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  1. Kevin Callahan

    Shelton AG-4 Crusader completed

    I had only heard of it once the kit was announced. I have one on the boil right now. Just getting the fuselage together. Had to buy a bottle of Alclad copper colored paint to finish it off. Seems to build ok so far, though no one will mistake it for Tamiya. At least I have a good standard for what the kit should look like. Congrats!
  2. Kevin Callahan

    Meng 1:72 Convair F-102

    Get it out and build it, Terry, I don't believe you'll be disappointed. Thanks to all, gents.
  3. Every so often - about once a decade if I'm being honest - I complete a model that seems blessed from the outset. Good fit, no filler, paint is finished without trauma, decalling process untroubled. The Meng F-102 is one such model. Everything about it was easy and blissful. Wish they were all like this! This is completed aircraft #490 (7 aircraft, 0 ordnance, 2 vehicles for the year 2018), finished in May of 2018.
  4. Kevin Callahan

    Blackburn Beverley

    Well, you may be the first to say it, but not the first to think it! I'm with you on this one.
  5. Kevin Callahan

    Any sign of aftermarket FJ-3 decals in 1/72?

    I have great faith; it's patience that I'm lacking!
  6. Kevin Callahan

    Meteor T.7.5

    I'll concur with my colleagues that this is a nice job done on this kit. I see mention of a red F4 demo. Is this on a particular decal sheet or kit boxing? I don't remember having seen anything of this description in my internet travels. Any info appreciated!
  7. Now that we have a 1:72 DH-91 Albatross, who is going to give us a DH-95 Flamingo? Aw c'mon, you knew someone was going to ask. Modellers are never satisfied. And I don't count the Magna DH-95. It definitely comes under the same "life's too short" mantra that Unicraft and Merlin do.
  8. Question answered. (The side windows are optional and don't need to be cut for this boxing).
  9. Kevin Callahan

    1/72 - de Havilland DH.88 Comet by AZmodel - released

    I was tempted by the SBS kits for a while. But as Dalea said, I'm not a fan of resin (accursed superglue!) if I have an alternative. Sometimes I don't, and I do occasionally build a resin kit. But I'd MUCH rather have an injected one, esp when it's cheaper.
  10. That is hideous. I'll take one!
  11. Stunning and inspirational as always!
  12. I've got the Valom B-45 and Sparrow in the short queue, but this may jump the line when it appears. Some excellent type choices by Valom, although they can still be a challenge to actually build. But keep em comin!
  13. Kevin Callahan

    1/72 - Farman F.70 vacuform kit by Broplan - released

    I once planned a purchase from these fellows and then ran across the same postal rates you mention. No thanks.
  14. Kevin Callahan

    Revell 1:72 McDonnell F-101B Voodoo

    David: I'm assuming you're talking the IPMS-Seattle Spring Show in April, and not the NWSM display at the Museum of Flight in late February. Yes, I've been going every year since I originally joined the group in the early 90s. Best show in the west that I've been to. I've had some back issues so my time at the show has been limited. I'm trying to schedule a surgery now, but hopefully I won't still be in recovery when the show happens. But even if I have to hobble in, I'll definitely give maximum effort to be there. - Kevin
  15. Kevin Callahan

    Dora Wings catalog 2018

    I'll definitely be an early adopter when they finally get to releasing plastic in 1:72. Probably most all of them, though first in line will be the Proctor. I'm a bit more lukewarm about the P-63s. The Bellanca, Wapiti, and FD-2 are all future purchases as well.