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  1. I often wonder who selects the kits to be rereleased - some gems never reappear while real bad and outdated kits stay in the catalogue forever... Cheers!
  2. Hi Bernd! As you know I have a soft spot for old plastic. Forgot to say: I have three - one very old and unpainted, one painted in a too dark grey (Revell 75) and one that looks more or less ok. Have a great day, too Mario
  3. Hi Bernd, indeed the old Revell Airacobra wasn´t a bad kit. Also know their old 1/72 Mustang and have no idea why they rereleased it with so many better options available. The Toko Kingcobra looks very good in the box - fine recessed panellines and separate doors. Have not yet built it but have found some convincing pics in the internet. Have a nice day Mario
  4. Hi Bernd! Thank you very much! Have also built the Revell A-7 .
  5. Hi Bernd! Fantastic Airacobra! Great paintwork and weathering. Always had a soft spot for this airplane because of it´s unique design. As you already know, I have built the old Revell kit back in the nineties. Additionally have a Toko P-63C Kingcobra in the stash as addition for my Indochina Collection. Cheers, Mario
  6. Super job on the AV8a real nice version and you have made the Matchbox version look just as good as the modern Airfix version.

    Regarding your sea harrier ...they never used BL255 only 1000Ibs with retarded or ballistic tails ...won't worry about fuzing (note the Z) at this scale. Clearly there are other loads ....sidewinders, Sea Eagle,,CBLS (practice bomb carriers) or even a bucket of sunshine should you wish to go up that route ...(ex 801 and 899 before I went Sea King Mk4 and Apache    


    Regards JR

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    2. junglierating


      Hmm well the graphic is certainly cluster but the phot looks like a 1000lb with 951 fuse on the front. Difficult to tell  but like I said first I've heard of it.

      I will speak to some old and bold ex bombhead next week👍

    3. junglierating


      Lol drop tanks and 'winders can't go wrong or 1000lb each side 

    4. Mario


      Great! I´m still at priming stage with the Harriers🙂

      Thank you very much in advance!



  7. Thank you very much for the positive feedback. Very much appreciated! Thanks for the kudos. Have been very lucky as I found very good references regarding this particular aircraft. Indeed this kit has been very pocket money friendly. Still remember when I bought it... The old Airfix GR3 Harrier had the arctic camo option. Have it in the stash together with their new moulds release. BTW: RM means Royal Marines?
  8. Hello modellers, Parallel to the Crusader build, I started to refurbish three of my older Harriers - one Matchbox AV-8A and two Revell Sea Harriers. The American AV-8A is already completed. Have disassembled the model, sanded down the old brush applied paint and added some details. The broken undercarriage was fixed with brass rod, the spoiled canopy sanded and polished and a scratchbuilt airbrake added. Except for the national insignia and a few stencils, all decals were home printed. To equip the model with a more realistic ordnance load, I used two rocket pods from the Hasegawa weapons sets, modified with small needles as rockets. The tanks are from one of the Sea Harriers which will be equipped with BL755 later. Thanks for watching Mario
  9. Thank you very much Orion, Corsairfoxfouruncle and Mike for the comments! Is also my favourite Crusader scheme. Find the Marines birds more interesting because of their heavier payloads. BTW: I have aready feared to have overdone the effects on the gunports
  10. Thank you very much for the comments! Will use the same trick when I build my Marines Bronco
  11. Hello modellers, have recently completed this 1/72 Esci F-8E Crusader. I made the very same model more than 25 years ago for the first time and wanted to do better with this one. It depicts a Marines Crusader of VMF 235 "Death Angels" from Da Nang. Building the model in the take-off configuration made a lot of wing surgery necessary, but this wasn´t the main issue. Greatest challenge were the stars on the tail fins, as for some reason, Esci has provided only one single star for that area on their decal sheet. I had to scan the sheet and select the stars of the proper size and paint the areas between them matching to the color of the other decals. Shortly after finishing the model, I found a Microscale decal sheet with all the necessary markings... Another problem was the air to ground ordnance load. I used two MERs from the Hasegawa weapons sets, and high drag bombs from Esci´s A-7 kit. The Zuni launchers are completely scratchbuilt from wooden toothpics and Evergreen sheet. I also extended and modified the nose landing gear, made the intake deeper, modified the afterburner cooling scoops, shifted the wing pylons more outward, detailed the cockpit and made some changes on the canopy to be able to display it in opened and closed position. Had some doubts regarding the old decals, but they worked surprisingly well. Only the national insignias had to come from the spares box. Paints used was Mr.Color for the light gull grey and Revell Enamels. A preshading was applied with Tamiya acrylic black. Clearcoats used were from Gauzy and Tamiya, weathering with oils and pastels. Is not the Academy kit, but I´m quite happy with the result. For comparison I took one pic together with the old build. Cheers, Mario
  12. Wonderful diorama, great idea! Have immediately recognized the setting inside the embassy compound from the news coverage. Cheers, Mario
  13. Thank you very much Martin and Unfinished Project! This has been one of my older posts on BM. Wonder if Photobucket is working again?! Cheers, Mario
  14. Thank you Nephew Luis Alfonso, Graeme H, exdraken and opus999 for the kind words. Haven´t watched here for quite a while and was very surprised about the additional comments. Always happy if one of my builds serves as Inspiration. I enjoy scratch-building very much. Self-printing decals allows you to build very individual models. I regard it as a great advantage, to print as many as you want and to be able to replace a decal if you are not happy with the result. If you have any questions regarding decals or other modelling topics, feel free to ask. Cheers, Mario
  15. Hi Jerzy! Nice builds of unusual subjects again. The EZ rigging looks very good! Cheers, Mario
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