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  1. After long brake i finaly did take some action in scale modeling world. Paint job is almost done, only details and missiless are left to take care off. I already did glossy finish to protect my paint work. He is a resault of model so far. There are few brush marks on model, so still not perfect paint job done ! IMG_20181204_125720 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20181204_125830 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20181204_125901 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20181204_125657 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Hope you like it
  2. Hello guys, it is beatiful sunny day here so i took some pictures to show some proggres in brush painting. I did a bit of weathering that looks cool , basicly what i did is dilute acyrlic base color with a bit of white and done some tiny spots betwen pannel lines, when fully dryed it will look effective. Starting to enjoy this build alot,. Hope you gona like it : IMG_20180422_132704 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20180422_132559 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Doing thin layering step by step trying to preserve all details i can: IMG_20180422_132607 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Basic tan color on upper surface is almost down, one more pass of darker color is needed. Then i will move to bottom side. Basicly i mark area i wish to paint with soft pencil then i carfully paint the area. That way i can control edge betwen dark and light color. After all painting is done i can't wait to move to detailing and weathering. Any comments and feedback are welcome. Hope you like this camo pattern. Have a nice day ! IMG_20180422_132559 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr
  3. In the end i choose to paint model as instruction, but replace colors to give you just some insight i will link First coat here, when i finish all painting i will update this thread but it will take some time, hope you like idea, and model is looking ok: IMG-20180402-WA0007 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr
  4. Thanks for replay, i am still thinking how to paint it. I will decide it tommorow and then pick paint i need. What i was thinking is to paint model as it should be but instead of green and gray, use some combination of tan something similar to spitfire. But i think i will go and pick paint on thursday and do this 3 color scheme. Took a look both at both shades of grey and i will go with 71.029, kinda like it more, a bit darker.
  5. After strugle i am finaly one step closer to start painting this lovely but annoying model. Here are some pictures when everything is in place ! You really need to go slow with this one. Check dry fit of every part you must glue twice before you finaly put some glue on. IMG_20180331_115848 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20180331_115827 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr But while subject is closing in for a paint job, i would like to share one idea with you. If i wanna do a British desert camo aircraft, why should i copy RSAF camo, instead i should copy Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII RAF Desert Camouflage. I would like your oppinion about this one. I would paint nose in red but then add Black stripes around it to simulate rottation. Basicly i would do a tribute to spitfire on this Tornado GR 1. I would like to hear your comments and oppinion since i would like to start some paint job this week. Happy easter !
  6. Hello there ! I did some work during weekend and i am pleased with it. I fixed my canopy issue. Thing was just to move it more to the center and let both sides out a bit, then i sanded bottom part of canopy to thin it a bit. Installed all wings and now i am rdy to show you result. It is starting to look like a tornado after all. IMG_20180304_124500 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Here is a picture of fixed canopy. Now i will need to gently sand it and restore some details, but i will take my time and enjoy it. IMG_20180304_124625 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Also fixed intake that i did cut by mistake and now again it will come to restore surface details. I love how much detail this little model has. Starting to enjoy it. Well fit ain't best but once all is restored i think it will start to look good. IMG_20180304_124513 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr I just couldn't get perfect fit from upper and bottom fuselage. I don't like this swiping wings. They just make trouble for now, and it is annoying to wait for something to just brake apart. What i have in mind is to cut back wings and use some metal part to connect them. http://hr.tqplastictube.com/pe-profile/tianqi-natural-rigid-non-toxic-pp-small-thin.html Something like this, it is 1mm thick and i would drill both wings and then glue it with super glue, think this could work and it would be easier to paint model. If one wing gets broken i will do this 100%. And last photo of bottom part. Next update will be when i am done with sanding and restoring surface details. IMG_20180304_124527 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr And last note, there is also a gap betwen vertical stabilizator, wing and fuselafe. I will restore that using acyrlic paints and "Clear". I will show steps how i do that thingy it is very good, something like liquid putty and it is easy to clear joint if you do some mistakes. IMG_20180304_124520 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Thanks for watching, any suggestions and comments are welcome.
  7. Thank you for support ! @Courageous if you could please open one box and try fit of canopy parts, or take picture of it i would be thankful !
  8. I never done such a thing like vacform, but thing is you could just leave canopy open as most of builds show on internet. Maybe you won't have same issues as i did. Maybe i did something wrong but this is also good reference to start: https://modelingmadness.com/review/mod/ger/roltorn.htm Think this could be wonderful build once done, but it will need much work. I will add some putty to clear parts to smooth up transition, maybe it will give illusion of better fit, don't know i'm confused a bit at the moment.
  9. Well i'm starting to loose my mind with this build. First of all, molds and flash everywhere. Canopy was in awful state. I did sanding, deeping in clear and everything i could to get is in best shape that i could, but even that was just a minor thing. When i glued everything i got to this and i don't know what to do now: IMG_20180227_220309 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Right side of canopy is thicker then the left, i just couldn't get a right position of it. Should i sand it more ? Or should i maybe melt plastic. don't know I 'm just confused and afraid to do something. If we take a look to the left side the fit is nice: IMG_20180227_220448 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Maybe i should take them off and request new ones, but i think that is molding problem Don't mind silver color on model, it will be removed. It only helps me to see if everything is ok. Next thing and maybe worst thing on a model, intakes. First of all when i sow them i thought flash was directly on intake, it was on inner side of them. So you need to sand it alot to get it thin. I didn't take a photo of it but i will soon post it when i fix what i did cut by mistake, as i thought it was a flash, screw it. But well take a look at intakes how damaged they are, plastic is in so bed shape that even by carefuly removing it, it broke: IMG_20180222_142056 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr This will requier a lot of work. I will first assemble it, then sand it and last restore panel lines from blue prints. Also i had troubles with fuel probe but i think it is ok now. Overall i am not very impresed with this kit so far. It has nice surface details and great weapon palete, but fit is poor and it looks a bit deformed. If you read some posts here and on internet you will find issues with this kit. Also rear wing often get broken. And here is fuel probe picture with reference to real one: IMG_20180222_141957 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr I did some torque on it and also heating it so i could put it in position. Here is a link to fuel probe: https://goo.gl/images/eLdN2i
  10. I did some sanding and rescribing. I use a pen that has needle inserted into it as a scriber, it is a cheap and easy to use tool for rescribing panel lines. I am not best scribe, but i hope you will find it at least ok. Most of the lines i did free handed so they are not perfectly straight. First photo is with putty and panel lines before scribing. Panel lines where a bit shelow, since i am a brush painter i normaly do prefer a bit diper panel lines. IMG_20180212_210834 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Since i did some heavy sanding, since i didn't get good fit. There was like a milimeter difference betwen left and right side so i sanded it a bit more to get nice area. It also missed some details so i tried to add some rivets. Well rivets are a bit off, but i am still learning and hope it will immprove with each model. IMG_20180214_165352 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr One thin silver coat was painted to check for mistakes, i will post a photo when i do some paint job. It is ok but it could be a lot better.
  11. Ok here is a tiny update of a build. I don't have much free time so i take every sec i have and at least do some details. First of all it is really nice plastic, with alot of surface details, but i had some problems when assembling this thingy. First of all there is a step where you need to drill holes for fuel probe. There are 3 sets of whole that you need to drill, well i suggest you to start with a one close to the nose tip, and then mark position of a probe and drill second one. I did miss position of a second for a half of mm, so i warmed up plastic in a warm watter and then glued it on a right position. Well it is looking good but it will need a bit of putty and sending to get in perfect shape. Then i front fuselage parts together. Again i had a really bed joint betwen two half so i needed to use some putty to fix that. Well here are some photos, hope you like it. If you have any question just ask. I do enjoy this model, it is very very nice ! IMG_20180211_155703 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20180212_210850 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20180211_155315 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr
  12. Hello wanted to share some work with you : IMG_20180204_151203 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr IMG_20180204_151349 by Karlo Miletić, on Flickr Decals where included in set but i love to paint cockpit. I used flat brush size 4 to cover whole area in grey then i used color pencils and acyrlic colors to get more details. For wash i use one drop of Black acyrlic paint 3 drops of dish washer and 5 drops of water. You should First test it on a plastic to see flow and does it remove with ease. If it tends to stick to surface just add a tiny bit more dish washer. When covering areas i always use flat brush, for details i use round brush. Will post update when i clean and finish whole cockpit, it is still under construction. You can benefit from acyrlic wash since you can do any shade you like and have from your colors. Hope you like the result so far.
  13. Thank you alot. Will transfer colors to vallejo and give it a go ! Hope i will do some work on cockpit during weekend !
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