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  1. To me, they are very similar to the panel lines on their otherwise great B-1 kit, so yes, slightly too pronounced for my taste. I will probably buy the B-52 kits from both Academy and GWH and check if the best aspects from both kits can be combined.
  2. The nose looks fine to me. I saw higher definition photos somewhere else, cannot remember where but it seems they managed to tool the nacelle exhaust open vs blocked on GWH's kit. If confirmed, that would be a nice touch from Academy, although IMHO still not a deal-breaker on GWH's side. I will probably just buy both kits for the sake of comparison.
  3. Bye bye HazMAT, Hello ICM, you guys rock ! I have KH's 1/32 Bronco, a splendid kit albeit a bit too large for me. That release from ICM will be perfectly sized for me, and the expectation of these petite recessed details and exquisite moulding that are ICM's trademark already makes me drool !
  4. 3 kits juuust ordered from LM, I somewhat sensed new decals would be released, bingo !
  5. Hello Dora Wings, Your previous kits being plain EXCELLENT (I own 5 and I am currently working on your stellar Miles M.9), this one should be no different, an intelligently designed, perfectly moulded kit of a very attractive subject. I look forward to any of your future release. Cheers, Stephane
  6. And the moulding quality is like 500% better : check Revell's fan blades moulding, spinner, and edges on other parts -> appalling. To me, Zvezda leads in terms of 1:144 moulding quality.
  7. I sure hope so, but I still remember the situation with Roden's 1:144 C-5B Galaxy when it was about to be released : the RRP was very high, like over GBP 100 for a kit that had a few molding imperfections (the 5 boxes in my hobby shop show the same imperfections) and no cargo bay. I really hope it is a mistake. Cheers !
  8. I am actually surprised at how well the Italeri C-130 moulds hold up : very little flashes and excellent moulding quality but the detailing is average and accuracy misses the fuselage chin and many other things. It is, by todays standards (remember the spectacular Revell Transall was tooled in 2006), crude but this is of course just my personal opinion. We can assume Zvezda's rendition will address these issues and logically warrant an extra over Italeri's pricing. I was expecting Zvezda's kit to cost around GBP70 but the mentioned RRP is quite... ridiculous. If it really had to be
  9. Thanks, I did not even know how inaccurate the Hobbycraft kit was. This Roden new tool seem to be more than welcome indeed. I just hope they refine a bit their panel lines, some of them are a touch too wide for 1/144 IMHO (Britannia comes to mind).
  10. That is got to be the nicest box-art I have ever seen ! Nice release from Roden, considering how scarce the Hobbycraft kit is.
  11. Fascinating project !!! Being a 747 freak, I am looking at buying at least 2 kits. I hope this project will be successful enough to convince you to develop other 747 variants or other large airliners. Well done on the CAD files, they look gorgeous !!!
  12. Oh man I am so delighted they are going forward with this project, quite ballsy from them and I totally applaud !
  13. The BPK kit is imho very good but I guess there is a market for people who do not want to tackle a plastic kit with numerous parts. The detailing on this resin kit look splendid indeed but, afaic, I will still go the plastic route.
  14. No matter what price (even if I guess it will be in the USD 300 ballpark), I will get at least 3. I really hope they go through, and having experienced their tooling and detailing quality, it will make for quite a model kit !!!
  15. Hello, Please count me in for at least 1 kit. Cheers!
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