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  1. goggsy

    Vulcan XH558 - Airfix 1/72

    Much cloth was touched that day I imagine?
  2. goggsy

    Protecting Your Models

    I’m sure I remember a post on here about a club member (now departed) who was “tired and emotional” at a show and fell over on a whole table full of club models. There was also the time back at Northern Model Show in 2013 where a guy knocked an expensive resin something or other from a stall and the massive crash made the whole place go quiet and look at him. He was almost in tears. Happy days.
  3. goggsy

    Protecting Your Models

    In my case my daughter who swept it off a chest by accident. It’s a tribute to the robustness of the Tamiya Beaufighter that the only thing that broke was an aerial.
  4. goggsy

    Academy, Italeri and Roden decals...

    I just completed their reboxing of the 1/48 Hunter and used a combination of the kit decals plus some old Academy ones from a previous kit - both worked perfectly....
  5. I was just thinking the same thing....
  6. Top work. I’m always impressed by anyone with the balls to attempt a vacform, I’m still trying to work up the courage to tackle my Airmodel Varsity.
  7. Nice job, looks great in that scheme too.
  8. goggsy

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    In terms of inclusivity and improvement, I hope Hendon have got rid of the self important prat on the door of the BoB hall. While I appreciate that security is everyone’s business and don’t mind having my bag checked on the way in, there was one guard who seemed to make a point of tutting and rolling his eyes every time. I got sufficiently fed up of it to insist that he search my bag properly instead of the perfunctory glance he would actually give it, and made sure that plenty of other punters saw the whole thing. Note that I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to embarrass a guy just doing his job but this fella’s manner and attitude got right up my nose.
  9. goggsy

    I felt his pain - overheard conversation

    I have to say, mine is pretty good that way. The only thing she’s ever said is “you’ve bought another one?” back when my stash was growing exponentially. Also, once when we were fairly skint and I was really low about it she gave me £40 she’d stashed away and told me to get something with it at Northern Model Show. Can’t complain about that.
  10. Terrific idea and very well executed. I’ll look forward to seeing this completed, having visited Berlin when the wall was still up. I was just a child then, now I’m only a man.
  11. goggsy

    617Sqn Tornado Whiff

    Fair one- I’m surprised they never did this actually. It looks great and you’ve made a good job of it.
  12. Nice job. Lots of detail and well put together. Their red pickup isn’t very tactical though!
  13. goggsy

    'I told you not to...

    I was thinking that myself. I could almost hear Zed saying “go get the gimp”. Nice dio though, very droll. As Lenin once said, “I am the egg man, I am the walrus, goo goo ba joob”
  14. That’s really nice that is. Great attention to detail as previous posters have said. Can I ask the origin of the grass? Is it static grass or some kind of mat?
  15. goggsy

    Another Denial of Service Attack

    Just as a matter of interest, is there anything you need to do re GDPR compliance before 25th May? There seem to be some real morons with a chip on their shoulder about the forum and I’d hate to see them have any sort of legal means of making trouble. Just wondering, hope you don’t mind me asking?