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  1. Super nice job! Love everything about it! How was the kit?
  2. The P-61 is the DML kit and The PBJ is the Hasegawa kit. Lol, I try to avoid Revell unless it is the only game in town. Thanks.
  3. A couple I recently finished... If I can only find the wing light covers for the PBJ the that I put somewhere so I would not lose them. Go figure...
  4. Beautiful build Steve! The weathering is tops! Where did you find the tackle blocks or did you scratch build them?
  5. @TheBaron, the ice is actually broken glass that is used in decorative vases. Found it at a local craft supply store. Thanks. Shannon
  6. @Whofan, that would be the radar. Thanks for the kudos!
  7. Hey Paul, I had not decided if I was going to add the bow protection cap or not at the time. Many times, the subs were towed by an icebreaker and the cap was not always used in this case. I have actually decided to add it, but am in the middle of a move. Thanks for that picture. So far, it is the best picture I have seen of the bow protection cap.
  8. Thanks brother! Looking forward to the inbound B-52.
  9. 1/72 Type IXC U-505. "Transit through the Ice". In Jan. 42, U-505 left the 4th Unterseebootsflottille (training) in Kiel headed to the 2nd Unterseebootsflottille in Lorient, France. Kptlt. Loewe stands on the bridge alone taking one last look at the sun as the sub is about to clear the ice and make preparations to dive. This is my interpretation of what that day may have been like. Lol, I forgot to post the story behind this build. As I envisioned her about to leave the ice, accelerating, and dive ... I figure around 8 knts at this moment.
  10. Thanks everyone! There are a ton of great builds in this group. Been perusing the posts on and off for the past few days. Wish some of the pics stayed up longer... meh.
  11. Awesome work! Didn't realize how big this kit is before. Tops!
  12. The icicles were created using a clear silicon caulk and a toothpick. Just apply a small amount on the tip of the toothpick and dab it on the line, then pull down. Hope this helps.
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