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  1. I did this when I bought a partially glued Vulcan: put the model in a bag in the freezer for 30 mins or so. Frozen glue is weakened and you can snap the parts clean off. The brake fluid is also a must to remove paint: don't use it for brake lines once it's opened, it absorbs moisture that you definitely don't want in there.
  2. What a cool diorama, brings back memories of going camping 30 years ago... This is the Hasegawa model I reckon?
  3. It's a treat to see your progress! I have a question. Is the resin leg able to take all the weight of the model, just so? No metal 'core'?
  4. First of all, the fin on the later models does not extend forward as much. The radome is larger - I cannot remember if this affects the overall length. The nosewheel are larger, with a different mudguard. MiG-29 nosewheels look the part. I think in 1/72 scale those are the most noticeable issues.
  5. Well done Peter, nice pair of trimotors there!
  6. Wow, you really moved along with this one! It's coming out well and the airbrushed pattern is convincing. A wash to bring out the skin details and it'll look like it's breathing. Regarding the t-rex, years ago there was an article on Fine Scale Modeller improving the Lindberg Velociraptor, which have short snouts. They cut the skull and jaws, added a sprue extension, then re-modelled the jaw around it. The extra teeth were probably carved plastic rod.
  7. Exactly. Straight from the box, the fella is lacking the muscles that operate the jaw, and the area looks hinge-like.
  8. On my screen the colors of the flag pass muster. Keep up the good work.
  9. You did an excellent job fairing in the joints and reproducing the skin texture. May I suggest that you remove the aftermost teeth and give him gums for added life-likeliness? See below for an example of what I mean... Very well done.
  10. Well done with the stripes on the wings, I need to remember that trick. The colors look right, don't fret the exact placement of the stripes, there was variation a-plenty. The '81 had a metallic structure so Verde Anticorrosione, FS 34558, should be appropriate. Either mix Humbrol 23 and Humbrol 80 or use a dark green wash on Hu 23.
  11. Hello there, nice start. The Supermodel brand was set up by two of the original partners of Italeri and focused on Italian airplanes, unfortunately, drawings and info weren't exactly thick on the ground and their production suffers from dimensional errors. The Pipistrello (Bat) is one of their best efforts. Bianco Avorio, while "warm", is still white and not yellow. Your best reference for the exact nuance would be, old piano keys or snooker balls, or, if you don't have any handy, a white chocolate tablet Keep up the good work!
  12. Thanks to both, it was the Wolfpack sheet (even weirder than I remembered, with a most unusual Belgian airframe!) I did not know that the owner had passed away and I'm sorry about that.
  13. Hello there, Some time ago a decal producer made a sheet, or more than one, dedicated to planes capable of nuclear attack. There were some unusual subjects like F-104s and other single seaters. Can anyone help me trace the manufacturer? Thanks in advance, Bone
  14. IIRC the Monogram pilots were larger than the Hasegawa ones, but it's been a while since I held either. He sure seems comfortable in that tub...
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