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  1. Hasagawa's 1/200 scale MD11 - I found this on the net while searching for AA MD11 images for reference...no idea whose kit it is but its the same as mine so it saved me taking a pic
  2. Mellowed? me? Not a chance.... I just couldn't make up my mind so I thought I would go down the democracy route. Just this once.....
  3. Seems pretty universal then - as to a 1/144 scale version, 1/200 wins this time round based on size of finished model plus time available. If I do it in 144 I'll only end up slinging in everything a real ones has.......I am tempted....but no - the idea is to actually finish it and by Novermber the thingamajig.
  4. Alright you convinced me. I'll give it a go, either an American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD11, in its bright shiny polished-like-a-mirror bare metal finish or a Saudi Arabian Boeing 777, with its desert sand scheme (both Hasagawa 1/200 scale) Which would you prefer? I'm not going to go down the cockpit and open doors plus seats, galley etc road this time, just standard oob, but go ahead and pick one, and we'll see if I can sling it together by November the thingywotsit.....
  5. Your welcome and glad it is of some help - the mold is the existing one from way, way, way back, when the world was in black and white so there are some fit problems. As to losing fuselage detail, thats a given with a kit of this age, but if yor'e up for a challenge, try rescribing; it would be a shame to lose those 5p coins (I could have spent them...)
  6. I did one ages 'n' ages 'n' ages ago, using decals from various sources and well before Airfix re-issued this one. I must acquire one (even tho0ugh its been out for a while now) Good luck with the build!
  7. Hmmm....now there's an idea.....join this. When does it end? Scratch that - Nov 13.....might well give it a go.
  8. Like all colour schemes, opinions do vary.... As does the shade... There is a tendency to make it a bit too blue on occasion and it doesn't help that it can appear different in photos, depending on what light the pic was taken under. In general, probably the best way is either scrape some paint off a real one and take that to Halfords, or... get a tin of Hannants paint and take that to Halfords, since hannants always say whats on the tin lid is whats in the tin.... and ask Halfords to match that. They've done it for me this way numerous times but if you can, avoid taking an ipad in there and using that as your paint match. Colours can look even more different on a computer screen, hand held or desktop. Same goes for printed photos.
  9. oh...and airfix issued the DC9-30 with KLM and Swissair decals but AFAIK never Alitalia....
  10. the question has been pretty much covered but keeping to the minicraft issue - All of their kits, without exception, can be made into very good replicas of the real thing...IF....you're prepered to work at them. The advantage Minicraft has over most evrybody else is the kits are cheap. So you get what you pay for. Yes you can replace noses and other parts but the cost of all the extras can soon make a cheap kit into an expensive one so it can pay to do the corrections, or learn how if you don't know. Most are relatively straightforward, with one or two being a bit more complicated, but it can be worth it. The key factors are knowing what needs correcting so use the internet to find as many photos of a real one and d on't be shy about asking on forums like BM for help and advice, there's a brilliant resource here and a lot of very nice people. In general, Minicraft kits have main gear legs too short, strange noses and wing mounted engines that point up too much, plus a couple with odd wing dihedrals. Fix those and they're fine......... I've never had an authentic airliners resin kit becasue I've never had enough money for one and people have a tendency to go a bit misty-eyed over revell's kits but they also have some issues (eg, the window band on the 737 NG is too low and the winglets aren't right either (plus they have one or two build issues) Whatever kit you acquire, there wil be *something* not as it should be. On the other hand you could just build any just as it comes, out of the box, and it will still look more or less like the aircraft it's supposed to be. Get the basics of building right and it will be a good model. But it does depend on how picky you are.....
  11. ah - HA!.....I knew there was another way!!!!! it's a mega - pic anyway
  12. all of the above comments repeated
  13. spot on and really nice I hagve one of these and hopefully I'll end up with something like this
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