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  1. After long brake i finaly did take some action in scale modeling world. Paint job is almost done, only details and missiless are left to take care off. I already did glossy finish to protect my paint work. He is a resault of model so far. There are few brush marks on model, so still not perfect paint job done ! IMG_20181204_125720 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20181204_125830 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20181204_125901 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20181204_125657 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Hope you like it
  2. Hello guys, it is beatiful sunny day here so i took some pictures to show some proggres in brush painting. I did a bit of weathering that looks cool , basicly what i did is dilute acyrlic base color with a bit of white and done some tiny spots betwen pannel lines, when fully dryed it will look effective. Starting to enjoy this build alot,. Hope you gona like it : IMG_20180422_132704 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20180422_132559 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Doing thin layering step by step trying to preserve all details i can: IMG_20180422_132607
  3. In the end i choose to paint model as instruction, but replace colors to give you just some insight i will link First coat here, when i finish all painting i will update this thread but it will take some time, hope you like idea, and model is looking ok: IMG-20180402-WA0007 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr
  4. Thanks for replay, i am still thinking how to paint it. I will decide it tommorow and then pick paint i need. What i was thinking is to paint model as it should be but instead of green and gray, use some combination of tan something similar to spitfire. But i think i will go and pick paint on thursday and do this 3 color scheme. Took a look both at both shades of grey and i will go with 71.029, kinda like it more, a bit darker.
  5. After strugle i am finaly one step closer to start painting this lovely but annoying model. Here are some pictures when everything is in place ! You really need to go slow with this one. Check dry fit of every part you must glue twice before you finaly put some glue on. IMG_20180331_115848 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20180331_115827 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr But while subject is closing in for a paint job, i would like to share one idea with you. If i wanna do a British desert camo aircraft, why should i copy RSAF camo, instead i should copy Supermarin
  6. Hello there ! I did some work during weekend and i am pleased with it. I fixed my canopy issue. Thing was just to move it more to the center and let both sides out a bit, then i sanded bottom part of canopy to thin it a bit. Installed all wings and now i am rdy to show you result. It is starting to look like a tornado after all. IMG_20180304_124500 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Here is a picture of fixed canopy. Now i will need to gently sand it and restore some details, but i will take my time and enjoy it. IMG_20180304_124625 by Karlo Miletić, o
  7. Thank you for support ! @Courageous if you could please open one box and try fit of canopy parts, or take picture of it i would be thankful !
  8. I never done such a thing like vacform, but thing is you could just leave canopy open as most of builds show on internet. Maybe you won't have same issues as i did. Maybe i did something wrong but this is also good reference to start: https://modelingmadness.com/review/mod/ger/roltorn.htm Think this could be wonderful build once done, but it will need much work. I will add some putty to clear parts to smooth up transition, maybe it will give illusion of better fit, don't know i'm confused a bit at the moment.
  9. Well i'm starting to loose my mind with this build. First of all, molds and flash everywhere. Canopy was in awful state. I did sanding, deeping in clear and everything i could to get is in best shape that i could, but even that was just a minor thing. When i glued everything i got to this and i don't know what to do now: IMG_20180227_220309 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Right side of canopy is thicker then the left, i just couldn't get a right position of it. Should i sand it more ? Or should i maybe melt plastic. don't know I 'm just confused and afraid to do something. If we take a l
  10. I did some sanding and rescribing. I use a pen that has needle inserted into it as a scriber, it is a cheap and easy to use tool for rescribing panel lines. I am not best scribe, but i hope you will find it at least ok. Most of the lines i did free handed so they are not perfectly straight. First photo is with putty and panel lines before scribing. Panel lines where a bit shelow, since i am a brush painter i normaly do prefer a bit diper panel lines. IMG_20180212_210834 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Since i did some heavy sanding, since i didn't get good fit. There
  11. Ok here is a tiny update of a build. I don't have much free time so i take every sec i have and at least do some details. First of all it is really nice plastic, with alot of surface details, but i had some problems when assembling this thingy. First of all there is a step where you need to drill holes for fuel probe. There are 3 sets of whole that you need to drill, well i suggest you to start with a one close to the nose tip, and then mark position of a probe and drill second one. I did miss position of a second for a half of mm, so i warmed up plastic in a warm watter and then glued it on a
  12. Hello wanted to share some work with you : IMG_20180204_151203 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20180204_151349 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Decals where included in set but i love to paint cockpit. I used flat brush size 4 to cover whole area in grey then i used color pencils and acyrlic colors to get more details. For wash i use one drop of Black acyrlic paint 3 drops of dish washer and 5 drops of water. You should First test it on a plastic to see flow and does it remove with ease. If it tends to stick to surface just add a tiny bit more dish washer. When covering
  13. Thank you alot. Will transfer colors to vallejo and give it a go ! Hope i will do some work on cockpit during weekend !
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