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  1. goggsy

    Volvo 465 1960 1/8 scale

    Stunning work. I’m pretty sure I saw quite a few of these in Morocco in the late 90s, still soldiering on. I imagine Volvo trucks of this generation are pretty much indestructible.
  2. Fantastic result. You can almost smell the diesel, farts, and old cigarette smoke in the cab.
  3. Goodness, lots going on there. Great work.
  4. Pretty sure it’s the same mold reboxed. Excellent work as ever Tony, your brush work is flawless.
  5. Spot on, lovely job.
  6. goggsy

    Manston Harrier

    That’s fantastic work, really convincing. I love to see derelict aircraft modelled well, much more challenging than a standard build.
  7. goggsy

    RIP Dad

    That’s a shame, sorry to hear that. Drink has a way of getting hold of people and casting long shadows over the lives of their children. Sounds like a good guy though, all said.
  8. Anyone who’s a fan of the movie (which there will probably be quite a few of on this site for the helicopter attack scene alone) might be interested in the original script that I stumbled across today. The writer had wanted to serve in the Marines in Vietnam but was prevented from doing so by asthma so he went to UCLA film school instead, along with Frances Ford Coppola and The Doors apparently. One of his tutors commented that nobody had ever made a decent film representation of Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” so apparently the writer was inspired to have a go and get Vietnam out of his system at the same time. The result is interesting, a bit different to the final output but still worth a read. Without spoiling anything too much, one twist is that an important character is represented as an Australian deserter. http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/apocolypse.html It’s an interesting site all round, shame the guy can’t spell.
  9. Beautiful work, I particularly like what you’ve done with the dayglo on the tip tanks.
  10. goggsy

    Walking the slug

    Well, quite.
  11. goggsy

    Walking the slug

    Great job, I wonder what the backstory is to this?
  12. goggsy

    Well, that was a first.

    There’s a GA airfield at Carlisle about 20 miles to the north and a small glider field about 5 miles away also. For the most part though anything that comes over here is at least 2000 feet up, it’s very rare for anything to be lower than that and almost unheard of for fast jets. On a tangent I was swimming in the river Eden earlier and as I bobbed my head up a C130 with a big RAF 100 flash on the tail came barrelling over at treetop height. I’m really getting my money’s worth from the crabs this week. edit: This one, or one very like it:
  13. goggsy

    Well, that was a first.

    We’re a hell of a way from Peterhead and on the wrong side of the country as well. I suspect they’ll be at the Sunderland air show this weekend, but again that’s the wrong side of the country. I did have a look on flightradar24 but they don’t show up on that.
  14. goggsy

    Well, that was a first.

    Mmm, could be. Don’t think they’ll find anything round here, although there is a tiny glider field a few miles away.
  15. goggsy

    Well, that was a first.

    About ten minutes ago the entire Red Arrows flew over my house in formation, in two waves. I’d say they were about 500 feet up, certainly no more. You don’t get that many low flying aircraft in my part of the Cumbrian Pennines because the local hills are a death trap so I’ve no idea what they were doing there or where they were going (in their westward direction). Made my day though.