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  1. In Revell's defence, styrene price has gone up quite a lot, not forgetting the sea shipping price since that Covid thing started, and it is a big kit. So far I think EUR 90 is not that exaggerated for a kit this big and reasonably complex. I am not sure about you but I would still prefer putting my money in much more complex and expensive Tamiya or GWH stuff, or the Hypersonic/GasPatch SR-71 where I feel the price will be worth it.
  2. From what I understood, F-RSIN plastic kits are moulded by Mach2. Too much work for me (for the price paid) but I appreciate the results that can be obtained by other modellers, the US Air example is a very nicely finished F-RSIN kit.
  3. Oh so cool, I absolutely love Tamiya's new tool Zeros, and I am certain I will equally like Eduard's Zeros. Probably more rivets, more details, a bit more fiddly to build but many many variations, I can take it. Thanks to Eduard for this new release, and the ultimate A6M7s.
  4. Despite the findings mentioned earlier in the topic, which are IMHO entirely justified, I too believe the Zvezda kit is a no brainer. It brings improvements that would be difficult to achieve in order to correct the still nice but now too expensive Italeri kit (while the Esci kit should not be mentioned, it is not an accurate kit, although the recessed details are eye-catching). I reckon the Zvezda wing airfoil section bothers me painfully but that is what gets me drooling in aviation and model kits : wing airfoil sections, landing gears and RB211-524 turbofans. If it does ot bother you, do not hesitate and buy the Zvezda kit.
  5. Yes, the rear fuselage sprue is different between A and B versions. The A version sprue contains the rear fuselage parts and original inward opening cargo door while the B version sprue contains the different rear fuselage parts and larger outward opening cargo door. The rest of the kit is identical. I ordered these kits from Germany at very friendly prices so I am not shocked by the roughness of the kit, it could have been better but it is also the only widely available IM kit of this beast so I still thank Roden for releasing it. I'll be very happy to make a start in a few weeks.
  6. Absolutely correct ! I have the feeling Roden's kits were better tooled/moulded 10 years ago. They did not improve the overall experience in the same way ICM did, but their subjects are still mighty exciting. While not at today's standard (if there is such "today standard" ?), I can still live with the flashes and coarse mouldings, the C-133 is such an exciting beast.
  7. I have both A and B versions. It is an okayish kit: mouldings are poor, lots of flashes and sink marks everywhere, joints from sprues to parts are quite thick, surface finish is rough, recessed details a little heavy, overall detailing very simple but IMHO just enough in this scale. Accuracy looks to be ok, so is the fit. The decal sheet is the usual Roden stuff, bleeding colours and imprecise patterns. I am certain it is better than the Nostalgic Plastics resin kit but this Roden effort makes you think it was tooled in the 1980s. With Roden, it is really hit and miss in terms of moulding quality but I still like this kit, do not ask me why.
  8. Quite a splendid box art and I actually prefer it with the angled horizon, I think it adds drama ! Dora Wings kits are IMHO the most exciting recent new tools in the very high quality short run division, ex-aequo with Modelsvit. Give me Tamiya usual superlative stuff, ok . Give me Dora Wings stuff, now we are talking ! Cannot wait to get this one, along with the AT-9 Jeep !
  9. The A330 MRTT is based off an A330-200, while Revell's kit depicts an A330-300. And they would have to tool a new engine sprue containing the Rolls-Royce Trent 700 and of course MRTT specific parts and decal sheet. Cheaper than tool a 100% new kit but still implies investing money in an old kit. I would certainly love to see this kit re-released but it seems Revell have other plans.
  10. The latest I got are their 1/48 P-51H Mustang and XP-54 Ascender : both are exquisite in terms of recessed details, overall detailing and moulding quality. Consider them still short run but modern and high quality short run. The leap in overall quality and ease of assembly vs their 1/72 Be-12 is immense.
  11. Super nice CAD views ! I like the fact they designed the main landing gear wells to be posed open. If this kit is as good as their splendid PZL W-3 1/48 kit, we are in for a treat!!!
  12. Also, omit the center landing gear, plus the leading edge slats are no more interrupted by the 3rd and 4th engine pylons, so full span from 1st and 2nd engine pylons to almost wing tips.
  13. Bought my kit yesterday, what a beauty! Very happy with what they achieved with the RB211 fans : the blade separations are deep enough to create a nice effect with the help of diluted paint, it may be a good compromise. The PW2000 fans looked very detailed at 1st, until I read about their too curvy blades, something did not look right anyway... will wait for Sergey's engines. Perfectly moulded landing gear parts on my exemplary, I am quite relieved. The inclusion of 2 different type wheels is a nice touch. The Zvezda decals, which I until now never liked, seem to be better printed in this release, no colour drooling and a better printing definition. I still have the Authentic Airliners original 757 release with the clear resin nose, 3 part fuselage and 2 engine choices, it is no doubt an accurate kit (with a few little cons here and there) but who can resist an equally accurate IM kit at such friendly prices?
  14. I have not made a start on mine yet but of the 2 kits I have, I can state that one is beautifully moulded with almost no flashes or surface imperfections while the other one is... the exact opposite. I know it is considered a short run kit from a small company but the differences between 2 kits is enormous. I guess some will end up delighted with the build experience and others will be left with a bitter taste.
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