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  1. Thanks. I want to build a few African export ones, i.e. Morocco or Ivory Coast. So I will need a few and am now just thinking what the cheapest option would be given that I do not need kit decals.
  2. Hi all, question is pretty much in the title. If one has no intention of building an A variant, is there any difference beyond the decals between those two boxings beyond getting two kits in the Patrouille de France boxing? Any missing antennae or pylons? I assume that weapons would be missing. Anything beyond that? Many thanks, David
  3. Thanks for your advice guys, Yep, will not use the Italeri plastic, that was clear from the outset. Problem is that the font is rather specific. Thus, the Model Maker sheet and Blackbird sheets which I have here also are not really suitable. (Can recommend both though!) Which means that I will sadly have to get both or draw them as Martin suggested. While the Italeri kit decals and price are decent as is, I would need to get two kits to get the required four serial number decals - making this a way more expensive option. Sadly Italeri screwed up on the Libyan option. As for drawing, that idea crossed my mind also and I started playing with vector drawing yesterday, if you can recommend any specific font packages or stuff like that feel free, as this is still not an easy task. Thanks all for your input!
  4. Hi guys, I am slowly expanding my LAAF collection and now want to add a MiG-23bn. Now the problem is that no one seems to be making appropriate decals? The only option I know of is the recently reissued Italeri kit, however the decal sheet in the kit is lacking in that only a pair instead of the necessary four serial numbers are inlcuded. Thus, I am a bit hesitant to buy two of the horrible Italeri kits just for the decals. Does anyone know other sources for LAAF MiG-23bn numbers? Thanks & best, David Notice the repetition of the No. on the fin, making it necessary to either used 2 Italeri kits or possibly sources something like this somewhere else? I've been trying to match the font in my graphics programme but it is quite tough.
  5. Interested! Thinking Lavochkin La-9 or 11, maybe even from China or North Korea. I suppose these would be fine as the La-9 entered service in late 1946?
  6. Thanks you Q! Yep, will be heading back to Germany to save on tuition fees. But loved staying in the UK for a few years and made a bunch of great friends! Ill share a few of my older builds once I get back home and get a chance to take decent photographs.
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome guys!
  8. Hello everyone! I'm David from Munich. I am still a student for now, and just finished up my degree in history in London. Will probably proceed to medical school in the autumn. So I hopefully will have some more free time to do modelling than I have than now, as I am working over the summer. I started modelling when I was six. My parents gifted me a 1/144 F-18 that I absolutley butchered It got real when I was aorund 14-16, when I got an airbrush and started using aftermarket items, leading to a slight addition to the later. My interests are mainly 1/48 aircraft and to a lesser extent 1/35 vehicles. This in turn is split around 70:30 into post and pre-1945 stuff, mostly Soviet and respective small air forces client states and Nazi Germany/Italy for the later. In particular, I adore the MiG-23 Flogger series, particularly the duck-nosed attack versions (I know, I know, you either love or hate those ) However, I have to admit that since I started studying abroad in the UK I have had far less time to work due to frequent travel etc. and thus only finished two models this year so far. Hopefully the pace will pick up soon. I have also signed up to the proposed India-Pakistan and Nukes group builds to get to know this community a little better. Best wishes, David
  9. Interested! Considering a Bulgarian nuclear-capable MiG-23BN, see here: http://www.easternorbat.com/html/bulg_mig-23_nuke_eng.html
  10. Hi guys, new joiner here, I have never done a GB before. But IAF and PAF? Great idea, count me in! If we feel like it one could expand this to South Asian Theatre? I.e. Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Burma/Myanmar and China? This includes the Indian intervention in Maldives, Sri Lanka and the local civil war, Myanmar internal strife, China and India standoff and wars, and Pakistan v. Afghanistan flare up in 1980s and 90s. Not decided on a subject yet but I put down what I am considering below. Feel free to expand this list and repost. Mainly in 1/48, I only put those options in 1/72 down where no 48 option is available. But most of these are available in 1/72 too. Post 1948 War military only (No Spit, PIA Boings etc.). Mind that for most of these aircraft there are actually many schemes worn over the life cycle of any single type, i.e. probably at least 4 for the PAF F-6s or IAF Mi-24s in old green and sand or modern all grey scheme. Also, a lot more types can be built with just making easy black custom numerals, i.e PAF T-37, Puma helicopter or T-33, or IAF MiG-21F-13 and Il-38 ASW. Also, details are actually quite plentiful if you make the effort to dig. I can recommend the recent books from Helion’s Asia@War series which has amazingly detailed volumes on 1971 East Pakistan, Siachen Fighting, Kargil and PAF in 1971 war so far, as well as such websites as Bharat Rakshak for IAF or Pakistan Defence Forum for PAF. On top of that, it is easy to just give up and exclaim that we have no info, e.g. on F-6 cockpits, where in fact one simple google search turns up photos, colour references and the type of MB ejection seat used (which is in 48 scale available from Neomega BTW). Pakistan F-6 OOB or Iliad or Printscale decals FT-6 OOB L-19 Bird Dog with Iliad decals A-5C AA models with Aztec decals or OOB F-7 trumpeter with Caracal (F-7G) or OOB/DP Casper/Aztec decals FT-5 OOB MiG-15UTI OOB F-86E/F Model Alliance or Xtradecals DH Dove Xtradecals 72 Mi-8/17 with dp casper decals 72 C-130 with Xtradecals 72 F-104 with Iliad design decals F-16 single and double seater DP Casper or other decals Mirage IIIE(P) with DP Casper or Uprise decals Mirage V Wingmann Models with Antarki decals JF-17 thunder Bronco or Trumpeter OOB, Caracal or DP Casper Alouette III with KP decals OOB 72 K-8 Karakorum OOB 72 T-6 Harvard with Tiger Wings decals (?) B-57 DP Casper 72 India Su 30 DP Casper decals with Hobby Boss or Kitty Hawk kit Su 30MKI DP Casper or CWS decals, Kitty Hawk or CWS conversion MiG-21 with either Eduard, HADmodels, or other decals MiG-25 with Begemot decals and ICM or KH kit MiG-23bn with superscale decals MiG-27 with OOB decals trumpeter Su-7 with OOB decals Bae Hawk with DP Casper decals Hawker Hunter Xtradecals Mi-24 with Linden Hill or Begemot decals Mi-8/17 with DP Casper decals 72 Hawker Sea Hawk with Berna decals or OOB Canberra with model alliance decals MiG-29 9.12 with Caracal or HADmodels decals MiG-29 UPG using GWH SMT with DP Casper decals Harrier with Kinetic OOB decals Jaguar, both late and early schemes available Mi-4 with Hi decals 1 72 Dassault Rafale with Caracal decals Mirage 2000 with aftermarket decals available Il 76 with cutting edge decals 72 (?) An 32 with OOB decals 72 Do 228 Indian Navy with Caracal decals 72 Breguet Alize with OOB decals 72 Ah-64 Apache with Caracal decals Mi-26 with Begemot decals 72 MD 450 Ouragan Printscale or DP Casper decals 72 HF 24 Marut (hard to find) 72 HAL Tejas can be built out of a Viggen (?) with significant work Folland Gnat resin kit with IAF decals by Aeropoxy Alouette III DP Casper 72 C-17 Globemaster DRAW decals 72 Bangladesh MiG-21MF with aftermarket decals available F-6 with Printscale decals F-7 with Aztec (early) or Caracal (late) decals FT-6 with RVHP decal conversion 72 Yak 130 with Begemot decals L-39 with Armycast decals Land Vehicles – only aware of Star Decals sets but can custom make most 1965-71 Wars, many more modern vehicles of course Jeep with M106 AMX 13 T-55 Type 59 Centurion Sherman M113 M107 SPH BTR 50 Pt 76 OT 64 Skot M24 Chafee Bronco OOB decals M47 Takom OOB decals M48 Type 56 field gun Please do excuse the rought formatting on this, am doing this during a really boring stretch at work
  11. Do ya‘ll really think their kits will disappear that quickly? One would think they sold greater volumes than Wingnut Wings, and even those kits can still be had, albeit overpriced. IMO, the real shame is that KH offered some really popular and well-known subjects such as a modern UH-1 that no one else did (discounting the old Italeri kit). Why did it take for a company like KH to do these? I think that the loss of these kits is the biggest hit for modeling in general. One can only hope that some other company steps in now that there is less competition.
  12. Hi all, I am trying to airbrush a yellow cowling on a P47, using Tamiya XF03 1:1 thinned with Mr Color leveling thinner, on top of a coat of Mr Surfacer 1500. The same combination works excellently on a bottle of Tamiya green I recently bought. Pressure around 15 PSI. But with this bottle of yellow, there are flakes or small bits of paint that do not dissolve, be it in the mixing cup or during airbrushing, resulting in a rough, splattered finish. No idea what I am doing wrong here, except for the fact that this particular pot of XF03 is a few years old. I shake the bottle and mix the yellow paint in a separate cup with the thinner. But even before pouring into the airbrush I can already see the flakes. I have ordered a new bottle, will be interesting to see if this fixes it. I had not thought that Tamiya had issues with shelf life like that, albeit this particular bottle was stored in rather rough conditions. Any tips or ideas what I could be doing better? Many thanks, David
  13. Thanks, that is a good list, albeit I am not sure if it actually compares the two-seat Jastrebs with the Galeb, not just the regular J-21? Have you actually seen a picture with the three guns on a two-seater? Apparently calibre on NJ-21 should also be higher at 12.7mm. However, roles seem to have been somewhat interchangeable, if below really is a Galeb as I believe, because this one was used for ground attack: https://www.mycity-military.com/slika.php?slika=254884_770627752__20181103_153051.JPG EDIT: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Yugoslavia-Air-Force/Soko-NJ-21-Jastreb/5275731?qsp=eJx1jbEOwjAMRP/Fc5YAKpCNLox04Acsx0Ck0ka2B6qq/06aSmxsp/dOdzPQOBh/7D5lhgDKKPQCBxkF3wphBkxCgg9rURNtNb/z/ux%2B5soDyx8H4dD409GBjmLtVC4iGl%2BIOBtH2PhNIsuqWKl%2BP9ehEli6mmHfFB6T5h7rBhumHpblC0ocPwA%3D It appears you are right, here one can clearly see the third gun on the NJ-21. Above link shows a G-2 Galeb in contrast. Seems like NJ-21 was indeed only in service in very limited numbers.
  14. Only single-seaters afaik. The trainers were galebs.
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