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  1. This kit shows its age, but builds up into a decent model. I believe its an Heinkel based in Norway, carrying Torpedoes for the Murmansk convoys. The fit was pretty good, but I had a problem with the fit of the Greenhouse nose. I handpainted the extensive glassware, and while not the best of my creations, I think I captured the spirit of a 60s model - Rattle cans, etc. It came with a Frog Display base which can be hung on a wall.....so it now adorns a wall in my study.....
  2. Love It! As Someone who served on the Original - USS Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7) in the early 90s - You have done her proud! (I was First Lt - in USN parlance, that is the Deck Ops Officer - not XO!)
  3. Below are my photos of my Toko 1/72 Aviatik. Although this model was completed 2 years ago, I had the Austrian built aircraft outfitted it in Ukrainian Air Force colors (BTW..check out the SUPERB videos on the Post WW1 Chaos below - there were actually TWO Ukrainian Republics existing in 1920! One Capital, Lviv, the other Kyiv....). The Baltic, Ukrainian, Polish and other air forces fielded both Allied and Central Powers aircraft in their desperate attempts to organize nations out of the Chaos which emerged out of the Crumbling Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires.... This was one of my first Biplane attempts with EZ line. This kit was very fiddly, requiring a lot of superglue as, for example, the lower wings were separate....the Tail was especially fragile as well. What makes the plane are the decals provided for the Lozenge Cammo pattern. The decals were in poor shape, but I got them to work with a lot of Future floor polish and touch up paint where the delicate decals ripped. Overall, I was happy with the result of a rather troublesome kit. https://imgur.com/gallery/tMuxuNN
  4. This is my first time using the Imgur app to post my photos. Another one from my busy "Albatroswerke". This depicts an aircraft I saw in a painting of the flying circus. I used a red stripe decal instead of the white one depicted in the original picture because the white stripe wouldn't adhere...and I wanted to finish the model. I particularly like the Balkenkreuz on the top wings vs the original old Iron Crosses..... https://imgur.com/gallery/i4IQzsJ
  5. Thanks for the kind Comments. On your Recommendation, I have registered on Imgur - so I will drop my next model photos in that and we will see what happens.....
  6. This is the Squadron/Roden "Merian C Cooper" kit - depicting the Austrian built (OEFFAG) Albatros flown by future "King Kong " film director Merian C. Cooper (Earlier posted on this site). I decided to make another one, flying in the same squadron. Different colors - Natural wood and a Blue Nose. I depicted the number "7" - the only one I had of the right size...from a HobbyBoss Morane. The figure is from Dark Angel.. For those having difficulty accessing the pics ...reported by some.....apparently one must Right click on link and open picture in a new page. Village photos had previously not been a problem...but with hundreds of pics loaded there, its too late to change....
  7. This is an Eastern Express/Toko Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter in French Colors. The Directions did not include the name/number of the French Squadron (Does anyone know?) - but I really like the Logos on the Aircraft. This was in the making for over a year - decided to finish it, and very glad I did...a Very Attractive Aircraft. The French actually produced 4000 of the aircraft on license - the British, less than 1800. There is of course a two person bomber version - and also a Zeppelin Interceptor single seater with a "Jazz Music" type Oblique Double Lewis Gun pointed upwards....Halfway done with this version - will post soon! The figure is from an ancient Revell biplane....
  8. This is the Roden kit of an Austrian Albatros D.II (OEFFAG) in Flik 3D. Flown by Oblt Rudolf Von Szepessy-Sokol over Galicia, Sept 1917 (5 victories). The regional capital of Galicia was Lviv (remember, Partition of Poland in 1760s). Many bloody battles were fought in this, Europe's "Bloodlands" - as is the Sad Case today..... I really enjoyed making an earlier Albatros version. Currently have 3 other Roden Albatri in Production - a German D.II, Austrian D.III and a W.4 Seaplane..... It seems that Lately, many here can only see the pics by clicking on the links...Village Photos seems to have changed, but I have spent way too much time documenting my builds on that site to change to another....
  9. Had fun building the somewhat fiddly 1/72nd scale Roden Albatros kit (several of them are currently under construction in Mein Albatroswerke!)as the License Built OEFFAG that Brunowski, A-H Lead Ace, flew. The unique KuK camouflage was done freehand watching an evening of Television. Give me a Sunny Day and VOILA! the Dual Monarchy Again Takes to the Skies! BTW, just finished the book "The Fortress" by Alexander Watson - dealing with the siege of Przemysl and the "Bloodlands" of Eastern Europe. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Austria-Hungary's Polish province Galicia regional capital, Lviv, is now Ukraine....but Przemysl is in modern Poland - and in fact is now a major Refugee Center. The Borders in that area are very Fungible.....
  10. Thanks Wulfman! Now that it seems folks are seeing it, I will be posting some of my latest from the "Albatroswerke"
  11. Jhutchi.....can you please explain to me, step by step, how to post my pics from Village Photos here? I have used that site to post pics here for a YEAR...Suddenly the last few months.....they are not posting.... I saw you wrote it was an SSL issue.....is there any way around it?.
  12. Although I don't think these are technically "dioramas" in that they are not permanent, I thought folks might like to see these. I have a Board with some trees and buildings, as well as a Rotating "cast of Characters" I have painted (Orion 1/72 aviators mostly, also some HaT Austrians and Airfix Germans). I photograph my growing WW1 Aircraft collection for posting on Britmodeller on this base. I enjoy the Photography as much as I enjoy building them...waiting for nice Sunny Days to depict them often flying. Soon I have to start designing a Permanent Diorama featuring an Aircraft crash into a tree or Church steeple or something..... Most of these are in small plastic display cases with various figures and bits to form sort of Micro Dioramas... Russian Nieuport (don't ask me what the Austrian is doing there.....) Albatros (Revell) during a female visit.... Another Revell Albatros in the early morning... Merian C Cooper's Albatros flying for the Koscziusko squadron against the Reds in 1919 (he produced King Kong, Grass and many other films) Revell Fokker Triplane Bruno Loerzers Black/White triplane and Friend... Camel RNAS 10 Squadron...
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