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  1. Great marking choice on appropriate camo-historical! Like it much. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I am blown away! Very realistic rendition for both of the subjects. Farouk
  3. Can't agree it's CHEATing for I will do it the same way... A very attractive Trojan.. Thanks for sharing.. Regards. Farouk (tausugAir-HARIBON Decals)
  4. Russ, my hats off always to people who goes the length of crafting their own model parts from material lying about and not resulting to 'AFTER-MARKET"... (thanks for the tip on the gun!) Hats off, too, for the great and realistic diorama.... Regards... Farouk (tausugAir-HARIBON Decals)
  5. Karlo, excellent camouflage scheme matched only by your EXCELLENT brush work!!! Thanks the excellent view... Regars.. Farouk (tausugAir-HARIBON Decals)
  6. Matt O, the scratch built parts very much paid off as the kit finish came out great! that sure is a sign of a modeler/model-maker: creating and NOT complaining on what's not there in the kit... Seeing your build reminds me not to forget a wish-build tribute for my one time employer Oman Air Force where I came face to face with your subject in RAFO Salalah Air Base Heli Hangar... Many thanks for the reminder and inspiration... Regards Farouk (tausugAir-HARIBON Decals)
  7. John, my salute to a thorough and excellent modification works!! Having hard time to pick a choice on both subjects, but the metal one is more to my choice..Pick up some pointers in your WIP . . Thanks for sharing.... Regards Farouk (tausugAir-HARIBON Decals)
  8. Love this little higher (shoulder) winger!! "Tis the beauty of Scratch-Building .. making you own little known airplane and ignored by mainstream kit manufacturer... Thanks for posting this inspirational build ( I have downloaded a plane for home making project).... More modeling power! Regards... Farouk (tausugAir HARIBON DECALS)
  9. Salute for a great build... Great camouflage rendition and tropical background... I don't see any "lack in details" . . It is more than complete in itself.. Thanks for sharing the inspirational camouflage rendering... Regards.. Farouk (tausugAir HARIBON DECALS)
  10. Both subjects exhibit finest modeling work!! But, I am biased towards anything metal or silver aircraft... Thanks for sharing.. Regards Farouk (tausugAir) HARIBON Decal
  11. J-W, thanks for the acknowledgement!! Also, many thanks for your interest in Philippine P.A.A.C. P-26 ( the Philippine Army Air Corps) and the educational info on the sizes of the two machines… As regards the Philippine national insignia, my take (comment) is that Philippine Army Air Corps ceased to exist in 1941 with the blue diamond white lozenge (border) insignia. It reappeared after the end of the war (WW II) and subsequently re-organized as the Philippine Air Force. At about this time the blue-white diamond were modified/updated being flanked by blue bordered white bars (ala U.S.A.F.), the diamond too was outlined/bordered that appeared to be red... Then, in 1947, was revised by replacing the bars with stylized WINGS.. (as per photo in Anido/Tomkins' Pictorial History of the Phil Air Force..) . . This looks remain to the present day In existing artworks/paintings of PAAC P-26 (whose artists were working from eyewitness accounts) never sported a blue-white diamond bordered in blue although one artwork example the same diamond was bordered in Red. The artworks can be seen in page one (1) of the second web "address" As to the over all scheme of Phil Army Air Corps' P-26, the reference you quoted in your “…P-26 Philippines 1941…” above ( http://www.j-aircraft.org/smf/index.php?topic=8688.0 ) carries a posting by TFeredo (ElJefe in other forum : http://pinoyhistory.proboards.com/thread/840/philippine-army-corps-pics-1939?page=2 ) who is consider one of the most knowledgeable and an authority on Pre-War Philippine military aircraft, particularly the Peashooters... I recommend taking notice of his treatises (thereat) for some accurate rendering of the Peashooter in Philippine Army Air Corps (PAAC)... Best regards.... Farouk (tausugAir
  12. Like the overall finish!!!.... it has strong resemblance to the Boeing P-26 Peashooter which was also in the Chinese AF inventory... will the latter be included in the above flight line?
  13. Like the metallic finish.. great rendering... Like the subject (Mustang) too.... Thanks for sharing..
  14. The brush painted one is very much my choice: my admiration always for brush painters whose resulting handiwork is undistinguishable from that of airbrushed. Thanks for sharing your inspirational brushwork. Farouk
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