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  1. I never had anything back from Revell at all, and as I'm not as patient as I should be being a modeller, I decided to improvise instead I've just realised that I never did post photos of my finished Junkers JU 88 A-1, but I've been very busy lately with work and a holiday to Budapest (with an excursion to Budapest Aeropark included ) Here it is finished. The model is now hanging from my ceiling banking over the computer desk! I hope you enjoy taking a look at the photos - strangely the greens appear completely differently in these photos (might have been due to the time
  2. Time for an update for this one The Anton Junkers has been to the paint shop and received it's upper splinter tone camouflage, and is now looking very green! The upper side camouflage has been brush painted using Humbrol 86 for the lighter shade and Humbrol 75 for the darker, which are my preferred colours for standard Luftwaffe splinter tone schemes The plastic cover I placed behind the cockpit to cover the missing part seems to have blended in nicely with the rest of the model once painted, so I've got away with that
  3. Well, no reply from Revell unfortunately about the missing part for the Junkers, so time for Plan B - make the part out of an ice cream container lid! I've cut a part and crudely fitted it the best I could from a plastic lid - it's not the best outcome, but at least it should mean the bomber will make a resurrection to the finishing line Here's a few photos of the makeshift part placed over the gap on the fuselage I had to fix. Also had some time to paint the undersides Humbrol 65. Next up is some lovely work on the two tone splinter camouflage - more coming later...
  4. Excellent work! As has been said, that is an unusual but effective way to display a JU 88
  5. A great selection of models there, I particularly like the Manchester diorama, and that scheme for the Canberra looks very nice
  6. Excellent work as always, and some very unusual schemes again such as the natural metal RAF B 17 - haven't seen one like that before
  7. A lovely collection of excellently finished models with some very different and unusual schemes, but where do you put all these models??
  8. I'm interested to see the old Revell 1/72nd Seven Years War figures re-released again, they haven't been around for a long time. Enjoyed painting them many years ago
  9. Hello all and a Happy New Year! It's that time of year again and I always enjoy putting up a Yearbook of my latest models (though not so much Photobucket being terribly slow and crashing multiple times). Despite having a fairly busy year including moving to a new full time 9-5 office job since May, I have still found time to do plenty of models as usual That's what weekends are truly for! I've had three main themes running this year mostly; WW2 Luftwaffe, Cold War Soviet and WW2 and Post War RAF, but there's the odd other thing in there too. Now, my lists a
  10. Looks like you've just taken a photo of the real thing and said you built it! Really great work, all the weathering on each model looks spot on
  11. Excellent diorama, always nice to see WW2 German things! The inclusion of an aircraft flying overhead is a nice touch - could be an interesting idea to do a series of dioramas with different nationalities' tanks and their aircraft flying above
  12. That's an amazing looking model, great work! Can't beat a nicely built Luftwaffe plane
  13. Glad to hear that at last we have a British Phantom on the Airfix list in the proper scale for modelling! Even though I try to stick to 1/72nd, a 1/48th one would sound nice if Airfix were such inclined...
  14. Thanks, I don't think I've properly planned that far ahead, but would be nice to have it hung from my ceiling once it's done Here's the Junkers now fully built minus the odd few pieces and that bit that's annoyingly missing. The other significant part which was missing was one half of the left aileron, but I managed to fashion something to fit from a spare FROG 1/72nd Tupolev SB-2's wing to go in it's place. Might not be a perfect replacement, but sometimes you've just got to work with what you've got And lastly, a size compari
  15. Nice unusual flying boat there, great work! Looks better than a Walrus - just saying...
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