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  1. You should really put these items up for sale, would be much needed for the blank Trumpeter kit!
  2. Any news on this? Did it get cancelled when ICM came out with an OK kit?
  3. Having the exact same issue with warping on my top fuselage half also. Keeping an eye on this to see if it turns out fixable!
  4. yes I am aware of the radar. And you might be right, the pitot seems to be more faired in on the Aida nose. My concern is with these decal options: https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1380076055373684&id=134774536570515&set=a.1380076032040353 All but some of the Pakistani options have the same nose. Main questions is if that nose is similar enough to the kinetic Mirage 5 nose so that adding a needle tip and a sliver of putty would do, or if there is a major shape difference I am not seeing. For reference, the HPM noses appear to me to be similar enough in that sense: https://www.hpmhobbies.com/high-planes-dassault-mirage-5-aida-ii-nose-accessories-1-32/ https://www.hpmhobbies.com/high-planes-dassault-mirage-5f-nesher-dagger-nose-for-italeri-accessories-1-32/
  5. Thanks zhizhou, I had a look at the Aida nose, could not find much beyond the HPM description. Is it correct that the only external difference from the regular 5F nose is that it has a sharp point? If so, I think that would be a very easy conversion from the existing kinetic kit. HPM sadly only do this nose in 1/32 and 1/72.
  6. Thanks for both your answers. I am looking to build all the options linked on the first post. Such include Libya, Zaire, Abu Dhabi/UAE, Egypt, Gabon and Pakistan (at least the pre-upgrade versions). I know that the Libyan version was outwardly identical to the French Mirage 5F (available from Wingman) but not sure about the other countries. As far as I understand, the kinetic Nasher/Mirage 5 boxing K48052 has the Mirage 5 nose which should be identical to the resin nose in the Wingman Kit released a few years earlier. I only have the Wingman boxing, but happy to share some detail photos of the resin nose if you guys deem it worthwhile?
  7. Hi all, I am sitting on Antarki‘s great Mirage 5 decal set (see here https://www.scalemates.com/kits/antarki-models-kit-peru-atk48003-mirage-m5-m50-africa-asia--1312021) and I was wondering what kits were available in 1/48? As I understand, Wingman models first released a Mirage 5F kit with a new nose part, which should be appropriate for all African and Asian users such as Libya, Pakistan and Zaire. Now, that kit is quite hard to find and I only have one myself. However, a few years later Kinetic released their own ‚Mirage V‘, kit K48052. Can anyone confirm whether the Kinetic boxing is also appropriate to build a Mirage 5F-based export aircraft? Many thanks
  8. Guys, I just got this kit and it appears that the upper fuselage is extremely warped? It is basically impossible to mate it to the lower part, even when just dryfitting. One wing and the cockpit appear to be completely off from where they should be. In contrast, the lower fuselage is perfectly straight and level. Has anyone had the same problem? Kind of a Christmas bumper, shame that even new toolings by airfix seem to have issues that make them close to unbuildable. Hope it is not a production batch issue, would not want to order another kit and have the same problem.
  9. Thanks. I want to build a few African export ones, i.e. Morocco or Ivory Coast. So I will need a few and am now just thinking what the cheapest option would be given that I do not need kit decals.
  10. Hi all, question is pretty much in the title. If one has no intention of building an A variant, is there any difference beyond the decals between those two boxings beyond getting two kits in the Patrouille de France boxing? Any missing antennae or pylons? I assume that weapons would be missing. Anything beyond that? Many thanks, David
  11. Thanks for your advice guys, Yep, will not use the Italeri plastic, that was clear from the outset. Problem is that the font is rather specific. Thus, the Model Maker sheet and Blackbird sheets which I have here also are not really suitable. (Can recommend both though!) Which means that I will sadly have to get both or draw them as Martin suggested. While the Italeri kit decals and price are decent as is, I would need to get two kits to get the required four serial number decals - making this a way more expensive option. Sadly Italeri screwed up on the Libyan option. As for drawing, that idea crossed my mind also and I started playing with vector drawing yesterday, if you can recommend any specific font packages or stuff like that feel free, as this is still not an easy task. Thanks all for your input!
  12. Hi guys, I am slowly expanding my LAAF collection and now want to add a MiG-23bn. Now the problem is that no one seems to be making appropriate decals? The only option I know of is the recently reissued Italeri kit, however the decal sheet in the kit is lacking in that only a pair instead of the necessary four serial numbers are inlcuded. Thus, I am a bit hesitant to buy two of the horrible Italeri kits just for the decals. Does anyone know other sources for LAAF MiG-23bn numbers? Thanks & best, David Notice the repetition of the No. on the fin, making it necessary to either used 2 Italeri kits or possibly sources something like this somewhere else? I've been trying to match the font in my graphics programme but it is quite tough.
  13. Interested! Thinking Lavochkin La-9 or 11, maybe even from China or North Korea. I suppose these would be fine as the La-9 entered service in late 1946?
  14. Thanks you Q! Yep, will be heading back to Germany to save on tuition fees. But loved staying in the UK for a few years and made a bunch of great friends! Ill share a few of my older builds once I get back home and get a chance to take decent photographs.
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