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  1. Great Work ...especially considering they are Brush Painted! I have a half completed Potez I have to finish off....but like you, I really love the French machines. Finished my Amiot in the winter and still have a Bloch bomber Sitting on its gear waiting to be painted....I use enamel sprays, and have ben very happy with results. Looking forward to seeing your future work!
  2. Very Nice Work! The Potez is about the only Heller French 1940 kit I do NOT have....guess I will have to pick one up....
  3. Great Build! I have a question...below the Lewis Magazine Holder, what is the purpose of that elongated diamond shaped control? IT is wired reaching back aft to Engine? IS is some kind of throttle control?
  4. Pretty Imaginative ! Nice work with integrating the Engine with the Fuselage!
  5. Great Stuff! I have this one in my stash - trying to decide whether to make it a silver job or the Dark Night Fighter version...I think you have sold me!
  6. Beautiful Work! Thanks for the history lesson...I have the old Testers 1/48 Supermarine...but have to find the Macchi!
  7. Very Nice. I have a the 1/72 Hasegawa Lilly......I put it aside as the rattle can paint job I did on the exterior I was not happy with. I had no idea the Japanese HAD a Glide Bomb - and that it was fitted to the Lilly! Maybe it was another German design conveyed to them in a Pacific U-Boat! BTW, If you want to read some strange things about Japanese Submarines, check out www.the-wanderling.com....
  8. Really nice work! I am working on several Albatrii.....I particularly like your use of the Balkankreuz on the Blue One.....
  9. Check out the book - TOP GUN: An American Story by Pedersen. Great book, and he talks about loitering off the California coast in his "FORD" in a gathering spot where Navy and USAF pilots could "Mix It Up" without the Brass Hats finding out.....The author LOVED the Skyray!
  10. The USAAC 25th squadron existed in the final days of World War One. Many of its senior staff were Americans who had flown with the British, and had experience in SE.5as. Although the Unit did not score any victories, 30 victories had been scored by its personnel in their days flying with the RFC. Interestingly, the current USAF unit originating from this Unit is the 25th Space Range Squadron, based at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado and assigned to the Nevada Test & Training Range. On March 31, 2020, it was announced that the 25th would be moved to the newly form
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