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  1. No matter what price (even if I guess it will be in the USD 300 ballpark), I will get at least 3. I really hope they go through, and having experienced their tooling and detailing quality, it will make for quite a model kit !!!
  2. Hello Alan, I am in for one too. Looking forward to seeing some photos. Cheers !
  3. Hello, Please count me in for at least 1 kit. Cheers!
  4. DROOL !!! I know the recessed rivet treatment will not please everybody but... boy I like it, so many different rivet diameters, and the biggest seem to me totally acceptable at that scale. It looks so supple, almost Tamiya-esque. Beautiful surface finish. Excellent part definition. Splendid crystal-clear clear parts and apparently no nasty effects on the glass nose. I regret the non positionable controls, 1 piece control yoke and engine (which still look okay) but there is so much more to love in this kit that the 3 cons are easily forgotten. Of course just my personal opinion. In this price range (is it USD 120-130 ?), I think it will be a great success. A BIG thank you Hong Kong Models !!!
  5. I do not think it is a test build, it looks more like a 3D computer generated model, just like they did with their 1/144 A310 to be released kit. Anyway, the shapes are very nice. My favourite 747 version about to be released in injected styrene, I will buy at least 5, plus they are tooling the Rolls-Royce RB211-524 engines, lovely !!!
  6. Cannot be a repop, part distribution is completely different, the way the horizontal stab attaches to the fuselage is different. It has got to be a 100% new tool. And I am thankful about that.
  7. A few months ago, I purchased Heller's latest CL-215 release, the 80373 ref. number. The kit is, as usual, really really nice, and the moulds seem to hold up very well the years as the moulding is top notch, not a single flash and exceptional part definition. Compare this to what Italeri pumps out today... What freaked me out was the decal sheet, it's Cartograf like quality. No indication of whom it was printed by but you could swear it came from Cartograf : perfect register, dense colours, almost invisible clear carrier. This time, Heller really upped the game in the decal department. Well done !
  8. Yummy, that USD 118 is a very reasonable MRSP for what looks to be a detailed new tech kit. Get the nose right, get rid of all the 1/32 kits inaccuracies and I am looking at buying 2 kits.
  9. There is no doubt we will get a detailed cockpit. The one in their 1/72 737 was very nice and I have noticed a dramatic improvement in part definition and molding quality between the 1/72 737 kit and the more recent 1/144 CRJ-900 so this 1/72 A319 should be quite something. I can only hope they will also tool the IAE engines, fully ducted turbofans are my thing. I say Non Stop Big Planes Kits!!!
  10. Regarding the A319, tire dimensions are as follow : - Nose tire diameter 76.2cm (30in) - Nose tire width 22.35cm (8.8in) - Nose wheel rim diameter 38.1cm (15in) - Main tire diameter 116.84cm (46in) - Main tire width 43.18cm (17in) - Main wheel rim diameter 50.8cm (20in)
  11. Great news, IMHO the prettiest variant in the A350 range. And if the molding is as good as it usually is with Zvezda, I will bin the -900 Revell kit and shrink the Zvezda kit. Too bad they put an end to the "Ultimate" dirty wing standard, I guess the sales did not improve notably. Anyway, better new quality and simple kits than no kits at all.
  12. Wonderful subject and in the perfect scale, a big THANK YOU!!! Dora Wings tooling quality improves with every release, I cannot wait for this kit to be released!
  13. Not so sure but I believe the Gold label was 1st presented with the M-346 kit, depicting an even better mould design/tooling than what they did with their brilliant F/A-18 kits (I am building one currently, an absolute joy). The Gold label was then extended to new boxing's of the F/A-18 kits and (perhaps ?) future new tools such as this F-104. I may be wrong though.
  14. I would say the reason is financial, they probably worked the case to make it profitable for them. Besides, in this particular case, it will actually be good if it is, as you mention, not the Hasegawa standard of surface detail.
  15. That's beautiful, the latest of the "PIPed" DC-10-30ER, latest engines, latest fairings, so glad they're releasing it. I can now model my Varig sourced SIA late DC-10-30ER.
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