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  1. goggsy

    PRU Spitfire found in Norway.

    Very interesting thanks. They’ve got a funny idea of what “complete” means, but at least this one won’t end up looking like it needs a banger shoved into it and thrown out of some kid’s bedroom window.
  2. Indeed. Beautiful work.
  3. That’s superb, the weathering is spot on in my opinion.
  4. goggsy

    Worth it?

    Even better, if everyone chipped in a couple of quid then I’d get my model for cheap and everyone else would get a nice new Airfix version. I’m willing to take one for the team if it means you get a buildable Halton from Airfix, thank me later.
  5. goggsy

    Worth it?

    For reasons I don’t fully understand I quite like the look of this kit - not at this price though. I’ve never built an FM kit but the general consensus seems to be that they’re quite “agricultural”. What do people think; is this likely to be a complete jobbie in a box? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/F-M-1-48-HANDLEY-PAGE-HALIFAX-MK-CVIII-HALTON-FONDERIE-MINIATURE/192704819714?hash=item2cde1a3202:g:KwkAAOSwl95b1i3T
  6. goggsy

    Mr.Finishing Surfacer - DOTTY DISASTER!

    IME the ratio is important but correct mixing is equally so. A couple of turns with a cocktail stick doesn’t cut it; I give it a good ten seconds with my home made paint stirrer (an ikea coffee frother with the end snipped off and bent over). I use Mr Hobby primers all the time and never use the proprietary thinner - it’s bog standard £15 a gallon workshop cellulose for me. I spray a wet layer properly cut and mixed and never have this sort of problem.
  7. goggsy

    Hope new "lend-lease" makes it through customs

    As far as I can tell it’s sold via Amazon Marketplace rather than being supplied by Amazon itself, so kind of like eBay. I’ve been told by a retailer that it can’t legally be sold in the UK because of something in it, but I was initially turned onto it by a retailer at a show a few years ago who was selling it off his stand so I’m not sure what the score is.
  8. goggsy

    Hope new "lend-lease" makes it through customs

    Apologies for the thread creep but I was just about to post on a similar topic so thought this would be a good opportunity. I bought some Tamiya putty via Amazon the other day - had to get it from Japan as it’s unobtainable in this country for some reason and it actually works out cheaper than a tube of Humbrol from Hobbycraft. Anyway, it arrived about four days later which is mind blowingly fast but I notice it came via air mail. Are they even supposed to put stuff like that on aircraft? I see there is some kind of licensing arrangement for transport of dangerous substances but this just came in a Jiffy bag so hardly fireproof. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Tamiya putty but I don’t want to see people put at risk by dodgy postal arrangements.
  9. Great job, I really like this scheme.
  10. goggsy

    Volvo 465 1960 1/8 scale

    Stunning work. I’m pretty sure I saw quite a few of these in Morocco in the late 90s, still soldiering on. I imagine Volvo trucks of this generation are pretty much indestructible.
  11. Fantastic result. You can almost smell the diesel, farts, and old cigarette smoke in the cab.
  12. Goodness, lots going on there. Great work.
  13. Pretty sure it’s the same mold reboxed. Excellent work as ever Tony, your brush work is flawless.
  14. Spot on, lovely job.
  15. goggsy

    Manston Harrier

    That’s fantastic work, really convincing. I love to see derelict aircraft modelled well, much more challenging than a standard build.