mission in motion!...... Brill Maudesman
  2. A fantastic Gustav! All perfect in everyway, weathering etc..... Makes me want to crack on with my 109 stash!
  3. Cheers chaps.... I was just thinking of using them on other makes of late 109's.... I.E the Revell or Academy kits... Mark
  4. Hello all..... A question if it has not already been asked.... I have aquired a Eduard combo kit recently. Obviously there will be a few spares from the kit, can these be used on other brands of the 109? I.E Revell etc? Instead of the parts living their lives forever in a spares box... :-) Mark
  5. maudesman

    Russian P-40

    Cheers Troy.... I shall look at the info you given me! Many thanks.... :-) Mark
  6. maudesman

    Russian P-40

    Good evening all... Help is required concerning Lend/lease aircraft.... What P-40 kit is suit to the Russians. I Have looked but seem confused, as so many varients were aquired by the Rusians.... So what kit, in 1/48th, would best suit a russian bird? Thanks all Mark
  7. I have one too in the to do pile.... :-) I got it as its one of those odd russki types....... Totallly different! If there is going to be a WIP, ill defiently be watching....... Mark
  8. Lovely job on the KH foxbat..... I have one in the stash! Plus a ICM kit..... Scared to touch them now! :-)
  9. Very nice heavy Russian...... I have one in the stash..... Doubt i will get the same build as yours!
  10. Hello one and all..... Does any manufacturer do any Russian flare or chaff dispensers. Especially for later or modernized Mig-21's? Plus any conversions to the make the Indian upgraded Bison? Any help will be gratefully received...... Mark
  11. Hello Dan..... Cheers for the tip.. ... I shall give it a go, when i get around to building the beast! The blade and hub is quite big on the Bear, so it looks as if it mite work....... Mark
  12. One word! WOW...... Fantastic Mig..... Wish i could build and paint as such a beauty! Mark
  13. Hello one and all.... Not sure if this is the correct forum to ask.... But i will give it a go.... I have just purchased the Trumpy kit of the great Bear.... But on opening the box and dribbling over the size of the plastic! Whimper, i have a broken prop! A blade has broken.... Has anyone have tips on how to repair the said part? All help will be gratefully recieved..... :-) Mark
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