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  1. Can see it now, looks great. Thanks for amending that, I’ve never seen photos do that on here before.
  2. I don’t know if it’s just my screen but the photos appear to be horribly pixelated? Looks like a nice job aside from that but it actually appears like Lego on my screen?
  3. Really nice work. I can see a lot of effort went into that BMF, which looks great by the way. Did you ever read “Whip” by Martin Caidin? It was a sort of novelisation of the work of these machines, with the subtitle “He’d take on every damnJapanesein the Pacific if they’d let him”. A true classic.
  4. I’m pretty sure I saw some convincing looking health & safety warning sign stickers for sale at a show once, something along the lines of “Risk of Broken Fingers”. Wish I’d brought a few now. Nobody gets left unsupervised in my hobby room now as in my experience most people are basically cretins who want to “see if the propellers go round” for some reason.
  5. I just went for both as they were getting on for ten years old and were pretty worn. If I’d just bent the tip of a relatively new needle that would have been different but I didn’t see the point in farting around.
  6. Is it white and grainy? If so that suggests that the varnish is drying before it hits the surface. Better thinning may take care of that, or maybe some flow enhancer. I usually thin with cellulose, seems to work ok with this stuff which I find is the best Matt I’ve ever used.
  7. What colour is the base kit? If it’s light grey like most models then I’d just paint it black as you have done then lightly sand the raised detail. The paint on the raised areas will be removed, et voila you have a perfectly finished dial with almost white details. That’s what i do anyway.
  8. Quick update - I replaced the (eye wateringly expensive) needle and nozzle and it’s all good now. I also replaced the nozzle cap which had picked up a dent somewhere and may have been throwing the spray pattern off a bit. For info when I use IPA I cut it with flow enhancer to prevent tip drying, seems to do the trick usually,
  9. Cool, good job. I built one of these myself a couple of years ago, they go together quite well for a kit of this age.
  10. I don’t think I’ve ever actually played as a Nord. My current build, “Fishy Hiss”, is a Kajiit mage. Awesome job by the way. I just showed my daughter, also a Skyrim fan, and her response was “Sick” which is the highest praise imaginable. Now, go cast your fancy magic someplace else.
  11. Great work, I know from recent experience what it takes to get something as nice as this from a vacform.
  12. That’s the plan, not sure how I’ll do it just yet though. I’ve got some 10mm microbore heating pipe in the shed, that might do the job.
  13. Thanks, fair to say a fair bit has gone in. What I did on the engine mounts was to glue some flexible plastic sheet inside them to create a level front and the blanked the cavity off with a bulkhead. I then filled the shallow cavities around the bulkhead with filler; having the strips of plastic I’d fitted inside the mount housing minimised the amount of filler I’d need, if you see what I mean? Anyway, I realised afterwards that one of the bulkheads was out of true to the wing so I added a half bulkhead to the front of it on the side that needed to be built up and then levelled the whole thing
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