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  1. Terrific idea and very well executed. I’ll look forward to seeing this completed, having visited Berlin when the wall was still up. I was just a child then, now I’m only a man.
  2. goggsy

    617Sqn Tornado Whiff

    Fair one- I’m surprised they never did this actually. It looks great and you’ve made a good job of it.
  3. Nice job. Lots of detail and well put together. Their red pickup isn’t very tactical though!
  4. goggsy

    'I told you not to...

    I was thinking that myself. I could almost hear Zed saying “go get the gimp”. Nice dio though, very droll. As Lenin once said, “I am the egg man, I am the walrus, goo goo ba joob”
  5. That’s really nice that is. Great attention to detail as previous posters have said. Can I ask the origin of the grass? Is it static grass or some kind of mat?
  6. goggsy

    Another Denial of Service Attack

    Just as a matter of interest, is there anything you need to do re GDPR compliance before 25th May? There seem to be some real morons with a chip on their shoulder about the forum and I’d hate to see them have any sort of legal means of making trouble. Just wondering, hope you don’t mind me asking?
  7. goggsy

    Cheap cleaning thinner for Mr Color paints

    As above, I use cheap paint shop thinners from the local motor factors, a gallon cost me about £15 recently. I’ve used this through my Iwata for years without problems. Big box stores do cellulose/lacquer thinners in smaller cans but it’s a lot less cost effective.
  8. goggsy

    1/72 Revell Avro Lancaster B.III

    Very impressive work, your weathering is very neatly done.
  9. Stunning work, a real show stopper.
  10. goggsy

    Italeri BUFF

    Good work, and well done for persevering with this. I built one last year and hated every minute of it. I didn’t break the canopy but I swear I went through twenty quids worth of sandpaper to get the thing to fit together properly. Anything that could fit badly did.
  11. goggsy

    Warp Factor Woes!

    Christ on a bike. Break out the plasticard I’d say. You could try hot water I suppose but you’ll never get that completely flat.
  12. Tremendous work, fantastic attention to detail.
  13. goggsy

    Simple tank dio

    Thanks Badder, good point about the leaves. It’s not all that noticeable but there are a few folds and lumps in the ground that were formed with polyfilla but with the scatter material they are all but gone. That said, the only ruts I put on there were where the actual tank itself sits as presumably it would slowly sink into the ground over the years. I’ve noticed that grass seems to grow longest next to static objects so that is there to emphasise the sinking effect but I might add a couple of sheep or something if I can find them in the appropriate scale, just to explain the relative shortness of the grass elsewhere.
  14. goggsy

    Model shows and competitions

    What he said ^
  15. goggsy

    WW1 1:16 Dioramas.

    Spectacular work, really looks the business the way you’ve shot it as well.