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  1. Thanks for the advice, will go out and get some at the weekend!!!
  2. You'd better remove that pic Chris, it doesn't show a copyright PMSL And for the record, mad about models is going onto my ignore list because I find him an irrating little s... and have done for ages!!!!!
  3. It clearly shows who the copyright belongs to and where it came from and I haven't spammed a thread with hundreds of inappropriate images which don't show the source........
  4. Look at the bottom, it clearly says "AIRLINERS.NET".....
  5. What's the best primer to use for a black top coat?
  6. I'm going to start treating them as spam soon, there's no need to go overboard with the photos......
  7. Thanks for that Laurent, I've bookmarked that one!!! Anyone know what it's like to build? Not worried about windows as I'm going to do a freighter version....
  8. Is the Airfix DC10 any good? Thinking of buying one and either doing it as the Orbis one or a FedEx one....
  9. I like it, and the new American livery....
  10. Copyrighted Image removed Are there any decals available for this livery? Wouldn't mind doing a model of this?
  11. Does anybody know what colour the wings should be on a Lufthansa Boeing 747-8?
  12. Well I ordered a set of 773 All Blacks decal, and yes they took a while to arrive but I got them.... I've also ordered a set of 772 Boeing house colours decals and waiting for them to arrive...... Yes I read the posts about him but he does decals nobody else does and I haven't put a big order.
  13. Going to Hannants IS modelling related but "what have you flown on" isn't.....
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