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  1. Given the developing state of 3D printing, I'll have to wait and hear what people say once they get ahold of copies. But I shore do luv me sum HP-42.
  2. With the Twin Pin coming from Valom I would pass on the resin one. Single Pioneer might be a possibility though to complete the set. The only Magna kit I ever owned, however, was... not good. Hopefully they've cleaned everything up. I already own enough model nags...
  3. Not a huge fan of resin and don't use PE much at all (maybe the occasional seatbelt, but most of my canopies are closed). So maybe I can at least save on half of the price damage!
  4. I do wonder what the MSRP will be. Anyone heard?
  5. Kevin Callahan

    Hobby Boss 1/72nd Dewoitine D.520 C.1

    I have the Hasegawa version of this awaiting decals at present. If I had not had one of those in the stash the HobbyBoss is likely to have been the kit I would have gone for. Nice job on this!
  6. Restarting one of my earliest attempts at a sub-project: Blue Angels aircraft. Next in line was the F11F. This is the elderly Hasegawa kit, with somewhat brittle blue plastic that didn't take sanding very well. It was a relatively recent Blue Angels boxing, so the decals were newer and usable. I painted the wing and tail tips since I just didn't see a decal version working out well. All paints Xtracolour. Once I get my display cases sorted, I'll be taking some group photos of these sub-projects, and the Blue Angels will definitely be one of them. This is completed aircraft #505 (3 aircraft, 1 ordnance, 0 vehicles for the year 2019), finished in February of 2019.
  7. Another in my somewhat eccentric series of ordnance. I've already completed the AS-1 Kennel, AS-3 Kangaroo, and AS-6 Kingfish. This was probably the easiest of the bunch, being a newer mold and only 8 parts on the missile. Some seam work needed but not a great deal. The cart actually had more parts and was the more complex model. Still, another completion to add to the list. This is completed ordnance #13 and completed vehicle #24 (2 aircraft, 1 ordnance, 1 vehicle for the year 2019), finished in February of 2019.
  8. Continuing the onslaught of 2019 completions, this is the Fly repop of the Hasegawa Hurricane. It's good to see it back again, since the admittedly overdone rear fuselage representation was not a dealkiller for me. And the Fly kit came with three options I wanted to do: a silver overall with a red fuselage stripe, a Free French example, and this one: from the South African Air Force. The two greens were a mystery for a while, but with help from Britmodeller posters, I settled on X001 Dark Green and X116 Light Green over Azure Blue, with Trainer Yellow stripes. The Fly decals performed well, with little need for setting solution. This aircraft was based in Port Elizabeth for 11 Squadron SAAF in 1945. This is completed aircraft #504 (2 aircraft, 0 ordnance, 0 vehicles for the year 2019), finished in January of 2019. As always, more details on the blog.
  9. Kevin Callahan

    Revell 1:72 Focke-Wulf Fw-200 airliner

    Being pretty happy with the Fw-200, I've been thinking about that civil He-111C from Roden, the one that got away. One of the few kits I have ever actually trashed midway through. That keeps nagging at me (I'm pretty committed to finish what I actually get started, though admittedly a couple of decades may pass between starting and completing). And I'd love to get the He-116 and Ju-60 from Classic Plane, but I've never made a purchase from their online shop and their website is seriously deficient when it comes to photos of what comes in the box. Any experience that the collective can pass on would be appreciated. And Planet does a couple of (resin) 20s/30s Lufthansa types. So I'm not done with the Lufthansa classics in 1:72 just yet...
  10. Kevin Callahan

    Boeing 307, C-75 details

    Given my love of resin kits (sarcasm alert) I have been on the fence about the Anigrand Boeing Clipper for months. I really really would like one in the lineup, perhaps even enough to shell out the admission price. Of course then I'm opening myself up to their Martin M-130, VS-44, S-42... I'd best go have a lie-down now before I do myself an injury.
  11. Kevin Callahan

    Revell 1:72 Focke-Wulf Fw-200 airliner

    I have a completed DC-3 in Lufthansa markings and a (non-Lufthansa) DC-2. And a Ju-86. Plus I have the DH-91 primered up and just awaiting a bit more moderate weather to get down to the garage and get the Aluminum topcoat put on. Once I get my display cases rearranged (which might not be til summer) I'm planning on doing some photos of related types that I've completed. By then the DH-91 should be all finished barring catastrophe (never out of the realm of possibility here at the 72 Land production facility.....)
  12. This is the first official completion of 2019. Because of the recent snowy weather and the need to move my photo booth downstairs, I'm only just now starting to document the January and early February completions. The model is Revell's civil variant. It was delightfully free of the earlier kit's oversized rivets and went together well. It did spend some time on the Shelf of Shame, but only because of the daunting masking job that was required to get all those Black stripes laid down. Although the kit provides these as decals, they seemed pretty thick and matte to me, so I opted for paint instead. There were a couple of minor disasters along the way - lost parts due the model's long gestation, and some paint that pulled up when I took off all that intricate masking. But in the end, I don't think it came out too badly, especially given its history. It is always satisfying to rescue a longtime resident from the pending pile. The markings come from a Print Scale sheet, and depict the Fw-200 as part of the Berlin-New York record flight in 1938. This is completed aircraft #503 (1 aircraft, 0 ordnance, 0 vehicles for the year 2019), finished in January of 2019. As always, more details on the blog.
  13. Kevin Callahan

    C-17 Re-issue?

    Well, when you've been waiting for the Kinetic 1:72 kit for as long as I have, "a few years" is a relative concept!
  14. Kevin Callahan

    AZ Models' Douglas X-3 Stiletto

    That looks considerably better. At least I now have some light at the end of the tunnel (I'm about 3 steps behind on my X-3; just getting the fuselage together).
  15. Kevin Callahan

    AZ Models' Douglas X-3 Stiletto

    Or, you could only take pictures from one side or the other... I'll be going now.