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  1. Ages ago there were resin figures sold on eBay but I don't remember the manufacturer. Some obscure garage company/one man band business. Searching now returned Dust Models figures. Looks like they're aimed at wargaming so the proportions and accuracy are to be taken with a grain of salt. www.dust-models.com
  2. Already they're about as prolific as a same-sex couple of pandas, give them the time to catch up on their unfinished projects first! I've been waiting for the SB for YEARS...
  3. Anyone else ever wasted their time with the RPM 1/72 example? Makes you appreciate this one even more. Gotta be mine. Mine. Mine.
  4. Supermodel did the Alcione both in single- and twin fin version (Monoderiva and bideriva, respectively): https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/1/5/1/137151-11185-pristine.jpg https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/3/8/3/141383-11185-pristine.jpg The latter has been reissued by Italeri. It is possible to convert the SM.79 into its less successful successor, the SM.84. The main differences are the lack of the "hunched back" and the twin fins. There are also limited edition kits of this airplane, tho. VEB made a very nice and detailed kit of the Junkers G.24 in land- and seaplane version. Reissued by Revell as well. Seaplanes other than the CANT are the S.66 (the Delta 2 kit is as rare as rocking horse poo though!), Do.24 and Bv.138 "Flying Clog".
  5. Hi Jure, thanks for the info, it suits my purpose as all kits I've seen so far have the 'stirrup' arrangement (if there is a technical term I'll be glad to learn it!). There's also a very well preserved Weihe wreck at the bottom of a lake and it has the single leg, too.
  6. Hi all, I was looking at an Fw.58 walkaround and it seems that there were two different undercarriages: a "standard" one, with a single leg holding the wheel on one side) and another one with a "stirrup" holding the wheel. Does anyone know which version carried which type? I'm especially interested in the Austrian and Brazilian exported aircrafts.
  7. I never had this particular kit but as vacform/short run kits go... It would be logical to think that the two halves marked 1 go together to form Number 1 engine but do dry tests before you commit to glue. Regarding fettling, I suggest that you tape sandpaper to the wing surface and run the nacelles against it, this way you should obtain a matching cutout easily. Keep up the good work!
  8. Nicely done! You can always say it's an aircraft fresh out of factory and still waiting for its markings to be applied. You say the wings required sanding... Did you build the wings separately, or attach each upper wing half to the respective half fuselage? The latter method is less likely to result in gaps, or at least the gaps will be on the leading edge and underside.
  9. There is a resemblance with the Schneider Sch-10M, isn't it? Corrugated surfaces, twin tail, fixed undercarriage with huge 'spats'... http://www.airwar.ru/enc/aww1/schneider10m.html
  10. Has anyone mentioned the Corsair yet? Stubby brother of the Crusader. Last examples fought in the Gulf IIRC. Then there's the Savage, currently only available as a Mach 2 rough and expensive kit.
  11. Hello, I just came across this build. Hard to tell it's not the Revell kit. Excellent paintjob. Congratulations!
  12. I wonder if I'm having hallucinations but I could swear I saw a piston airliner with unswept fin landing in Trieste on the 8th. Couldn't drive there to confirm as I had to bring home the kid first. The fuselage looked NMF with a blue cheatline. EDIT: Found it! It was the Red Bull DC-6.
  13. That's nice, I always liked the looks of this one - I even tried to build the SMER "Klik-Klak" and I hope this kit is in no way related to the moulds...
  14. I'm wondering if it was just an engineering glitch, or a measure to prevent defection flights? Personally I feel that the Airfix air intakes are oversized and like the look of the Bilek/Trumpeter kit better. The model however is flawlessly finished and the staged pictures remind me of the "officially released" images of the 70's. I like how the aircraft is silver, rather than NMF.
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