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  1. Go on take the plunge,we need a Braille Scale retailer on BM,and it seems to be be getting popular again
  2. But there's no danger, it's a professional career and we can rearrange it with just a word in Mr Churchill's ear,if you are out of luck or out of work,we can send you to Strasbourg.........chorus
  3. You could be in Palestine or over the border behind the Chinese lines,with the boys from the Mersey,the Trent and the Tyne ..
  4. After this year only Sky will be transmitting formula one,and if that ain't a monopoly I don't know what is!!!!!
  5. Try Nikki at Vetranus models, she's just had some SA armour in
  6. In Essex area fish an' chips cost £7.00,up here in North Warks, Pete's chippy £1.99 lol
  7. One round less for this ***** ****** Chorus, Hong Kong is up for grabs.......
  8. Bootiful,just Bootiful and so realistic,nice one
  9. A better selection,dare I say better than Airfix ?
  10. I had the same rush order with my granddaughter in 2015,foam board,bits and bobs etc,it came 2nd and is still on display in the school even though she's moved to senior school.
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