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  1. Nice work, and very swift progress too. Have you seen the build group on Facebook..? Lots of people building these with some fab posts
  2. Nice work, I think it looks great as it is. I prefer a more subdued weathering effect anyway
  3. I'm currently building the King Tiger and loving it. One day I'll get round to starting a thread
  4. Great work, I'll be watching this one very closely. Got this kit myself so will be looking out for tips n tricks
  5. Yes, the sprues are common to the G so have the same flaws. TBH it's not a big job to fix them using Mr Surfacer and a rivet tool so I don't see what a Brassin set would add other than as you say,' better' fabric surfaces.
  6. Beautiful build - love these birds in OD. Great work and lovely finish
  7. Thank you one and all for the generous comments. To answer but a few; Yes, it is huge - I transport it using the 70 litre 'Really Useful Box' and it just fits..! Getting it back in loft after an outing as always tricky though as that box is enormous..! I have further photos, but more of the interior than the exterior. I'll sort some out and post them up in the next day or so. As I say, this lives in the loft so it's not easy to get out and photograph but I will get around to this one day. I'll not leave it so long to post pics of completed builds I promise.
  8. Finished this one a year or so ago but never got to post pics up. This is the Revell release with lots of scratch building and detailing using the following aftermarket; CMK Cockpit CMK Wheel Wells Aires Armament Set Kagero Decals Full fuselage/wing riveting, plumbing for main landing gear etc etc. Enjoy
  9. Thanks everyone appreciate your generous comments. Yes, the decals for the upper wing crosses are supposed to be that way and they are based on a well know picture of the aircraft which clearly shows the damage to them. My pics don't really portray the weathering I've applied so I might try and do some more in better lighting. The kit is a pleasure to build, although it's not without it's faults - the two outer flaps suffer from sink/shrinkage, as does the underneath of the outer wing section. The former is easily rectified but the later is more difficult to tackle. I
  10. Love it..! Mine is in the queue to build soon with the full Eduard Brassie Big Sin set and I must admit I'm scared..! Great work though, especially given you'rush' things
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