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  1. feoffee2

    Revell Aida

    Hi I am looking at buying the revell 1/400 Aida kit. I was wondering if it is a good kit and what people's thoughts on it are. Thanks
  2. Hi Not sure this is the right forum I have a large amount of ww2 aircraft plastic kits from various manufacturers and was wondering if there is a book or price guide available to help determine there value. I have one similar for model railways but am struggling with a plastic kits one. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies.
  4. feoffee2

    Fulmar propeller

    Hi I have an airfix fulmar kit without a propeller. I was wondering if any other aircraft propellers would be suitable. Thanks
  5. Hi I was just wondering if the fairly recent release of the revell P70 nighthawk has all the pieces required to build a mark 3 boston? Thanks
  6. Monk bar model shop in York has plenty in stock.
  7. feoffee2

    Tropical BF110

    Thanks for your reply.
  8. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Hi I am just wondering if the Dornier 17z used the same propeller types as the Dornier 17 E/F? Thanks
  10. feoffee2

    Tropical BF110

    Hi I know airfix made a specific tropical BF110 a few years ago but I wondered if it's possible to convert or buy a conversion kit to make a standard boxing BF110 into the tropical version. I believe it has different air filters and a different nose. Thanks
  11. Looking forward to seeing this progress. Got mine waiting for me at my local model shop. They had 15 left when I managed to order one on Thursday.
  12. Pre ordered mine from my local hobby shop last weekend. They emailed and said it was in stock on Saturday. Looking at there website they still have plenty in stock. Cheers
  13. I can find a few. Count me in.
  14. Looks very good. Will have to get some of the varnish.
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