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  1. Bonehammer

    'Greif' by name, Greif by nature!

    Hello, I just came across this build. Hard to tell it's not the Revell kit. Excellent paintjob. Congratulations!
  2. Bonehammer

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    I wonder if I'm having hallucinations but I could swear I saw a piston airliner with unswept fin landing in Trieste on the 8th. Couldn't drive there to confirm as I had to bring home the kid first. The fuselage looked NMF with a blue cheatline. EDIT: Found it! It was the Red Bull DC-6.
  3. That's nice, I always liked the looks of this one - I even tried to build the SMER "Klik-Klak" and I hope this kit is in no way related to the moulds...
  4. I'm wondering if it was just an engineering glitch, or a measure to prevent defection flights? Personally I feel that the Airfix air intakes are oversized and like the look of the Bilek/Trumpeter kit better. The model however is flawlessly finished and the staged pictures remind me of the "officially released" images of the 70's. I like how the aircraft is silver, rather than NMF.
  5. Bonehammer

    The big split

    Sorry to hear about that, people like your wife make me feel ashamed of my genetic asset... My suggestion, stuff is not worth fighting about but the kid is. Your wife cannot expect to throw you out just because, then obtain alimony and custody. An acquaintance of mine - coincidentally a modeller - went through this when his wife, ten years younger than he was, graduated and decided he was part of a period of her life that she had to put behind - quote unquote. I don't know how they settled regarding money, but the custody sentence was in his favour.
  6. Bonehammer

    Intros that grab you......immediately.

    Great thread, I'm making a playlist when I get home from this dratted job... In no particular order, "Ricochet" by David Michael and Lee Pomeroy, "On the road again" by Rockets, "Baby please don't go" by Them, "Il rock di capitan Uncino" by Bennato, "Prisencolinensinainciusol" by Celentano, and I'll add more as they spring to mind.
  7. Bonehammer

    Diabetic frustration

    Not a problem yet, but the doctor is already warning me... I find this odd, in every Italian coffee shop, even roadside family-owned bottom-range ones, finding multiple choices of sweeteners is the norm. What's hard is finding decent tea; usually there's a single bag of Twinnings surrounded by silly combinations like chamomile, jasmine, elderflower, cinnamon, and other namby-pamby stuff which I tend to associate with paisley vests, croaky voice and conspiracy theories...
  8. My wallet just went, "Take me. I'm yours."
  9. Bonehammer

    Britmodellers' X Files

    I think I saw that picture too. My guess is that the 'ghost''s neighbour moved about during the exposure time. Postcards of the period also show evidence of The Flash existing in our universe, so... I'm afraid I have nothing to contribute. Relatives have passed away and major accidents happened without me having a clue. The oddest thing that I've experienced happened when I was about eight. It was about 2 am on a hot summer night and i was lying in my bed trying to sleep, which faced the vegetable garden, and I noticed beams of light on the wall of the neighbour's house. I raised my parents and finally my father went out to investigate. It was my mother's cousin who had picked just this time to come looking, unannounced of course, for nightcrawlers.
  10. I wonder if the cooperation will extend to the Il-28 that had been announced when Bobcat was still Xuntong. And what about the Tupolev SB which had already reached test shot stage? One cannot but hope.
  11. Bonehammer

    Aoshima Gigant 1/700

    Loved that anime, but I didn't know there were kits! Your rendition is fantastic. It's hard to figure out the massiv-ity of the thing without another subject nearby, tho.
  12. Bonehammer

    Cockpit photos of French interwar aircraft.

    The French aviation magazine Replic covered most of these types exhaustively. Copies can be found on evilbay for reasonable prices or, if you're feeling stingy, you can browse the usual sites for .pdf scans. I grabbed most of them in my eMule days. Other French aviation magazines often featuring the types are Avions and Fana de l'Aviation.
  13. Bonehammer

    Tupolev Tu-2S Bat - FINISHED

    This is cool, I didn't know about modified moulds. I have all the three boxings of this kit but in the original version... Other than the two areas you mentioned, one thing that might need a bit of TLC is the wheel wells as they're really bare, and the wheel themselves (the tyre protrudes from the rim). Both issues are fixable with some work, also some more or less scarce resin set exists somewhere. On the whole it's a nice model. Take your time snipping the engine parts and exhaust collectors from the sprues, they're really fragile. A 4.5V hot wire foamcutter might do the trick.
  14. Love scratchbuilds! I'll sit in the corner armchair with an appropriate soundtrack...
  15. Bonehammer

    A Sherman called "Sheik"

    Geography is not my forte but since there seems to be a plume, it could be Mount Vesuvius, seen from inland? The slope seems to match (Etna's is gentler) and the Allied took Avellino and Benevento in the first days of October. The distinctive shape of Monte Somma would be on the right of the peak proper, hidden by the turret of Sheikh. The plume which had been a constant presence in the history of Vesuvius disappeared after the March 1944 eruption and has never been observed since. EDIT: it's definitely the Vesuvius seen from the south east, hard to pinpoint the town but it could be Terzigno.