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  1. Thank you philp for you kind comment. Have just discovered it since I haven´t looked here since quite a while. Indeed I invested a lot of work in this kit, especially scratchbuilding the ordnance. Still have two more Airfix and Heller single seaters in the stash and also some Revell/Monogram kits. Don´t know IMC and wonder if it is a rebox of the Airfix or Fujimi kit? Cheers, Mario
  2. Hello Djordje! Thank you very much for the comment! Indeed the paintwork of the Salvadorian Corsair took a lot of time and patience. The homemade decals made things even more complicated as they needed a white undercoat to remain visible on the camo... Cheers, Mario
  3. Thank you very much. Indeed the Latin American airforces have some interesting subjects in their rows.
  4. Thank you very much, Martin, Malcolm, F-32 and unfinished project for the kind comments. Very much appreciated! And I have a Tamiya Mustang in the stash. Perhaps something for a Guatemalan P-51...
  5. Thank you very much, Wulfman, Valery, binbrook87, Sashman and Nephew Luis Alfonso! Hi Nephew Luis Alfonso! With your expert help will build so many of them that people may think Kempen is a town somewhere in Central America. Maybe another antechamber... Cheers!
  6. Hello modellers! I managed to finish two other projects. This time two Latin American Corsairs involved in the 100 hours or Soccer War of 1969. As my friend and fellow Britmodeller Luis Alfonso visited the Honduran aviation museum of Tegucigalpa recently and shared pictures of the famous Fernando Soto Henríquez F-4U5N, I took the opportunity to continue my already begun conversion of the 1/72 italeri kit. Parallel I started an FG-1D of the El Salvadorian airforce as counterpart, using the Revell 1/72 F-4U1D kit as I was especially intrigued by it´s unusual jungle camo. Both kits received som
  7. Thank you Gary. Indeed they seem to come from different epoches.
  8. Hello Gary! Here is a pic of my old Hasegawa MiG 17. Built it more than 20 years ago together with the F-4J from the same brand: Cheers, Mario
  9. Very nice build and interesting subject! This one is also on my to-do list as I´m very intrigued by Guatemalan Mustangs especially these in the later camo scheme. Have shown the link to fellow Britmodeller Luis Alfonso as his brother has been a crew chief for the P-51 in the country. Cheers, Mario
  10. Thank you very much my friend and nephew. Nice to meet you here again and to be able to give you some inspiration for your projects! Cheers, Uncle Mario
  11. Thank you very much for all you kind comments, especially Steve and Gary! Hi Steve! Originally wanted to apply a NMF finish but then thought a camo scheme was more forgiving, especially as it was my first Mistercraft MiG 19 build… Thank you for the link to your pretty MiG 17. Will look if I can find some North Vietnamese markings in 1/72 scale...
  12. Thank you for the link to your MiG 17. You did a fantastic job with that model. The camo looks spot on! Long time ago I have build the 1/72 Hasegawa model to present it together with my Showtime 100 Phantom as I have read in the Aeroplane Aviation Magazine about the dogfight. Have seen Airfix has released a new tool Mig 17 in my scale. Perhaps I will buy it one day... Cheers, Mario
  13. Thank you very much Doc72, Voltures1 and Will. Compared to the size, this was indeed a time consuming project. Had to check the location of each part with my references as the instructions are rather inaccurate. Also disappointing that there were no North Vietnamese decals as was advertised on the box top. Have also bought the Mistercraft MiG 19S kit which contains the very same sprues but another decal sheet. Cheers, Mario
  14. Hello modellers, Today I would like to present you my new Mistercraft 1/72 Shenyang F-6 of the Pakistan Air Force. I bought three of these 4 Euro kits as I wanted a North Vietnamese MiG 19 for my Vietnam collection. But I liked the camo scheme of the Pakistani machine and the combination with western Sidewinder missles. As you can imagine, the kit is quite basic and a lot of scratchbuilding necessary to archieve a good result. I started with the non existant cockpit and added a cockpit floor, instrument panel and side consoles from styrene sheet. Intake trunk and exhausts were extended and
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