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  1. Found these images in a red arrows magazine I have. Top one is a grainy image which says is the only official picture of both in air together. Other is of them on line up. Sorry about quality of the photos. Taken on phone.
  2. No worries not taken the wrong way. Just surprised that I never thought about this myself! Will have to have a look too. Like you said maybe a red arrows historian or someone with greater knowledge on them may hold the answer. Thanks
  3. That looks great. Being a fan of the tigermeet schemes. I've got this in the stash and you have done a great job with it.
  4. Looks good to me. You're braver then me when it comes to pe stuff. I've got a few kits with it in and look and think 'hmm....yes......,' and place it back in box. So well done for attempting it.
  5. You know what, whilst building this bizarrely that question never entered my mind! If you find out would be interested in knowing as you have made me curious about this now!
  6. Thanks for all your comments everyone. I do appreciate it all.
  7. Lovely model. Nice to see how this turned out. I am planning on using same markings for a mustang. They look even better on a finished model then a picture. Well done.
  8. Great work on this kit. I have made this one and you have achieved a far better result of it then me. Love the weathering. Top job.
  9. Thanks Steve. Glad you like the photo. I have only my camera on my phone which isn't very good so had to take photos where the best natural light / angles were available within my house.
  10. Each kit has an led in nose which I soldered wire to. Wire runs down each acrylic rod which is covered by smoke and all wires are connected to a single cell battery holder with switch inside the base. I am not an expert in electronics so do apologise for poor description and technical terms etc. Never done anything like this before so was learning as I go. Quite a challenge making it all fit in the kits especially the gnat.
  11. I agree it adds a little more drama to them but am happy to pose on wheels too.
  12. Hi. I thought I would try something new and different to what I have done before. I have used leds and tried to display different eras of red arrows aircraft and liveries over the years. The smoke is made from cotton wool. First time I have ever done anything like this. All kits are 1/72 airfix. I am pleased with how it has turned out. All comments welcome. Thanks
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