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  1. Great Job! I have a number of German aircraft in Romanian Markings...I like the Bright liveries and the fact my wife is a Romanian speaker (Moldovan) has influenced me to research Romania's fascinating participation in World War 2.
  2. This is the old Revell/ESCI Nieuport 17 kit. I have built several of them, and although simplistic and dated (from the 1960s) - I think it builds out to be a Good Model...especially with Rigging! In this case, I chose to make it a Soviet Nieuport used in the Russian Civil War - Slavnoe's Air Group, 13th Air Detachment, Priyamino Airfield in Byelorussia, May 1920. The decals are extras from the Roden Nieuport 24Bis kit. I love the Macabre Skull and Crossbones on this Aircraft - The Russians seem to be particularly fond of these types of Totems....It's a Slavic
  3. Fantastic! I think the Color is Right On! I have had a desire for this kit for some time.....You have rekindled my interest! Excellent Work!
  4. Wow! Impressive....I have a 1975 R90 I love......this work is phenomenal..I wasn't even aware one could FIND. a half scale model!
  5. Fantastic! I can't help thinking its the American Cousin the the Wyvern!
  6. Absolutely Spectacular!
  7. Truly Exquisite! Vacu Form kits are the one thing I am still Afraid to Try! You make it Sing....
  8. The Aircraft, Btw, is Canadian Captain Roy Brown's Camel. Credited with 10 victories, he was originally thought to have brought down Von Richtofen...later ascribed to Australian Ground troops...
  9. This 30 yr old kit was built out of the box, with the exception of the Rigging. I enjoy the Revell kits because of their simplicity - one can concentrate on the painting and detailing of these wonderful kits...
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