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  1. Raygunsnap

    A-6E Tram - landing gear bay colour?

    Even on jets painted in the all grays tactical paint scheme (TPS), gear bays are white - the better to spot hydraulic leaks. VA-35’s A-6E TRAM/SWIP jets absolutely had white nose and main gear bays in the 90s.
  2. Raygunsnap

    Callsign: CORKTIP

    David, great work,so far! Will be following your build closely as I have an RF-8G in the pending pile. My model will be built using the Falcon conversion on the Hasegawa F-8E. Like yours, my RF-8 will be a VFP-63 jet, only from Tico’s/CVW-19’s 1968 Combat cruise to WestPac. Good luck with the build!
  3. Raygunsnap

    North American FJ-2 Fury

    Great reference material! Would you please do the same for the -3 and -4 variants?
  4. Raygunsnap

    Airfix Skyraider - Resuming work after about 20 years

    Great SPAD! Really nice update to an elderly kit. What paint scheme and markings will you use?
  5. Raygunsnap

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    I care, too, and I am way outside the U.K. Fly Navy!