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  1. Possibly a Maryland, Baltimore or an Oxford or Magister
  2. I'm up for it, have a few frog kits in the stash.
  3. Hopefully they make some more announcements when they release it on there own website. I was hoping for a few more matchbox releases.
  4. Exactly Some of the older kits are getting very expensive. I think if Airfix extended the vintage classic range with such kits, they would sell very well.
  5. Would love to see the vintage classic range extended. Lysander Fiat G50 Walrus Do17 Just to name a few I would like to see.
  6. Hi I am looking at buying the revell 1/400 Aida kit. I was wondering if it is a good kit and what people's thoughts on it are. Thanks
  7. Hi Not sure this is the right forum I have a large amount of ww2 aircraft plastic kits from various manufacturers and was wondering if there is a book or price guide available to help determine there value. I have one similar for model railways but am struggling with a plastic kits one. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Hi I have an airfix fulmar kit without a propeller. I was wondering if any other aircraft propellers would be suitable. Thanks
  10. Hi I was just wondering if the fairly recent release of the revell P70 nighthawk has all the pieces required to build a mark 3 boston? Thanks
  11. Hi I am just wondering if the Dornier 17z used the same propeller types as the Dornier 17 E/F? Thanks
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